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The rocking entry of Moto G in mid range smartphones completely shocked the whole world customers and developers. No ones hands could hold back from grabbing it because of it’s fully loaded features which are not possible at this price. Like all the other less expensive smartphones Moto G also showed some defects which could not be neglected. Here we will show you the possible fixture for those defects step by step. This would surely hep you in bringing your Moto G back to the same pace.

1. LED stopped functioning:

A lot of people started claiming that their Moto G LED light in not showing even if they got messages and emails.The predictable cause for this problem is that it might has been caused by Google restoring setting from the smartphone where LED does not exist.

Possible Fixture:

Motorola getting aware of this problem released Notification Light widget. Put in in your Moto G homescreen.This will get your LED to the normal functioning.

Motorola Moto G

2. Poor Audio Quality:

Its music quality is very disappointing mostly when listening on earphones, the music isn’t good at all.

Possible Fixture:

Theres no way out but you can alter the equaliser for earphones and see how much difference does it make.Atleast you can get the music instinct of your own equalisation.

3.kitkat Bug:

Most of the users have claimed that after upgrading their Moto G to kitkat their camera has stopped starting up at all.You can reboot your phone and your problem might be gone.

Possible Fixture:

You can force stop your camera in Application settings,clear data and cache.

Try to shut down all the applicatiuons that have got hold on your camera. They might be manipulating your camera settings. After you encounter the application which is causing this problem, permanently remove it.

4. Wifi Connection problem:

It’s the most common problem faced by Moto G owners. Wifi sometimes won’t connect at all, Wifi causes excessive battery drainage and wifi sometimes drops down unexpectedly even at close distance to the router.All Moto G users can try the given fixtures to get out of these problems.

Possible Fixture:

Turn your Moto G and router off and then on. This will give it a refreshed connection and sove the problem temporarily.If it isn’t working then in the settings click on option forget your router and rescan it and re enter everything. For connection dropping problem, in your settings choose to keep wifi always on and if you have ticked to avoid poor connections then click on it again and untick it.For battery drainage issue, change your wifi settings from always available to off.

5. Sim Card detection Issue:

Moto G sometimes fails to delect the sim card.It might be service problem or smartphone issue.Moto G uses micro sim so if you are using trimmed nano sim or sim with adapter you migh encounter lot of problems. Just check your smartphone sim slot with other sim and know that sim card is faulty. Just change it and you are done.

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Sony Xperia SP is a smart phone launched by Sony mobile company in 2013. Though it is a very nice phone but one of the most common problems faced by its users is that when you try to connect Wi-Fi with this phone it gets disconnected.

Not every user is facing this issue but there are many customers who have reported this error. Here are some useful steps that can be followed in order to solve this Wi-Fi problem.

Sometimes the smart phone is not able to scan the network automatically

There are many times when the smart phone is not able to scan the Wi-Fi network automatically. This normally happens if the network with which you are trying to connect is an Ad-hoc network and most of the Android based smart phones are not configured to work with these Ad-Hoc networks.

The second reason is that the Wi-Fi with which you are trying to connect is hidden in nature. All these problems can be easily solved. You need to find a suitable fix patch for this problem over the internet and get it installed on your smart phone. But always make sure that the important data and wpa_supplicant file is backed up properly.

The second problem that is hidden network problem can be easily solved by searching for Wi-Fi networks manually. When you are going to connect with this newly found network you will be prompted for a username and password. Enter the correct information and you will get connected with that Wi-Fi network.

Xperia SP

Frequent Wi-Fi Disconnection problem

This is also one of the most common problems faced by Sony Xperia SP users and that is related to frequent Wi-Fi disconnection problem. In order to solve this issue you need to tap the option called as Keep Wi-Fi ON during sleep mode. This will definitely rectify this frequent disconnection problem and you will be able to use internet in a smooth and easy manner.

Check with the router and DNS settings

Sometimes there is a problem with the router and you need to make sure that you check its settings. Router’s settings can be easily checked through its instructions manual. There are normally three types of issues that are faced with the router. The first one is router’s inability to transmit signals, the second one is the IP address being punched incorrectly and the third one is the issue due to wrong DNS settings.

All these three issues can be solved by consulting the router’s user manual and if you are not able to understand these settings then you can call on the router company’s customer care and get the settings done. There are complete chances that the problem will be solved.

Hence after reading all of the above mentioned points you can very well judge that Wi-Fi issues with Sony Xperia SP can be easily solved. All you need is little concentration and careful consideration of few important points.