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The Xiaomi Chinese manufacturer launched its first product through online stores. The Xiaomi MI3 is first product was initially released on Flipkart. The power-packed Smartphone with all current latest features gained good reviews. Due to overwhelming response from users, the site got slow and had to make offline for few minutes. But then, the only issue with this Smartphone is you need to register yourself for the Smartphone, unlike other which are available with delivery in few business working days. The company created history with selling around 200,000 total units of MI3 in just three minutes.

Xiaomi MI3

Xiaomi MI3 stock rom

The Xiaomi MI3 sports aluminium-magnesium alloy body, though it sounds like metal, the material is non-metal and durable. Like other Smartphone power buttons and volume controller buttons are placed at the side of the device. The 5-inch of display screen with 16-million colours displayed on IPS LCD capacitive screen with 1080 X 1920 pixel resolution. The screen comes with Gorilla Corning Glass 3 for protection. The Xiaomi is available for two memory options with 16GB or 64GB which cannot be expanded further, while the RAM is of 2GB. The connectivity options too are stunning with GPRS, EDGE, WiFi 802.11 a/b/ac/g/n, WiFi hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and Micro USB. The camera specification too are cool providing 13-MP of rear camera and 2-MP of front facing camera. Xiaomi has launched few products up till now, but all have scored good user review.

Download stock rom for Xiaomi MI3

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Xiaomi Mi3 a 3G supported Android smartphone housing a cool 5 inch screen and packing a monstrous 2.3 GHZ Qualcomm quad processor has lot more features then other in the same price category, it has attracted the customers from all over the world. Xiaomi MI3 phone is considered one of the slimmest and lightweight phones with top-notch specifications, which makes it a hot pick in the market. The most depressing news about this phone is coming in are the bugs. When such devices are found with bugs it becomes very hard for customers to trust the manufacturers and also how to get rid of those issue but not to worry we will possibly give you the solution for common problems faced by the device so that you can enjoy your device.

Xiaomi MI3

Lock mode issue

The device UI is quite flawless and works pretty well to the users touch. The major issued talked about is the Lock mode i.e. when MX player is running in the background and you press lock the button the device is locked but the major issue is unlocking it back is difficult. The video is still ON with all touch option of volume and brightness working but to unlock in the same scenario is difficult.


The problem is the MX player and device’s internal system that conflict and causes these problem then you can very well report this bug to the MX player and they will improve in the next update. If it still doesn’t work try another player like VLC or ES file-manager’s inbuilt player.

Display error
The device sometimes shows multiple white dots jumping around the screen that’s because the software is assuming interrupts which means it is a hardware software conflict which causes this multiple dots.


Many users faced this problem, the company introduced a rom update, which had the solution to the problem. If the problem persists even after the upgrading your ROM, then we advice you to take it to the nearest service centre to get it checked

Autofocus bug in camera

The camera installed in Xiaomi is 13Mp which means awesome pictures can be clicked from Samsung S4 but that’s not the case here the camera output is blurred .


The issue here is the camera inbuilt software that causes the problem the only solution to this is by installing a third party camera application like:

1. Google Camera App

2. Lenovo Super Camera App

3. Camera FV-5 App

4. ProCapture app

All this application are good and will give you the appropriate output.

These are the few bugs that we came across and have tried to suggest an alternative to this problem. In Case the problem persist we suggest you take the phone to nearest service centre and get it checked. Xiaomi has delivered an excellent phone from the price point of view but the bugs in the phone are a bit of concern, future iterations of the phone hopefully are bug free and still at the same price point/

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After releasing few successful models of their Eluga range of Smartphone’s like Power, DL1, Panasonic is now moving towards further expansion of this midrange Smartphone series by introducing their new Smartphone Panasonic Eluga U in the game and is expected to be dropped in the market in this month. Since the mid range Smartphone market is presently taken over by the brilliant Smartphone Xiaomi Mi 3, here we want to give the glimpse of post collision vision between these Smartphone’s however the collision is yet to occur. This will enable the world to choose better option for them without even getting a second though and without any confusion in mind.

