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Only a fortnight ago we welcomed the news that Samsung is rolling out Android 4.3 jelly bean for Galaxy S3 along with an updated version of Android and Galaxy Gear support for Galaxy S3 users. But users have to wait little longer as it seems there is some problems with latest firmware from Samsung. Samsung UK said they’re looking into the issues which UK users came across while updating latest Android version. So, the Galaxy S 3 update has been pulled from Kies and the OTA service has been suspended.

We hope Samsung resolves the issues speedily and resumes the update roll-out shortly. We hope Samsung resolves this issue quickly and resumes the update roll-out briefly. The Galaxy S3 skipped Android 4.2.2 and its owners are waiting since the official 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM was released in 2012 to get a newer Android version. If you have already updated the newer version you might be facing some issues.

samsung galaxy S3

I’m simply listing all the issues below which are being faced by all different Galaxy S3 users

  • Unresponsive Handset
  • Huge battery drain
  • Bluetooth Audio issues during playback
  • Very difficult to multi-task
  • Wake up lag
    Random Freezing
  • Device freezes as soon a call is received
  • Wi-Fi issues
  • Stuttering music playback with stock Samsung music app
  • Locking and unlocking the screen
  • System hanging drawback that needed the battery to be force dead set restart the Smartphone.

You will probably be getting a new software update soon repairing these problems. whereas if you are haven’t updated your phone, you will have to delay for Samsung to rectify the issues and issue a new programs update construct, which will be accessible via the common media. The only thing we can do now is to have patience and wait till Samsung come up with good news regarding updates.

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Apple manufacture finally made their release of iOS 7. With each of their release they keep on introducing some unique function. They stay up to their words and check that they complete customer’s needs, so they have done this time. With release of iOS 7 just over three weeks from now, this version of operating system contains ‘Bugs fixes and improvements’. This version also includes a fix for an issue that caused ‘FaceTime’ calls to fail for some users. They have also promised that this version will stay to its name, as there is lot of improvements and bug fixes overcome with release of this version of operating system. I guess all are eager to try their hands to work on new stylish design of iOS 7.

iOS 7

This latest iOS 7.0.4 version can be installed on devices like iPhone 4, 4S,5,5C and also 5S, fifth generation iPod touch. To look from other dimension they have fixed issues like sensor calibration issue, iMessage problems. A new feature called iCloud Keychain is also added in Apples cart. Need to say this latest operating platform will give new look for operation on several apps like iTunes U, iBook app,iWork, iLife and many more list on.

Hope Apple’s this 7.0.4 version will score well from their customers. This version can be downloaded free of cost. Hope upgrading of this will fix and improve your iPhone.