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Huawei Honor 6 is the latest high end Smartphone from the Chinese tech manufacturer Huawei though Honor claimed to be the separate branch of Huawei associated with Smartphone manufacturing. This Smartphone has got all the looks and assets to tempt you. Its best thing is its full HD 5.0inches display providing a bright and crisp video and gaming experience. The rest of the features are also remarkably good which incorporate a Kirin 1.7GHz Quad core processor coupled with 3GB RAM, 13MP primary camera + 5MP front shooter, making this Smartphone a perfect one for photography as well as selfie lovers, 4G LTE support and 3100mAH Li-Po battery. This Smartphone is encased of black glass on front and back edged with a metallic plastic, giving it a sort of iPhone look. So, this Smartphone is overall a good package.

Huawei Honor 6

Root, unroot or unlock boot-loader of Huawei Honor 6

Though it being a nice Smartphone still everyone wants to rejuvenate their Smartphone by rooting it, installing custom ROM’s and unlocking boot-loader, no one wants their owned Smartphone to be locked for from doing amazing stuff. You can improvise the performance of your Smartphone, gain root access and launch any desired file you want without restrictions So, here we going to root, un-root and unlock the boot-loader of this Smartphone by simple steps.

Things to know:

1. Before performing any of these processes ensure that your Honor 6 is sufficiently charged i.e. above 70%.

2. Remember to backup all of your personal data.

3. This will void the warranty on your Smartphone, so you have to un-root it before claiming warranty.

Lets Root:

Downloads required:

1. Download Super developed by Chainfire into internal SD storage of your Smartphone.


1. Tap volume up and power button simultaneously for few seconds so that your Smartphone enters into recovery mode.

2. After entering into recovery mode successfully, look for “install zip from SD” option and tap on it.

3. Look for the Super SU file you downloaded and flash it.

4. Reboot your Honor 6 and you will find Super SU icon in your applications, launch it and click on “binaries”.

5. Reboot your Smartphone again.

That’s it; your Smartphone is successfully rooted.


Un-rooting a Honor 6 is an easy process you can do in just few steps:

1. Open the Super SU application on your Smartphone.

2. Tap on the settings option and you will find the un-root option.

3. Click on it and your Smartphone will be successfully un-rooted.

Unlocking the boot-loader of Honor 6:

Downloads required:

1. HiSuite

2. ClockWorkMod Recovery

3. Android SDK

4. SuperSU

Unlocking boot-loader of a Smartphone is a tricky job and requires a goods amount of concentration while performing different actions. So, follow the given instructions carefully to unlock the boot-loader of your Smartphone successfully.

1. Go to the developer options of your Smartphone and enable it via following path: Settings > About Phone > Build number (multiple taps required to enable developer options).

2. Now enable USB debugging in the Developer options section.

3. Plug in your Smartphone into your PC via USB cable.

4. To unlock the boot-loader hibernate your Honor 6 into Download Mode by pressing Volume Up, Volume Down and the power knob simultaneously. Now Honor 6 logo should appear on your Smartphone.

5. After download mode, we need to go into the fast-boot mode which can be done by tapping volume down and power button together.

6. Now it’s the time for recovery Mode, for that Press Volume Up + Power buttons simultaneously, navigate to the stock ROM.

We have finally reached the half way of unlocking the boot-loader of Honor 6. For rest of the manufacturers, this process is almost identical and not too much messy. But for Honor 6 you would have to get a password for unlocking boot-loader successfully. Let’s go.

7. Install all the downloaded components no your PC which include HISuite, Android SDK, etc.

8. Visit the provided link:

9. Fill in all the required blanks and provide necessary information. Remember to change the given detail of the 1st model to :.

10. After obtaining serial number and IMEI of your Smartphone fill it in the respective blanks.

11. For product ID you need to dial *#*#1357946#*#*

12. After that verify yourself by entering the code and submit the information. Now you will get a 16 number unlock password for unlocking the boot-loader of your Honor 6.