panasonic eluga u vs xiaomi mi3
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1. Display Quality Testing: Panasonic Eluga U is an elegantly designed Smartphone housing a 5.0inch LCD display with resolution of 720*1280pixels at pixel density of 294ppi along with Gorilla Glass 3 protection. On the other side, Xiaomi Mi3 flaunts a 5inch LCD display with resolution of 1080*1920 pixels and pixel density of 441ppi.  It also comes coated with corning Gorilla Glass 3. Clearly Xiaomi MI3 display quality has completely outshined the display of Panasonic Eluga U. No matter if the display size is same but quality matters which is present in Xiaomi Mi3.

2. Camera Distinction: Panasonic Eluga U comprises of a 13MP camera capturing pics at resolution of 4128*3096pixels featuring autofocus and LED flash and can shoot videos with 1080p @30fps quality. However Xiaomi Mi 3 also flaunts a 13 MP Autofocus camera with same resolution but with dual LED flash which is single in cases of Eluga U. Face and Smile detection and HDR are the additional camera features exclusively present in Xiaomi Mi3. Likewise 2MP front shooter is housed in Xiaomi Mi3. So far we can conclude that in this section, not too much distinction is seen but a dual LED flash is better in case of Xiaomi Mi3 but this factor is easy compromising.

3.  Performance Analysis: Panasonic Eluga U is pre installed with Android OS v4.4.2 Kit Kat and operates on 1.2 GHz Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor. Xiaomi Mi3 with Android v4.3 out of box is upgradable to Android v4.4.2 Kit Kat and operates on 2.3GHz Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor along with Adreno 330 GPU. This simply shows that Xiaomi Mi3 will be much faster at work as compared to Panasonic Eluga U. However both the processors are equipped with 2GB of RAM which is help the processor of Eluga U to work better and smooth and in case of Xiaomi Mi 3 it will just rock the Smartphone with speed and efficiency.

4. Storage Capacities: Panasoni Eluga U comes with 16GB of internal storage and is expandable up to 32GB via SD card. However Xiaomi Mi3 has got 2 variants with 16GB and 32GB storage capacity also expandable up to 32GB via SD card. Here also Xiaomi Mi 3 provides better choices but this aspect could have been compromising like dual LED flash in case of Xiaomi Mi3.

5.  Performance and Connectivity: Not much difference can be felt here because both being the 3G compatible Smartphone’s possess identical options fr connectivity which includes Bluetooth v4.0, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc. So no decisions for choosing the Smartphone can be made while looking at this section, hence minimising it.

6. Battery Back Up:  Panasoni Eluga U houses a 2500mAh battery but no info is yet available auto it’s talk time while as Xiaomi Mi3 packs 3050mAh battery with talk time of 25 h expectedly better than Eluga U.

After investigating all the spots of these Smartphone’s, Xiaomi Mi 3 is concluded to be the winner of this game with better speed and display quality along with little more advancement in other sections too. In comparison with Xiaomi Mi 3 this configuration of Panasonic Eluga U can’t with stand but for the other few Smartphone’s it can also prove a fair configuration.
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OnePlus is the brand new Chinese Smartphone manufacturing firm founded in Dec 17 2013. They have released their first flagship Killer Smartphone labelled OnePlus One in April 2014 with stunning features and impressive price tagging. So, here today we are about to do a close encounter between this OnePlus One and the record breaker loved one of India market Xiaomi Mi 3 which Is also a Chinese technology product. Both these Smartphone’s have dedicated a ground breaking entry to their manufacturers. Let’s dissect both these flagships and investigate which one is the best among these. This dissection will be very thorough and provided with trust worthy results from PhoneLance Inc. so that you can get the best one.

