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This 3rd week of December is one of the festive weeks that you really need to update your phone with the latest apps. You need to grab the many offers on the top paid apps since most of them have got amazing Christmas discounts placed on them. The app developers were placed on their heels in which they gave a positive reaction by creating the major top apps that are essential for your windows phone in this 3rd week of December. Here are the top apps for your windows phone device in this 3rd week of December.

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Top 5 Windows Phone Apps for 3rd week December 2015

1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN.
This is one of the top VPN for you to download that protects your online banking activities and also monitors other activities online using your windows phone. In this festive week many activities are being carried out via your windows phone and you need to keep this activities as safe as possible by installing this app in your phone. This app is very simple to use and it is downloaded for free in the windows store.

2. Saavn Music & Radio.
If you are a great fan of the Bollywood and India religious songs then this is the app. This app has got fantastic features such as the Indian radio stations. It also has got amazing Indian genre songs such as the Malayalam, Bhojpuri, Punjab, Telugu etc. This is one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the windows store.

3. Fused: Double Exposure, Video and Photo Blender.
This is a video editing and photo editing app that allows you to blend your videos together with your videos. This app is very simple to use with 4 basic steps for you to apply during the process. It has got amazing features such as the editing tools for color, drawing and erasing. This is one of the highly rated apps that is downloaded for free in the windows store.

4. Spotify.
This amazing app allows you to listen and play your favorite playlist of songs in your windows phone device. It has got amazing features which allows you to download new hit songs and also renders a high quality sound of music. It very easy and simple to use since it does not have ads that would interrupt you when you are using it .This is one of the highly rated apps in the windows store that is downloaded for free.

5. Excel Mobile.
This amazing apps allows you to edit and even view your spread sheet document using your windows phone device. This is one of the latest apps that is not supposed to miss in your windows phone device. It has got a high number of reviews and it is highly rated because of its high number of downloads and user. This app has got no price tag thus it is downloaded for free in the windows store.

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Apps are very essential for any Windows phone to operate. They actually increase the value of your phone making you not move away from your phone even a single minute .Apps are always developed day and night and it’s important to keep your phone up to date with the latest apps .Not all the apps being released in the market are top best that is why it might be quite tiresome to determine the latest best app for your phone .Here are the latest best app that you won’t miss to install in your Windows phone Apps in this 1st week of November.

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Top 5 WindowsPhone App Download

1. Instagram Beta.
On top of our list is the Instagram Beta .This app allows you to edit your photos with amazing photo filters before posting them in Instagram. It has got awesome custom designs with photo filters to edit your photos with a linear radial Tilt-shift blur effect. It also supports the front and back camera with unlimited number of uploads of your photos .This is one of the top free apps in the Windows store.
2. Kik Messenger.
This is a simple phone messenger which is fast and reliable .It has got eye-catching graphics making you have a tantalizing feeling when typing and reading your notifications. It also gives your messages some privacy from the annoying snoopers. This is an amazing app with high rating and it is downloaded for free in the Windows store.
3. WindowsInsider.
This is an amazing app that allows you to get a pre-lease of the latest OS update on your phone. All you have to do is to register in the insider using your Microsoft account. This app has got a high average rating of 4.2 and over 4000 reviews making it the best app for your Windows phone .This is one of the top free apps in the Windows store.
4. The Weather Channel.
Here is weather app that helps you to know the weather condition anywhere you are .This app is very essential to help you plan for your school day, travelling day and even your work days. It has got very attractive graphics with hyper-precise forecasts, radar maps and alerts for you .This is very essential app to own in your Windowsphone in this 1st week of October. It has got an average rating of 4.1 and over 1000 reviews so far making be among the top 5 apps in this 1st week of November. This app is downloaded for free in the Windows store.
5. Flipkart.
This is an amazing app that allows you to shop online in the megastore for electronics, books, mobiles etc. in a safest way ever. It provides various ways payments such as :cash on deliver, credit and debit cards and even net banking .This app also allows you to browse for the products offline .Its also customized to give you personal alerts on various offers in the market. This app is downloaded for free in the Windows store.

