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Multimedia TV Box is actually a mini computer which can directly connect to your television set to stream online movies, watch live sports, games, Android and Windows apps, online shopping, web browsing etc. No need to connect your main or personal computer to your TV, many TV Box can play full HD resolution of 1080p which is common most of the TV sets now a days. TV Box used to run numbers of operating system but most common operating systems are Android and Windows which is widely used.

Multimedia TV Box

2 best budget multimedia TV Box are Beelink M808 TV Box and Wintel W8 Dual Boot Intel Mini PC

Beelink M808 TV Box Windows 8.1

Beelink M808 TV Box Windows 8


  • Operating System: Windows 8.1
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • Memory: 16 GB (ROM) and expandable 32 GB SD Card
  • CPU: Intel Bay Trail CR Z3735F Quad Core 1.33 GHz
  • Connectivity: 4.0 to connect phone, laptop, keyboard, etc. WiFi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz/5.0GHz. USB 2.0 host port, OTG, camera, mic, external hdd, pen drive etc. HDMI port with 1080p. 3.5 mm audio port.
  • Hard drive slot for DIY

Wintel W8 Dual Boot Intel Mini PC Windows 8.1 and Android

Wintel W8 Dual Boot Intel Mini PC Windows 8 and Android 2


  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 and Android 4.4 (Dual Boot)
  • Ram: 2 GB
  • Memory: 32 GB (ROM) and expandable 64 GB SD Card
  • CPU: Intel Bay Trail CR Z3735F Quad Core 1.33 GHz
  • Connectivity: 4.0 to connect phone, laptop, keyboard, etc. WiFi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz/5.0GHz. USB 2.0 host port, OTG, LAN port, web camera, mic, external hdd, pen drive etc. HDMI port with 1080p. 3.5 mm audio port.

Price and availability

Beelink M808 Multimedia TV Box Price $173.98 but you can buy it in just $87.89 from 1st September to 6th September 2015 then it will get back to regular price.

Wintel W8 Dual Boot Intel Mini PC Windows 8.1 and Android Price $132.04 but you can buy it in just $87.00 from 1st September to 6th September 2015 then it will get back to regular price.

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Last week, Microsoft released Windows 10 Technical Preview for its Smart-phone. We heard few news about reaching last phase of testing on 512MB device, but there is one more twist to the long awaited Windows 10 OS.
After GDR1, it’s time to come with another piece of update. Yes! Another update is on way and will be launched before Windows 10 OS. According to the documentation published by Microsoft’s official site, there are number of updates and reference related to ‘Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2’. GDR2 stands for General Distribution Release-2. This indicates that, this release will be next to GDR1.

Windows Phone 8

Windows 8.1 GDR2 update in the works

The Update 2 was rumoured to land by end of 2014 year. But Microsoft was with another plan! This time Window Phone Dev Centre Site, an official site of Microsoft confirmed that the update GDR2 is real.

On posting the update of GDR2, it also stated few references which might change:

  • Video on LTE: New option with setting for carriers
  • Additional language: Lao,Khmer, Bangla
  • VPN configuration: With few setting changes
  • Policy manger: New Policy Manager configuration added
  • Restore tile layout

Microsoft is yet to announce the release of update GDR2. There is still no full-change-log available for update.


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The new windows 8.1 update is expected to be launched in coming fortnight. This new update will be launched with different support names across different continents. Across UK and China this new update will be called as beta support version Cortana and across India, Canada and Australia it will be called as alpha support version Cortana. One of the most interesting and exciting feature about this new update is that it will support different accent. Let us try to find more about this new launch and what more can be expected.

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

This is being seen as competition to Google now and Siri

This new update is a clear cut competition to Google Now and Siri. Another best part about this new 8.1 update is that Chinese users will also be able to get alerts regarding driving restrictions and air quality of the particular area.

Moreover Chinese people will also be able to learn more about English vocabulary and 8.1 supports Mandarin. China which is seen as one of the biggest market for smart phones holds great amount of potential for Microsoft.

UK users will be able to use this update as per their local accent as Cortana supports British pronunciations and spellings. As far as Microsoft is concerned UK is one of the largest markets after US and this is the reason the company is giving so many new options to UK users.

Expect amazing language scenarios and hands-free options

For US market Cortana will offer snooze time as well as amazing language scenarios. Moreover users will also be able to connect Cortana with the Bluetooth inside the car and can be used in a hands-free mode.

With so many amazing features and smart capabilities Cortana seems to be one of the highly advanced virtual assistants. As more and more people are switching over to smart phones it seems that the demand for such virtual assistants will rise in the coming years.

Moreover with such amazing launch it seems that Microsoft is trying to compete with Apple and Google and with Cortana it is clear that the efforts are going into right direction.

Another most interesting feature that is expected is related to forwarding and deletion of messages when connected with Wi-Fi networks.

Apart from all of these amazing above mentioned features Windows 8.1 will also come up with separate apps corner and the start screen is all set to become more neat and clean. The launch is expected to happen during anytime in next fortnight and many tech analysts are eagerly wating for its launch.

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The recent upgrade to Windows Phone operating system that is Windows phone 8.1 is facing some issues. The recent issue that has been reported is wifi connecting issue.
Those who have upgraded to the new version are not able to find the wifi sign on their smart phone screen and those who are able to find wifi sign are not able to connect as it is getting hanged. Here is all that you want to know about this issue and what is the exact solution to this problem.