OnePlus One Vs Xiaomi MI3

1.  Display Distinction: The latest contender OnePlus One flaunts a full HD 5.5inches LTPS LCD display with resolution of 1080*1920pixels and impressive pixel density of 401ppi. This brilliant display is sheltered by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and supports multi touch up to 10 fingers. On the other end Xiaomi Mi 3 houses a 5.0inches full HD LCD display with resolution of 1080*1920pixels and pixel density of 441ppi coated by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This can be clearly seen that both displays are high quality in same proportion. The little low pixel density of OnePlus One is due to 0.5inch bigger display than Mi 3 other wise display quality is totally same. Here we can say that it is your choice that whether you want a high quality bigger display or a high quality medium sized display.

2. Performance: OnePlus one comes pre-installed with Android v4.4.2 Kit Kat where as Mi3 can also be upgraded from Android v4.3 Jellybean to latest v4.4.2 Kit Kat. OnePlus one operates on a Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5GHz alongside coupled with 3GB RAM. Xiaomi MI3 on the other hand operated on a Quad core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at speed of 2.3GHz speed and coupled with 2GB RAM. However both the Smartphone’s are provided with Adreno 330 GPU for enhanced graphics support. The performance distinction clearly indicates that OnePlus One has got here processing capabilities as well as multi-tasking efficiency than Xiaomi Mi3 which is also a good Smartphone in comparison with a wide range of other Smartphone’s. In this essential class of dissection, One has taken lead.

3. Superior Moment Capturing: OnePlus One is provided with a 13MP auto focus primary camera along with dual LED flash capturing pictures with resolution of 4128*3096pixels. The additional features present are geo-tagging, touch focus, and face detection, panorama and HDR. It can capture videos of 2160p@30fps, 2160(DCI) @24p, 1080p@60fps and 720p@120fps. A 5MP front shooter is present for enjoying clear video calling and selfies and this shooter can also capture videos of 1080p@30fps. Taking a look at Xiaomi Mi3, it also houses a 13MP camera with same picture capturing quality as well as other features. It can capture videos of 1080p@30fps only. In this case a 2MP front shooter is present for video chatting and video capturing with quality of 1080p@30fps. Here the fight is a tie when it comes to the main camera but OnePlus with 5MP front shooter wins the fight with better front camera and better diversity in capturing videos.

4. Data Holding Capacity: OnePlus One as well as Xiaomi Mi 3 is available in two storage variants which include 16GB and 64GB. Xiaomi. Giving a good amount of storage to owners, both of these Smartphone are made devoid of SD card slot which hardly matters when you get a good storage capacity like this. In this aspect comes out to be same for both the Smartphone’s.

5. Network and connectivity: OnePlus One Smartphone is compatible with 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks with frequencies as follows:

2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 /1900

3G: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 1900 / 2100

4G: LTE 700/ 1700 / 1800 / 1900 / 2300 / 2600

Xiaomi Mi3 supports 2G and 3G networks and is devoid of 4G compatibility. The range of frequencies for 2G and 3G are provided below:

2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

3G: HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100

OnePlus One is the recommended choice in this case also because of its 4G compatibility as well as better 3G frequency support.

The rest of the connectivity features are almost identical to these Smartphone’s and also with the rest of high end Smartphone’s which include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and GPS. However Bluetooth makes a difference here as OnePlus has got Bluetooth v4.1 which is rarely found and the newly upgraded version however Xiaomi Mi3 possesses v4.0 which is found in majority of Smartphone’s at present. So expectedly Bluetooth speed of one will be better than Xiaomi Mi3.

6. Endurance period: OnePlus one houses a non removable Li-Po 3100mAh battery while as Xiaomi Mi3 is packed with 3050mAh Li-ion battery providing talk time of 25 hours. However the estimated battery backup of one is unknown yet but expected to be the best like its other features while the 3100mAh looks good at giving longer battery backup.

After dissecting both the Smartphone’s, we came to the conclusion that OnePlus One is indeed a much better especially faster Smartphone as compared to Xiaomi Mi3. One is our recommended winner but we can’t neglect the fact that Xiaomi Mi3 has also shown up high class features in its class and has defeated wide range of famed Smartphone’s so far. The fact behind the win of OnePlus win is that they have integrated implemented and introduced the stuff in their Smartphone beyond certain standards and enough to compete with Galaxy s5 and rest of the famed Smartphone’s.