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The windows phone is equipped with very powerful operating system that can be able to launch and run any app developed recently. A device is actually useless without apps. Apps makes devices become more useful and even more interesting .Many apps are being developed and not all latest apps developed are more amazing and best. That is why we come in handy to give you a wide information on our well researched list om the best app for your windows phone this 4th week of October.

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1. CamCad.
This a top and new app for your windows phone that recognizes more than 16 international languages in the universe. Having a brand new user interface this app allows you to create a new personal profile for your business card. It also supports full-screen view of the card image and more methods of adding contacts. This app also allows you to read and save various business cards in your windows phone. If you are a business man or a sales person then this is the best app top own in your window phone .This app is downloaded for free in the windows store.
2. B612.
Are you a selfie lover? then this is the app to own in your windows phone. This is a perfect for you to take selfies because of its random filters, vignette and support to rear camera. This apps also allows you to collage all your smiling photos to one. Having ratings of over 4.5 and over 1000 reviews it’s absolutely the best app for you to download in your windows phone.
3. Super Photo
This is one of the best apps required to edit your photo. This app has got over 1500 beautiful effects to customize your current photo to your desired taste. This app also allows you to take high HD quality photos with no ads. This is one of top paid apps in the windows store. Therefore for only $ 4.99 you can purchase this app in the windows store.
4. Windows Insider.
This is also one of the important apps that allows you get accessed to information and notifications on the pre-release of OS updates on the phone. This will enable you update your phone on the latest OS thus keeping you on the edge of technology. Having an average rating of 4.0 and over 3000 reviews makes it be in the list of the best 5 apps for your windows phone .This app is downloaded for free in the windows store.
5. Vines.
Here comes one of the funniest apps for your windows phone in our list. This app is meant to make funny video clips and share them with all of your friends. It also provides a platform to interact with people you know and also those whom you don’t know by following them. You can also tag popular posts and follow channels you like. This is an amazing app that is downloaded for free in the windows store.

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Due to the rapid rise in the technological levels apps are being developed day and night .It’s quite tiresome to determine the best app for yourself that’s why we come in handy to help you determine the best app of the week. You must keep yourself up to date on the best app to own. Apps are very essential for your phone since they make your work easier and even life simpler. Not all apps are genuine that’s why you have to take care of the malwares when downloading this app. Our list is well researched and that is already catered for .Here are the top 5 apps for windows this 1st week of October.

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1. Press Reader
This a very important app that you won’t miss out on it this month .It gives you ultimate and top news of the world .Get informed of all that is happening all around you and even the rest of the world .This app also allows you to get the top and latest news on every country in the world .You can also download the latest magazines and newspapers from all over the world. This is a latest app having an average rating of 3.9 and over 200 reviews making it amazing for you to own this month. Just login in the window store and download this app for free.

2. Songza
Here comes a new and amazing app for you to play your favorite music through it .If a music fanatic this is the app for you to own .It has got amazing graphics with new and improved features. It allows you to listen to music unlimited and save you favorite music playlist. Having an average rating of 4.0 and over 2500 reviews it’s basically the best app for you to own this 1st week of September. It’s a free app and therefore just login in the windows store and download it.

3. Free Flicks /Free movies Unlimited.
If you are a movie fanatic then this the app to own .This is also among the latest apps for you this 1st week of October. This app has got amazing features such as: allowing you to access a database of thousands of HD movies and you can also play to TV directly using your phone or any windows device. This app is acquired for free in the windows store. Having an average rating of 4.5 and over 2000 reviews makes it absolutely the best app for you this week.

