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Android technology along with other features is also one of the biggest source of entertainment for its users. Android games are very common and there are millions of people playing Android games regularly. The 5 latest Android games of this week are:

Top 5 games download for Android May 4th week 2016

1. Angry Bird Action
Angry bird action is the thirteenth game of angry bird series. This game is made integrated with angry bird movies released this week and available on theaters. The angry bird action game has one of the special level called “Piggy Island” which can be unlocked by watching angry bird movie because the movie(Company) said that the film contain about two dozens of secrets codes which can be used to unlock the level and once the level is unlocked then you will be able to play as much game as you want because there are also a lot of other mini-games in this level and these mini-games can be unlocked with the help of secret bird codes.

Angry Bird Action

Download Here

2. The LEGO Movie Video Game
Lego name inspires creativity and reminds one of good old times. With launch of Lego Movie video Game the beauty of Lego comes to smartphones. One can play with several famous characters like Batman, Superman, Gandalf more than 90 characters to play around. Even the environment has a various mix of places and offers over 45 exciting levels to keep you engaged for long Game builder have done a great job making sure the animation is as real as LEGO toy sets.

The LEGO Movie Video Game

Download Here

3. Vector 2
Vector 2 is another amazing game released by Nekki. Vector 2 is the second part of the Nekki game vector which has excellent graphics, perfect control and many different levels. In this game, you are still running from clutches who are trying to catch you and take control of you and you are allowed to run over a well-designed 2D world that is full of traps, lasers and places to use your parkour skills.

Vector 2

Download Here

4. Cattch
A new colourful and amazing puzzle game Cattch is available in Google play store. The game is produced in collaboration with infected Pixels studio and MildMania. MildMania is the well-known developers placed in Ankara, Turkey. They have produced different games like Rope, a well-known and amazing game in which you have to cut the elastic rope to fit in the different configuration. Cattch is a puzzle game in which a cool and stylish cat rescue its friend through running, jumping, clamping, sliding and punching its way through different environments. The main character will meet plenty of rivals and puzzles.


Download Here

5. Sparkwave
Another game that is released in last few days is Sparkwave from Crescent Moon games. In this game, the hexagon world is rapidly changing and you have directed a line with detailed end point through treacherous territories. The goal of the game is to get as long as you can go without meeting to an untimely end. The environment of the game is filled with different obstacles and power-ups. You can move left or right by tapping left or right. In order to stay alive for a long time in the game, you have to take rapid decisions.


Download Here

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Samsung the branded company has recently launched the J series smart phones, in this series a J3 phone was released on January, 2016. This smart phone gets popular among all people because it stunning look and features made this device attractive. This smart phone has got super AMOLED 5-inch HD display and expendable storage capacity up to 128 GB which is quiet large to store data like big games. It has also 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM  and the processor is 1.2 GHz all the games and apps will run smoothly without hanging the phone or without getting phone slow. You can easily play all types of games and it has got new feature biker mode. As we know that everyone has own choice of selecting games not everyone has similar type of thinking, some like racing games, some like puzzle games, some fighting games, some hunting games and some word games. Don’t worry you will get all types of games available for this device. You want to become good gamer and you will get that using top best games available present time. Here are 5 best games for Samsung galaxy J3 in today’s world.

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

5. Clash of Clans: It is a popular strategy game available for Android and I phone created by SUPERCELL. It is the best game for your device, in this game all you have to build your own village and ready defend your village from attackers. This game supports single as well as multiplayer. All you have to upgrade walls and defend village, upgrading defenses to repel your enemies. This game is available free on Google play store. If you have been looking for this type of game then probably it will fit you in best manner. There are millions of people playing this game and I am sure you also love this game. Once you play you will never stop playing this game.

4. Angry Birds 2: This has got all the new bigger features, BIGGER BADDER, $BIRDIER. It is the biggest and interested game ever. It is a single shot game play with more destructive and cleaning up levels to unlock the next multi-stage levels, all you have to do is destruction. You can also connect it with your facebook account and challenge your friends across the world. You have to also find and destroy big boss pigs, cast wacky spells and much more. This game best suit for those who are interested in this type of games.

3. Cut the Rope 2: If you like candy collecting, then I am sure you will also like this game. It is a simple and easy mind game, for those who love mind games. It is one of the popular games. It has a cute character “Om Nom” has to collect new candies with different conditions. This is simple you have to collect candies crossing unanticipated obstacles. It is an upgraded version with much more fun and tricky missions that makes quite delightful.

2. Plants vs Zombies 2: This game is very much interesting you will never get bored off. This game is favorites for all whom play it has cuteness, all you have to do is you have to kill zombies, in this game you heroes and soldiers are plants. It has got different modes like missions, battle strategy and much more fun. I am sure you will surely love this game and recommend every person to play this game.

1. Call of Duty: HEROES: It is a 3D compact game. All you have to do is defend your base against endless count of enemies. You have to give orders to an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers and devasting drones from the Call of Duty. The game is awesome 3D strategy combat game you have ever played. It gives you the look of real thing happening before you, as its graphics is quiet effective to you. All you have to need to set up your base then go for defeat enemies.

I hope you will like these types of games. There are so many games available to this device. Best games are discussed above. Try these games and I fully hope you will like these games.

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If you are tired after doing your homework and even office work here is something to rekindle your energy, the top 5 games for android 1st week. This are amazing games for you. The development of strong and powerful android system has led to the coming up with strong and powerful games for you this week. This games have got improved graphics and are really eye catching .It’s quite tiresome to determine the best game for yourself and that’s why we come in handy to create the below games for you this week. If you are a hardcore gamer then the following are our Top 5 Android games for 1st week October 2015

android games

Top 5 Android games for 1st week October 2015

1. 4 x4 Hill Climb Off road
This is an amazing simulation game for you to play this week. This game is more realistic since the car can damage when hitting the rocks and even driving through the water giving you a very ecstatic feeling .You can also perform awesome stunts with the vehicles. It has got a wide platform for racing such as, the forests islands, deserts etc. This our top latest games with an average rating of 3.7 and over 200 reviews. This game is downloaded for free in the Google Play Store.

