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Windows phone is equipped with a very strong processor that will enable you to play the latest game in this 2nd week of December. The game developers have come up with the most amazing games that are highly addictive for you to play. In this holiday month most of the purchased games might be on offer so it is good when this opportunity is well utilized. Determining what game is best for you has been made simple with the introduction of our well versed list of the Top 5 games for you to play. Our list is based on all the genre of games across the world. Here are the top 5 games that you won’t miss out on in this 2nd week of December.

Windows Phone 10

Top 5 Windows Phone Games for 2nd week December 2015

Game Studio Tycoon 2.
This is an amazing adventure game that allows you to create your own studios and explore the gaming world so as to raise money by creating the games. This game is equipped with unique 3D graphics which always render a high quality image and perfect gaming experience. It is equipped with 2 gaming modes making it more unique and enjoyable to play. This game is bought for only $ 2.99.

Plants vs Zombies.
This is an action adventure game with a horror story line that has got a price tag of $ 2.99. You are therefore required to purchase it before downloading it in the Windows store. In this game your main role is to put down the Zombies since you are given a role of the plant. This game has got four modes for you to play. This is one of the addictive games for you to play.

Riptide GP2.
This is an amazing game that is equipped with awesome graphics. If you are a racing game fanatic then this is the game for you to play in this festive month. All you have to do is to race across the water surface using the water jets. You have to come to the top in order for you to be declared the winner. This game is downloaded for $ 2.99 in the Windows store.

Army Trucks Driver 2.
This is one of the additive simulation game for you to play in this 2nd week of December. Your main mission in this game is just driving this military truck over the terrains, deserts and over obstacles. This game is equipped with amazing military trucks such as the Jeep and 4 X4 truck. This game has got a price tag of $ 1.99 you are therefore required to purchase it before downloading it.

If you are really good with numbers then this is the best game for you. This is a brain teasing game that you are required to solve amazing math puzzles. It has got amazing graphics with over 40 levels for you to play. This makes it one of the addictive games for you to play. This game is downloaded for free in the Windows store.

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This is a very powerful phone that is equipped with the latest technological processor. This phone is equipped with an AMOLED display of 5.2” having a 1440 x2560 pixels to render wonderful graphics during game play. It has got a powerful processor of QUALCOMM snapdragon 808 that launch and run very powerful games in your phone. It’s also equipped with a Windows 10 OS that makes the game developers come up with very powerful and awesome games for you to play. Here are the most powerful and addictive games developed and designed for your Microsoft Lumia 950.

lumia 950 xl

best games for Microsoft Lumia 950

1. Solitaire Mystery: Four Seasons.
If you are a great fun of solitaire games then here is an amazing opportunity for you to play the best and latest solitaire game in you Nokia 950 phone. This is an amazing adventure game that you are required to restore tranquility to a city by jump starting the magic city clock. It has got amazing challenging levels which make it more addictive to play. This game is downloaded for £1.49 in the Windows store.
2. Running Shadow.
The Nokia 950 Windows smartphones is well equipped in terms of specs making it very compatible with this game. This is a RPG fantasy game where you are required to restore the Celestial Guardian stolen in the adepts of a dark ancient cult .You will have to explore the gloomy dungeons and treacherous enemy. This game is equipped with very unique challenging levels making it very addictive to play. This is one of the top free games in the Windows store for your Lumia 950 phone.
3. Lara Croft GO
This is one of the top puzzle-adventure games where you are required to solve puzzles so as to unveil various mysterious secrets in the ruins of an ancient civilization world. There are various unique and challenging levels to overcome in this game .This is one of the top games downloaded for only £ 3.89 in the Windows store.
4. CanKnockdown 3.
This is one of the brain teasing puzzle games where you have to solve various puzzles at every level. It has got 60 levels where you can play them for free and the other level 100 levels are played for only $ 1.00.This is a highly addictive game that you won’t miss out on it. It is a highly rated game for your Nokia 950 phone. This is one of the top free games for you phones in the Windows phone.
5. 9 Clues 2
If you have played 9 clue one then this is one of the most fantasizing games for you to play. This is an adventure game where you are supposed to unveil secrets in the eerie and crooked halls of Mnemosyne Asylum after a murder bizarre is encountered. This game has got top average rating of 4.6 and over 1410 reviews making it be the best game for your Lumia 950. It is a free game downloaded in the Windows store.
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Windows operating system is very popular with the gamers now. The reason for this is that windows compatible games have edge over the other platforms in terms of quality and graphics. Earlier windows mobiles were preferred by professional persons but rise of some trend changing games have changed the whole scenario. We have tried to collect some new games on the windows platform which are not only unique in their concept but also is interesting to bind the gamer. Choices may differ as individuals have own preferences.