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Xiaomi Mi 3 is the latest entrant in the Mi range of Xiaomi Android Smartphone’s. It has attracted India Smartphone market with its high end royal features and affordable pricing. It flaunts a Full HD 5inch display with corning gorilla glass 3 sheltering. It provides screen resolution of 1920*1080 pixels at pixel density of 441ppi. Its immensely powerful performance emerges from its 2.3 GHz Quad core processor coupled with 2GB of RAM. The picture capturing quality of this Smartphone is also awesome with its 13MP rear camera featuring LED flash, BSI sensor, etc. This highly digitalised camera captures full HD 1080p videos.

Xiaomi MI3


The storage usage has been set according to the need of owner; you can choose either its 16 GB variant or 64GB variant. The rest of the connectivity options are just alike to majority of Smartphone’s in this range which includes 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth4.0, GPS, etc. According to the latest reports its being stated that Xiaomi Mi 3broke the records of Sales in India and China with its 1500 units sold within 2 seconds. In India alone 100,000 Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone registrations have taken place and this product is currently out of stock all over India.  These facts indirectly give us the idea about the fame and performance of this product which has gone so high within no amount of time. This is the most wanted Smartphone of India at present mostly due to its affordability and specifications.

The battery backup of this Smartphone is expectedly better with its 3050mAh LI-ion battery claiming to provide talk time of 25hours. The only second though which strikes a buyers mind which buying a Chinese origin Smartphone is that whether this Smartphone is compatible with my PC or not. Obviously PC connectivity is the most essential feature which a Smartphone should possess. This allows you to back up the data of your Smartphone into your PC when needed or browse internet on your PC while keeping your Smartphone as modem, transferring data, and many other necessary things.

To clear this confusion, here we want to let you know that Xiaomi Mi 3 supports PC connectivity via its PC Suit and Xiaomi Mi 3 USB drivers collectivise forming Xiaomi Toolkit which are available on all the leading third party websites and at their own website. This toolkit allows you to use your Smartphone with your PC at ease and just like every Android Smartphone; Xiaomi Mi 3 also can be used in all the PC suit services like sync, internet browsing and what not.

Xiaomi MI3 PC Suite download

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Xiaomi Mi 3 being the most famous Smartphone of Chinese origin in its class at present is the favourite one of majority of the high end Smartphone lovers especially flooding in Indian market. This Smartphone holds a record of highest sales within 2 seconds in India. It houses a 5.0inches full HD display with resolution of 1920*1080pixels and pixel density of 441ppi. This amazing display comes sheltered with corning gorilla glass 3 protection. The display of this standard is counted among world’s finest display and it necessarily needs an extra bit of care and protection as compared to other rough and tough low end displays. This display is better loved in its finest contour and even a little scratch feels awkward at moments. So your display needs to be guarded by the best screen protectors currently available for your Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone. To keep your Smartphone’s display as sparkling as its features, here we have recommended a list of best screen protectors for your Smartphone. These are going to keep your Smartphone’s display, safer, gleaming and glittering.

Xiaomi MI3

1. Screenward Screen Protector:  This is a high quality laser cutted screen protector designed to fit your Xiaomi Mi 3 perfectly.  It protects your display from dust, scratch, and abrasion. It is very easy to apply on your display. Besides this, it provides protection to your every by filtering 90% of UV radiations tending to fall directly on your eyes.

2. Brain Freezer Tempered Glass Protector: This hammer tampered screen protector has got very high anti scratch property because of its origin of manufacturing. Even after its high density, it gives complete neat and invisible look. It is incorporated with an oleophobic coating which makes it resistant to fingerprints.

3. Mi Screen Protector: This brand new screen guard from Mi is highly durable and provides total protection from scratches. With its pack, you will get a practice film also. Besides this, it is free of messy air bubbles and glue resides. You can remove it easily without leaving any filth on screen with its clean material used.