4. IM + Instant Messenger
It’s a high time you need to change your style of chatting by downloading the IM + Instant Messenger. This app has got eye-catching graphics and supports all the other IM services such as google +, Facebook, twitter, yahoo etc. This actually all in one you don’t need to download the other IM service apps. This app is obtained for free in the windows store.

5. Hulu Plus
This is also a latest app that allows you to stream live latest hit shows, watch your latest TV episodes and even the movies trailers .If you don’t have this app yet then you have to acquire it as soon as possible .This app is downloaded for free in the windows store

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The windows phone is one of the powerful phones that supports a lot of app. Its operating system enables you to launch apps very faster. Having a rapid rise in the technological levels you can’t be able to determine the best app. Apps are being developed day in day out and it might be tiresome to determine the best app by yourself. If you are owning the windows phone here are the best top rated and new apps you can download during this September in the 1st week. The apps are very powerful and some of them very essential to own.

Windows Phone 10 one platformTop 5 Windows Phone Apps for  1st week of September 2015

1. The Messengers for windows
This is an app that allows you to connect and send messages in Facebook in the easiest way. This is a social app has got top ratings of 4.0 in average. Having this app enables you to chat and communicate effectively in Facebook. It provides notifications from your Facebook account. This makes it more interesting and the best app for you this September.

2. Free movies Unlimited
This also one of the top rated new app in September for you. This app enables you to have access to thousands of movies. The movies in this app are arranged well depending on the category of the genres, country and even time of release. It has got top rating of over 4.5 and over 400 reviews making it being ranked among the top in our list. This app also provides you with the chance to even watch the trailers of the movies before downloading the movies. This app is acquired for free in the windows store.

3. Music download unlimited
This is one the best music down-loaders in the month of September the first week. It has got an average rating of 3.9 with many reviews. Having this app you can download music and even stream the music videos in the fastest way ever. This app is acquired for free in the windows store. Just log on in the windows store and download yourself an amazing and fastest music down-loader.

4. Anime Tube plus
If you are an animation movie lover then this is one of the apps to own in this September. This app allows you to download and even watch your favorite animations and even the latest ones. You can also watch your favourite cartoons in here. Having an averaging rating of 4.8 and over 100 reviews makes it appear among the top app for you this September. This app is downloaded at no cost in the windows store making it even easier to download.

5. Free anime unlimited
This also one of the apps that allows you to watch and download high quality animations and cartoons this September. This app has got amazing features such as browsing the categorized animations using keywords and even saving the animations. Having an average rating of 4.6 and over 500 reviews makes it be the top app for you this month. It has got similar features to that of anime tube plus but its unique in terms of its display. This app is downloaded only for free in the windows store.

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With the release of Windows 10, there is loads of excitement for windows apps store to grow rapidly. Since then Lots of changes have happened in the past one week as developers struggled to make their apps feature in our list. Without much ado, let’s see what Top 5 windows apps for 2nd week of August 2015 are

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This is a tool and productivity app that makes it easy to store and organize files in your windows 8 device. This file manager takes care of the problem of having too many files which can be quite tasking to keep- organized.It allows you to organize and retrieve files when you are connected to your pc. It also enables compressing of files into the zip format. Your files are also easily uploaded into cloud storage services like OneDrive and drop box.

No other unified communication tool is as popular for business users as iTEL Mobile Dialer. This app allows user to instant message easily across all os platforms, sums and voice calls. It works with Wi-Fi, 4g or 3g networks and ensures you do not have to worry that your colleagues might be on a different os platform. This app works really well not only in a social setting but also in a professional setting as well

You don’t really need an introduction to this app. It is a tool and productivity app that makes organizing your brainstorms, making your lists and sharing your thoughts and ideas really easy. This is hands down the best note taking app in he market. It enables you to share written and scribbled notes not only with friends and colleagues but also across all your devices.
It also supports images form the web or internal memory for that bit extra of description to your notes. You can also upload your notes to cloud storage or email services without hustle with this app.