windows phone logo

Greedy candy match
If you like candies game then greedy candy match is a perfect game for you .This game is very simple unlike some other complex candy games. But being simpler doesn’t mean the game is boring as game is very much addictive and one can play it for hours .It is basically a match 3 puzzle game .if same color candy is shot at other candies will vanish. There are certain objective given for each level which have to be cleared to reach to the next level .Game is published by the roll ball and it is 29 MB in size

Monster car racing
Monster car racing is an amazing 3d game which gives realistic experience to the player. It is basically a transporter truck simulator game in which person has to drive a trailer truck. The goodness of the game lies in the realistic effects of the game be it the real-time collision and real environmental conditions in the game .All these features give wonderful experience to the gamer which not only increases the adrenaline in the blood but also gives a pleasant experience of driving heavy trailer truck .Game is 10mb in science size and it is published by the monster game

Free metal slug
Game revolves around the story in which the survival training camp is made at an unnamed island where peregrine falcon recruits have to complete their training with limited arms and resources. The twist in the story comes when the general mordens troops come to the island to create the new base .They capture the young recruits. Player takes the role of the recruit Walter Ryan or Tyra Elson. They have to rescue their colleagues as well as free the island from the wicked forces .Game is 16mb of size and is published by Met

Doodle jump DC
This is a funny game but with a very interesting concept. Game is about doodle the doodler who takes the role of the batman to fight against the evil forces of the penguin, Mr. Breeze and the joker. Effects of the games are very nice with the major villain erupting at every boss stage. Features like the Bat copter and a Bat jetpack makes the game funny and interesting .Crystals are to be collected to upgrade your gears which helps to catch the crook faster. Playing rules are simple, screen has to be tilted to turn left or right and if you tap the screen the doodle will jump. Game is 33 MB in size and is published by see all,

Free kodly fruit
This is a simple and basic game which is very much addictive. It is very simple to play the game which is also best part of the too. Player has to crush one or two fruits with the help of his fingers .Fruit juices will be seen all over the screen once the fruit is crushed. It is a simple game but it has more than 100 levels to clear. Bonuses are added as a surprise .overall it’s a nice game with very nice features .game is published by the doonsels India Gm .size of the game is 11mb which is good considering the quality of the game,

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Games on Windows have become so popular that it has come to a point where age is no barrier. The web is full of games. Games frequently played on Windows and which is high profile are mostly battlefield games and Air Force Squadron games. The list is endless and the plots are nail-biting right to the end. The new era of games have a lot of bloodshed compared with games such as Super Mario etc and are poles apart. But the “In” games for 2015 are:-

Windows Phone 8.1

Candy Crush Saga

This game although time consuming, as it goes from one stage to another, challenging your friends and sending lives and other goodies, while keeping your sweet tooth buzzing and your finger extremely busy, is one such game that would never be outdated and has made its way into 2015 as well.

Pirate’s Path:

This game provides an endless path for the player to go on, searching for unique items to build up points for self and moving further.The game has different levels of play that a player can choose as per wish. As the character in the play moves ahead in the age-old paths, the player has to make points by collecting all the valuables in sight, to be promoted to the next level.