13. Check the adb and fast-boot files are preset by going in the platform tools of Android SDK.

14. After plugging in your Honor 6 to the PC. Go to the command prompt and type “adb devices”. It should show your device in the list.

15. Type “adb reboot boot-loader”, then type “fastboot oem unlock password”. Type the obtained password in place of password.

16. After completing all the steps successfully, the boot-loader of your Honor 6 will get unlocked and the message will be prompted.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is one of the latest devices showcased by Samsung Company. The best part about this device is that it comes with 5.7 inch super Amoled capacitive touch screen and is based on a quad core processor. IT has a powerful battery of 3220 mAh and runs on latest Android mobile operating system that is Android v4.4.4 that is Kitkat. Here is the complete and detailed description on how to root, unroot and unblock bootloader this device.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

How to easily root unroot unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Verizon

Important instructions– Before you start with the procedure, make sure that all the important data and files is backed up properly on your computer or any other preferred place of your choice. You also need to make sure that your device is atleast 75% charged.

How to root and unroot the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Verizon?

  • The first step is to make sure that the SuperSU is installed. You can easily install the same from Google Play Store. You also need t make sure that before the rooting and unrooting procedure, the binaries are updated. As soon as you open the app, you will get a prompt to update the binaries and you just need to tap on continue option so that the procedure can automatically complete.
  • Once the SuperSU is installed and all the binaries are updated, it is now time to open the SuperSU app. You will get a prompt stating that it want to delete knox. You need to cancel this option and after few seconds the process gets automatically completed.
  • Just reboot your device and you are good to go
  • In order to unroot the device, you need to again open the SuperSu app and go to the settings options. As soon as you tap on the settings options, you need to drill down till the time you see full unroot option. Just tap in this option and the device will b unrooted. Just restart the device to complete the procedure.

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How to unlock bootloader Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Verizon?

  • The first and the foremost step is to find your device’s firmware version. You can easily find that by going to settings>General>About Device
  • The next step is to download the safestrap version and Verizon users can do that by clicking on the link that is safestrap-HLTEVZW-NC2-3.75-B04.apk

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LG Lucid 3 is a budget smart phone with 4.70 inch 540 X 960 pixels display. It has 1.2 GHz faster processors with 1 GB RAM, which is capable of performing functions quickly. With 5 mega pixel rear cameras and 0.3 mega pixel rear cameras you can click good quality pictures.

LG Lucid 3 VS876

How to root, unroot and unlock bootloader LG Lucid 3 VS876

Steps to root LG Lucid 3 VS876 Version:

  • Download rooting tool towelroot.apk on your device. This rooting tool is easily available on several websites and can be downloaded for free.
  • Now install the .apk file on your device. It will ask for permission. To grant access go to settings> security> Unknown Sources.
  • Run the app and select “ra1n” option. Now wait until the app finishes the task.
  • Once the task is completed, the app will display a message ‘your device is rooted’.
  • Now install SuperSU app from google play store.
  • Restart your device to get it fully rooted.

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Steps to unroot LG Lucid 3 VS876 Version:

The following method only works if you have used towelroot rooting tool for rooting the device. If you have rooted your device with different rooting tool, then you need to follow a different method.

  • Open the SuperSU app and go to settings.
  • Select a full unroot option in the settings.
  • A message will be displayed on the screen ‘ device is unrooted’.
  • Wait until the task is over and once completed, restart your device.
  • Now your device will be fully unrooted.

To check the status of your device, i.e. whether you have rooted or unrooted your device, go to Google play store and install Rootchecker app. This app will tell you whether your device is rooted or not.

How to unlock bootloader in LG Lucid 3:

Bootloader is a special mode that is automatically executed before any operating system starts. Unlocking bootloader voids the phone warranty and formats the device. Let’s have a look at the steps to unlock bootloader:

  • The first step is to install Android SDK on your device.
  • Now switch off your mobile and start the device in boot mode.
  • Connect the device to your PC and wait until the drivers are installed.
  • Now go to command prompt and type the following command “ fastboot oem unlock”
  • Once it is completed, it will ask permission for unlocking bootloader. Now grant permission and wait till its completion.
  • After following all the above steps, your device will unlock bootloader.

