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2015 was one of the successful years for the app developers who have vowed not to be incompetent in developing the best apps for your windows phone device. As we are opening up the beginning of the year the app developers have incorporated a lot of creativity with innovation to come up with amazing apps.You are actually supposed to do away with the old apps and install fantastic new apps for your windows phone device. Here are the top 5 apps that should not miss in your windows device.

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Windows Phone Apps for 1st week of February 2016

Wattpad: Free Books and Stories.
Wattpad tops our list because of its functions and marvelous features. This app allows you to have access to a number of interesting story books for you to read. If you are a great fun of reading books then this is the app for you to own. This app is equipped with amazing millions of stories to choose from. This is one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the windows store. Most of the stories are being read offline but connecting this app online gives you an advantage of updating it with more stories.

Photostastic Collage.
This is an image editing app that has got amazing features and specifically used for collaging your photos together. It has got fantastic features and tools that will enable you create a classic design of your photo. This is also one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the windows store.

Share it.
If you have problems in transferring data and files from your windows phone then here is a perfect solution for that. This amazing app allows you to share your files to other device. It has got a very simple navigation making it very simple to use. The speed of transferring the files is also high making it be the perfect app to use. You can also transfer your data to device using other operating systems such android and even IOS. This app is downloaded for free in the windows store.

Seven- 7 Minute Workout Challenge.
This is an amazing apps that provides for you a perfect guideline on the best simple workout that you can perform at any point. Its more categorized on the health app, that is why is more essential for you to own it in your windows phone. It also monitors your performance on the day in and day out work outs. This app is downloaded for free in the windows store of your phone.

Font Candy –Typography Photo Editor.
This is an amazing app that allows you to edit and customize your images with amazing effects .It is equipped with perfect editing tools making it awesome for you to use. It also has got a perfect and simple navigation which enables it to be used easily. This app is also downloaded for free in the windows store of your phone.

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There has been a high improvement in the technological techniques and design of the apps being developed by the app developers, this is due to a high technological advancement in the universe. This tremendous improvement has really made the app developers come up with unique designs of apps which are very essential for your Windows phone .Apps are therefore being developed and uploaded in the Windows store day and night .Not all the aps being developed are very essential and the best, that is why we decided to come up with the list of the top 5 apps that are really hitting the Windows store with a thud. Here are the best apps for your Windows phone in this 3rd week of November.

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Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 3rd week November 2015

1. TextNow.
This is an amazing app that was design using the latest technique and it is really equipped with modern features. This app is a communication that allows you to make calls and send texts to your contacts using a given number for free. It’s very easy to use and manipulate it. It has got only one defect which is it can only be used in the USA and around Canada region. This is one of the top free apps that you can download in the Windows store.

2. Crackle.
If you really love watching as a hobby then this is the app to have. This app allows you to watch the latest movies and TV shows that are really hitting in the box office with no penny. You only require a strong internet connection for you to watch the latest movies. It has got interactive and amazing graphics that actually display even HD movies. This app is downloaded for free in the Windows store of your phone.

3. My Radar Weather App.
This is an amazing weather app that allows you to forecast the weather situation of your location. This app is very essential especially when you are travelling so that you plan on what to wear and even which route to take. It is one of the easiest apps to use. All you have to do is to download it, install it and place your location so as to determine the weather condition of your region.

4. PicHit Photo Finder.
This is also one of the latest apps that will help you find the perfect photos and images for your blog post or even reports by searching online. It also provides for you a plat for to chat with the greatest photographers enabling so that they can send to you the exact photograph that you require.

5. USA Today Sports.
If you really want to be up to date on the current sports news from USA then this is the app for you to have. This app allows you get access to the latest sports news in USA with easy navigation. This app is very easy and simple to use. It is downloaded for free in the Windows store.

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The windows phone is one of the powerful phones that supports a lot of app. Its operating system enables you to launch apps very faster. Having a rapid rise in the technological levels you can’t be able to determine the best app. Apps are being developed day in day out and it might be tiresome to determine the best app by yourself. If you are owning the windows phone here are the best top rated and new apps you can download during this September in the 1st week. The apps are very powerful and some of them very essential to own.

Windows Phone 10 one platformTop 5 Windows Phone Apps for  1st week of September 2015

1. The Messengers for windows
This is an app that allows you to connect and send messages in Facebook in the easiest way. This is a social app has got top ratings of 4.0 in average. Having this app enables you to chat and communicate effectively in Facebook. It provides notifications from your Facebook account. This makes it more interesting and the best app for you this September.