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

The exact error message

Whenever people are trying to connect to the wifi on their Windows phone 8.1 the exact error message that is coming is ‘this connection has limited or no connectivity’ and in few cases the error message that is coming is ‘No internet access’. There are few who are also getting this error message ‘The connection is limited’.

This issue of wifi not getting connected can be easily solved as all you need is patience and focus. Here are some important steps that can be followed to solved the issue.

What are the possible solutions?

The first and the foremost solution that can be tried is by resetting the TCP/IP stack. After performing this step you need to restart your smart phone. There are chances that the problem will be solved.

If the first solution does not work then you can opt for the second one. You need to disable the Wi-Fi adapter and then again re-connect.

You can also try to enable the metered connection downloads and then try to re-connect the Wi-Fi connection.

There are many times when by resetting the TCP/IP auto tuning also solves the problem.

Try some more tried and tested solutions

Apart from all of the above mentioned solutions there are few more tried and tested solutions that can be tried. You can also try to use the netsh.exe. The TCP/IP stack can be easily reset to its default configuration with the help of netsh.exe.

You can also try to delete every other VPN connection. You only need to keep the required VPN connection with you and simply discard the remaining ones.

There are few people who have also got this issue sorted out by turning ON/OFF the airplane mode. If nothing works then hard resetting can be tried. But you need to make sure that all the data is saved somewhere.

You can easily search on the internet about how to hard reset your Windows 8.1 based smart phone. If you are not able to hard reset your smart phone then you can contact the nearest mobile dealer or Nokia authorized center so that they can help you in hard resetting your smart phone.

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The recent Windows Phone 8.1 is the advanced mobile operating system launched by Microsoft Corporation and is code named as ‘Blue’. Last month saw this new mobile operating system being launched at Microsoft’s 2014 build conference. As per news it is believed that the new Nokia Lumia 930 is going to be launched very soon. Here is the complete and detailed description about Windows Phone 8.1 mobile operating system.

Amazing update from Microsoft

Windows Phone 8.1 emulator demo

The best part about this latest window mobile operating update from Microsoft is that it comes with highly advanced and user friendly features. There are many technical experts who are terming it as 8.5 or Windows 9 update. For them terming it as 8.1 update is like doing injustice to it. These technical experts have been wating for quite long time for having this new update and it seems that their patience have paid off pretty well. Another reason why it has been termed as 8.1 is because Microsoft is trying to align it with Windows 8.1 for desktop.

The first update is its colorful background on the start screen and it seems that Microsoft has answered to the request placed by many people regarding this new customization. The ability to set wallpapers from different sources is seen as welcome step and will help those people who love to change their smart phone’s wallpaper every day.

Auto-Hide feature has been removed

Another most interesting change that has been introduced is the removal of auto hide features. It means that the data connection, Wi-Fi, Signal Strength, battery and location will remain on the screen and will not go into auto-hide mode.

Smaller fonts and redesigning of the new people’s hub has also been introduced which looks amazingly fresh and beautiful. Another new feature is the availability of speed dial. The time on the lock screen is now available with larger font and it moves down automatically on the screen if any sort of notifications come.

Earlier an annoying sound use to come when the charging got complete but now it has been replaced by a shorter and less annoying sound. It is a welcome relief for all those who felt disturbed by that annoying sound.

You can easily differentiate between old and freshly installed apps

Now whenever you are going to install a fresh app it will automatically say ‘new’ and you will be easily able to differentiate between the old and freshly installed apps.

Moreover the games that you are going to install will reflect under the app list as well as the Games hub. The smart-glass linking with Games hub has been removed and new friends and messages icons has been added. All these new features are making Windows 8.1 mobile operating system more users friendly and highly flexible.

In short we can say that this time Microsoft is trying to completely revamp its approach by introducing leaner fonts and excellent customized views. Perhaps it is trying to learn its lessons from iOS and Android’s success.

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Flipboard is one of the hit news reader apps on Android and iOS platforms. It has got too much popularity on the Android and its platform. Hence Windows cannot afford to develop some other application to compete with it, instead Windows developers created a version of Flipboard which can run on Windows platform, having its own unique features provided by the Windows Phone operating system. Developers have built the app on the Windows platform by keeping in mind that it matches with look & feel as well as it can take advantage of some of the Windows platform`s specific features. If user has already used Flipboard on iOS or Android platform then the user will experience same working of the application on Windows 8.1 platform as well.


A user can add Flipboard as a Live Tile to the start screen of their device. Like other apps, the tile surfaces stories & information from Flipboard dynamically, with the option to create additional Live Tiles for separate sections. Inside the app, the user will get a same Flipboard magazine like layout of stories from around the world that user chooses while building its own Flipboard. The user can search for various things & Flipboard users can add additional content to the app too. The developer has also provided facility to the user so that user can pin the favorite, Filpboard magazine & sections to start screen enabling a very fast access to user`s favorite content. The information is presented in a magazine format that a user can swipe to navigate between the pages. Microsoft`s new operating system offers a split-screen experience called as ‘Snap View’. Allowing users to read Flipboard article & doing some other work side by side.

A range of gestures offers plenty of functionality, the user can access multiple options by swiping up & down. By using Flipboard user can create its own digital magazine for sharing or private use. Another new feature enables users to utilize the magazine tool for the creation of e-commerce catalogues for wish lists or as a way of creating a shopping list of gifts. Few retail partners also provide a facility to build shopping catalogues for Flipboard which is a silent signal about the best chance of growth in the mobile commerce field.
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