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Xiaomi Mi 3 is a record breaking high end Smartphone originated from Chinese markets providing exceptional specifications at an affordable price. Xiaomi has claimed to sell 1500 Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone’s in India within 2 seconds which clearly demonstrates that this Smartphone has laid a firm foundation in Indian market. The main ups of this Smartphone are a high resolution 5.0inch LCD display with Gorilla Glass 3, a 13MP primary camera, 2GB RAM, 16/64GB of internal storage, 2.3GHz Quad core processor and much more. This Smartphone just like other entire high end Smartphone’s works fine with every application and is compatible with all the latest applications including Whatsapp. But many major bugs and problems have been seen within this Smartphone by the users which include problems with privacy, network, microphone; etc. according to the latest news sources, Xiaomi Smartphone’s have been found sending private information of Indian Smartphone’s which include IMEI number, phone numbers to the Chinese servers. It is being said that this problem is due to Xiaomi’s clod service setted on automatically. You should turn this off by yourself if still activated. This has unfortunately revealed the Chinese origin of this Smartphone. Whatsapp can be downloaded easily from Google Play store or any other third party website but recently some users have claimed the unexpected crushes, late notification, not showing contacts and other bugs related to Whatsapp messenger. Xiaomi has released the latest update for this Smartphone which fixes most of the bugs. If you are still facing those hardships, here we have provided you the step by step solution for fixing problems related to Whatsapp.

Xiaomi MI3

If your Whatsapp isn’t showing contact list, follow these steps.

1. Navigate to the security section of your Smartphone.

2. Click on permission > Manage App permission > Contacts.

3. Search whatsapp and set permission to Allow.

4. Go to your Whatsapp and refresh your contact list.

As per expected, Your Whatsapp problem must would have resolved successfully.

For crashes you can try uninstalling and reinstalling this application on your Xiaomi Mi 3 after updating it to the latest version. No other solutions have been proposed yet.

For the rest of the problems related to Whatsapp , You would have to wait for the stable version of Whatsapp to be released for your Smartphone or wait for the new update for fixing these problems from Xiaomi officially.

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In today’s world having a smart phone is just not enough application used are valued more. Application like whatsapp, instagram have a status and it lets other know how well are you connected to the outside world. One of the most widespread application is whatsapp. You can’t imagine your life without whatsapp and this article will show various methods to download on your Samsung Galaxy S5 or for that matter of fact any smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Dual Sim

Method 1:

Download whatsapp or any other application from a third party app store like Mobogeine, Mobango Amazon app store, etc.

Step1: Visit above mentioned app store via internet.

Step 2: search for the application you want in this case “whatsapp”.

Step 3: Download button will appear on the screen with direct download option to your phone or PC.

Step 4: for direct download you need to register or in case of mobogeine just connect your phone to its PC based GUI and done you good to go you will notice whatsapp on your application list.

Step 5: if you download it on PC, you have to transfer the application to your mobile via cable & then just click on the application that you have transferred on your mobile.

Step 6: enjoy chatting with your buddies.

Method 2:

Download whatsapp from its application site.

Step 1: visit the site

Step 2: click on the download whatsapp button to download it on the PC.

Step 3: check for the compatible device list to verify your device.

Step 4: once download is complete on PC transfer it to your phone via cable.

Step 5: click on the application you have transferred on your mobile & once the installation is done

Step 6: enjoy chatting with your buddies.

Method 3:

You can transfer this application from your friend’s device.

Step 1: select a device having whatsapp installed and running.

Step 2: install application like Es File explorer, Astro file manager.

Step 3: click on app manager in menu option.

Step 4: Select the application you want on your device “whatsapp”.

Step 5: share it via Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth.

Step 6: click on application on your device & enjoy.


Thus by various methods you can download an application on your device and enjoy. All these methods are safe and can cause no harm to your device. Method 2 is one of the quickest and best method to download whatsapp with all compatibility list but to download various apps use first method on the list.

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Nokia has earned good name for its product, and now Asha series is gaining popularity with its new products getting launched day-by-day. The Asha series found some difficulties at the beginning of the release, but eventually it earned deserving popularity. The Asha series gained huge popularity with its products 305, 303, 302, 308, 309, 205, 200 and many more to list on.

