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Samsung galaxy prime is among the top quality phones of mobile manufacturing giant company. It is powered by the kitkat 4.4 version which is latest among the android OS. One cannot stop admiring the features of this powerful phone among which are high quality graphic games which are available for this model. Though there are thousands of games, we have tried to make a list of the classic and popular games which have been remodelled by adding new features to them, keeping their age old charm intact at the same time making them as trendy as any new game can be. Here is our list of top 5 board games for Samsung Galaxy Prime.

Top 5 Board Games for Samsung Galaxy Prime

Chess free

Chess free is an interesting game which is mere 10.15 MB in size which is a good deal when you consider the amount of details and features which are added to the game. Game can be played by a novice with the help of chess tutor. Chess tutor is an outstanding feature which recommends the next move in the game helping the player to understand basic of game as well as that of strategy making. An expert chess player can play at pro mode which is comparatively tougher. There are 12 levels of game starting from novice to the Pro mode with every level getting tougher than the earlier one sequentially.

Pin ball pro

Pinball pro is one of the most popular games of all time. Pin ball pro is effort to recreate the magic of old and marvellous game by adding new features to it .Graphic level has been raised to new standard which mesmerise the player by high level of realism and very good visual effects. There are five types of tables available which are called classic, lucky stones, charisma lucky wheels, carnival and lucky wheels. Back ground music track is in accordance with the game .Good point is that this Stunning game is only 5.39 MB in size which is a real bonus.

Checker mate elite

Checker mate elite is an old game which is very famous across the globe. Now it is available on mobile too. It is one of the easiest and least complicated games available for the galaxy prime model. Game has four levels based on the difficulty. Game can be played by person of all ages. Graphics of the game are very good and overall appearance pleases the player. It has 2d and 3d perspective modes which is an interesting feature. There are 4 types of boards and 20 types of chips to choose from. Game is 22.35 MB in size.

Mahjong solitaire

Mahjong solitaire is a very popular game for galaxy prime model. One of the reason for its popularity is simplicity of the rules .Playing rules are very simple. Matches of the identical tiles are to be found and paired together. When all the tiles are paired board is completed. There are more than 400 boards in the game with 26 beautiful backgrounds which make this game very satisfying.

Dice with buddies

It is a basic game but yet very addictive and interesting. It can be played with your best friend, your family or a random person whom you cannot even see. This game is turn based so a person can play with nth players at one time. Player can challenge his family member or good friend in the game. In built chat is also a nice addition to the game which can be used to throw a word of caution to opponent. Push notifications tells player about his turn. Game can be played from multiple devices. Game is 11.35 MB in size.

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The gaming season is getting hotter day by day with the release of high definition, innovative games by the developers at fast pace. However if you are looking for the fresh gaming stock to have fun with? You have reached the right destination. The developers have shed some energetic, devastating and adventurous stuff this week. So, after hovering over the muddle for you, we have collected the top 5 best games for this week of February 2015. Enjoy the games full of chaos, skills, strategies and have fun.

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1. Broadsword: Age of chivalry: Get yourself ready to be the commander of four distinct armies from the middle Ages, this game is strategic, turn based, where you have to complete missions one after another. You have to control French, English, Hapsburgs and Spanish armies and lead them to victory. The army confederation comprises of different units having different powers which include archers, pike men, catapults, etc. You can also grab the special heroes and perform tremendously powerful moves in the battle field. You can also architect different buildings, resources and create a successful empire of your own.

2. Evoland: It is going to give you a ride from the history to the present happenings of PRG adventurous games. The adventure start with the monochrome black and white graphics and floats forward landing you into high definition 3D graphics Enjoy the battle’s and fights along with dungeons and the sack of surprises coming in your way. The game is full fun with loads of achievements to unlock and secrets to reveal.

3. Merchants of Kaidan: This game gets you immersed into the adventure of the old world tales somewhat like Jack Sparrow one’s, being an RPG, you have to roam free across the whole world and get yourself into action for earning bucks. In the starting you are provided with a cart and a bag of silver coins and gold coins. Being a merchant, you will have to acquire the knowledge, skills and tactics to make deals and ear profits. You need to know about the news from the different merchants, find hints and sell the goods at profitable price.

