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Are you planning to transfer your contacts from HTC One, M8 to the latest iPhone 6 and 6 Plus? If, yes, then all you need to do is to follow few basic steps and your work will be done. Though both smart phones are nice but Apple’s iPhone 6 is being sold in large number as compared to HTC One or M8. Here are those steps explained in detail for your help.

transfer contacts from htc to apple iphone

HTC Sync Manager is one of the best options available

  • One of the best applications to use in this case is called as HTC Sync Manager. You need to connect your iPhone and HTC smart phone to your computer.
  • Next step is to click on the HTC Sync Manager and go to the option called as “Transfer and Backup”
  • You will see an option called as get started. Click on this button and you can easily move your HTC smart phone’s content into your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

Third party applications can also be downloaded

You can also download third party data transfer apps from Google Play Store. But you should make sure that trusted and genuine apps are downloaded. Before starting with the downloading procedure, you can read reviews and feedback about the apps and then finally choose the one, which you think is the best option. Apart from contacts and messages transfer, you can also transfer other forms of data such as music, pictures, videos and in facts apps.

Transfer your contacts from phone to SIM

This is also one of the better options as all you need to do is to transfer all your contacts from HTC smart phone to your SIM card and then swap this swim with iPhone 6. After the SIM card is swapped and put inside the iPhone 6, you need to go to the settings and import SIM contacts. It will be automatically done in a very simple and easy manner. This procedure is only applicable for transferring contacts and if you wish to transfer any other form of data then consider using the above mentioned procedures for better results.

There is one more option that can be tried and that is possible by transferring the data to a cloud backup server such as Google Drive or Dropbox. In order to avail this service, you need to create a login id with Gmail or Dropbox.

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For all HTC fans and HTC users much important article. Want to Move data from your old HTC device to a new one and want to move it fast. Here is the option HTC has supported its devices with few of the best application in the tech-world. The application allows you to transfer data from old HTC phones, windows devices, Blackberry devices other android devices (above v2.3) and most imp Iphone. With HTC transfer tool transferring data at a high speed is possible. With new tech coming in daily every company wants to provide something unique and extra for their user and for that such extra support are useful. The application will allow you to transfer your selected device data to your latest phone. The software is one stop service for all your.

HTC Transfer Tool

How to transfer contacts and media to HTC Phone

How to install and activate HTC TRANSFER TOOL:

  • Once you have bought your new device, turn it on and go to settings.
  • When you are there click on transfer tool
  • Next screen will show lead to different previous device options to select i.e (windows, blackberry, iPhone etc.)
  • Once all this is done on your new device select the old device and download HTC transfer tool (for android and for other you have to provide path).
  • Once done with downloading select the data you would like to transfer and follow the steps and your new device will have the old device data.


The tool allows you to transfer data from your old device to your new one over WIFI with good speed. Simple select the options and it will be copied on your current device you can even copy your old device settings that you are used to. Transferring settings is the boring task and believe me it takes lots of patience but this software allows you to do that as well. The software transfers music videos, calendars, contacts, messages over wifi using wifi hotspot technique. The user interface provided is typical HTC UI with black background text in white, which is their trademark but this is quite good and the software has easy navigation with proper navigation option for you to complete the process.

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Useful for transfer contacts from:

Transfer contacts from iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S, 5C, 6 and 6 Plus to HTC One, M8, E8, Desire 816, 616, 700 etc.
Transfer contacts from Samsug Galaxy devices to HTC One, M8, E8, Desire 816, 616, 700 etc.


  • Allows you to transfer all data including settings to transfer (but settings are useful only if data is moved from one HTC to another).
  • Quick as Wi-Fi is used to transfer data.


  • Software has lot of untested and unknown bugs
  • Transferring large data over Wi-Fi is quite slow as per many users but for me it worked well
  • The data transfer range is quite less and the process will drain your battery soon.


The above method is quite simple and fairly fast but if have any bad experience with it you can anyday switch to old school i.e transferring data over USB using HTC sync manager or using mobogeine, moboleit, AIRDROID etc. Let’s us know your experience about this software and do post us for any queries.

HTC Transfer tool download
HTC Transfer tool for Android download