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Voyo V3 mini pc is the first cherry trail PCs based on Intel Quad core x7-Z8700 processor that performs well both in higher CPU and GPU and have more input/output connectivity as compared to Intel Atom x5. It gives you the better experience to enjoy with your friends and family. It is also applicable for office you can experience a mobile working environment. It has Four Airmont cores and broad well-class Intel hd Graphics. Traditional UCFF PCs stayed true for Intel’s design and performances for such PCs. Mini Lake and compete stick have enabled vendors quickly to bring their own variants into Market, Vendors comes in ASROCK and Zotac they are custom boards. They are available in Market with in less number as compared to the UCFF PCs in the current market.

Voyo V3 mini pc

In some cases we take this lightly and don’t see reviews for these types of PCs that is we ignore review requests. Gear best offers you a review of this PC, there is sale going on presently. This sale is unto 30th March. You have no idea what this PC is capable off. We are showing the description of this PC so that you can examine this and know about all features. This Mini PC contain following Features:

Voyo V3 mini pc windows 10

It contains high performance processor quad core x7 Z8700, and RAM 4GB which makes it quick run and performance better, results may come better also with this performance. it contains bonafide 128GB M.2 SSD, that’s quiet interesting. It is ultra slim metal body with powerful functions with this it gives you the outstanding effect and attractive. It contains 8th generation HD graphics with high definition pictures and videos. It contain win10 home OS which gives you the better performance and better internet surfing. Bluetooth 4.0 easy pairing and much transfer rate. It can pair with any devices like computer, mobile, keyboard etc. It supports 5G wifi that is much fast and high signal to enjoy HD videos. It gives you the more space of installing your favourite apps, Games, Watching Movies etc it is extended unto supports all formats of videos like 3GP,AVI,MOV,MP4 etc as well as audio formats. It comes with 64bit operating system. The package comes with 24W adapter. This Mini PC has one Mini HDMI 1.4b port it contains mini HDMI to full HDMI (mail) cables. A quick setup also include with this package which may help you to guide how to use it. It can automatically manage the internal processes like all PCs do such as Prevention of becoming heat up etc. It comes with white color.

Voyo V3 Mini PC intel atom

You saw the features of VOYO V3 mini PC and design comes into your mind. If you satisfy with this and wants to buy this product or if you impress with this Mini PC or if you feel like to but this product then it is the only time because it is on sale at GEARBEST it market rate is much low as com[pared to others. You must not waste time don’t wait until it’s too late, GEARBEST is giving you at rate $199.19 with limited time period upto 11:59PM, 30th March. Grab it lucky offer.

Buy VOYO V3 Mini PC at $119

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On Wednesday, Alcatel One Touch launched a Smartphone dubbed as Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL with Windows 10 operating system. The Smartphone will be unveiled at CES 2016. The Smartphone will be available through T-Mobile in the coming week in the United States. The price of the handset will be disclosed at the time of release. According to the sources, the handset will be within affordable range.

Windows Phone 10

Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL Windows 10 phone

Like other Windows 10 Smartphone, this OneTouch Fierce XL will come with preloaded Microsoft Office Suite and other built-in apps. Apart from Word, Excel, OneDrive, it will offer Microsoft digital voice assistant, Cortana, Microsoft Edge new browser and so! The specifications are also amazing, it sports 5.5-inch HD display screen with 720 X 1280 pixel resolution powered by 1.1GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It provides 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory which can be expandable up to 32GB. It sports 8MP of rear camera and 2MP of front facing camera.

The Smartphone will be packed with 2500mAh which will be deliver talk-time up to 14hours and 820-hours of standby time. The handset will come with FCC mandated anti-theft security also an amazing feature of Wi-Fi calling.

Yusuf Mehdi the Corporate Vice President of Windows & Devices Group stated that ’the Alcatel One Touch Fierce XL is a great device with advance features like Cortana, digital voice assistant, Office suite with Windows 10 at very attractive price.” The launch of Alcatel at CES 2016, will surely turn sales toward positive growth!

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Microsoft had recently held largest customer conference in India, the CEO of the company had announced the launch of the new Lumia products in India. He had declared the availability of the new models Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL shortly in India. It is anticipated that these devices shall be made available to Indian customers from December 2015 itself. Though the pricing component and exact date of the launch was not made public.

lumia 950 xl

Some of the specification are now known. Microsoft Lumia 950 will have the features as noted.

  • The device shall have AMOLED display of 5.2 inch size and will carry resolution strength of 2560 X 1440 pixels with a density of 565 ppi.
  • The device shall be powered by a hexa-core processor of Qualcomm Snapdragon 808
  • There will be a strong supportive battery of 3000 mAh calibre.
  • The Lumia 950 shall feature rear camera of 20 M,P strength which will have triple LED RGB flash with latest OIS ie. Optical Image stabilizer capacity. The secondary frontal camera also shall be of 5 MP capacity.
  • The device has a unique feature of biometric authentication.
  • The memory storage is also quite good at 32 GB

Whereas the other model from Microsoft the Lumia 950 XL shall differ slightly in the specification

  • The Lumia 950 XL shall feature IPS display of 5.7 inch size which is marginally bigger but will have the same resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels thus with slightly lower pixel density of 518 ppi.
  • The device will also have better octa-core processor of 64 bits from Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 with 3 GB RAM.

