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The necessity of an appropriate case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 will always be there. This is not only due to protection of your phone from fall but overall protection of the physical aspects of the environment. Some cases are waterproof, some are battery cases while some are wallet cases among other types. The purchase of a case will probably involve protective aspect of the case while also paying close consideration to convenience purposes and meeting your goals of a case. The following list will reveal some of the top casing due to their convenience purposes, unique aspect of the case, pricing and overall protective nature of the case.

Samsung Galaxy s6

1. Tmbr Wood Case

This is a casing which has been designed using a wooden design. The designs are in walnut, rosewood and wenge. This case has been designed with a couple of diversity; in different cases you will find different designs of trees on the back. The Thin wood used to design this case is a tough polycarbon which will assure you sufficient protection for your phone. Its sides have been textured for added grip. This has left the button cover smooth. It has a perfect fitting nature; you will not have any problem with cameras and jacks operation. This casing will defiantly make your Samsung Galaxy S6 stand out while still offering the much need protection.

Tmbr Wood Case

2. Otterbox commuter series case

This is a case which will grantee you sufficient protection from drops, scratches and dirt intrusion. This casing has been designed in a very light weight has been designed with a polycarbon shell on the exterior and a silicone interior. It has been fitted with ports cover to keep of dust and any debris. In case you don’t like the port cover, you can remove them. You will enjoy an enhanced grip due to the skinned edge which is present. It comes in a variety of colors which includes blue, black or a glacier color combination.

Otterbox commuter series case Samsung Galaxy S6

3. Damda Slide

This is a wallet case which is quite appropriate for people who like to travel light or even love to where clothes with no pockets. It is a hard wallet case which has a slide compartment. It has been features with a surprising thin case which will cater for additional storage area. Here you can place your ID or debit card .This case if for people who would appreciate a secure compartment and the lack of the annoying folio flat to cover your screen; who would not love this case.

Damda Slide Case Samsung Galaxy S6

4. Rearth Ringke Slim Case

This is a case which is fully transparent. This case has been ranked most popular in a number of magazines and journals. If the transparent nature is not your choice there are 6 colors variations to choose from. This case is perfectly slim and will offer you the much need protection you require. You will enjoy complete access to side button, you camera, ports and the display. It also has a complimentary HD film which will shield your Samsung Galaxy S6 from any unwanted scratches.

Rearth Ringke Slim Case Samsung Galaxy S6

5. Noreve Traditional Leather Case

This is a case which will live up to the quality and style of you Galaxy S6.It has been designed with French design flair and also a variety of high quality material. The casing is quite eye catching and will provide you with the much needed protection. You have the freedom of choosing from a wide variety of color, texture and the design. Your phone will be perfectly usable, with all the ports, camera and jackpot easily accessible.

Noreve Leather Case Samsung Galaxy S6

These are definitely top 5 cases for Samsung Galaxy S6.


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Samsung is the largest android-based device developer. The company has launched low budget device as well as high budget devices. Samsung recently launched a new device in note series known as note 4. Note 4 was much awaited by the note and Samsung enthusiast and have been a phenomenal hit after its launch. The device has many great features and with latest tech in hand this baby s goanna rock your device experience but unlike its predecessor the device is not waterproof and this is conformed as Samsung missed to mention this on its launch party as well as no information is been provided on Samsung website. So to help you with this I have brought you some of the tech that might help you overcome this problem.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Waterproof, Dustproof Cases for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

JOTO Universal Waterproof Case Bag for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Joto is a universal case in a bag shape, protecting all your devices from water and dust. As is it a universal case all devices below 6” diagonally fits in it. You need to insert the device in the case like inserting in a bag but do not worry the case is clear/transparent from both sides so it can help you view screen and take images without removing the case. You must be thinking now whether the touch would remain the same but don’t worry the company has made sure that the touch remains the same when it in or out of the case. All this features trumps the case above all but it all is quite protected company claims the device will be protected up to 100 feet in water. You also don’t have to worry about your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from falling they have provided a fully functional locking system with a neck strap for easy carrying.

Waterproof Shockproof Snow Dirt Proof Case For Samsung GALAXY Note 4 SM-910 3 2

This waterproof case is a complete protecting case build with two materials also called as hybrid case. Hybrid cases are one of the best cases in protecting your device. This case is like a flap phone but flap opens from the top thus you get easy access to the device and you can remove the device easily. The company has made sure that you get the cases in the colour you want so company has launched this device in eight different colour. The company has provided embossed buttons to easy access buttons on the side of the device for better use. The device is transparent from both sides thus not to worry about touch and camera use. This case will protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 till 25feet.

Defender Series Case for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The defender series is the lowest waterproof protecting device. The company has made sure that it will protect your device but only to 1feet. The case is good looking and has complete protection from all sides you. The have provided a case that protects the device from scratches dust and water. You will get this case in few colour combinations. Defender series is a hybrid case made of multiple layers to protect your device. Inbuilt screen protector and rugged outer slip cover wraps helps the device from dust, scratch, water, and snow

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When it comes to searching for best cover options for Sony Xperia Z2 there are plenty of amazing options that are available. There are many online stores which offer these cover options and here are some those best covers for Sony Xperia Z2 explained in detail.

Sony Xperia Z2

Roxfit Book Flip covers for Sony Xperia Z2

Roxfit Book Flip covers for Sony Xperia Z2


The best part about Roxfit Book Flip covers for Sony Xperia Z2 is that it comes with Nero Black color option which looks pretty good. This is a very rugged cover and is reliable also. The overall cost of this cover is $33.99 and it is readily available across most of the online mobile stores. Another best part about this cover is that there are some more color options that are available and those are carbon black, polar white, carbon red and dark tan.

Case-Mate Tough Naked case for Sony Xperia Z2

Case-Mate Tough Naked case for Sony Xperia Z2


If you love to see your Sony Xperia Z2 in transparent mode then considers buying this cover. The overall cost of this cover is only $41.99. It is readily available across most of the online mobile phone accessory stores and the best part is that these covers are impact resistant as well as protective shock absorbing bumper. These can be easily placed inside and outside from the pocket and are very easy to maintain. You can show off your Sony Xperia Z2 in a smooth and easy manner.

Roxfit Gel Shell cover for Sony Xperia Z2

Roxfit Gel Shell cover for Sony Xperia Z2

This is also another master product from Roxfit and it is basically an ultra slim Nero black cover which is made like a gel shell. The outer bumper is made from rubber which protects your smart phone and the overall cost of this cover is only $26.99. Overall design is slim and sleek and you can easily access all the features and functions of Sony Xperia Z2. One of the best parts about this cover option is that it is water proof.

Muvit Ultra slim Folio cover for Sony Xperia Z2

Muvit Ultra slim Folio cover for Sony Xperia Z2

The best part about Muvit Ultra slim Folio cover for Sony Xperia Z2 is that it is available in beautiful Grey color option which gels pretty well with the Sony Xperia Z2 smart phone and is also reasonably priced at $33.99. This is one of those best covers which have been licensed.

Official Sony Style covers stand cover for Sony Xperia Z2

official Sony Style covers stand cover for Sony Xperia Z2


This is the best accessory from Sony Company as it is available in pure white color which looks elegant. The overall cost of this cover is $41.99 and it helps in protecting all the features of the smart phone and its various ports. There is a built in white stand which allows you to view your smart phone while in standing position in a easy and comfortable manner.

Though there are many more cover options that can be explored but all of the above mentioned are the best and the most reliable phone cover options for Sony Xperia Z2 smart phone. Another best part about these covers is that they are reasonably priced and are if high quality.