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Microsoft Windows phone application development is again touching the peak after sluggish end of 2013. The year 2014 has proved lucky for Nokia and Microsoft because this year has again set them on track. Microsoft is providing every possible benefit to its innovative application developers and the fruit of their efforts has started to ripen since the start of year 2014.

Several innovative and productive applications have been developed recently and here we are going to show you the new windows phone applications of the 2nd week of May 2014.Take a glance below.

Top 5 new windows phone apps of the Second Week May 2014
1) Metrotube: You all might know that YouTube app for Windows Phone is the worst one ever. It only opens the YouTube website and nothing special. This problem was recently solved by developers by introducing new metrotube app. This app lets you watch videos, subscribe to channels, and login like you do in YouTube. It has also got few additional enhancements like video pre-catching for later viewing and it runs the music even if screen turns off. This implies to the fact that YouTube is not only built for watching videos but you can listen good music from it also.

2) Vine: After a long period of waiting this twitter based video sharing app has finally been released for windows though it still lacks some features. You can record 6 second long vines but can’t edit them before posting and even cannot save them for latter posting; this is the main problem. Overall basic video sharing function works quite well. It also lets you know what your other friends are posting. So, you are all set to share you moments with vine friends.

3) 6Tag: It’s actually the most updated version of Instagram app for windows phones. You share your photos and videos on Instagram and apply beautiful filters. You can tag your friends and view map posts. It has got many amazing filters like Earlybird, Rise, Amaro, Hudson, Lo-fi, sutro, Nashville and much more. It also allows you to cut scenes of videos you record, quick sharing on other social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, VK, foursquare, etc. Just like Facebook you can comment and like the photos of your friends.

4) TuneIn Radio: This is the most wide-ranging radio app for windows phones. You can listen to the news, current affairs, sports, and music and everything you like. It allows you to listen from more than 100,000 stations. It has also got 2 million streams to choose from. It’s hence the latest app for radio lovers and a must have app for them.

5) Zomato: It’s the most interesting restaurant finder application out there in market. It has got an option to discover your location through GPS and give you the details of restaurants which are surrounding you. The search option lets you choose the restaurant of your own choice, taste and place. It’s the best application to take along with you when going for hangouts.

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Android is presently the biggest application building platform in the whole world. Its application store is getting contributions from new and old software developers which are resulting in amazing hybrid application development. Now developing applications for any website has been a new trend only because of easy to use Android platform. That’s why Android market is developing exponentially.

In this year 2014 some most interesting applications came out and currently in this 2nd week of May some incredible applications were developed and here we are going to share with you the top 5 new android applications. They are all worth trying not because we are saying, but because of their mind blowing and great features.

Top 5 new Android apps of the Second Week May 2014

1) Google Camera: Google has surprisingly released their new camera application this week. It’s an exotic camera application you would love to keep in your Smartphone. Its user interface is very attractive and designed with perfection. It will give you a 3D feel the moment you start it. After installing this application you will surely forget your inbuilt camera application. It has lot of modes to take picture the way you love to. It includes panorama mode for high resolution, Photo spheres will give you complete 360 views, and an interesting lens blur feature is also available. The only problem for most android users is that this application currently runs on Android version kitkat 4.4 and above only so others will have to update their Smartphone’s or wait.

2) Javelin Browser: It’s time to move on. It’s time to change your default browser with this lovely new comer Javelin Browser. It’s the only browser which is 100% compatible with Android Smartphone. This is because this browser is latest browser so far which is integrated with AOSP core for smooth functioning on Android devices. It is super fast, light, easy to use web browser with interactive interface. It has got a very useful ad-blocking feature which will help you read articles without getting distracted. So just try it and buy it. The demos are free and after than charges are applicable.

3) Waze: If you are driving in a new city without proper information of routes or driving in accident prone areas, you don’t need to worry Waze is there for you. It is a very wide-ranging navigation app basically for drivers. You can keep your Waze application open and join the network of drivers get information on the road reports. You can share various activities and accidents with the drivers worldwide and get benefited by the information shared by them. You can pick up your friends; find the nearby places you want to go like cheap LPG stores. You can simultaneously share your events on facebook and know which facebook friend of yours is driving the same route. It is simply fun + safety application.

4) Flipboard: After being loved by every iphone owner, this amazing application is now available on Android also. This application provides you with comprehensive news from all over the world. You just need to subscribe and get news related that stuff. It has got very nice reading facility. You can save articles for offline reading and read them through any application you like. You can also share events on facebook and twitter via this application.

5) Retrica: It’s an amazing photo editing application. It lets you do what none other photo shoot application can do. It has got 80 filters to apply on your photos. You can apply filters even if you haven’t taken a photo. You can create collages with it and it has got a timer which allows you to take multiple photos at your desired timings. It can also be used to take surprise photos. It has also got some other unique features like out of focus blur, photo booth, Retrica logo watermark, etc. You will simply love to use it.