4.  Karpine Diamond ProGuard: It besides providing protection gives your Smartphone an attractive designing look after you switch off your Xiaomi Mi3. It is anti-scratch, anti UV and anti-finger print. It’s 3H rating of hardness clearly signifies that it can provide an exceptional protection from scratches to your Smartphone. A special chemical present in this protector makes it resistant against damaging radiations from sun.

5. Nillkin Amazing H+: This is an all-rounder screen protector designed for Xiaomi Mi3 providing protection against dust, oil, scratches, glare, etc. It has been composed from Harves nanotechnology and tampered maintaining its hardness up to 9H. It is also introduced with an anti UV chemical. Its nanotechnology manufacturing makes it only 0.3mm thick. It is also easy to use and recyclable.


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Xiaomi Mi 3 is the latest sensational high end Chinese Smartphone with attractive features available at price tag of about 15k released 1st time for the Indian market. This Smartphone houses a 5.0inch LCD display, 2GB RAM, and 16 / 32GB internal storage, 13MP camera, 2.3GHZ processor and much more exciting features at this price are flaunted by this Smartphone. This price tag is actually too low for such a high specification Smartphone even able to take over Galaxy S5. The alarming increase of hackers, bugs and viruses have been increased proportionally in accordance to the growing technology, so a security application is a basic need for every Smartphone especially high end ones to protect your valuable data and prevent damage of Smartphone. This need even increases more when it comes to Chinese markets because they are more likely to get bugs and viruses because of its low cost and material compromising.  So, keeping a security application in your Xiaomi Mi 3 is must. But how will you know which security application to choose.

Xiaomi MI3

It’s quite simple, you should choose an application which provides an all-round protection which keeps track of viruses as well as keeps your Smartphone clean from junk material which are two basic obligatory features. There are security applications out there which provide you these features as well as provide you certain other essential services which keep your Smartphone secure as well as light in the sense that you don’t have to install different applications for different features when all are integrated in one. 360 security_ Antivirus Free is the one which provides you all these services 24*7 free of cost and thus this is our recommended choice. The word free of cost is real because they don’t even show up ads in your Smartphone while others do. This application gives you protection from wide range of Smartphone diseases which include malwares, junk files, system vulnerabilities, viruses, etc.

You can perform virus scan, vulnerability scan, trash scan and security checkups with this application anytime you want. By using its phone cleaner, you can clean up all the junk files from your Smartphone and secure a good amount of storage. This application is battery friendly providing you battery saver options  like one tap history clean up and auto cleaner mode. It is incorporated with Call and SMS blocker also to make you attend only what you want to.  An App manager is also present keeping your applications efficiently and keeps you updated to latest featured updates and applications. A fully fledged anti theft system is also available in this application. There are many more exciting features available in this security application like Data monitor, vault, contacts back up, real time protection, privacy advisor,  floating window, multi functional notification, shake and clean up, much more to explore. This application thus is the most extensively all round protection provider recommended for your Xiaomi. This is also recommended for rest of the Android owners if they want to stay out of danger all the time and enjoy these outstanding services.

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Xiaomi Mi 3 is a record breaking high end Smartphone originated from Chinese markets providing exceptional specifications at an affordable price. Xiaomi has claimed to sell 1500 Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone’s in India within 2 seconds which clearly demonstrates that this Smartphone has laid a firm foundation in Indian market. The main ups of this Smartphone are a high resolution 5.0inch LCD display with Gorilla Glass 3, a 13MP primary camera, 2GB RAM, 16/64GB of internal storage, 2.3GHz Quad core processor and much more. This Smartphone just like other entire high end Smartphone’s works fine with every application and is compatible with all the latest applications including Whatsapp. But many major bugs and problems have been seen within this Smartphone by the users which include problems with privacy, network, microphone; etc. according to the latest news sources, Xiaomi Smartphone’s have been found sending private information of Indian Smartphone’s which include IMEI number, phone numbers to the Chinese servers. It is being said that this problem is due to Xiaomi’s clod service setted on automatically. You should turn this off by yourself if still activated. This has unfortunately revealed the Chinese origin of this Smartphone. Whatsapp can be downloaded easily from Google Play store or any other third party website but recently some users have claimed the unexpected crushes, late notification, not showing contacts and other bugs related to Whatsapp messenger. Xiaomi has released the latest update for this Smartphone which fixes most of the bugs. If you are still facing those hardships, here we have provided you the step by step solution for fixing problems related to Whatsapp.