Though the memory storage shall be same at 32 GB the battery shall be marginally higher with 3340 mAh capacity.

Both the cameras rear and front camera shall be of same MP capacity and with identical features as in the other device.

We need to wait and watch for the customer’s response to these two new models of Lumia from Microsoft.
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Microsoft has come with a new Smartphone called Microsoft Lumia 950-XL. This will be the first product to come with Windows 10 Mobile Operating system. This sounds great, isn’t it? The first Smartphone with Windows 10 on Smartphone. The Smartphone will have 5.7-inch of display screen with 2560 X 1440 pixel resolution. The camera with 20-MP of rear camera and 5MP of front camera makes the Smartphone more trendy.

lumia 950 xl

Below are prime features and specification of Lumia 950-XL

  • Operating system : Windows 10 Mobile
  • Screen Size: 5.7-inch with AMOLED screen
  • Pixel Resolution: 2560 X 1440 WQHD with 518ppi

Speaking about Camera section, the Smartphone offers 20MP rear camera with PureView and Backside illuminated with image sensor to capture clear quality of smooth image. It’s True 16:9 sensor, high-resolution of zoom with 30-fps video frame rate are prime elements of rear camera. Turning toward front camera, it comes with 5-MP of Full HD 1920 X 1080 pixel resolution. Other features like video call, recording and still image capture can also be done.

The Processor is no less, it comes with Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and Octa Core processor with 200MHz of clock speed. With 3GB of RAM and 32GB of Internal storage are the memory specs offered by the handset. The battery power of 3340mAh is quite sufficient to power for long day.

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Windows 10 OS on mobile might be a bit away, but few more details of the accessories will be joining with the new phone. Remember the codenames ‘Talkman’ and ‘Cityman’ the future Smartphones, they will be accompanied by Valora, Murano, Livana and Munchkin. These codenames were revealed by a Microsoft insider.Munchkin one of the interesting codenames among others, which is confirmed to have a dock-like accessory for Windows 10 OS. It will be allowed to use the new Continuum for Phone features.

microsoft accessories

Microsoft had previously demoed working wirelessly – Continuum with Bluetooth keyboard /Mouse and Miracast display. This accessory will act as a hub for USB connections. These all features are depends on user having a compatible device or not. As this Continuum Phone features will be working on new features, past flagship Lumia 1520 and 930 might not be compatible with this feature.
Another piece of news that is floating with this section of the news is ‘Nokia Treasure Tag’. Microsoft is soon planning to come with updated version and new capabilities of Nokia Treasure tag. It is tracking device which is programmed to notify the users. The codenamed product called Valora is under rumour zone, which will be carrying this feature a step ahead. Finally, more two accessories which Microsoft will be planning to offer are Bluetooth speaker and Miracast adapter.

The Microsoft team has already stepped in the process to release Miracast one named as ‘Wireless Display Adapter’ and other to be paired with Lumia. No other deep detailed news for the above has been released. Microsoft seems to be fully focused to gain great heights this year.

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Lumia Phone

Here’s a spicy piece of news! Microsoft is on a secret mission. Let’s end-up making this post more galvanizing. Microsoft is currently working on two high-end Smartphones with Windows 10 Operating system. The two Smartphone is currently under development stage. No confirmed news is yet revealed, but according to few sources the one high-end Smartphone is of Codename Cityman, while other with Codename Talkman. Microsoft is stepping into battle by focusing to deliver bigger screen and great advance specifications.

windows10 logo

New Windows 10 phones codenamed Cityman and Talkman

Smart-phone with Codename ‘Cityman’, is designed to come with Windows 10 Operating System. The Smartphone is said to offer 5.7-inch of display QHD screen. Moving on the processor section, it is loaded with a Qualcomm Octa-processor with 3GB RAM. The camera specifications is no low, it will offer 20MP of rear camera. Memory details are yet to land, but the Smartphone will come with an expandable memory section and removable battery. More advance hardware specification is yet to be included in Cityman handset.

Second one is named “Talkman” will be a bit smaller version than Cityman. Talkman will come with 5.2-inch of QHD display screen, Hexa-core Qualcomm processor with 3GB RAM. The camera section will be similar like Cityman with 20MP on the rear side. Both Smart-phone will offer LED flash and also with 5MP of front facing camera. Last week Microsoft announced the news of the Windows 10 Operating system will soon land on the PC, but no mention of Smartphone OS was made. Let’s hope we soon might get the Operating system to try hands on!

