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There are a variety of devices which you can use to make your overall TV usage more interesting and convenient. Some of these devices include Cenovo Mini PC TV Box and UKB-500-RF Mini Wireless Keyboard. This article discusses how these devices can make your TV watching interesting and some of the individual aspects of these devices. These devices make it easy to operate your smart-phone or your Television.These devices are Available at great price on for our viewers.

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1. Cenovo Mini PC TV Box
This is a mini TV/PC box that will connect directly to your HDTV. You will be in a position to watch online movies, sports, games productivity app among others. This Cenovo Mini PC is perfect for media playback, multimedia, video streaming and web surfing. This TV box is characterized by a number of amazing features, some of these include:

cenovo mini pc 03
It has been fitted with a 1.83 GHZ, Quad core processor which is supported by a 2G RAM. With this you will easily connect to your favorite platform e.g. YouTube. You will enjoy a viewership which is not affected by any unnecessary loading. Only smooth clear pictures and quality sound is what you will experience.

Storage capacity
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Cenovo Mini PC TV Box has been fitted with a 32GB storage capacity. This will store some of your favourite programs or music. You can extend this capacity to 64 GB.

Supported media
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This TV box supports a variety of video, audio and photo formats. Some of the video formats include:MPEG2 ,MVC ,WMV ,AVS ,MJPEG ,RMVB ,MPEG ,H.264 and H.263.Some of the audio formats supported includes: AC-3 ,WAV ,APE ,OGG ,WMA ,ACC. Some of the photo format supported include: JPEG, JPG and BMP.

Other features

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This TV box has been designed in an ultra-thin and mini design; this makes it possible to take this anywhere. The package comes with a mini pc, one power charger, English user manual and a HDMI cable. is offering TV Box at a discount rate using a coupon-code :GBCENOVO  price:$85.89. Click here to buy

2. UKB-500-RF 2.4GHZ Mini Wireless Keyboardmice wireless keyboard 01
This is a powerful wireless keyboard which has a touch-pad mouse .This wireless device is compatible with your XBOX, TV Box and other devices. With this device, you are in a position to play and work at the comfort of your couch. The keyboard has full QWERTY, gaming control and multimedia control. It also has a sensitive screen which is used for navigation. The wireless keyboard is characterized by a number of interesting features these include the following:


mice wireless keyboard 05
This wireless device is operates at an operating voltage of 3.3V and while it is asleep it operates at less than 1mA.This wireless device is efficient regarding its power consumption it has been fitted with a Li-ion battery. This wireless device has a transmitting range of up to 10 meters. The keyboard can support different operating systems. This includes Window 7, Mac OS, Linux, Android and windows 8.


mice wireless keyboard 02
This UKB-500 has been made using rubber and plastic. This makes to more comfortable to hold while using it. It has been colored black and it is very light in terms of weight. Its’ weight is 0.109 kg while its size is quite convenient for any portability requirements. The package has the wireless keyboard, a Nano receiver, one USB cable, a battery and an English manual. is offering this Mini Wireless Keyboard at price 10.80$. Click here to buy

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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the present crowned prince from Samsung in their most dominant Note series all over the world. Note 3 have got many new incredible features to be explored. Some of its exceptional features are the presence of dual quad core processors with 1.9GHz and 1.3GHz speed, three graphics processing units are present (Adreno 330, Mali T628, MP6 ), 3GB massive RAM, few additional sensors besides basic ones(barometer, temperature, humidity, gesture sensors), etc. This is a processing beat which can handle any tough work with effortlessness. Its 3200mAh battery also provides good battery back up to run this huge and intense Smartphone. You can easily connect your Note 3 with an HD TV by the use of Samsung HDTV Smart adapter which you can kart from the official Samsung accessory store. This adapter is compatible with HD 1080p signals via HDMI cable. You can play every media file in your Smartphone on your HDTV via following steps.

Connect Note 3 to TV

1. Plug in one end of HDMI cable in the adapter and the other end to the HDMI port present in your TV. Some HDTV’s have got multiple ports so you can use many adapters at a time.

2. For battery maintaining purposes, you can connect your charger with the HDTV adapter and to the standard power source. This will help you to get entertained for an endless period of time.

3. Plug in the HDTV adapter connector into your Smartphone’s charging slot. Instantly after connecting, your TV will display the contents present on your home screen of your Note 3. Your secured data will not be displayed and for the correct HDMI settings you can read your HDTV manual.

Besides this feature, a lot of productive as well as entertaining stuff can be done like, you can completely mirror your note 3 through this adapter, and explore the working of your Note 3 on bigger display. Get a big screen gaming experience similar to a console. Use any Bluetooth enabled keyboard with your Note 3 and transform your HDTV into a work station. Stream videos from you tube, Netflix and other famous websites. Share your captured moments of life with your office colleagues, family or friends on a bigger display, etc.

Besides Note 3, this adapter is also compatible with Galaxy s3 and Note2 and other MHL 2.0 enabled devices. This is an easy to use accessory from Samsung and with multiple benefits that you would love to use it. So, explore your Note 3 the way you want on a huge screen.