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The global Smartphone leader Apple Inc has always been developing Application which surprises the whole globe. They are still going with the same work and some grand applications are all set for you to use. Their highly advanced development of applications is the only reason why applications are first released for iPhone and reach other platforms after a year. Here we are showing you the top 5 new applications released for iPhone on the 2nd week of May 2014. You would really love to use them.

Top 5 new iPhone apps of the Second Week May 2014

1) Runkeeper: This app is the best daily fitness app for you. By using your Smartphone’s GPS it tracks your running speed, cycling speed, the distance you covered and calorie burn. Its values are highly accurate as proven from various activities. You can perform jogging activities through the pre planned routes and see your route in the map; it has also got an amazing feature of audio coaching which lets know your calories burn and other values while you are performing workout.

2) Wikipanion: Browsing Wikipedia through a web browser is now an old school activity. You can do much more than just turning on pages of Wikipedia. It has got an interactive user interface which will make you love to read. You can keep detailed history of the articles you visit, bookmark the sections where ever you want to, dual language feature is just awesome. You can use Wiktionary while staying on the page you were, use icloud sync, save required photos in the library, etc.

3) Around Me: It’s a total hangout application and can be used to find anything you need in your surroundings. It quickly navigates your position and gives you every big and small detail of the stores, banks, LPG stations, restaurants, movie theatre, taxi, etc. It gives you complete distance and route of the place you have tapped on and also allow you to share this information with your friend.

4) Bump: Other than fun and food, it is a very valuable application. It allows users to transfer all the stuff between their Smartphone’s using their internet. To start a transfer both the users bump their Smartphone’s together and a confirmation message displays in their screens and after confirming your data gets transferred securely. Data can be contact list, images, videos or any other stuff you want to transfer. It was once most famous award winning application for iphones but had been discontinued due to some reasons and now it’s again on the track. The bump app is no longer supported but still on the favourite apps out there sadly we could not find an itune store link to be provided.

5) Netflix: It is your pocket TV application. It allows you to watch your favourite serials and movies on the go. This free app is available with one moth unlimited trail so you can watch anything for free. After one month you will have to subscribe monthly and watch whatever you like. This application is updated regularly with all new interesting stuff and it will provide you with title suggestions which will make it easy for you to navigate your favourite program.

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Samsung Galaxy S5 is launched and being the most powerful phone with latest hardware and OS, Samsung can run every app and software on it for Android. Almost all apps are compatible with your Samsung S5 phone and you can go through some of the important apps listed below and get it downloaded for your phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Google Goggles
It is very important and very useful application for your phone. This app allows you to click a picture and let Google analyze them and produce result page resemble to the photo you searching for. You will get all the relevant information to know in detail about that pictures content which you searched for. You can also use this app as QR reader which helps you to scan barcodes. You can download this app by visiting the link provided below.

Google Goggles

Download Google Googles for Galaxy S5

BBC News
If you are the one who like to keep abreast with latest news then you should surely download BBC News app. You can get updated to all the news with the help of this app. This app has good UI and home screen which allows you to search all the news effortlessly. You can get touch with all the news running globally and get it on your phone. To download this app all you have to do is visit to the link provided below and get it downloaded easily on your phone.

BBC News

Download BBC News App for Galaxy S5

Most effective keyboard for smartphones is here.This keyboard has feature of memorizing all the words typed by you and when you revise that word it shows with automatic correction and completes the word. Swiftkey also provides prediction of next word which you going to type. You can make use of three languages on this keyboard for typing, there are set of numbers but you can use three at a time. You can move your fingers on the keyboard and you get your word typed. You can customize your keyboard size and layouts for better looks of your keyboard. Download this multiple feature app on your phone and make typing easier.

SwiftKeyDownload SwiftKey for Galaxy S5

Samsung S5 is business phone too so all your important documents and files can be stored in Evernote. It works same like Dropbox. With the help of this app you can hide your document and sync all your notes and memos on your phone and access them anywhere. Download this effective app from the link provided below.

EvernoteDownload Evernote for Galaxy S5

Telegram is emerging instant messaging apps and it allows you to send message within fraction of seconds. Most important part of this app is that, you will not find any advertisement in between the app which makes this phone very fast and reliable. You can send files, picture and videos to any of the contacts who are using Telegram. You can send almost 1GB file to your contacts if necessary, so it is very powerful app if compared to Whats app.

Telegram MessengerDownload Telegram for Galaxy S5

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Windows phones are gaining better application development from Microsoft. Microsoft has shown great interest in windows phones application development besides their work for PC’s. The windows phone developers are developing exciting new applications mostly productive applications to give the users best windows phone experience. They are persistently manufacturing Lumia phones with better software support and new applications. This Week of April has also seen some catchy new applications developed for Windows phones. Check them out below:

Top 5 new Windows Phone Apps of the Second week April 2014

1) Facebook Beta: Facebook has been recently updated for windows phones. It has been updated with minor bug fixes, reliable notifications, additional languages and better performance. Primary and secondary titles for events, pages, etc have been renovated. But it’s conceptually the same old Facebook application.