This is a business category app. It enables the printing of any document of image from your device. When you are in range of a Wi-Fi printer, your device will pick it up and use this app to print your image files or documents eliminating the need of having to first transfer your file to a pc then using the pc to print it for you. This app is really convenient.

There are many dedicated Facebook apps in the windows store but this one works quite well. You get everything you get on the Facebook site likes search friends, photos, edit profile, messages etc. the beauty of this app is that you do not have to use your browser every time you want to access Facebook which usually takes up a lot of your device resources making it sluggish and hang alot. The design of the app also makes it easy on the eyes. This app was initially full of bugs but the current upgrades has fixed most of it and I can find nothing wrong with it. This is the dedicated Facebook app you have been waiting for.

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After a fantastic week of iPhone6 and iPhone6+ news, now we engage your attention to the Windows Phone 8 and few apps that may grab your attention. Our Phonelane Editors have given their best to pour the pot full of apps into this list. These apps would surely come handy and will keep you engaged for the while.So, before you download apps for your lovely Windows Phone make sure that you have a look at this list.

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

Download Top 5 Apps for Windows phone

1.Network Speed Test

It’s a simple and very useful app. The name says it all Network Speed Test app lets you a quick look at your connection status of your network.Get the current download and upload speeds in chart form, along with a chronological list, based on previous speed tests. It also shows your type of connection, internet service provider and internet connectivity status.

2. Outcoldplayer ($5.99)

Listen to your music collection, search for music recommended by Google, and moreover make use of the live Radio. It has a sleek and modern design. Outcoldplayer allows you to manage playlists, surf from Last fm, and live Xbox streaming. You can even cache music from your virtual online library or Access Subscription to tune it on your PC in offline mode. If you use Google play Music then make sure that you have a look at Outcoldplayer.

3. PhotoWeaver (Free, $1.49 to remove ads)

This app lets you to transport images to your PC, social networks, online storage into a single interface and also lets you connect with your Picasa(Google+),Flickr, OneDrive and Facebook accounts to see them in one place all together. You can edit the photos in PhotoWeaver and share them with the Windows 8 Share function. The photos can be uploaded from devices, uploaded in groups and shifted to any social networks from another. It is a marvellous technique to manage your snaps anytime.

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4. InstaPic (Free)

While talking about photos the next fascinating app is InstaPic, a client from Instagram For Windows 8.It gives you feel closer to Instagram viewing videos and photos, commenting and liking on other user’s posts and staying updated with the latest activity. The app allows you to download videos and photos directly to your hard drive. Even though an official Instagram app is missing on Windows 8, InstaPic is a solid substitute

5. Calendar Live Tile (Free)

This fantastic creation lets you create calendar tiles and pin it to your start screen month wise so that you can have a quick look and see what falls on which days. This app offers you a set of creative options, and also the facility to select which information you would like to display on the calendar bar. The calendar tile can be of any colour and various sizes. You can even personalise it giving a good background from your collections.You may have to schedule it elsewhere, but Calendar Tile offers you a gorgeous view of the month.

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Windows Phone

Microsoft is all set to update its price list for its apps. Yes! This piece of news is not just news, but soon to turn into fact. Microsoft will update its price tier value in the coming week of 13th April 2015. Windows Store which supports 96-teirs, which consist of paid apps and inbuilt apps. It’s not only the apps that are updated periodically, but also their price or rates are updated. The price is updated periodically, with a point to maintain consistency over taxes, currencies, and also other geographical consideration that come across. An official confirmation is yet to be received, but this piece of news was revealed through an email. Yes, an email was sent out to the developers. Microsoft email sent alert of changes!

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

Windows Apps to get price bump

As per the sources, 13th April will be the big day on which the prices will be updated. Wonder what changed price the app will come with. Hope we need not have to shade heavy on needful or useful app. The price tier will soon update, but US Dollar will remain same. While the price in other currencies will change relative to the prime US-dollar price. The coming month will reveal the changed price.