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Window lover were quite enthusiastic with news of Windows 10 Operating system landing on Smartphone. The news created a great buzz on all blogging sites with few Smartphone experimenting with latest Windows 10 Operating system. As Microsoft was about to exit with the Windows 10 operating system news, ZTE makes entry! The Chinese Smartphone manufacturer ZTE Nubia Z9 is silently landing with Windows 10 operating system. Yes, the ZTE Nubia Z9 which haven’t officially launched, will be sporting latest version of Windows 10. The news was revealed at Microsoft’s WinHEC 2015 conference which was held in China.

zte Nubia z9

An official confirmation is yet to be received from ZTE authority about the exact date of release and detailed dig on specifications of ZTE Nubia Z9. The Smartphone will be a high-end device with loaded good hardware support. The Smartphone will come with 5.2-inch HD screen. The Nubia Z9 will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. To proceed with memory section, it offers 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The camera specifications is no less, it is powered by 8MP of front camera and 16MP of rear camera. The rear camera might offer object image stabilization.

Another fact associated with ZTE is that, the Z9 might plan to come with Android and Windows 10 version on same device. It seems like ZTE has got inspired with idea of HTC One M8. Xiaomi and Microsoft too are experimenting with Windows 10 in upcoming Smartphone models.

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It was just week past, we heard about Windows 10 Preview release. Now we have got long awaited Windows 10 Preview on Phone. Some had quite fun working and checking on Preview, some must have loved working on it, while some might be addressing to flaws and more advance feature they come with. Microsoft, has come with simple formulas this time. A simple roll-back feature for Windows 10 preview users.

windows10 logo

Roll back from windows 10 phone preview

Microsoft has introduced in quite simple way. All you need is your Smartphone, USB cable, computer to make changes and off-course Window Phone Recovery tool. If you are beginner and want to come up with few tips, here is a short guide to follow:

  • Download and Install the application ‘Window Phone Recovery Tool’.
  • Then connect your Smartphone and Open Window Phone Recovery Tool.
  • On connecting your Smartphone, select Smartphone model and continue
  • Then on proceeding further, the screen will show version of application. User can also tap to get the button at bottom.
  • Then the recovery tool will download and install firmware. The download and install period might depend on network connection.
  • On successful completion of this process you get ‘Operation Successful’ message.

Yes! This is all process you need to complete. But bit anxious what should be reason to switch back to Windows 8.1?



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The mist around the ‘Windows 10’ release for smart-phones has been reduced by a certain degree after Microsoft’s spokesperson cleared few vital facts related to the much awaited release of ‘Win 10’ for the smart-phones. Microsoft’s VP of ‘Operating Systems Group’- ‘Joe Belfiore’ mentioned that ‘Windows 10’ will be made available to Windows smart-phones featuring 512 MB RAM. However, he also exclaimed that the features may contrast depending upon the phone segments!

windows10 logo

Windows 10 will run on 512mb Devices

However, he didn’t mention the tentative release date for the ‘Win 10’ launch for the phones, although he was heard saying that the preview build of ‘Windows 10’ will be made available only to a subset of phones, which include Microsoft’s one of the most successful Windows based device- ‘Lumia 520’. The other members of the subset are still unknown though!
Belfiore further explained that the Microsoft’s most ambitious project in 2015 is well on track & the ‘Insider Build’ of ‘Windows 10’ is currently going through the internal testing. The ‘build’ is expected to come in February. Leaked screen-shots of the ‘Technical Build’ have shown many interesting features, including a whole new interface that goes with the desktop & tablet version of ‘Windows 10’. The ‘Settings’ menu is also seems to be more organized. The alarm clock has been redesigned a new recording app has been incorporated in the new release.
Belfiore’s latest statements have cleared many curiosities related to Windows 10’s first launch, but the meaning behind ‘varying features’ is still unknown at this point of time. However, we can keep our fingers crossed & surely hope for the best from the Microsoft’s latest sensation!



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After Smartphone, tablet stepped to give new touch of technology. Then Tablet stepped to give new dimension to the technology era. Now, Microsoft is ready to unveil a new technology a combination of Smartphone and laptop so called ‘Laptop-phone hybrid’. A new chapter of technology is yet to reveal, apart from Windows 10 of consumer preview, a beta version of Windows 10 is soon to step on Smartphone. Microsoft will be presenting a new hardware that will find compatibility for Windows 10 operating system on Smartphone and tablet. Presently, the hardware is under development stage, more information is yet to land! The Microsoft officially will display a single code sort of software which will show an application running on tablet or Smartphone.

Windows Phone 8

According to reports, the Company has more plans, it will also be launching Window store on that device to get more advantage of the device. The Windows are with plan to release two separate store Window Store and Window Phone Store. An update of Window 365 will also be introduced on the upcoming device.

As per the reports, Microsoft will be building unified ecosystem. While Nokia power are pointing toward removal of word Phone from the built word ‘Window Phone 10’. Nokia Lumia 532 with both version will come with ‘Windows 10 ready’. The air filled with rumours will soon be cleared by the officials.