2. Free movies Unlimited
This also one of the top rated new app in September for you. This app enables you to have access to thousands of movies. The movies in this app are arranged well depending on the category of the genres, country and even time of release. It has got top rating of over 4.5 and over 400 reviews making it being ranked among the top in our list. This app also provides you with the chance to even watch the trailers of the movies before downloading the movies. This app is acquired for free in the windows store.

3. Music download unlimited
This is one the best music down-loaders in the month of September the first week. It has got an average rating of 3.9 with many reviews. Having this app you can download music and even stream the music videos in the fastest way ever. This app is acquired for free in the windows store. Just log on in the windows store and download yourself an amazing and fastest music down-loader.

4. Anime Tube plus
If you are an animation movie lover then this is one of the apps to own in this September. This app allows you to download and even watch your favorite animations and even the latest ones. You can also watch your favourite cartoons in here. Having an averaging rating of 4.8 and over 100 reviews makes it appear among the top app for you this September. This app is downloaded at no cost in the windows store making it even easier to download.

5. Free anime unlimited
This also one of the apps that allows you to watch and download high quality animations and cartoons this September. This app has got amazing features such as browsing the categorized animations using keywords and even saving the animations. Having an average rating of 4.6 and over 500 reviews makes it be the top app for you this month. It has got similar features to that of anime tube plus but its unique in terms of its display. This app is downloaded only for free in the windows store.

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We are about to say good bye to August as we draw an end to the third week and usher in the last. As usual the list was contested fiercely. Some of the apps that made Today’s list can only be categorized as unusual while some come as no surprise as you will shortly see. So let’s get straight to Top 5 windows phone Apps for 3rd week of August 2015

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Top 5 windows phone Apps for 3rd week of August 2015

This productivity app helps you discover historic and cultural places in the UK. It is based on the National Trust charity foundation. It has a database of more than 500 protected sites in the United Kingdom. This official app will guide you through breath taking sites, monuments and historical buildings kind of like a virtual tour guide. It also gives you the latest news about upcoming events like music concerts so that you never miss out on anything.Pretty handy if you ask me.

This app supplements (or completely replaces) the role of storytelling to children. It has four fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen that are narrated by professional actors Sir Roger Moore, Stephen Fry, Dame Joan and Ewan Groger. As a bonus, you get the first tale, the princess and the pea completely free. As a show of good deed, the people of Giving Tales forward 30% of their proceeds to UNICEF. So this app really does help children. They will all be looking forward to story time.

This is a gift to all sport lovers. This is the official app of eurosport, which is one of the most popular sport news channel in the world. It ensures you know the latest happenings in the world of sport. Whichever sport you love the most, be it tennis, football, F1, cycling, rugby, swimming, table tennis, cricket… in short, if it is a sport you will find it here. And, it is a free app!

This app is a google analytic client. It’s an easy to use app that enables you to track traffic to your website. It has a live tile feature and gets information as soon as it happens in real time. This app is actually really well developed and really handy for tracking a variety of analytics at the same time. It is also very good to look at.

This has for a long time been the favorite of many when it comes to chatting with friends, family or colleagues. Its ease of use and the fact that you do not have to login every time you need to use was a major selling point for this app. And now it’s made even better with the addition of voice calling option in their latest update. This allows you to make voice calls without having to go through your service provider as long as you have an internet connection that is stable making it very cost effective. I can foresee other apps son following suite.

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Windows Phones Apps are an evolving environment, with expected release of Windows 10 phones, Windows phone Apps are getting all the attention they need. Many Apps are fast been introduced into Windows Apps Environments. With a goal of billion Windows devices, windows apps are going to play an essential role in making sure that goal is reached. We bring you Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 1st week of August 2015.

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Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 1st week of August 2015

This app lets you access your pc when you are away using your windows 8 phone or tablet.Document editing, reaming videos and audio or just reading through documents is possible through this wonderful app from the people of Microsoft. This enables you to work from anywhere.

This is currently ‘the most popular cloud storage app for windows devices. You can store anything ranging from videos, music or just documents that can later be accessed with all your devices including your windows 8 phone or tablet. Sharing with friends is also made easy with this app. But the best thing is that you can access al your files on the go.