4. 1942 Pacific Front: You can get the glimpse of WW2 from this game as you are put on duty with your troops in the Pacific region to experience the dreadfulness of WW2. It’s all about using your wits and getting your commando in a battlefield to crush down the enemy or get crushed. You are provided with heavy weapons like torpedoes, bombs, tanks, etc. With the help of bombs and bomb wings you need to take down the enemy positions and their headquarters. It’s not only about attacking, you need to defend your own battleships also.

5. Transformers: Battle tactics: Unlike the older versions of this game, it is totally different, being a turn based RPG game, You will see all of you favorite transformer characters in the game including Megatron, Optimus prime, Bumblebee, etc. You can assemble a team of the transformers but winning a battle needs strategy and the transformers shifting nature’s makes battles very surprising where you either win with surprise or lose all ends up. You can attain the supremacy by topping the leader boards.

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Games are considered to be a biggest entertainment on any kind of smart phones. Android operating system is being used widely these days by being all most all smart phone developers. Every day new games are being launched updated for all android users. Every time you buy a new cell along with its all features you are very curious to ask the seller one question for sure i.e. hey which all games would come inbuilt in this smart phone and what all kind of games this smart phone would support?

Games are one of the biggest part of entertainment industry. In this article I would like to tell you about top 5 android games which being launched or updated in third week of April. All the android based game lovers should definitely check out our list of top 5.

Top 5 new Android Games Of The Fourth Week - May 2014

QuizUp: QuizUp game is developed by Plain Vanilla Games Corp – April 16, 2014. THIs is one of the best games developed recently in one to one trivia based concept. In my opinion a must download. This is the quiz game in with real time experience between two users all around the world. You can even challenge your friends or any person all over the world. It even has a chat option. The game have many various times if quiz like right from education to entertainment topics.

Fast Racing 3D: Fast Racing 3D is developed by Doodle Mobile Ltd-November 19, 2013 .This is one of best racing game for all android users, even the users with android version of 2.0 or above can enjoy this game perfectly. Here the 3d graphics works perfectly making it very interesting to play. The entire development of the game is made very professional, all the options of this game is quite user-friendly .The gaming experience is wonderful with lots of car to choose and upgrade them as you want and enjoy playing on various different tracks and levels.

Family Guy the Quest for Stuff: Family Guy The Quest for Stuff is developed by TinyCo – April 16, 2014. Whoa! The famous comedy adventurous TV series of all time Family Guy is back this time as game. For all the Family guy TV show fans this is a must download. This game is humours to play have same excellent graphics as the TV show. In this game once again Peter Griffin has accidentally destroyed Quahog and you as player have to save it by building it back.

The Walking Dead: Season One: The Walking Dead: Season One is developed by Telltale Games – April 16, 2014. The famous award-winning series TV show “The walking Dead” created by Robert Kirkman’s is now introduced As a Game. In this game you have to play as Lee Everet who is a convicted criminal and he is given a second chance in this universe to say people and protect them in the world of undead. This is an incredibly powerful game with emotionally engaging experience with great story telling.

FarmVille 2: Country Escape: FarmVille 2: Country Escape is developed by Zynga – April 23, 2014 is a family game. This is the sequel for all the lovers of the famous game Farmville and this time this game is brighter, better with lots of fun than its previous version and now it’s not just for Facebook anymore. This game gives you best Farmville experience on your cell phone. Here your aim is to build world’s best farm and earn out of it and keep on playing the game. You can even connect this game to our Facebook account one of the best feature. There are many multi-part quests giving you good experience. You have to craft, decorate, harvest nurture your farm and gardens and then explore and trade and build new farms and keep enjoying the game.


This is list of top 5 games of third week of April-2014. Each and every game is a must download. You should definitely try it and enjoy the ultimate gaming experience. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Enjoy!

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Windows phones have really proved to be the tough competitors to their rival Smartphone manufacturer Samsung .Despite of being out of their form for a long time they have again started to drift in markets. Windows is enhancing their software support for every new version of Lumia evolving. Dazzling victory of windows 8 mobile platforms has made Microsoft developers it release its updated windows 8.1 mobile platform which is also available now in markets. In spite of these windows is taking great concern of gaming factor which is most important factor these days. Better gaming factor simply lets know the user that this Smartphone has got better processor better RAM and better graphics. Since 2014 has already showed some great start for games, here we are showing you the top 5 new games of second week of April 2014.

