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If you are a hardcore gamer fanatic then here are the best top 5 Android games to consider for you during this September. The gaming world has really revolutionized and new games come in day and night. It might take you quite a while determining the best game that suite you but with our top 5 list for this month will guide you to the best. Here is our list of the best addictive and engaging games that you will consider this September. The games are of various categories.

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Top 5 Android Games for 1st week September 2015

1. Framed
This is also one of the latest game that can’t be left out since it has scoped several design awards with a top rating of 4.3 and numerous reviews. This is a puzzle game where you have to an animated comic book to change the whole story line and outcome of the original story. This game has got amazing graphics with an amazing sound tracks. It’s one of the best games for the month that only requires $5.02 to acquire it in the Google play store.

2. Wild Hunter
If you are a great fun of hunting games and arcade games then this is the game to play. This game has a rating of 4.2 which makes it one of the top 5 games for September during this 1st week. This game has got the latest and powerful hunting guns to enable you take down the wild animals which are even most dangerous in the world. The game has got 200 hunting mission with real weapons for you that makes it more addictive. It has awesome graphics of 3D and good sound effects.

3. Fruit Scoot
This is also one of the evocative and adventurous games that if you are a hard core gamer you won’t with not to download one. It has got a rating of 4.4 with numerous reviews. This game basically involves completing of missions by rescuing animals in the fruity kingdom. This provides an awesome adventurous feeling to you as a gamer since it has got numerous puzzlers for you.

4. On the Run
This is a free racing game that doesn’t require you to pay any cash in order to play it. It’s one of the best latest games for the month with a rating and review of 4.3.You to show off you best driving skills by driving you vehicles faster and building up a combo before the time runs up. The game also provides for with a chance to race over with your friends and even beat the world race championships. The faster cars and good graphic display makes it one of the most addictive games to play. It’s also suitable for the children.

5. Dungeon Boss
This is an action game that has been upgraded and therefore comes with awesome features that ranks it among the top 5 games for android in September during the 1st week. This games involves looking out for the best heroes to come up with a powerful team required to put your enemies who are you bosses down. You are supposed to customize every hero and categorize them according to their abilities since each hero has got his own strength and weakness. This game also allows you to connect with friends in the social network to provide a reinforcement and assist you in the battlefield. This new and improved features ranks this game as an awesome game for 2015 September in the 1st week.

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With all the developers out there, it’s hard for an app to make the list for two weeks in a row but not entirely impossible. Scanner Pro 6 did it coming in at number 5. Here are the best of the week that we think qualify to be Top 5 iOS Apps for 3rd week of August 2015

Apple iPhone 6 Plus leather case

Top 5 iOS Apps for 3rd week of August 2015

1. Pixcall
Offered up as an alternative to FaceTime or making a video call by any other means, Pixcall is a new app that lets groups of friends that are geographically separated take a group photo. And that sounds really awesomeEvery participant gets a notification timed at 30 minutes, 1 minute and then 10 seconds when the setting for the photo is chosen before the chosen time. During this point, everyone in the group’s camera will take a photo and create an overall collage. Each person can view and download the picture individually.Photos are however deleted from Pixcall servers after 24 hours so be careful.

2. AccuWeather AccUcast
AccuWeather’s new crowd sourced weather service AccUcast was earlier on described as a sort of ‘Wiz for weather alerts, and the reason for this was very good – you report your weather just like Wazers would report traffic jams to help others avoid them.Icons are used on the maps to show weather conditions and when you zoom out, the pins become a color-coded area to make the weather very easy to identify.You can also report the effects of weather too, like flooding, hailstones, thick snow or slippery roads, via the app.

3. TVibes
If you usually find yourself recording videos on your iPhone, then you’d probably find this app useful to be able to organize those videos into channels.While there are plenty of video sharing apps, this one’s charm lies in the fact that you have complete control of people who can see each bit of content. Not only does it let you choose your audience but also enables you to assign a level of access to your videos.If you so wish you could also make video clips public so that anyone on TVibes can view them if you don’t care much for their privacy or you just want anyone to see.It’s currently free to download, and there’s an Android version on the way too.

