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Samsung has tough competition with Apple in high end smart-phone segment & hence both the companies are trying to launch innovative devices having some unique features of its own. Samsung has launched first smart-phone having curved display & body with introduction to its Galaxy Round smart-phone. The curved display allows a wider view for a curved as compared to flat screen of same size. The curved screen improves visual perception due to increased area of peripheral vision. The company also mentions about more comfortable hand grip due to the curved body. At present, Samsung & LG are only two companies that have ability to produce curved Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) display in any volume.

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The company does not seem satisfied to stop its experiments only at the introduction of curved display. Samsung is planning to launch a handset having a three sided wrap -around display that wraps around the edges in the second half of 2014. Samsung plans to have each side of the display operate independently. According to a report, the primary benefit of this three sided display design is that it allows user to read what is on the screen even when a device is viewed at extreme angles. It is currently not known if Samsung will put the wrap-around display in the existing products or it will come up with a new product. The display will be based on Youm panels which are used in Galaxy Round.

Due to a unique curved design, the user can take advantage of various effects like ‘Roll effect’ that enables users to check information such as date; time, missed call, battery level even when home screen is off
Its called ‘Gravity effect’ for creating visual interaction with the screen just by tilting the device.