Xiaomi MI3

If your Whatsapp isn’t showing contact list, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the security section of your Smartphone.

2. Click on permission > Manage App permission > Contacts.

3. Search whatsapp and set permission to Allow.

4. Go to your Whatsapp and refresh your contact list.

As per expected, Your Whatsapp problem must would have resolved successfully.

For crashes you can try uninstalling and reinstalling this application on your Xiaomi Mi 3 after updating it to the latest version. No other solutions have been proposed yet.

For the rest of the problems related to Whatsapp , You would have to wait for the stable version of Whatsapp to be released for your Smartphone or wait for the new update for fixing these problems from Xiaomi officially.

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Xiaomi Mi3 a 3G Android smartphone. It is a extremely slim and light device measuring 5 inches with a thickness of a mere 8.1mm and weighs 145g. Its slimness is the outstanding feature. It has 1080pixel display and a fantastic resolution so visual and text are extremely clear. The screen is sensitive to touch which makes it easier to play games. It comes with quad core 2.3GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. It has 13 mega pixel rear camera and 2 mega pixel front camera which produces pictures that are crisp, sharp and detailed and offers good result.

Xiaomi MI3

Coming to battery life: it is a roadrunner. The phone comes with 3050mAh capacity lithium built in battery. The phone has integrated power management from operating system all the way down to the CPU which means you can stretch every last drop out of 3050mAh battery. Battery works impressive when brightness of phone is reduced and on-board speaker is less. However the battery last for 20-24 hours with over 15 hours of WI-Fi usage, 1-2 hours of 3G, 1 hour of gaming, 1-2 hours of browsing and 1 hour of voice calling and texting and other usage of services under auto brightness mode. It lasts around 20- 24 hours on a single charge. The phone also charges pretty quickly. Heavy users should able to pass around 10-12 hours without need for charging. Mi 3 has the best battery life on smartphones. Mi3 is not only snappy and fast but also it is energy efficient as well.

The Xiaomi Mi3 is an outstanding smartphone. No other device offers this combination of huge battery, excellent performance, you don’t even have to pay a huge money for great quality phone. For such a given set of features and such aggressive price is simply no barrier for someone looking for a smartphone.

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You are well-known to the fact that Chinese gadgets are always pretended to be the cheapest ones. However they are also blamed to manufacture gadgets which are not up to the mark, in other words defective. But Xiaomi has added their Chinese gadget low cost gene in their high quality Smartphone hardware and have successfully developed a good range of Smartphone’s with affordable price and attractive features. Xiaomi Mi 3 is also among one of their produced master pieces. On the other hand Moto X is a well known beast beating ruthlessly everyone in its class. Here we will compare these two products from totally different origins and see variety of similarities and difference which will ultimately let us know who has got that spark. Xiaomi Mi 3 was release in December 2013 and Moto X was released few months before the release of Xiaomi Mi 3 i.e. August 2013. Let’s go through their ups and downs via different classification of Specifications.

1. Feel of Vision:

Xiaomi Mi 3 flaunts a 5inch LCD display with screen resolution of 1080*1920pixels and pixel density of 441ppi. The display of such high resolution is highly appreciable. Moto X however houses a 4.7inch AMOLED display with screen resolution of 720*1280pixels and pixel density of 312ppi, also a Gorilla Glass 3 is added for protection. The Chinese Smartphone maker has produced really high quality display in this beast with unbeatable pixel density. No matter Moto X has used AMOLED technology but both display size as well as its resolution goes in favour of Xiaomi Mi 3. In clear words Xiaomi has got the spark to give distinctive feel of vision. Somehow we feel that such a gleaming display should have got a coat of protection over it which is unfortunately missing.