4. Beet
Want a Snapchat-stroke-Vine competitor? Then Beet is just that.In a nutshell, it allows users to take a six-second video that can then be shared as a ‘Story’Though you might be restricted to six seconds per clip, there is no limit to the number of clips you could create. There is a downside though, there are no video editing tools.

5. Scanner Pro 6
Yes this app also features in this week’s top 5. Let’s face it, a document scanning app does not sound very exciting – and you certainly don’t need it if you don’t have documents to scan – but finding one that works so well is worth calling to your attention.This is an update to Readdle’s scanning app which brings a re-edit mode for adjusting scans later, margin controls, spacing and the option to switch into black and white from color.It also seamlessly integrates with One Note and One Drive.This previously came at a promotional price of $2.99 for a while, but it’s now gone back up to the regular price of $6.99.

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Apps are part of our daily routine, but with explosion of developers and the ease of making them, to keep track of newest or trendiest apps becomes a problem. Trying out new apps or just finding something that you will enjoy using it just exhilarates the process or keep one hooked on to finding new apps. We bring Top 5 Android Apps For 1st Week of August 2015 as a way to discover share or simply enjoy the Apps that we find across segments for our viewers. Here are the Apps that have made to list for First | 1st week of August 2015

OUKITEL U10 Android

Following the success of their online site, the people of JUST WATCH decided to make a dedicated app for android that is available in the play store.So what does this app actually do? It locates the best sites to watch TV shows and movies online. Whether you want to buy or rent a particular TV series or movie, it tells you where you can find it at the cheapest price. What’s more is that it’s integrated to subscription services such as Netflix.This is a must have for all movie lovers

This app turns your android phone into a keyboard or mouse for your pc. Not only does this app work but it works really well.The best part of this app is that it works on any pc despite the brand as long as it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


How would you like to take a selfie in a galaxy far far away? Well you actually cant but this app is the next best thing. From the makers of one of the best photo editing software on the pc platform comes adobe Photoshop mix for android devices.Adobe Photoshop mix also syncs seamlessly with Photoshop on your pc using Creative Cloud.With this app the only limit is your creativity.


Finally Microsoft creates their office suite optimized for android tablets.Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint is available in the play store and is available with Dropbox integration which means you can access your documents anywhere anytime across all your devices.


This apps makes sure you don’t get caught in public needing to go badly. It points out to you the location of public restroom around you. It also has advanced options that can guide you to the nearest restroom using its maps.So the next time you’re out having a good time know that this app has got you covered.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Accessories

Samsung Galaxy S6 being the latest flagship Smartphone from Samsung is equipped with every new feature present in the world whether it’s finger print sensing or wireless charging. If you have bought this amazing Smartphone, you can cart all these authentic products for providing protection to your Smartphone as well as utilisation of every latest feature. Otherwise what good is of a fully featured Smartphone when you are not able to utilise it’s all the features and get benefited from. Keep these things in utmost concern, here is the best suited stuff for Samsung Galaxy S6.

Samsung Galaxy s6

Top 5 Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S6

1. Anker Ultra-slim Wireless charger: This charging pad works with Qi- wireless charging technology compatible for Samsung Galaxy S6. It’s very slim in nature are the best option to get you rid of tangled wires. It is featured with minute LED’s which dhow the charging level respectively. All you need to do is put your Samsung Galaxy S6 on this charging pad and it will get your Smartphone charged in fast pace. You can cart this product at just 25.99 USD.

2. Ionic Tempered glass Protector: Your expensive Samsung galaxy S6 deserves to be mounted with the best glass protector available in the market. So, here we have got this Ionic glass protector for galaxy S6 created by application of enormous quantity of heat and chemicals making it just 5mm in thickness unlike rest of the tempered glasses which are very bulky, yet it provides hardness rating of 9H which is worth the price of just 3.49 USD available on an amazing discounted offer.