Fairway Solitaire:

This game provides an entertaining gameplay by combining golf with solitaire. The normal solitaire play is accompanied by having to take the longest drives to win a game. It forms an addiction for some players who are glued to their smartphones searching solutions of the game and hanging on for newer and latest versions at all times.All the tactics of playing cards remain the same as before, with the player having to get over with the displayed cards by putting them into the stack offered, in a limited timeframe before the game gets over.

8-Ball Pool

Now who would say no to 8-Ball Pool? I guess no one. Take aim and shoot away, 8-Ball Pool brings in a lot of excitement where you play against opponents and are rewarded by free spins everyday and a scratch and match games, if your spin wheel comes to rest on it. The new trend in 8-Ball Pool for 2015 is the ongoing competition, where the players are awarded bonus coins at the end of the week, depending on your winnings.

Glow Dots:

The player in the game is provided with a series of glowing dots of different colors. The dots of the same color have to be connected together to earn points. The screen should not be fully filled with the dots when they are handled well.The dots of the same color are blown off, earning points for the player.As the player makes more points, they go closer to reaching another new level, one after the other.

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Have you got a Windows phone? Then let’s give it a boost with fun thrilling games.The best part of free games is that they come for free. And the terrible part is about free games are that they are most the time terrible. Just Joking! But the fun part is that you can get your hands swish over the screen and enjoy your free time on different types of games.Our Phonelane Editors have searched in depth and played on these games and treasured the best of all in the list. We recommend you the stuffs that give you the best entertainment and fun. So here they are.

Windows Phone 10

Download Top 5 Windows Phone Games for April

The standard Microsoft practical strategy permit is born again on Windows Phone as city construction matter with battle elements- it’s much more like a Clash of Clans. Despite the strong influence (and the dodge away from object tactics), it holds a solid historical story plot which makes the game interesting and gives a lot more things to fill spare moments during your day as you step into the future every day and spend no more money.

Crush your opponents’ vehicles into bits of scrap and execute the impossible mid-air stunts with magnificently rendered cars and other vehicles. It’s what all of you might always dream of – handling luxurious cars and wrecking them without splashing out your pocket. You don’t even have to spend any cent on this game too.

Similar to most of the released Gameloft games, Blitz Brigade is much more virtualistic in design: it designs and story plot is somewhat similar in action and story similar to Team Fortess 2. But with the Windows Phone, it’s effortlessly the finest free option more or less for multiplayer shootouts. The main characters’ action is quite smooth and engaging, and at the same time balancing issues come with the fermium territory and you will wait enough to respawn exclusive of cashing, Blitz Brigade is very much interesting and fun to spend during free time.

While you are in space, everyone gets dumb as no one can even hear you even if you scream. But you can sure clash with the aliens and other creepy eerie things around in a compact mode with your thumbs. Or the fingers, doesn’t matter what makes it float your boat in space. This game shoot’em up needs dexterous fingers to steer your ship roughly through enemy’s firing. A swift discharge of the thumb will activate an armoury which includes sharp edged missiles and grenades and ammo, destroying the whole lot in its conduit.

Scythe and Slash and gain XP experience points. Soak them and go over. The game play begins with you awakening with super powers and having a kingdom of your own. It’s fun and adventurous throughout the game. Well it’s not for real fans of Dungeon Crawlers. It’s all about looting and moving around the Dungeon. Well it can make your free time.

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Entertainment is a key ingredient while developing smartphones in today’s world and so inclusion of games with their respective drivers is important. Windows have launched is store for downloading games and application. Daily new updates occur across the windows app store. As windows store expands daily, it may confuse new user in windows with which games to download and which one to avoid and so we have got a list of games that are new and recently updated. Our review will help you decide the game you want to download first.

Windows Phone 8

Beach buggy racing
The game is a sequel of beach buggy blitz (earlier version) and with this new version many purgation have been made. The game is all about racing in kart and competing with other racers to win. As the game progresses you will experience various environments and skins that you always dreamt to do while racing. The game allows you to upgrade your kart with the latest equipment so that you can beat other racers. Another exciting part is one gets to collect a team of racer based on their unique powers that might help you win race. You have 12 spectacular racetracks, unlimited power up to unlock, and many other features that may keep you going.

