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Nexus 5, the fifth generation Google’s Smartphone which is faster and better as compared to its previous version. This product promises to offer more unique and elegant features as compared the previous one. This Nexus 5, is built by LG but still a Google phone at the end. This Nexus 5 sports 4.95 inch full HD IPS Plus LCD display screen with full 1080 HD display. The screen is all improved as compared with Nexus 4. This has 2.3 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 with 2-GB of RAM in the device. This will be first Google phone to sport 4.4 Android Kitkat latest versions. The Google phone is topping the list of Smartphone’s. The features of this Smartphone make it glow and stand out in crowd differently.

Google Nexus 5 with good quality of display provides great display quality. With this video calling is amazing. The Top 5 free video calling applications are:
1. Tango app:

This is one of the award-winning applications. This video calling application has scored great up till now. This application is free to download irrespective of any platform. This app was launched in 2009 and now has crossed 130 million users world-wide. The quality of video calling with a combination of social networking is brilliant idea Tango producers has come with.

2. We-chat


This Chinese based application has been successful to establish its base with crossing 300 million users across the globe. This application provides numerous features like group chat, broadcast messaging, voice messaging, photo & video sharing and many more.

3. Oovoo:


This video chatting app was release in 2007. This app is not only compatible with Android, iOS platform but also with Microsoft platform. This application has 12-different ways. People who are facing problem with slow connection can sigh- relief with this application.

4. Fring:


This app offers four different type of video chatting. This reduces burden of logging in and out of network to get connected simultaneously. This is multi-platform application. This also supports social networking, it brilliantly aggregates Facebook and Twitter updates.

5. Qik:

qik for Android

This offers an additional option to stream video on social network. It also provides facility to share photos via e-mail and messages. This application is compatible with several platforms. This app works on several connectivity networks like 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.