Facebook Beta app for Windows Phone download

2) Fhotoroom: This application is all you need for professional photography. It has got its own photo sharing feature and photo editor. It enhances the camera performance, lets you share photos on skydrive, facebook, instagram and other social networking sites. It can edit up to 22MP photos without any lagging. Many new exciting filters are available in Fhotoroom store and you can use more than 75 filters. It has got stylish 40+ icons all over the application. It is a real photography application you must have.


Fhotoroom app for Windows Phone download

3) myMoney: It acts as your online financial manager. Whenever you download bank statements from your Smartphone, your financial manager keeps it safe in its own database. This aggregates all your banking data on single platform and gives you complete information about your transaction very simply are reliably.


myMoney app for Windows Phone download

4) Design Me: It is your virtual personal assistant. It gives your complete details about your upcoming appointments, it lets you know about the weather outside and sets how much you want to sleep and after what time interval you want to get next appointment .This application is worth trying because of its best rating in windows store.

Design Me

Design Me app for Windows Phone download

5) Plex: It maintains all your personal media so that you can enjoy your music, videos, etc on any device. It has got its own strong servers which make it trust worthy. Moreover Plex converts your media so that you can play it on any device. Plex has also got rich interface which makes you love to use it. It lets you share your media with friends and family. It has also got exciting channels to browse through .This is actually the best media organiser application you would ever have.


Plex app for Windows Phone download

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Android OS has the biggest app store out there and there are always new apps continuously being updated to the list. There are some apps that have established themselves as all-time favourites and then there are some which are launched and become very popular and then they are replaced by some other app in the future. This keeps changing every month as new apps come and the old apps become, well, old. So we are going to check out the top 10 Android apps for the month of November 2013.



This is the cloud app for Android and the undisputed champion for Android. This app will always anytime of the year however old it is make it in the top 10 because that is how awesome it is. It provides you with 5 GB of storage so that you can keep your stuff safe and backed up on the server. And that is not all; it is free of cost and also it has tie-ups with some companies like HTC and Samsung for upto 25 GB of storage.

ES File Explorer:

ES File Explorer

One of the biggest in demand apps, the ES File Explorer is a complete file explorer app for Android that allows you to seamlessly and easily manage all your files and folders like you would do on your PC. Also it has options to share the files via Bluetooth and other means as well and also attach them via email which is really great. Other than that it also detects and supports memory cards so that you can manage them too.



This is a classic note taking app in which you can take notes, make to-do lists and a lot more that you can do with a notebook. It is like your daily driving pocket notebook in which you can take everything down and make sure you miss none of what you have to do or your wife tells you. You do not want to sleep on the couch now, is it?

Firefox Browser:

Firefox Android

One of the most popular browsers on PC is now on Android and it is amazing. It is smooth, light and lightning fast and also supports flash. So now your browsing experience is not limited to only Opera or Chrome, but you have options now if the others start troubling you.



This is maybe the best news reader out there with a whole plethora of sources available at its disposal. There are many other readers as well, but what makes this the best and most popular is because it even works internationally and hence can cover a lot more content. Also when it comes to absorbing content, this is the best one out there. And when we actually see it, the aesthetic value of Flipboard is high than any other new reader on the store.

Google Chrome:

android chrome browser

The best and most popular browser on the PC is available on Android and what better news there could be than this. This solves many of the issues that Android users had with their stick Android browser and this browser has become just so popular that now many of the OEMs are giving Google Chrome in-built in their Android system so that users don’t have to go through the entire hassle of downloading.


Helium for Android

This is actually a dark horse as it is not much heard of but when we checked it out, it was the best backup app ever. And we are not just saying it. This app is so awesome that it lets you take the backup of anything in your device like contacts, apps, anything and everything. And all this is not on its server but on your memory card and your PC both. Also this app does not require root to perform this and is the best solution for a non-rooted device.


Netflix Android

The very popular online movie service coming with its app on Android, why would it not be the best thing ever? Well, it is the best thing, and now also with many devices sporting big screen and Full HD displays, it only makes more sense to watch the amazing movies on your cell. Now we all know why it is so popular.

Poweramp Music Player:

Poweramp MusicPlayer for Android

This is a paid app for sure but the money spent on this thing is totally worth it as it is the best ever music player app out there for Android. It can play each and every music playback format out there and if something new comes up, you can be sure that its new update will cover that one too. Also it has a huge equalizer also with which you can play with the sounds for your music the way you like it. What more do you even require?


swiftkey logo

For all those who got the chatting bug, they can now chat even faster and better and well, with greater ease. Even the Swiftkey is a paid app but it is also worth every penny that you might spend on this thing. It has the swipe keyboard and the best text dictionary and prediction for over 30 languages. It learns as you go and provides word predictions as you type so that you don’t even have to type much.

So these are the top 10 android apps for the month of November 2013. There are many other apps which are great to but these apps are just amazing and the highest rated ones on the Play Store. So comment down below and let us know what you feel about this list and which other apps should have had made in this one and why.