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It was just week past, we heard about Windows 10 Preview release. Now we have got long awaited Windows 10 Preview on Phone. Some had quite fun working and checking on Preview, some must have loved working on it, while some might be addressing to flaws and more advance feature they come with. Microsoft, has come with simple formulas this time. A simple roll-back feature for Windows 10 preview users.

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Roll back from windows 10 phone preview

Microsoft has introduced in quite simple way. All you need is your Smartphone, USB cable, computer to make changes and off-course Window Phone Recovery tool. If you are beginner and want to come up with few tips, here is a short guide to follow:

  • Download and Install the application ‘Window Phone Recovery Tool’.
  • Then connect your Smartphone and Open Window Phone Recovery Tool.
  • On connecting your Smartphone, select Smartphone model and continue
  • Then on proceeding further, the screen will show version of application. User can also tap to get the button at bottom.
  • Then the recovery tool will download and install firmware. The download and install period might depend on network connection.
  • On successful completion of this process you get ‘Operation Successful’ message.

Yes! This is all process you need to complete. But bit anxious what should be reason to switch back to Windows 8.1?



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Talking Tom the famous cat cuddly little cat comes to windows phone. The app allows you to feed Tom the cat and nuture him from a cute kitten to a fully grown cat, One can dress him up in a myraid of fur colors,hat and glasses.The app also the user to decorate Toms home and make it more immersing for the user.The windows app market is growing at a very rapid phase, with some big apps making their apperanace felt in the windows marketplace, it will be interesting to see how the top leaders game will try to mitigate this threat

The feline responds to the usual pokes and responds to in familiar purry fashion that millions of followers have become so acustom to, with added bonus of feeding the kitten to dressing it up, this app will surely appeal to the masses both kids and adults alike. All those cat people a virtual treat awaits you. You can download this app via the link below.