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LG G pro 2 is a Smartphone beast with every feature crafted with hands of perfection. It’s an ideal example of a dream Smartphone for Android lovers, crazy gaming addicts, and lightning speed chasers and for huge screen show off guys. It has got 2G, 3G and 4G compatibility which is worth admiring. Its 2.26 GHZ processing speed is touching the skies. Its full HD LCD + IPS 5.9 inch display is just the best for watching high quality videos and playing heavy games. It also takes HD quality photos and videos with its 13 MP primary camera. Moreover you don’t have to stick to your charger with its 3200mAh high power battery. Let’s make your LG G Pro 2 better.

Congratulations to you all! Your LG G pro 2 is going to get better because here we are presenting before you its new custom rom which will enhance its features much effectively. We are going to guide you step by step to unlock bootloader, root your device and install a custom rom. We will do it much more easily than it looks. Let’s get started.

lg g pro 2


Before you start rooting your device please make sure your Smartphone battery is charged above 80% and also make sure that you backup all your data before getting started because it’s going to wipe out everything you have in your phone. Check your PC and ensure that all the LG drivers are installed up to date.

1. Download LG G pro 2 root.rar from any source you like and extract it in any folder you wish to.

2. Click on Settings>Development>Security>enable USB debugging.

3. Plug in your original USB cable in your device and insert into USB slot of your windows PC.

4. Go to your already extracted folder and look up for Root.bat. You will definitely find it in there. Double click on this file and a screen will open up before you. Just agree few steps the screen prompts before you and you are done.

To check if your phone is rooted successfully download SuperSU app and make sure your LG G Pro 2 rooted successfully.

Installing custom rom:

1. Download and extract it in any folder as done above.

2. Once again connect your Smartphone into your windows PC and transfer the extracted lte2jbrecovery.apk into your Smartphone’s memory card.

3. using any of the installed explorers find lte2jbrecovery.apk and install it.

4. After installing this application open it and click on 2nd-int recovery and after that click Reboot Recovery.

Now your Smartphone will reboot automatically and you will find yourself in ClockWorkMod recovery. Now you are the emperor of your Smartphone and you will be able to do anything you want. The custom ROM is successfully installed on your device.

Unlocking bootloader:

Frankly speaking, unlocking a bootloader is not a piece of cake. You will need to go through some programming codes and you will need to be cautious. Before we proceed further you must remember that doing this will void the warranty of your LG G pro 2 and you yourself will be responsible for any damage.

1. Download Android SDK and install it. It is easily available on internet from any source, install all Google USB drivers.

2. Enable USB debugging as shown in the steps while rooting your device.

3. Plug in the USB cable into your Smartphone and connect it with your PC.

4. Type adb devices > adb reboot bootloader > fastboot devices > fastboot oem unlock.

You have to insert all the commands shown above in the same sequence. Let me make you understand the meaning of these commands.

adb devices: This command will check and navigate whether your device is plugged in and revealed in SDK.

adb reboot bootloader: This command reboots your Smartphone into bootloader.

fastboot devices: This command double checks that your LG G pro 2 is connected.

fastboot oem unlock: This is the final command which will make your device to unlock bootloader.

After typing this command, on you Smartphone a confirmation screen will be shown. You just have to press Volume Up button for yes and Power off button to confirm.

Now you have to just restart your device and your bootloader will be unlocked. Kindly use these tricks with extra care and don’t worry all these tricks are safe and already experimented.

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Installing custom ROMs and softwares is quite difficult in Android devices, but now we have a solution for that by rooting and unlocking the bootloader of the device. So for that we are going to check out the process of unlocking the bootloader of the Sony Xperia SP and then rooting the device. This is an awesome device from Sony with not so great specs but still a wonderful mean machine that is pleasing to the eyes. And now with the latest Android versions, the device can now function much more efficiently and awesomely. So for that we are going to check the step by step process of unlocking the bootloader and rooting of the Sony Xperia SP.