2. Operating System:

Xiaomi Mi 3 runs on Android 4.3 Jelly bean but there is no new about its up gradation to higher version. On the other hand Moto X comes with Android 4.2.2 jellybean which is upgradable to latest v4.4.4 Kit Kat. Here is the problem for Xiaomi if they didn’t got update for their operating System because latest applications are arriving In the market which support v4.4 above but they are still in the minority and will not create a big problem. The different wearables are also supported to Android v4.3 above Smartphone’s and Xiaomi qualifies it. Here Moto X has got the upper hand because it’s updated to the current software and will be compatible with every application.

3. Speed and Performance:

Xiaomi Mi 3 operates on a Quad core QUALCOMM Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at a speed of 2.3GHz and coupled with 2GB RAM. On the other hand Moto X has got a dual core Snapdragon processor clocked at a speed of 1.7 GHz and 2GB RAM. Xiaomi Mi 3 has got the enormously high processing speed than Moto X but 1.7 GHz speed of Moto X isn’t that bad also. Both have got the same RAM capacity which means multi tasking efficiency will be almost identical but performance will be slightly higher in Xiaomi Mi 3. Besides processors Xiaomi Mi 3 has also got a little higher version of processor which is Adreno 330 where as in case of Moto X, it has got Adreno 320 GPU. This simply tells us that Xiaomi Mi 3 beast is jam-packed with bursting speed.

4. Capturing Best Moments Alive:

Xiaomi Mi 3 houses a 13MP primary camera at picture resolution of 4128*3096pixels with auto focus and dual LED flash. A variety of camera stabilising features are present which include face and smile detection, touch focus, panorama, image stabilisation and HDR. It has got 1080p video recording capability in case of both back and front shooter which is 2MP. The 2MP front shooter is enough for handsome usage. In case of Moto X a 10Mp primary camera is present with picture resolution of 4320*2432 pixels along with auto focus and LED flash. The rest of the additional features are identical with Xiaomi Mi 3. It has also got the capacity to record 1080p videos with both main and secondary camera which is 2Mp also. But on the whole xiaomi is leading in this category also with better primary camera.

Xiaomi MI3 vs Motorola Moto x

5. Storage Capacity:

There is no lack of storage in both these devices. Xiaomi Mi 3 is present in two memory variants which are 16 and 64 GB whereas Moto X is present in three memory variants which are 16,32 and 64GB giving you better selection of choices. Both these Smartphone’s are devoid of SD card and in actual there is no need of SD card when you get such good specifications.

6. Network and Connectivity:

In case of network compatibility, Xiaomi Mi 3 has got 2G and 3G networks while as Moto X supports 4G LTE also which is the most essential high end feature present in Moto X making it unbeatable here. However connectivity features are identical for both these gadgets which include Bluetooth v4.0, Wi-Fi, GPS and USB. Moto X is clearly the beast in networking with 4G compatibility but useful only if you really is in need of 4G. Otherwise if you are satisfied with 3G then Xiaomi Mi 3 is the preferred one in every class.

6. Back Up:

Xiaomi Mi 3 is packed with a 3050mAh non removable Li- ion battery giving talk time of up to 25 hours and 500h standby. On the other hand Moto X has got a 2200mAh battery giving talk time of 13 hours and 576h of standby. It’s clear that in case of battery also Xiaomi has taken the lead with a hugely power packed battery.

In short, looking at the different features above, Xiaomi Mi 3 has really produced a master piece beating Moto X in camera, performance, display as well as battery backup. So, this is going to be our recommended choice here but if you are in need of 4G Smartphone then the Moto x is the best option because it has also got the best specifications in every aspect. It’s just the Xiaomi Mi 3 has produced every quality of its Smartphone maximised fully and this Smartphone is highly admirable.