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3. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case: Coming to you at 21.99 USD, Spigen Neo hybrid case is a deluxe case from Spigen built from a tough and durable material to protect your Samsung Galaxy S6. The previous generation of neo hybrid cases also were highly reviewed by customers and Spigen is again looking for the same buzz. This case is available in multiple colours along with pocket friendly budget.

4. Samsung Level over Bluetooth headphone: The best suited wireless headphone to get immersed in quality music is the one and only Samsung’s level over headphone. This headphone has also got the noise cancellation facility along with compatibility for S- commands and its ear care notification keeps you safe from noise pollution. The design of this headphone is very attractive yet comfortable. This headphone is currently being offered at a discounted price of 310.53 USD

5. Harman Kardon Onyx Bluetooth speaker: Listening to music alone on a headphone isn’t always a good idea; sometimes atmosphere in the surroundings needs to be filled with high quality musical rhythm which is provided by the Level over Bluetooth speaker from Harman Kardon, compatible with Samsung Galaxy S6. It’s your lucky chance to grab it at 180 USD and enjoy the superior quality bass.

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Cricket has been one of the best games ever with its history dating back to 16th century. Many games arrived but only few could survive in the millions of hearts of world and cricket has been doing so since Saxon times. It’s still getting much better, faster and accurate with the contribution of legends like Sir Don Bradman, Sachin Tendulkar, Gary Sobers and the rest. Cricket fever has been always at the peak during world cups and same is the case for this year’s World Cup 2015 occasion. Thus, we have made it easy for you to get going with one these best cricket apps all over the world cup, since all of these are the special one’s refined by our Phone Lane invigilator. So, let’s enjoy good and happy cricket together and strengthen the bonds of country love and brotherhood with this beautiful game.


Cricket World Cup 2015 Apps for Android, IOS, Windows

1. Cricbuzz: This is the most top class cricket application available for Android at present with the immense user rating ever received by a cricket app. It gives you access to keep track of matches from all formats whether it’s test, one day or T20, whether it’s world cup or Big Bash league, Cricbuzz is there to serve you. It lets you stay updated with ball by ball scores as well as commentary giving you the comprehensive act that actually happened on the playground like what kind of shot was played in which section of stadium and whose hands caught the ball. Its push notifications are very valuable to stay updated with what’s going on. Currently on the eve of Cricket World Cup 2015, cricbuzz will be special features from the epic history of cricket.
Download Cricbuzz for Android  IOS  Windows

2. ESPN Cricinfo: ESPN network has been in the cricket game since a long time.ESPN Cricinfo is their official compilation for cricket fans to enjoy comprehensive cricketing. This application keeps you updated with the latest scores, cricket news, commentary, schedules, rankings, video and audio clips, etc. The UI is simple and customizable where you can easily set you favorite team and stay updated in-depth. Their finest writers are always digging out the best cricket content for you to read. Its reminders never let you miss any session especially during Cricket World Cup 2015.
Download ESPN Cricinfo for Android  IOS  Windows

3. Yahoo cricket: Formerly Yahoo cricket experience was only web based but now users can enjoy its sleek and trendy features in its application too. It besides providing ball by ball score updates lets users to interact with the scorecard other than just staring and you can check the moments like wickets, partnerships between players, etc comprehensively. After installing the widget you can enjoy the Cricket World Cup 2015 right at your home screen. The latest cricket news along with perfectly captured photo galleries can also be browsed.
Download Yahoo cricket for Android IOS Windows

4. Hotstar: This new entrant in the game of entertainment is creating a lot of buzz with its unique and attractive services. It unlike other applications lets you to stream the cricket match on your Smartphone just on the go with its origin from the STAR Pvt. Ltd. Being the best in serving cricket matches on our TV’s at home. It completely terminates the use of reading applications by doing the same thing live. Besides cricket, you can watch any drama episodes, movies and other acts of entertainment on this app for free.
Download Hotstar for Android  IOS

5. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015: This special occasional application is directly from ICC keeping you updated with all the action from Cricket World Cup 2015, featuring live scores and commentary ball by ball, highlights and special moments from the matches, exclusive news and interviews along with polls and social connection to get strongly bonded with the CWC 2015 and keep enjoying. However this application is only about this world cup with basic features and if you are just world cup watcher then its for you however it is not the best suited for all round cricket fan.
Download ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 for Android  IOS

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With the buzz of latest iPhone games all over the world, the developers are burning their midnight oils to produce some great games for your iPhone but due to increased competition they need to make a difference in their games for getting famous. The huge count of games was recently released but only the few of them could make it into our list. The main reason behind it being poor storyline or poor graphics or either it can be due to high price. So, after hovering over the web, we have enlisted here the latest and hottest games for the 3rd week of January 2015. So, let’s hustle, fight, and have fun all over again with this new stuff.

Apple iPhone 6

Top 5 iPhone Games for 3rd Week January 2015

1. SoulCraft: It’s an action role playing game where you have to play the role of an angel and you are the one who will decide the winning side. The dungeons and demons have come together to destroy the humanist circle of life, so it’s your responsibility to save the humanity of humans. It’s up to you to decide whether humans or Gods in heaven or evil will won this fight. You can play this game in five modes which are Hell Gate, time run, arena, crystal defense and boss fights. A high standard weapon system including loads of weapons is present for the fights.

2. Swing Shot: Its an easy and fun to play game which everyone can enjoy. The controls are simple, just tap and drag to throw the sling at monkeys on the trees and sloths. It’s not just this simple, it is provided with different modes which get highly competitive in sniper mode and crazy mode. You will have to build your own different skills while playing in 4 different worlds across 48 stages. You will find enemies hiding, flying and attacking, so be cautions. Lots of upgrades for you and your animal friends are available.
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3. Zombie Gunship: These classic zombie killing games have gained a huge popularity since then and are still leading the gaming arena. This is 1st person zombie shooting game where you have to kill waves of zombies by using different weapons which include Gatling gun, Bofors auto cannon, and howitzer cannon. The game is playable with 3D night vision glasses till the end. You have to kill the zombies are save humans from getting overrun by them. In the meantime you will be earning scores, ranks and coins used for upgrades.

4. Magic Wingdom: It’s an intermixed puzzle cum action game which is more likely to give you a dose of addiction. Manage your Magic bird farm, enlarge it up to 4 yards, and unlock up to 20 amazing birds and loads of decorating items like toys, plants, etc. You can get all this by performing well in the game, which will make you earn coins, gaming points and emeralds. Quests are also available for unlocking to get achievements

5. Autorobot: Being a tower defense game, you will have to take charge as battlefield commander and defend your tower against the enemies. This game can be played in arcade mode as well as endless mode. Arcade mode is composed of few levels while as endless mode is literally endless till defeat. Loads of weapons are available with cool up gradations onwards, overall 100 levels are present. Leader board is also incorporated to track your success with respect to others.

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The gaming performance and compatibility of a Smartphone essentially depends upon its processing power, operating system and amount of RAM provided. However, great gaming experience depends upon the display configuration of the Smartphone. Redmi 2 expected to be released in this month is a decent configuration Smartphone with exceptionally low price rate. This Smartphone will be running on Android 4.4 Kit Kat OS operating on Quad core Snapdragon 410 chipset clocked at 1.2GHz along with 1GB RAM. It will be housing a 4.7inches display with pixel resolution of 1280*720pixels. Moreover it’s alleged to be flaunting 8MP primary camera and 2MP front shooter and 8GB internal storage. It’s hopefully expected to provide a good battery back with its 2200mAh battery.

Top 5 games for Xiaomi Redmi 2

Taking a look at its configurations, This Smartphone houses a great hardware configuration at this standard; display being full HD will provide a great graphical experience. This Smartphone can run a wide range of popular games with its quad core processor and good amount of RAM. The compatibility is also at the crown with its latest version of Android v4.4 Kit Kat stocked. Thus overall this Smartphone is a best mid-range with exceptional price in the market. Here we have enlisted some of the top games you would like to enjoy on your Redmi 2 Smartphone. Let’s get started for unlimited fun.