With this app you can say goodbye to that pesky thing called language barrier. This app can actually translate 85 languages. Next time you are struggling with that word or phrase, the solution is just an app away.

This currently is the most popular pdf viewing application around. Since pdf file formats have numerous business applications. Then this is exactly the app for you.You can also us it to covert from pdf to doc or rtf format and also view pdfs that are password protected for that extra security.

This app manages devices across a company. It can be used together with the Airwatch console to manage and monitor devices that are networked in a company. Since companies rely on corroboration of information across their devices, this device comes in handy in the business world.

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Windows platform always offers unique and good applications for the mobile phones. Windows applications are as popular as any other platform applications. Applications have been modified and launched again on this platform to give user best experience while using an application. Some new and unique applications have created ripples in the application market soon after their launch. We have tried to collect some applications which are new but are already focus of attention due to their new idea and concept as well as their applicability in daily life.

Windows Phone 8.1

AZ player
A Z player can be considered as one of the best window media player. Some of the features are very unique and interesting. Music can be played in background, at the same time pictures can be played as slide show. Playlist can be created and managed very easily with help of this app. Online service is supported too. Music can be played on sound cloud and videos can be played on you tube too. Videos, music and pictures can be downloaded with the help of this app. It supports lyrics of the songs too.

Runtastic six packs
This app is solution for the fitness seeking persons. You do not have time for workout. You cannot hire a personal trainer. You are not sure how to do perfect workout. This app is for you. This app is a workout app specially designed for individuals who cannot devote time exclusively for workout. There are two avatars in app, Daniel and Angie, Who help you train extensively with the help of nice work out videos.

Hexagram cool wallpapers
It is a wonderful wallpaper generating app. These wallpapers can be used for start screen as well as lock screen. This app helps users to create nice wallpapers with combination of various beautiful and appealing polygons with a variety of the colours. There are 10 colour swatches with 600 + colours in it. These wallpapers can be customised and tuned for final effect. Image filters also available in the app which makes it a nice app.

Photo recovery- free bird
This is a mind-blowing app which can make a person recover his deleted pictures by accident. You realized that picture you just deleted is very important for someone or for yourself. Don’t panic photo recovery is here for help. All you have to do is just click the app in your phone. This app will look for your picture in the internal memory and external memory and recover it. Then you will have to select and restore important documents. App is supported by the devices manufactured by Nokia, Lenovo, HTC and Huawei.

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In this second week of August, we have come across with some great news for windows phone users. Many legendary and popular applications of different mobile platforms have been successfully developed for windows Smartphone users. Many more updates are expected these days as windows is highly updating their store with new applications and extending their reach tremendously. If the pace of modification from Windows mobile developer team remained as such, Windows store is surely to get unexpectedly vast within no time. Besides applications Smartphone software widgets like battery saver, camera application, metro tube and many others are getting updated from Microsoft so always keep track of recent updates.

Windows Phone 8

Uber: Uber is finally backed in windows store. This is a highly useful and productive application which was once available in windows store but was too poor to perform anything rightly. Now it has been highly modified for windows mode and this is really a giant step from Microsoft. With Uber in hand, you can demand for a cab via uber and a cab will be present for you within moments of time. The rates for different drives are optimised and credit card paying option is available. It has moved the life of daily travel to the next level. You will enjoy this service.

Yo: This stupid application has gone viral all over the internet for almost no reason. It has grown highly popular in iOs and android and has now been released for windows too. The main function of this application is to say a loud Yo! That’s it. You can only send Yo! with this application to your friends and it’s devoid of any text or voice calling. It’s popularity is an unknown magical instinct.

UPS Mobile: This application is a package tracking application in which you can also pin your packages in the form of live tiles and track them easily. This application is very different from their website with highly developed user interface. You can easily track UPS stores present in your vicinity and also calculate shipping and packaging charges.

ooVoo: This fantastic free video chatting and messaging application has been released for windows recently, it has got more than100million users all over the globe. The most interesting feature of this application is that it supports group video chat among 12 people simultaneously. Voice calling option is also available along with noise cancellation to allow fluent and clear talks. The user interface of this application is simple, easy to use and without any hectic problems of lagging.

Files: Finally Microsoft has launched an official file manager for windows phone 8.1 namely Files. This is just a basic file manager for windows but is said to be very fast and robust application. You can manage both SD card as well as phone storage, install application and search files. Just like other file managers it provides options for marking multiple items and moving to other folder and much more.

