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Amazing Amazon coins are out. Amazon has launched a unique way to make online transaction. They have come up with their Amazon coins. The Amazon people have given original title called “Amazon Coins”. This Amazon coins can be used in transactions for purchasing apps, games or other content. The value of one Amazon coin is worth one penny.

While Kindle users are on positive side, Kindle owners are getting 500 coins on paying $5. This idea is set to be implemented by Christmas. The virtual transaction has finally entered in Amazon’s world too. Amazon Coins can be spent on range of products from digital realm, books, music, videos and many more. This virtual money Amazon coins, will soon be expanding its wings on many products.

AMAZON cuurency

Facebook in year 2009 introduced same credits system. These credit systems were used for apps, games on social network site as Facebook coins. But soon this system was closed and replaced by local currency. Similarly, Amazon too has launched its virtual coins. These coins can be bought into batches like 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10,000. The greater the purchases the greater discount you will receive. Amazon are not first to come up with idea of virtual currency. Microsoft Xbox and Windows live have also its own virtual currency known as ‘Microsoft points’. This Microsoft points can be paid for purchasing games, upgrades, getting bonus level or so. These Microsoft points can be bought from credit cards.

This Amazon coins are only available in United States, out US it’s yet to get confirmed. This scheme is also only valid for Kindle user, while non-kindle user will have to wait to get their chance on this.