Top 5 new Windows Phone Games of the Second week April 2014

Fasten your seat belts and let’s drive through the era of windows gaming

1) Zombie Attack 3D: Save yourself from zombies. You are completely surrounded by zombies wandering to take your life. Shoot them and kill them with different types of weapons .There are different types of zombies you can kill them and get different weapons. This is a 3D game with many exciting levels and the best zombie game available.

Zombie Attack 3D

Zombie Attack 3D game for Windows Phone download

2) Transporter: This is the most excellent 3D racing game for your windows phone. Drive with tremendously high speeds, cross the barriers put before you .Earn gold coins and unlock 4 different models of cars. Feel the passion of better racing skills. Controls are very simple. Steering is your phones tilt sensor and accelerator is your Smartphone’s touch screen.


Transporter game for Windows Phone download

3) 2048 puzzle: This is a very addictive puzzle game. It has been very popular and buzzing around the internet these days. All you have to do is join the numbers in you way and get the 2048.The controls are very simple, you have to swipe the numbers, when two same numbers tough they vanish into a single number.

2048 puzzle

2048 puzzle game for Windows Phone download

4) ICC World Cup T20 2014: This is an official T 20 world cup game for the cricket lovers. It has got excellent 3D graphics. You can choose your favourite team’s logo, play T20 world cup and get the trophy. It has got 3 levels which go harder and harder. You can set how many over’s of match you want to play and also play a quick match.

ICC World Cup T20 2014

ICC World Cup T20 2014 game for Windows Phone download

5) Doraemon Fishing: This is a cute fishing game. You have to play the character of Doraemon and get the fishes out of fishing pond each different type of fish has different points. The shark is the main threat in the game. Also be aware of shoes. Controls are very simple you just have to hold the finger and release hand on a fish and catch it. 

Doraemon Fishing

Doraemon Fishing game for Windows Phone download

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Addictive game lovers we have just composed some brand new stuff for you to play on this second week of April. The craze for android games is increasing rapidly and it’s making the developers to stretch their brains and get the new stuff out of it. So many exciting games are being developed is boosting our Adrenaline rush. Gaming craze has reached the scope that Smartphone developers have to set the phone’s processing capabilities in the way which will suit the smooth running of games. On the other side game developers are increasing graphic qualities of games which obviously mean we need high speed processors and good RAM space to run the games. Another interesting fact you must know is that the most top rated games are being developed from movies whether animated or not. This weeks top 5 games also enclose movie based games and this week also had a launch of few jaw dropping games.

Top 5 new Android Games of the Second week April 2014

Check out the list of hotties of this week below:

1. Cut the Rope 2: After the sparkling success of Cut the rope in the android gaming world last year, ZEPTO lab has now developed cut the rope 2 for android users with many new exciting features. You can visit new places and unlock 5 new characters. Surprisingly this game was first made available for ios and latter on released for android platform and is available on Google play store.

Cut The Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2 game for Android download

2. CSR Classics: This is a realistic racing game and has got excellent graphic quality. You can drive world’s most leading car models like BMW, Audi, Mercedes, etc. You can completely fulfil your racing instinct through this game and you won’t need to risk your life in real racing. You can enjoy drag racing and drive against trained racers. Although this game is available for free on play store but you can buy upgrading parts for money.

CSR Classics

CSR Classics game for Android download

3. Captain America (The Winter Soldier): After the movie Captain America flooded in Hollywood theatres last year, Gameloft has now designed a strategy game Captain America TWS based on that movie. Just like the characters in the movie, you are captain America in the game and leader of your team S.H.I.E.L.D. When you are beaten down by the enemies you call Avengers for handling them. It has got a great story and you would actually love this game.

Captain America The Winter Soldier

Captain America (The Winter Soldier) game for Android download

4. Swap the Box: We assure you that you are going to get addicted to this game once you start playing it .A lovely puzzle game with interactive graphics and rich music. In the game you have to make a way out and connect three boxes and once you will connect them they will fade away. You will find different locations to play the game. It has got 96 levels and the game goes tougher and tougher after you cross each level.

