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XBMC app requires add-ons for it to functions. add-ons are plugins that will enable you to stream live the latest movies, music, TV shows sports etc. They are actually the most vital components in Kodi. The XBMC/KODI cannot run without this plugins. This plugins are downloaded and installed so as to feature in the XBMC app .There various add-ons that have been developed and a best add-ons must have a good interface and eye-catching graphics. It’s quite difficult to determine if an add-ons has got is actually the best for unless you download it. This is actually tiresome and a waste of time. That is why through our well versed list we give you the best plugins for your XBMC that are compatible with the Android device.

xmbc app

1. add-ons Installer.
This is a vital plugin that is not supposed to miss on your .It gives you a vital information on the updates on the existing plugins and latest plugins in the google play store. It also updates the critical updates for your XBMC app plugins .Its equipped with eye catching graphics with a perfect interface .This plugin is downloaded for free.

2. Phoenix.
This is one of the top add-ons for the XBMC in your android device. It’s equipped with amazing graphics and a perfect interface .This add-ons gives you access to watch the latest movies, TV-shows and music as soon as they are released. This add-ons do not have annoying ads that might interrupt your important movies and Tv-shows. You can also watch your favorite sport games in this add-ons. Having this amazing features makes it get depicted in our list of the top 5 add-ons for your Android device.

3. Netflixbmc.
This is one of the common and largest video streaming add-ons for your android device. This add-ons enables XBMC get access to the Netflix site. Here you can stream live the latest top and highly rated movies, TV series and even songs. It’s equipped with a Chrome launcher to enable video playback in your XBMC. Netflix has a huge and top rated video contents.

4. Genesis.
This is another amazing add-ons for your XBMC that is equipped with a perfect interface that allows you to pause and play videos. This add-ons is equipped with a large video content that makes it more interesting to install ii in your XBMC .It also allows you to download the video contents and play them in HD mode. This is one of the unique top add-ons because of its interface and graphics.

5. 1channel.
If you need an update on the latest movies immediately they are released then this is the add-ons to install. This will allow you to watch the latest TV series movies and even music clips that are hitting in the top chart. It has got eye catching graphics with high quality HD movies making it the best for you. This is also downloaded and installed for free in the XBMC.

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XBMC currently known as the KODI software is one of the current amazing software that you won’t miss out this October. This is a free-open source media player software that is now installed in the android OS mobile phones .XBMC actually stands for Xbox Media Center which has got its own Linux distribution. This is on of the easiest software to install in your android Smartphone. Due to the current trends and development in the technological levels it’s therefore essential for you to own it in your phone.This software application is very easy to install in your smart phone. All you have to do is to follow the below steps keenly. At first you must have a package installer after which you will select the XBMC App file to be installed.

xmbc app

Download and Use Xmbc App on Android Smartphone

After this you will get a confirmation on the screen onto which you will have to select install. Just be patient for some time to wait for the installation to complete .This might take 2 to 3 minute then it will be done. The installation will therefore be complete. As you can see this steps are easy to follow. There are no complications when it comes to the installation of this software. You can therefore run your XBMC, but this may take quite longer to launch because you are running it for the fast time. After this the XBMC menu will show up.
The main advantages of using the XBMC include:

1. Eye Catching Themes
This app has got amazing and stunning graphics incorporated in the theme making it very appealing to the eye. The themes can be changed and tweaked to depending on your desire. These custom themes are also being installed in the XBMC.

2. Plug-in
This app has got tons of fantastic plug-in to be used in contents lie music videos and movies and even watch your favorite TV shows. All the plug-in are always compatible with your device. This plug-in are the one essentials for it to run other inbuilt apps like you tube, Pandora, Hulu etc

3. Social Fun
This app will tremendously give you a lot of fun .It has got various plug-in that work and are compatible with Hulu,Pandora and even You tube .It therefore creates an amazing centered media player for your phone.