Some warnings and notes before starting. When you unlock the bootloader, all your data including your contacts, phone memory and SD card memory, absolutely everything will be completely wiped off. So do make sure that you get a backup of it done somewhere else like on another phone or your desktop. Also do make sure that your phone can be unlocked else your phone might get bricked. Plus the most important of it all is that when you do this, the warranty on your phone is lost. So do make an important note of it. If you follow the instructions completely then you will succeed in the process but if by any chance there is some issue caused with your device, we are completely not at all responsible for any of it.

Sony Xperia SP

How to unlock bootloader:

Unlocking a bootloader is actually simple and can be done is some steps. But before anything you need to check out if it is possible to unlock the bootloader. But before some steps that need to be taken. Note your IMEI number by typing “*#06#” in the dialler but do not note down the dashes. Secondly download the drivers for Windows that you will be needing from right here (

Make sure you have a Windows PC with USB cable to connect the phone. Power down your phone and keeping the Volume Up button pressed connect the USB cable to PC this will trigger FASTBOOT mode and windows will start driver installation, extract the above package and point the driver install to that location (usb_driver) folder. Once drivers are installed just disconnect cable and power on device.

Before starting the unlocking process, first you should confirm that it is possible to unlock the boot loader of your phone by checking the service menu. In your phone, open the dialler and enter *#*#7378423#*#* to access the service menu. In your phone, tap Service info > Configuration > Rooting Status. If Bootloader unlock allowed says Yes, then you can continue with the next step. If it says No, or if the status is missing, your device cannot be unlocked.

Now let’s check out the unlocking process:

Step 1. Go to: and read everything.
Step 2. At the bottom click ‘Start Unlocking the Bootloader’.
Step 3. After you have verified that you can unlock bootloader, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Continue”.
Step 4. You will get numerous prompts, read all info and if you agree click on “Accept”/”OK”/”Proceed”.
Step 5. Finally you will get a “Create Unlock request” page, enter your IMEI (sometimes the last digit needs to be removed for this to work), name and email address.
Step 6. You should now receive your unique unlock key via EMAIL, SAVE THIS KEY SAFELY.
Step 7. Extract fastboot_with_Android_USB_file.rar and open Fastboot folder.
Step 8. Hold SHIFT and right click on the background of the folder.
Step 9. Select ‘Open command window here’.
Step 10. Connect your phone in Fastboot mode (turn phone off, hold Volume UP button and plug in USB Cable) [make sure drivers are installed as explained above).
Step 11. in the cmd windows type in fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce getvar version.
Step 12. If a value is returned (it will return 0.5), it means the phone is correctly connected.
Step 13. Type in fastboot.exe -i 0x0fce OEM unlock 0xKEY and replace KEY with the key which you received earlier.
Step 14. You’re device should now be bootloader unlocked

How to root:

Rooting the Sony Xperia SP is pretty simple after unlocking the bootloader of the device. So since we have seen now how to unlock the bootloader we can now root the device and this is how.
Step 1. First of all, you need to download the one-click root tool.
Step 2. You can download the tool from here ( or else here (
Step 3. Extract or unzip the downloaded package on desktop.
Step 4. Now, connect your smartphone with the computer.
Step 5. Establish the connection by using the phone’s USB cable.
Step 6. On your computer navigate through the unzipped folder from desktop.
Step 7. from there double click on the “runme_win.bat” file for launching the executable file.
Step 8. Follow the on-screen prompts.
Step 9. Click on any key for starting the root procedure.
Step 10. When gaining root access ends, your handset will reboot automatically.
Step 11. You can then unplug the USB cable as you are done.

Follow all the steps perfectly and your rooting of the Sony Xperia SP will be done easily in a jiffy without any pains or issues. Now you are free to install any custom Android ROMs on your device from many free ones out there like CyanogenMod for example. Now even your Xperia SP can taste the feel of Android 4.3 JellyBean running under it. So enjoy your device to the fullest.