Swap the Box

Swap the Box game for Android download

5. Speed parking 4D: After the victorious glory of Dr Driving, now Speed parking 4D is making its way. It is a car parking simulator game with brand new graphics giving users the feel of 4th dimension. It’s so far being named as The Best Car Parking Game ever. So it’s worth giving a try.

Speed parking 4D

Speed parking 4D game for Android download

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iOS is the best operating system for Smartphones and to cope up with the current market trend development of this OS always come up with some innovative games and apps for iPhone and iPad. Let’s explore that which is the hot pick games for iOS this week.

Top 5 new iPhone Games of the First week - April 2014

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI

It is a sixth installment in this game series which was debuted in 1994. Game is very brilliant to play because the characters provided on this game can be customized and create according to your wish. It is a combat game and to combat you are provided with good ultima weapons and swords to choose and outclass the opponent and win the level. Story theme is very epic and interlace each of their fates are still the most popular storyline. You can download this game from the App store on your phone and start playing today.

Final Fantasy VI Download

Shadow Blade

Shadow Blade

Game is about Ninja character Kuro, who has become the Shadow Blade and he needs to keep the flow of last Ninja masters teaching. Game is very challenging and you have to guide Kuro to overcome all the hurdles placed in the games, you need to apply his ability of fast moving, hiding and using weapons to clear the level and gain points. So now you can experience yourself as a Ninja and play according to your style and experience the Ninja within.

Shadow Blade Download

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

Autumn Dynasty Warlords

It is an RTS game for your iOS platform. If you are more prone to play RTS games then this will be the best options for you. You will have to look after the whole empire of China and make a strategy to protect your empire from forging alliances and other enemy threatening your place. Engage with number of online players and start experiencing real time strategy game.

Autumn Dynasty Warlords Download

Castle Doombad

Castle Doombad

You might have experienced many games where you are the hero and rescuing your country or damsel in a mess. This game is different from every game because you will be a Villain in this game and you can put plenty of traps for the minions who roam on your hall of defense tower. Place a proper trap for your enemy and trap them there. Game is very good and game play is very simple and effective.

Castle Doombad Download

Detective Grimoire

Detective Grimoire

Now become a detective and solve the mystery given to you. If you have proper planning then it will be very good to play this game, but if you miss any evidence then you will be stalled at the case and the mission will fail. So solve the puzzle with your calm mind and enjoy this cartoon game at fullest. Download this game today and show your detective skill to all your friends.

Detective Grimoire Download

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It’s the first week of April 2014 and this week has good surprising games for Android users. With the growing craze of Android games all over the world, developers are facing a real challenge to make good games for their users. Android is well known for the open source code platform so developing games for this OS is quite challenging. Android operating phones have reached to a level equivalent to personal computers at home. Latest Smartphones have good processing skills as well as powerful GPU installed, which takes care of gaming well. So let’s check out which are the hot pick games for the first week of April.

Top 5 new Android Games of the First week April 2014

Sniper Hero: Shooting Game

Sniper Hero Shooting Game

This game is developed by BITGAMESFACTORY and name suggests it is a shooting game. You will be the master of the game if you are pretty good with a sniper rifle. It is an FPS game and you will have to stop monsters to invade your territory and stop destroying properties and killing you. So start killing your enemy and just challenge yourself that how much time you will survive in this game. Game is challenging and very good to play so try it out today itself.

Sniper Hero: Shooting Game Download



Steve Jackson has once bang the market with its new game named Sorcery for Android smartphones. It is most rated and highly acclaimed game from analysts like Kotaku, IGN UK, Pocket Gamer and Touch arcade. You will experience unique combat styles in this game and name suggests that this game will be the world of magic. If you want to experience this game on your Android smartphones then download it now from the play store of your phone.

Sorcery Download

Death Shooter 2: Zombie Killer

Death Shooter 2 Zombie Killer

It is the best rated game on Play store. Due to the most download, it is being placed in Top shelf of play store. Game is free to download from Play store of your Android phone. Basically, it is a shooting game and you have to get rid of Zombies, every level you face will give you keep you grounded with the game and with every level you will brush up your skills to play this game and as well as your weapons and your enemy increases. Choose the best weapons for yourself and start saving your humanity destroyed by Zombie.