1. Thor: TDW – The official game: You are pretty likely to be already familiar with this blockbuster movie from Marvel, this game has got the same characters also to play with, being Thor, you would enjoy hammering a great number of rebels . You can wear Odin and Beta Ray Bill costumes too. As in the movie you will have to save the world from being destroyed by the Maleketh’s dark evils. You will enjoy being Thor as you did in movie.

2. Skylanders Battlegrounds: This is a total fighting game where you can choose to be any one among the several available characters. You will need to upraise the war torn battlefield and bring Skylanders to life. Being the fully action and adventurous game you would get to unlock many new weapons and magical powers to fight against Kaos and save the Skylanders.

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3. Star Arena: It’s somewhat a tower defence game with innovative ideas. Here you can control a base and deploy into units and be a guide to them. You can also enjoy it in multiplayer mode and this game is ad free and no purchases are required at all. Just get ready, and save the humanity from alien invasion. This game has got excellent 3D graphics and strong wars; you should definitely try to get this one.

4. Sketchman: It’s an endless runner game with a simple concept and two button plays. Run forever and shoot as many enemies as you can. It’s not just this simple, you can use six different types of weapons with many more yet to arrive. The gameplay is very fast paced and tons of missions are to be completed and coins to be earned. However in-app purchases are available in this game for upgrades, etc.

5. Roman from Mars: In this exciting shooter game, you are a roman soldier provided with great mysterious power of ice, fire, lightning and Earth by Jupiter for fighting against the Martian army. You must keep the Martian army away from your fences otherwise Earth will get overrun by Martians. The upgrade for your crossbow weapon is also available. You can also fight against 10 other types of enemies and save Earth.
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The Chinese originated world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer Huawei has been continuously putting some gentlemen spirit in manufacturing of high sector Android Smartphone’s. Huawei has already laid firm footprints in the high range Smartphone developing since past years and are continuously contributing good stuff to the world especially Ascend Mate series being the most popular one. Huawei Ascend Mate7 is a high end Smartphone from Huawei and was unveiled in October 2014. This Smartphone is a brilliant quality masterpiece of hardware-software amalgam with attractive customisations. The obviously must have specifications present in most of the high range Smartphone’s which are obligatory for you to know is the presence of 13MP primary camera with pixel resolution of 4128*3096pixels and 5MP front shooter for taking better selfies. Besides this, Huawei Ascend Mate7 will be available in two variants which include 16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM variant and 32GB internal storage + 3GB RAM variant. So, it’s the user’s choice to choose the affordable and usable one for oneself according to the need. Th2 2GB RAM variant is also adequately beneficial for performing every task with ease besides the 3GB variant being the most premium form .Some of the best incomparable reasons which would make you buy this Smartphone are as follows.

huawei ascend mate 7 gold

1. Big and Better Display: Huawei Ascend Mate7 houses a huge 6.0inches IPS LCD display making it a phablet lookalike Smartphone. This display provides crisp and clear experience because of its HD resolution of 1080*1920pixels and pixel density of 368ppi which is totally outstanding to achieve with the display of such size. It is shielded by Corning Gorilla Glass 3.This HD display gives pleasurable gaming and video watching experience with the taste of both quality and quality. However, it is recommended to get some muscular outfit for this Smartphone because of its size, accidental drops are most likely to occur.

2. Exceptionally fast processing capability: Huawei has introduced their native HiSilicon Kirin 925 Quad core chipset providing speed of 1.8GHz for A15 and 1.3GHz for A7. This processor configuration has scored a huge numbers on benchmarks even crossing the scores of royal Smartphone’s of Samsung. Thus, it is enough to withstand the empowerment of Qualcomm’s and will definitely provide a rich and Smoot experience with both the variants being fitted with adequate amount of RAM. The stability gains a plus point when it’s known that Huawei Ascend Mate7 is factory installed with Android v4.4 Kit Kat OS.