Dead Earth: Trigger Man Duty & Last Shooter Call
It is the Best sci-fi shooter game is available in windows market with great graphics and gameplay. You play the central character responsible in saving human race again deadliest and rebellious machines. You have to defeat the bosses of various cities and game provides unlimited ammo to get hold of that city. You have upgrade your weapons to defeat each boss and in total there are 10 such up gradation it doesn’t mean there are only 10 levels the game extends quite a bit. You also have other explosive support to make sure you win in difficult condition. The game provides you armour and ammo to upgrade with this an endless wave of enemies to fight with.

Highway traffic racer
If you are planning to learn driving or are interested in racing this 3D game is best to play with. With huge numbers of cars to unlock this game is fun to play for hours. The game objective is to win the races in different and sometimes challenging traffic situations. The game has amazing 3D graphics, which looks decent, you can almost have a 3D simulation on your device. The more you drive the more you earn and you can get hold of more cars, upgrade the old ones and lots more. The background music is also awesome and its fun while playing. The cars provided and environment provided are developed very well and its completely detailed oriented designing.

Enjoy the world’s best full featured free puzzle game on windows phones. The game has evolved a lot since its first update and constantly newer updates have been added new levels, removal of bugs etc. The game provides you with 8 levels of 9X9 Sudoku puzzle to play with from beginner1 level to insanity level. Sudoku version of windows also auto resumes from your last move. The game has hint pencil and guess mode, which will help your chances to win this game. The game has few other features and for all the smart ones this game will blow your mind.

Street fighter alpha 3
The retro street fighting game is back with new graphics and environment. Capcom’s traditional 2D fighting game added new option over its predecessor. The game is developed on standard street fight controls and moves and to get hold of some of the special moves you need to try various combination to activate it. Street fighting 3 includes multiple fighting styles for players to choose from and with each style comes different moves. The game’s graphics is quite awesome and especially when the super powers are activated. The game is must play especially on high hand windows phone as the graphics looks stunning on it.

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After the release of WP 8.1 windows developers have been working immensely on creating some brand new surprising games for its users. And so far they have been successful in catching the eye of world Smartphone users gaining faith on windows. In this First week of July 2014 we have summed up some freshly released game. You will surely enjoy all of these because these are chosen ones.

Windows Phone 8

1. Firefly Runner: Finally after the long period of anticipation this game has arrived for windows platform. This is an unending runner game and you have to play the role of red firefly namely switch. Switch’s friends have been abducted by the contagious bugs and you need to help them out. In this journey you have to cross lakes, forests, caves and many other ecosystems.

2. Zombie Smasher: It’s a highly addictive game and currently the best zombie game available on internet. These zombies are about to conquer your town and you need to protect your home. You just need to smash the zombies by tapping your finger over them before they enter your door. You will have to go through the 60 different levels and 7 species of haunting zombies. You just need to play wisely and use power ups when needed.

3. Smash Cat heroes: This is a cat bush beating game where all you need to do is just beat enemies as much as can. Controls are extra simplified which means that you have to click on attack button till the enemy dies and then take over the other enemy. It’s not as easy as you might be thinking you also need to protect yourself from them. The back ground music is also nice. I will say it’s worth giving a try. here is limited offer free link

4. Breeze: This game has recently been developed by your own Microsoft studio. Here you will have to take your flower to a particular goal through many obstacles and you will also need to provide some sunshine to the flower. This is a touch and tilt game with 60 levels and two different modes. Easy mode spares your life 5 times but tough mode doesn’t even spare for one collision.

5. Throne Together: It is basically the perfectly crafted Tetris like building game for windows phones. Here your boss wants you to construct everything with perfection. The gravity plays games with you in this game. You can’t leave a block in air as it will fall and you would have to start construction on already fallen block. Pressure is also the main threat in the game. If you will place too many blocks on a single block, the lower most block will burst because of pressure. So everything needs to be done wisely to win the game.