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A diversity of windows phone applications have been developed in this week of July 2014 and we have selected the top most useful applications developed recently and placed them before for you to take their advantage. Lots of more amazing fun is still on the way from Windows getting better each passing day.You are surely going to love all of these. Have Fun!

Windows Phone 8

1. Life 360: This is the most innovative family locator application to keep your family and friend safe and secure. Using GPS technology it helps you create groups and family and friends. You can either chat one on one with your family or in groups. With the help of GPS you can also locate whether your family is safe or they need your help. You will get alerts when your group members reach their destination and can also track a lost phone.

2. Time of My Life: If your precious time is slipping away from your hands rapidly then this application is perfect for you. It will let you know where your time is going. By the help of gathered location data, it tracks where you go and the places where you spend your most of the time at. You can also add the places you regularly visit at like home and office and it will track the time for you.

3. Phototastic: It’s a collage photo editor application for your windows phone with rich user interface. It has got speciality in making collages. You can add Polaroid borders and and film strip booth borders to your collages. It is enabled with photo sharing feature on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and Photo bucket. It isn’t a full featured application for photos but can be used to give little pop to your images.

4. Engadget: This is a best application to stay up to date with news and reviews from all across the globe. The large number of hard working knowledge gatherers keeps updating information about latest gadgets and researches in the field of science and technology. NDTV tech reviews are also available here for streaming. Besides this hands on reviews of all the latest Smartphone’s and gadgets is updated daily.

5. Weather Hound: It’s a freshly released absolute weather application for WP 8 Smartphone’s providing complete updates about temperature, precipitation, wind speed, etc. It contains its own customized Live tile and lock screen. It also gives the complete weather updates for fore coming seven days and a timely update over the weather change.

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Microsoft Windows phone application development is again touching the peak after sluggish end of 2013. The year 2014 has proved lucky for Nokia and Microsoft because this year has again set them on track. Microsoft is providing every possible benefit to its innovative application developers and the fruit of their efforts has started to ripen since the start of year 2014.

Several innovative and productive applications have been developed recently and here we are going to show you the new windows phone applications of the 2nd week of May 2014.Take a glance below.

Top 5 new windows phone apps of the Second Week May 2014
1) Metrotube: You all might know that YouTube app for Windows Phone is the worst one ever. It only opens the YouTube website and nothing special. This problem was recently solved by developers by introducing new metrotube app. This app lets you watch videos, subscribe to channels, and login like you do in YouTube. It has also got few additional enhancements like video pre-catching for later viewing and it runs the music even if screen turns off. This implies to the fact that YouTube is not only built for watching videos but you can listen good music from it also.

2) Vine: After a long period of waiting this twitter based video sharing app has finally been released for windows though it still lacks some features. You can record 6 second long vines but can’t edit them before posting and even cannot save them for latter posting; this is the main problem. Overall basic video sharing function works quite well. It also lets you know what your other friends are posting. So, you are all set to share you moments with vine friends.

3) 6Tag: It’s actually the most updated version of Instagram app for windows phones. You share your photos and videos on Instagram and apply beautiful filters. You can tag your friends and view map posts. It has got many amazing filters like Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, sutro, Nashville and much more. It also allows you to cut scenes of videos you record, quick sharing on other social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, VK, foursquare, etc. Just like Facebook you can comment and like the photos of your friends.

4) TuneIn Radio: This is the most wide-ranging radio app for windows phones. You can listen to the news, current affairs, sports, and music and everything you like. It allows you to listen from more than 100,000 stations. It has also got 2 million streams to choose from. It’s hence the latest app for radio lovers and a must have app for them.

5) Zomato: It’s the most interesting restaurant finder application out there in market. It has got an option to discover your location through GPS and give you the details of restaurants which are surrounding you. The search option lets you choose the restaurant of your own choice, taste and place. It’s the best application to take along with you when going for hangouts.