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3. Great zeal of productivity: Besides the basic applications from Android, Huawei Ascend Mate7 is seen with some useful tweaked applications which include the most popular one i.e. fingerprint sensor for extra added security along with mirror and magnification apps. The most productive being it’s renovated Manager application which provides you the options to clean up the RAM storage, enable power saver mode, the do not disturb mode being the new one makes your Smartphone to settle for basic functions of call and message receiving.

4. Remarkably customised UI: Huawei Ascend Mate7 flaunts an Emotion UI 3.0 interface which is added with great helpful applications and moves. Its HiCare application keeps you connected with Huawei for feedbacks and privacy concerns. The app drawer has been eliminated besides which you will find few homepages each capable of housing 9 icons. A huge collection of themes are also present among which you can set your favourite one anytime. Besides notification panel you will find a timeline lookalike feature which lets you track your activities.

5. Good Standby time: Overall Huawei Ascend Mate7 possessing a giant display and heavy processing hardware definitely needs a great battery power to be kept alive for a good amount of time. For that purpose Huawei has planted a 4100mAh Li-Po battery providing 648h of standby and a good day of heavy usage. This is a perfect possible combination battery best suited for this Smartphone.
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Games on your smartphone are must without which having a smartphone is useless. Daily 100 of application are released out of which 45% are games each one better than another by some way. Where subway surfer, temple run, angry birds are few of antique games still remembered and used where application like Robocop, candy crush are making the ways in. Large people daily depend on these application as we require food for living we require games for working.

Today we going to give you a list of the five games for android that, we think, they are worth a try. Android games are getting better and better and they create addiction, so if you have a lot of free time, then you can fill it by playing your favorite games.

Android Logo

Candy Crush

Candy Crush saga is the trending mobile game, on the market for android, iOS, Facebook and online. It is puzzle that everyone are crazy about, however a variation on the theme that sees gems swapped with sweets and different tasty treats. In common thereupon-different nice gem-puzzler, Bejewelled, the more sweets you match with every move the lot of candy bombs you create, points you collect and faster you progress. The application is more trending and new levels invite you daily. The game levels are more challenging and candy bombs becomes more difficult to acquire later.

Water logic

Water Logic is a simplest yet addictive logical puzzle game. The game rules are very simple but the solution is always difficult to achieve. You have JAR’s of different sizes, which you can manipulate to get the required output. The Jars are not marked so you can only pour water from one JAR to another or complete empty it. You can try obtaining the output by transferring water form one jar to another. The games earlier stages are too simple but as you proceed you need to actually scratch your head to obtain its are you up for the challenge. Do you think you can complete all the levels in the minimum number of moves? Try it for yourself!

Rivals at War:Firefight

The game lets you take control of a small yet efficient elite team of combat troopers so that you complete mission. Upgrade your weapons & troopers for every mission buy different tactics to support you in the battle. FIGHT alongside your team in head-to-head battles and follow your commander. Conquer rival groups from round the world to win Gold coins & cash. The game have different battlegrounds and many stages to test your team & emerge victorious. Fight for triumph and become the most effective team!

Quiz up

The world’s largest trivia game is currently on the market for Android!Quiz Up has been graded the #1 trivia app on Google Play in half dozen countries, including the United States, Canada and India. Be part of over eighteen million people that play and love Quiz Up! Challenge your friends and connect with different players round the globe. Test your knowledge with over 300,000 questions in over five hundred topics, starting from ancient history to popular culture, and from Name the component to complete the Lyrics. New topics are supplemented weekly thus; Quiz Up will surely look at your knowledge while keeping you pleased for hours on end!

AirFighters Pro

AirFighters pro is a flight simulation game already being considered as the simplest yet best flight simulation games ever made for android. The game comes with high elaborate world with all stages for flight simulation from take-off to landing. The game shows airports where users will land their plane, or start off. You can proceed as an advance user by skipping its tutorial but It is recommend to travel through the game’s tutorial therefore but you’ll be able to perceive the fundamental instructions of flying a plane, and afterward you’ll be able to start choosing missions.