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Freshly in the third week of May 2014 windows market place has seen launch of some spanking new applications arriving at the windows platform. The robust nature of applications has gone beyond expectations only after the release of windows 8.1 platform by Microsoft. Windows Marketplace isn’t still the number one but soon its shape is going to change for all windows lovers. Here we have composed a set of five best and latest exotic applications for the 3rd week of May 2014 which are surely going to be your companion for life. Check out these cool soft-o-mates for you below:

Top 5 New Windows Phone Apps Of The Third Week - May 2014

1. Tune Wiki: It’s one of the best applications for music lovers. It lets you listen to your music with smooth scrolling lyrics. It has got many innovative features. You can post your images with lyrics instantly on face book and twitter. It provides instant access to 40+ languages for your lyrics. It gives you complete editing freedom to arts, and other properties of music tracks and albums, lets you stay updated with the latest music coming out from all over the world. There are many more exciting features waiting for you to get started.

2. Mosaic Me: It’s a simple photo editing application loved by every user. It only lets you transform your photo into mosaic appearance. There are a lot of people all over the world who love mosaics and this application is purely dedicated to them. Recently this application has been updated with some minor bug fixes and gives overall best performance.

3. MapMyIndia Maps: It is the most enhanced and comprehensive map of India available all over internet. Its details are very accurate and can detect the address with house number and street wise. It gives accurate driving navigation between any two places in India. Also lets you search important places you want to go like ATM’s, restaurants, hotels, etc. Besides these it has also got a cool feature of in-depth satellite view. You will always feel at home with this application in your Smartphone.

4. Sound hound: It’s a different music application with much more interesting features besides listening to music. It’s the lone music application which is capable of recognizing a song through mere singing and humming. It awesome feature lets you listen and read lyrics with perfectly synchronized timing. You can discover more music and news related to music through sound hound headlines. It has got smooth user interactive interface with much more features like geo tagging, etc.

5. Endomondo Sports: It’s the most useful and innovative application for sports people and people who love fitness. It lets you keep track of your running, cycling and other workouts. If you are going for a long distance running it will give you audio feedback mile after mile. You can chat with other users and it will read out their messages loudly. It lets you control your time duration, calories and distance on just few clicks. Its work trying for your workout.

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Windows phones are gaining better application development from Microsoft. Microsoft has shown great interest in windows phones application development besides their work for PC’s. The windows phone developers are developing exciting new applications mostly productive applications to give the users best windows phone experience. They are persistently manufacturing Lumia phones with better software support and new applications. This Week of April has also seen some catchy new applications developed for Windows phones. Check them out below:

Top 5 new Windows Phone Apps of the Second week April 2014

1) Facebook Beta: Facebook has been recently updated for windows phones. It has been updated with minor bug fixes, reliable notifications, additional languages and better performance. Primary and secondary titles for events, pages, etc have been renovated. But it’s conceptually the same old Facebook application.


Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone download

2) Fhotoroom: This application is all you need for professional photography. It has got its own photo sharing feature and photo editor. It enhances the camera performance, lets you share photos on skydrive, facebook, instagram and other social networking sites. It can edit up to 22MP photos without any lagging. Many new exciting filters are available in Fhotoroom store and you can use more than 75 filters. It has got stylish 40+ icons all over the application. It is a real photography application you must have.


Fhotoroom app for Windows Phone download

3) myMoney: It acts as your online financial manager. Whenever you download bank statements from your Smartphone, your financial manager keeps it safe in its own database. This aggregates all your banking data on single platform and gives you complete information about your transaction very simply are reliably.


myMoney app for Windows Phone download

4) Design Me: It is your virtual personal assistant. It gives your complete details about your upcoming appointments, it lets you know about the weather outside and sets how much you want to sleep and after what time interval you want to get next appointment .This application is worth trying because of its best rating in windows store.

Design Me

Design Me app for Windows Phone download

5) Plex: It maintains all your personal media so that you can enjoy your music, videos, etc on any device. It has got its own strong servers which make it trust worthy. Moreover Plex converts your media so that you can play it on any device. Plex has also got rich interface which makes you love to use it. It lets you share your media with friends and family. It has also got exciting channels to browse through .This is actually the best media organiser application you would ever have.


Plex app for Windows Phone download