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The news of the acquisition of 6Wunderkinder by Microsoft is doing the rounds for a couple of weeks now. The news has been further affirmed by the confirmation of the deal in which Microsoft has purchased the company for the cost of $100 to $ 200 million. For those new to this app, it is worth noting that the app is productivity based and fits into the company’s theme. This app works on all major mobile and desktop platforms and certainly shall be one of the popularly wanted app. It is but natural that the existing users in Microsoft will have apprehensions about the working and how it will affect the app in the future.

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However Founder and CEO of 6Wunderkindr have assured the users that they need not worry. He has promised the users that nothing will change right now. He has also flashed his verdict and he assures the users that the team in Berlin will continue to build and deliver Wunderlist, Wunderlist Pro and Wunderlist for business for all the devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Android, Windows phones etc. In the forthcoming days, Wunderlist shall become a part of the Microsoft family and strive to introduce barrage of the features.
Microsoft in its role has been widening its productivity portfolio apart from buying smaller families. The company is also experimenting with the apps like Flow, OneClip and Office Now. It is pretty clear that Microsoft is creating individual apps that accomplish in a single task effectively.

In the past few months Microsoft has purchased the companies and rebranded the apps, they took over Acompli and rebranded email app to Outlook, they also purchased Sunrise and now Wunderlist. Only time will speak whether this OS the last acquisition or the company has set their eyes on more apps.

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Smartphones help us in everyday life doing everyday work along with us and that includes assisting us with our daily routine doing the remembering thing for us. For that purpose there are many apps made for us and they even include ones that help us make to-do lists. There are over 200 apps in the Google Play store which allow us to make to-do lists but only some are really worth and good enough to help us efficiently. For that purpose we are rounding up the list of top 10 best to-do list apps for Android. To-Do List:


This is a very simple yet elegant app present. You can both made lists manually as well as using voice commands. All you need to do it tap on the microphone and say what you want and it will be done. Also to cancel or delete it after you are done, just swipe or shake and device and it will be gone. The best part is you can also schedule meeting, send texts and make calls directly from the app itself.



This is as the name suggests is made in context to Google. With this app you can make the lists and share it to people and also synchronise it with multiple Google accounts, set reminders and also view the tasks on the Google calendar. The best part is that you can share the lists with friends and family so that you can ask them to do what you want them to do.



This is the best note taking app from Google, but the problem is that its basic version comes with only 60 MB per month while the premium version costs $45 annually and provides you with 16 GB of data. Also the users on Android also get free transcription where whatever they say in speech gets converted to text. But overall this is the best and most popular note taking and to-do list app ever.



This is a great listing app in which you can easily make and manage to-do lists and also share them easily with colleagues, friends and family. Apart from that you can also attach pdf files, videos and images to the lists so that you can explain more clearly to people what exactly do you need.



This is the perfect app for making lists where you can make unlimited list and also you can arrange and prioritize the tasks depending on the date, urgency, etc. Another cool option is that you can also colour code the tasks which are similar or which can be done together or one after the other in quick succession. So overall this is a cool app to have.

Task List:

Task List app

This is also an amazing tasking app where you can make lists using voice commands and gestures as well. Apart from that you can also share the lists with your friends and family and now with a new update, you can also share the lists via emails and SMS as well.



This note taking app is a very simple yet effective and efficient note taking app. You can easily share your lists with your contacts and also organise and schedule everything just the way you might do on your calendar.


InkPad Notepad

This has a cute diary or notepad like look in which you can get the feel of making notes and to-do lists as if you are carrying a pocket diary around with you. So you can enjoy the feel of the diary and the smartphone all into one; like the best of both worlds.

Tasks to do free:


This is another cool and simple app available for free on the Google Play Store who does not want to deal with any complications and want to make a simple to-do list and manage the tasks properly and efficiently.

To Do List: Voice Memo Lite:

To Do List Voice Memo Lite

This is a Voice Memo app where you can manage your to-do lists and also make then by just using your voice by giving voice commands. This is really neat and awesome gives a fun quotient to doing and managing your tasks at a day to day basis.

We checked out the 10 best to-do apps for android among a plethora of similar apps present to check out the best among the crowd. So comment down below and let us know which apps you use for your task management or is there any other app that you feel is better.To make it easily accessible to our user we have made the Name of the Apps download links.Use it to download the apps for free