The Nokia Asha 500, is a smooth phone to set your hands on, this phone supports many application to install in it. Now-a-days, messaging application are becoming essential element on Smartphone or mobiles. The mobile turns to be incomplete without messaging application in it. Through messaging application you can not only chat with your closed and loved ones, but can also create a group and start a group chat.

Whatsapp messenger is a must have

Nokia Asha 500 Dual Sim

Whatsapp application has gained huge fame among other chatting application. Through Whatsapp you can chat to your friends located at any corner of world. Sending and receiving, chat messages can be done very easily. Installing and downloading ‘Whatsapp on Nokia Asha 500’ is not a difficult part.

The Asha series are designed in such a way, so that Whatsapp can easily be downloaded on your mobile. Whatsapp has become a prime essential messaging application, it uses your mobile number to create Whatsapp account. On installing this application, the contact list saved on your phone automatically adds your contact to your Whatsapp account.

Recently, there were few cases registered under this Nokia Asha series. The Nokia Asha 501, gave few installing issues with Whatsapp. The Whatsapp team was also trying to solve the error, they came with new version, for Nokia Asha 501. They are trying to solve this issues, but the issue is noticed on few handset, while other handset from same series works flawlessly.

Nokia Asha 500, a great phone, user can install Whatsapp easily on this. There are several links spread over net helping you to install this application on just one click. All you need to do is get you internet pack updated and surf to find useful links on web. Seriously, Whatsapp is a need for messaging in today’s world.
Download Whatsapp messenger for Nokia Asha 500

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Whatsapp messenger is an amazing SMS replacement application. It is a cross-platform instant messaging application service for Smartphones. The term “online” is now referred as the users presence or availability on whatsapp for Smartphone users. It is one of the most downloaded application. It allows to exchange SMS without having to pay for it. It is available for iPhone, Android , Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia and those mobiles that can message each other. WhatsApp Messenger uses 2G or 3G or WiFi (when available) to exchange million messages with family and friends. So switching from SMS to whatsapp to send and receive text message, audio notes, picture and video message is a smart choice for Smartphone users and also it is free subscription for first one year! Later it is available for a few bucks on different operating system. It allows group conversation with contacts store in the phone book. Whatsapp is always on and connected so there is no need to log in/out .

WhatsApp Messenger

The updates are important changes made to any application. It can be bug fixing or adding new language or introducing any new change. As the software is updated its version changes. Whatsapp messenger has got its iOS 7 makeover. As it’s a iOS 7 makeover it has got a new look. It took a long time to join the party but major update was necessary for iPhone users. The new version syncs with new operating system. It has a flat design. The developers for app have been working for a long time to give a new OS feel. This new version adds broadcast contact list. For bulk messaging users can create their own lists. The new version improves location sharing , supports for 3D maps and OS 7 ringtones, text size . It’s now easier to manage block contacts and able to crop images before sending and can also see larger thumbnails.

So now chatty iPhone users can update their whatsapp for free from the App Store and can go online crazy with their buddies with sporty new is look.

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WhatsApp messenger is the best alternative from your mobile phones traditional messenger. This messenger app needs data network connection to work. You can share files, music, video, images and location with your contacts. It will allow you to create a number of groups with a number of contacts, at present you can select 50 contacts per group. Recommended to activate unlimited data plan to use WhatsApp messenger. Now a days lots of people using WhatsApp on their phone so you have to rarely use your mobile phone’s traditional messenger. WhatsApp messenger works on almost all mobile phone platforms. I have your device are also listed to take an advantage of WhataApp messenger.

WhatsApp Messenger

List of mobile operating system which supports WhatsApp messenger:
Android OS: Direct Download | Download from Google Play
Blackberry OS: Download from Blackberry Store |  Go to address from your mobile web browser and download directly
Apple iOS: Direct download | Download from iTunes
Windows Phone: Download from Windows Martket Place
Symbian S60: Direct Download
Nokia S40: Go to address from your mobile web browser and download directly