4. Amazing Features
This app has got other amazing features such as voice recognition, launching other apps and location awareness..This make it be one of the amazing apps with amazing skins and graphics to download and use in this century.

Xmbc App uns in Android OS without any caveats .It is a highly recommended app for your android phone downloaded free of charge in the Google play. This app makes your phone be of great value because of it amazing functionality. Make your phone be more live and fantastic with XBMC app. This app is compatible with any android device that is android Smart phones and tablets.
Download Xmbc App

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Kodi is a media player software that has been around since 2002. Everyone wants fast and easy streaming on their device and Kodi lets you do just that. It allows users to play audio, video content like podcasts from the Internet and digital media files from local storage media. While Kodi’s interface has been designed keeping in mind the ‘home theatre’, so it works best on a large screen. But that doesn’t mean it is completely useless on mobile devices. In this article we’ll give a simple and easy tutorial on how to install and configure Kodi on your Android device and use it without any glitches.


Installing Kodi:
To begin with you need to have Kodi installed on your device. Go to and select the android version. Note that you’ll have to select ARM or x86 based on your hardware (Intel core works on x86). The link will lead you to Google Play from where you can install Kodi on your device.

Adding Videos to Kodi:
After you have successfully installed Kodi on you device you can start adding videos and music to it.

  1. Follow these steps to add videos to your Kodi
  2. Press ‘Videos’ on your Home Screen. Next click on ‘Files’ and then select ‘Add Videos’.
  3. Once you’ve selected ‘Add Videos’ a new window ‘Add Video Source’ will open. Here you’ll insert the link to the video/movie you want to add to your playlist. In the same window click on ‘Browse’ to select a directory to keep your videos in. Before you press ‘Ok’ enter a name for this video.
  4. Next a ‘Set Content’ window will pop up. Here you select the correct data type for the content you saved in the folder i.e. music, movie etc. Once you’re sure about your choice press ‘Ok’ to save changes.

Adding Music Files to Kodi:

  1. Kodi allows you to search and manage your music efficiently, which is why all music stored in Kodi is scanned first and all the required information (Artist, Album, Genre) is stored in a database. In order to scan your music so that it is playable on Kodi follow these steps:
  2. Go to the location of your music collection and select an item. It can be a music file or even a folder.
  3. Once you’ve selected an item press ‘Scan Item to Library’. Kodi will then scan the selected items into the database.
  4. By going to ‘Settings’ and then the ‘Library’ option in ‘Music’, you can check ‘Update Library on Startup’ which will automatically scan your music.
  5. Do remember that it is very important for your music to be tagged. There are several softwares that let you add tags to your music files.

Watching Live TV with Kodi:

Perhaps the most interesting feature of Kodi is that it allows you to watch Live Television on your device.

Follow these steps and you’re good to go:

  1. On the ‘Home Screen’ select ‘System’ and then select ‘File Manager’.
  2. Once the ‘File Manager’ window opens click on Add Source > Add Files source. Here add this URL: and rename it to SuperRepo before you click ‘Ok’.
  3. Once you’ve done this and you’re back at the ‘Home Screen’, click on System. The ‘Settings’ window will open, here click on Add-ons > Install from zip file > SuperRepo > helix > video.
  4. Once you’re in video click on the last link in the folder. Wait till a notification informs you that this add-on is enabled.
  5. Once the add-on is enabled click on Systems > Add-ons > Get Add-ons > SuperRepo Video[helix] > Video Add-ons > Playlist Loader. Select Playlist Loader and install it. Once it is installed you’ll get a notification that it is enabled.
  6. Once this is done go to Videos > Add-ons and find Playlist Loader and click on it.
  7. Here you can add a new list or your favourites. Click on ‘Add a new list’ and add this URL:
  8. Once you’ve added this link you’ll see various channels and you can explore them to see which ones you like and them to your favourites for viewing later.

So this is pretty much how Kodi works. We hope this tutorial proves helpful!