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Garmin has announced the launch of a new watch, a GPS running Watch. This watch named as the Forerunner 25. This is a multi-utility watch, which helps the user to track and commute various things such as the distance ran, the pace of running and the steps. The watch is also helpful in noting the heart rate and the burnt calories while doing the exercise.The Forerunner 25, watch also has the ability to connect with the user’s phone so that all the data regarding the pace, steps, heart rate and the utilised calories about the customer can be transferred to the phone in the Garmin app on the phone. This helps the user to keep track of all the details and load it with the free online community called Garmin Connect. The watch will also show on the screen the basic notifications from the phone.

garmin forerunner25

This watch has a battery life of 10 hours with the GPS on in the training mode, while the battery of this watch has a life of 10 weeks when the watch is in the activity tracking mode.Forerunner 25 comes in two variants in size, watch with large face has option of black / red in colour and the other option of black / blue colour. The other variant is watch with white / pink colour and other with black / purple colour. The standard version of the Forerunner 25 is priced at $ 169.99 while the watch which has a heart rate sensor is being priced at $ 199.99. The delivery of the watch shall be beginning in the 3rd quarter of 2015.

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Apple launched their new idea, wearable Watch in April with great fanfare. The watches were of different types the Apple sport watch, and the Edition Watch along with the routine watch. The new product instantly had met with thundering response and the unit wise sales soared rapidly to register strongly in the market. However, as per the recent reports from the market the Apple watch has lost its position and the sales of these watches have declined very heavily.

Apple Watch

The Slice Intelligence agency records and computes the sales activity by receipt of emails. They have reported that the market has shown a steep drop in sales of the Apple watches. As per their graphical representations the sale of the Watch have nose-dived, the sales which were to the tune of 200,000 units per day average at the launching period has dropped to meager 10000 units per day.

Further, it is also mentioned that almost 66% of the sales are of that of the low cost Sport model watch and the prestigious, luxurious model Apple Watch Edition with 18 –karat has reduced quite heavily. The sales of Edition reported to be only 2000 units in past two months.Pre-orders of the Apple watches had begun from April 10 and the company had planned April 24 as the release date for the watches, more than one million units’ orders were registered, but the company was unable to keep the dates of delivery and the customers had to wait too long and the watches made entry only in June.There is no authentic data regarding the sales figure from the company, and in such scenario it is still not very clear whether the product Apple Watch will also gain the same acclaim from the customers as the other products from the company like iPhone and the iPads.

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As device market is growing narrow also there is nothing much to offer companies are now switching to something more competitive and creative the “Accessory Market”. Device tech support list have been updated by including android wear, smart wear, smart watch, magnetic charger, Bluetooth remote, Bluetooth speaker etc. with more and more of accessories users also hope to have compatibility with their favourite applications. We have seen until now call, message, email popups on your smart gear but next thing that users want is music.People like to listen to music tag them share them with their friends families one such application that allows us to do that is Shazam. This is the vision Shazam Developers had foresighted.

Android L

Shazam Developers are looking forward to introduce their shazam application on all your smart watches. Shazam developers are working closely with the android Wearable OS and trying to prepare the application for it. They have received prior success in getting their application installed on Android Wear and Google Glass. People have used and commented on this application. Unlike Ecowear shazam’s application is awesome and has lot to offer. UK was the first to get its hand on shazam application on their Google Glass.

With such progress in the tech world, it’s time for the companies to introducing more memory into their smart devices so that more application are downloaded on their gears. All the developers have to try to pipeline their products to work on these smart wears/ gears.

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Evleaks has a good history in revealing images and specifications of devices which before its release. Two new images for Huawei smartphones along with a smart band is leaked by Evleaks through Twitter. Names for them are not cleared yet but one of them is Huawei Ascent G6. Looks and design of it is very similar to Huawei Ascend P6. It has same glass body and metal strip around phone’s sides. It seems like, Huawei’s new smartphone will be available in many color options that can be seen in leaked image.

Huawei Ascend G6

We dont have further information available for these devices but a 8 megapixel camera can be seen at rear side of phone. There is no official information from Huawei and so we cannot be very sure that these images are genuine. Second Tweet from Huawei has image of an unnamed Huawei smartphone with a smart band. We cannot see Huawei log on this smartphone which again trigger us to doubt on these leaks.


These smartphones are not very good in looks but a smart band with it seems very interesting. We hope that Huawei will put some light on these leaks soon so that specifications and other features can be cleared. As we find more information about these leaks, it will be updated here.

Huawei Talkband B1

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