Death Shooter 2: Zombie Killer Download

Kochadaiiyaan the Legend: Reign of Arrows

Kochadaiiyaan the Legend Reign of Arrows

It is based on the movie which is most awaiting film of 2014. Legendary hero Rajnikanth and Deepika Padukone will cast this movie. This game is based on main character named Kochadaiiyaan who was a royal guard of King Pandyan. It is a third person archery game and the player will get a chance to become Rajnikanth and stand as a wall in front of the enemy who wants to invade your city Kottaipattinam. This game is out now for your Android phone, so download now and start enjoying archery.

Kochadaiiyaan the Legend: Reign of Arrows Download

Ice Moto: Racing Moto

Ice Moto Racing Moto

This is a simple yet very impressive and is able to eat your couple of hours in a day. Game is developed by Medical Game studio and developer of this game has made the task from simple to hard level. You have a dirt bike and you will perform stunts while progressing stages. Choose your ride and do what you dreamed to perform with your ride. So download this simple but fabulous racing game on your phone.

Ice Moto: Racing Moto Download

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Lenovo have come up with many well featured smartphones. Recently Lenovo launched the Vibe Zk190 in India, the phone has real tough competitors from Google Nexus 5, Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S4 to name a few.Lenovo Vibe has the latest features, runs on Android OS version 4.2.2 i.e. Jelly Bean and it is Quad core 2.2 GHz Krait 400 processor and with 2GB RAM. It has a 5.5-inch display screen with 1080 x 1920 pixel display which would provide you with best gaming experience.

Lenovo Vibe Z K910

If you are the owner of Lenovo Vibe Z K910 you should definitely complete reading this article as I would tell you all about the best top games that you can enjoy with ultimate gaming experience. Following are the list of the games in various categories I would like to recommend you to definitely try and enjoy on Lenovo Vibe ZK910.

Temple Run 2: It is a very addictive game for fun infinite runner and one of the best in the genre all you have to do is run for your life as you flee from the Evil Demon Monkey in Temple Run 2. Temple Run 2

Temple run 2 Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Zen Pinball HD:   An awesome pinball game for this cell phone with various excellent looking  tables, easy responsive controls, multiple view modes, and the nice trendy design of the tables themselves. Zen Pinball HD

Zen Pinball HD Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour:  A game for all shooting action lover users with a solid single player campaign and great multiplayer experience one of the few games that offer you to play with your friends. Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Angry Birds – Star Wars 2: An epic adventure with the Angry Birds in the legendary Star Wars universe if you a fan of star wars movie you would definitely love this game. Angry Birds Star Wars 2

Angry Birds – Star Wars 2 Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Real Football 2013: One the best game from each and every football lovers the must try. The game has excellent graphics and is packed with many of real football leagues, teams, and various players. Real Football 2013

Real Football 2013 Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Frontline Commando D-DAY:  A very high end graphics action packed game where you are supposed to be a commando and complete all the missions as mentioned with various high end guns, grenades, missiles etc. Frontline Commando D DAY

Frontline Commando D-DAY Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Riptide GP2: An excellent racing game on jet-skis, where you can select various jet skis and the game is fast, fun and visually stunning giving you best racing experience. Riptide GP 2

Riptide GP2 Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Doodle jump: This is an addictive but simple micro game where you have to jump from one cloud another cloud continuously until you fall off or get hit by too many enemies. Doodle Jump

Doodle jump Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Asphalt 8: Airborne: One of the best gracing game on Android market for all Asphalt fans this  features with amazing graphics with a  long racing campaign with plenty of airtime to enjoy it. Playing It on the Vibe is visual spectacle due to its awesome screen. Asphalt 8 Airborne

Asphalt 8: Airborne Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

Grand theft Auto: San Andreas: The pc game is here on android and this the same idea of  pc with very nice graphics based on gangsters, troubles and corruption. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand theft Auto: San Andreas Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

The Dark Knight rises: This game inspired from the movie dark knight rises says story of Bruce Wayne the batman character gone for 8 years and now back to protect Gotham city once again. Must try game for all batman lovers. The Dark Knight rises

The Dark Knight rises Download for Lenovo Vibe Z K910

CONCLUSION: This are all the best games based on different categories, you should select which suits you but I will recommend you to definitely try all of them on your smartphone Lenovo vibe zk910. ENJOY!