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The third-flash sale of Yu Yureka went on-air on Amazon India online retailer. On Thursday, Micromax’s Yu Yureka went out-of stock in just 3-second. Yes, this is for third time! Every time on flash sale, this Smartphone have struggled to earn such results. But travelling to flash-back, on its first sale, the Smartphone went through bit of controversies such as improper pricing, site glitches and very smaller number of units on sale.
The next flash sale is announced to be on 5th February at 2:00PM. The registration to grab the brilliant handset will open on Thursday at IST 5:00PM. Micromax’s secondary Yu-Televentures seem to be glad with the overwhelming response from users.

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The Yu-Televentures also added that they will be ramping-up the availability of the handset. To check the records, on Yu Yureka’s first sale around 10,000 units went out of stock in just three second. Then on its second flash, around 15,000 units went out-of stock on same day of sale in just 4-seconds.

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Yu Yureka Smartphone offers impressive set of specifications at very affordable price of 8,999INR. The 5.5-inch of HD IPS screen comes with protection layer of Gorilla Glass 3. It is powered by 64-bit Octa-core processor coupled with 615 Snapdragon, 405 GPU Adreno. The camera section too is impressive, comes with Sony Exmor CMOS sensor at rear side with 2/2 aperture and 13-megapixel, while on front side it offers 5-megapixel.

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Yu Yureka held a special sale for impacted customers and contest winners. Impacted customers are those users who were unable to avail the Smartphone due to payment issues or incorrect pricing or for those who received damaged units or defective products.

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History repeats itself! Yu Yureka today went on sale as stated earlier on 22nd January 2015 for the second time, and guess what? The expected news flash in over seconds. Yes, Yu Yureka today announced 15,000 of handset, which sold out in just 4-seconds. The Yureka official launched 10,000 handset this time, the handset will again go on sale next Thursday on January 29th 2015.
For this time, the company announced people to register themselves before purchasing. The company then launched 10,000 units on the scheduled date. While the registering list was overflowing the records. Around three-lakh of user registered to get the brilliant handset.

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The people who missed out the chance to buy this handset, got automatically registered to the second round of sale. This might be prime reason, which resulted in device running out-of-stock so quickly.
If you are also planning to get the goodness of Yu Yureka, and don’t want to miss this chance! Then get to nearest device to register yourself to the next upcoming sale. Your name will be added to the waitlist. While, for those who got lucky to get device, have changed their mind on other device and decides not to purchase. In that case, your unit gets transfer to another person who is in waitlist.

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You are allotted with 15-minutes to decide whether or not to purchase! Yu Yureka 5.5-inch of HD display device powered with Octa-core processor with Snapdragon seem to be in great demand. A device with 8,999 INR price tag is definitely quite affordable with bundle of advance features.