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Apple Watch

Apple is all prepared to expand its wearable sales after its announcement of Best Buy, which will start on 7th August. After this, it will be first independent wearable to stock the wearable device. In its quarterly report, Apple declined breaking sales of the latest wearable device, which was released in April. To speak more on it, according to the Analyst as per the prediction, it is estimated that Apple will ship around 4-million watches in Q2 series. Not to focus more on the figures, the popular brand is also expanding its physical retailers to gain more opportunity.

Apple Watch

The prime focus is to grow more consumer touch points as per the CEO Tim Cook. As per statistics, Apple Watch was sold in greater number as compared to the iPhone and the iPad with their comparable numbers. According to Cook, sales weren’t only the prime factor, but position of product too was main concerned. Hence, Apple has reached on a conclusion of increasing its retail reach beyond online store and to launch on nationwide. Apple has confirmed that there will be 300-best buy stores soon with Apple Sport Watch and Apple Watch, but the wearable device might land in few selected 100-stores. All are equally eager to get more info about the best Buy partnership, as Apple is emphasizing on retail experience. The First Impression will surely make a huge difference, hence, Apple might be planning to give their sales staff a special training to gain more customers.

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The ever reminding iphone has kept its mark of bitten Apple to be remembered till the existence of life. The iphone was always unbeatable and still it is unassailable which makes the glorious mark of human intelligence on this planet. Apple Inc achieved this greater pride only because of their hardworking minds which bring a kind of tech spirituality in their products. A lot of their rival tried to get that spark but eventually everyone got defeated before this huge I-Flood from iPhone.

Apple iWatch Concept

Recently mind-blowing news has been circulating around the internet about the work of Apple Inc. on their first iWatch. This is going to be the great tug of war between Samsung who have already mastered in making Smart watches and the big brain Apple Inc for the first time. Its also true that the Smart watch market has expanded too much so it’s going to be a great challenge for Apple Inc. to generate the iWatch which will turn above all of the wearable’s currently flooded in market.

Let’s see if Apple Inc. can bring the same magic of iPhone into their wearable gears. However its being alleged that iWatch is going to be launched soon but there’s no permanent news about its launch. These rumors are going on from 2011 and currently its midst of 2014, the best season for apple Inc. to launch its watch otherwise it’s going to be much harder to regain the market in the sector which is already exploited by other developers. So far iWatch is rumored to have a display ranging from 1.3-2.5 inch. It’s also being said the iWatch will be enabled with 10 different sensors which include biometric which is a health related metrics capable of calculating calorie burn, heart rate, walking cycles, etc.

Moreover it will have integration with iOs devices and will also include functions of receiving notifications and some tasks will be performed by iWatch independently. The appropriate build material is unknown but its being approximated that iWatch will be made of Sapphire crystal display due to the fact that large number of apple products contain this material. Earlier in year 2012 it was being rumored that Apple is working on developing a Bluetooth watch in collaboration with Intel and that watch was expected to have a 1.5 inch OLED screen.

However, those rumors are still there without any development on them so far. Latter on this rumor was added up by saying that Apple is working on curved glass designing which was named as willow glass that never came into existence so far. Like those days currently its being said that a team of 100 designers is working on designing iWatch. The real truth will be disclosed before us only after its launch but so far this is the level of development that Apple Inc. is being alleged to be reached in these years. Hope iWatch is introduced in the market soon so that rumors will end up and an era of iWatche’s will start.


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Recently on 11 April 2014 Samsung added a new member Samsung galaxy gear fit to their Samsung smart watch ancestry. This brand new gear features 1.84 inch curved AMOLED display. Unlike all other Samsung gears it works on totally different os which does’nt allows third party applications to be run on it. Samsung claimed it to give the taste of both smart watch and fitness band.

Looking at its poor operating system and its limitedness it does look that Samsung has failed in providing the hybrid clone of the two gears together. It does feature a heart rate monitor, pedometer, running and waking modes but according to latest tests conducted on gear fit it was seen to give inaccurate recordings of heart rate monitor and pedometer which is disappointing.

samsung galaxy gear fit

Moreover when you are out door almost nothing is visible on the tiny display because of low brightness and you have to manually activate outdoor mode to improve brightness but that also turns off automatically after 5 minutes. This is because there is no ambient light sensor and auto brightness feature present on the band which could have made it much easier for outdoor use. It comes with Bluetooth 4.0, accelerometer and gyroscope but GPS is not present. GPS could have been a great asset in perfecting the time tracking exercises.

The IP67 certified waterproofing feature of Samsung galaxy s5 has also been mimicked in Gear fit. That means you can take a shower and wash dishes and don’t need to remove it every time. Talking about its sleep timer, you manually need to set starting time of when you fall asleep and it cannot do it automatically for unlike rest of the smart bands have go the feature of automatically detecting when you fall asleep.

On the main screen you can launch 10 different themes and smart watch widgets like clock, local weather, different health monitors, etc. But do to little screen you can hardly put 3 different widgets on screen and become small and poorly visual. Ten app menus are present on the main screen along with main screen which gives an alert when a compatible app is launched on your gear.

Hardware wise Samsung has given a perfectly crafted 200k model of Gear hybrid but technically and software performance wise it isn’t that good. It makes messy syncing problems and calculating wrong in pedometer and running and walking modes. But still it’s a great try to combine watch and fitness band together which is quite appreciable.