2. Crazy Wheels
This is an extreme racing game that has got amazing graphics. It’s equipped with amazing challenging levels with awesome controls though hard to master. Its sound effects are also awesome and realistic. This is also one of the newest games in the android market downloaded for free

3. Truck Simulator 2015
This is one of the latest simulator games for you. If you have ever played Euro truck then this the game that you won’t miss playing. This game is equipped with an intelligent traffic system and amazing camera options of various angles .Its controls are also awesome with tilt or steering options .This is our top free game with an average rating of 3.7 and over 500 reviews .This game is downloaded in the google store.

4. Mad Car Racer
This is an amazing adventure game for you this week. In this game all you have to do is to hop on top of your car and shoot your enemies for you to earn points .It has got amazing 3D graphics and 5 sport cars with cool sound effects. This game is among our top free games downloaded for free in the google play store. It has got an average rating of 3.7 and over 500 reviews making it emerge the top in our list.

5. Dr. Parking 4
Dr. Parking is a sequel parking simulator game really loved by many. Here comes its latest series with amazing new features i.e. the Dr. Parking 4.This game has got the most improved stunning graphics .This game has got more and improved challenge levels for you to play. This game has got an average rating of 4.7 and over 2000 reviews making it appear among our top list of the best game for you this week. This game is downloaded for free in the google play store.

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Nokia Lumia 930 is the latest high end Smartphone from Nokia unveiled officially in July 2014. This Smartphone is definitely worth buying with its configuration being the best. It flaunts a 5.0 inches AMOLED display with resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels and pixel density of 441 ppi. This amazingly high definition display comes sheltered by corning gorilla glass 3. It is housed with a 20 MP primary camera with highly extended features and 1.2 MP front shooter for video calling. This Smartphone launched with windows 8.1 operates on Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.2 GHz speed and this super fast processor is coupled with 2 GB RAM. There’s 32 GB internal storage available however expandability is not the option available here. This highly fast processing configuration makes this Smartphone a gaming beast. This Smartphone gives 11h 30m of talk time on 2G with its 2420 mAh Li –ion battery. This Smartphone is overall a nice masterpiece of art from Nokia. So, here are the best 5 games you would love to play on this Smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 930

1. Asphalt 7 Heat: Just like all the older versions of this game, this variant has also got that fantastic addictive racing environment. You will discover a variety of cars waiting to be driven by you, you can play both multiplayer as well as single player via different game modes. The graphics quality of this game is awesome and this is the best racing game you will currently find in windows store.

2. The Gunstringer: Dead Man Running: This is a unique runner game from windows. This game is actually originated from The Gunstringer which was developed by Dead Pixels. This endless runner game has a beautiful story mode. You will find this game too addictive to play with its long story and great graphics quality. Its latest upgrade features many power ups, etc.

3. The Harvest: This is a full on action game from Windows with great graphics and sound quality. This game is specially designed to be enjoyed on Windows platform. This is the best RPG game in Windows store.

4. Hydro thunder Hurricane: It is a highly addictive speed boat game finding its origin from Hydro Thunder Play Station game. This game is highly addictive with increasing tower ups in the way. It’s also sad that Windows store is currently a little under developed for legendary games but the work is on and it will keep getting better.

5. Halo: Spartan Assault: Halo has proven a very popular game in many platforms and here also this game has shown some great energetic performance. Here are loads of weapons ready to be fired and the graphic quality is obviously halotic. You will find many great challenges to be completed in this game.

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Nokia Lumia 730 is the latest midrange Smartphone from Nokia and released recently in the month of October 2014. This Smartphone is being popularly known by the name of Selfie Phone due to the fact that it flaunts a 5MP front shooter for selifies, knowing the demand of selfie phone’s all over the world, Nokia has came up with this one. It houses a 4.7 inches OLED display with resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels and pixel density of 316 ppi. This good qu7ality display is protected by corning gorilla glass3 sheath. A 6.7MP Carl Zeiss optics primary camera is present. This Smartphone comes preinstalled with Windows 8.1 OS operating on Quad core Snapdragon 400 processor clocked at 1.2 GHz and coupled with 1 GB of RAM. 8 GB of internal storage capacity with expandability up to 128 GB is present. This processing configuration is the best we can have in this standard and will run majority of the popular games with ease. It is packed with 2200mAh Li-ion battery providing 22h of talk time on 2G. Nokia has always been good on battery back up’s and here also proves the point. So, here you can download the best top 5 games for your Selfie Phone. Take a look below:

Nokia Lumia 730 Dual

1. Asphalt Overdrive: This is a 3D racing game for your Lumia 730, you would love to play. It has got a clear graphics quality, physical aggressiveness in racing with good game play giving you intense feeling of a hot wheels race. Just like all other versions of Asphalt, it also has got a good sound quality and the controls are also neat and simple.

2. World of Rabbit: It is an adventurous game which allows you to explore the world of rabbit. Here you can master the 3 game modes and unlock much more exciting features. You can be the best in this world of rabbit by beating your friends in score. You will definitely enjoy travelling through the adventurous world of rabbit.

3. Cut and Hack: In this game you can enjoy being the world’s best hacker. All you got to do is hack as many systems as possible but it isn’t as easy as it seems. In order to top the leader boards you would need a high range of precision in cutting and hacking. Slice as many possible geometrical shapes but with precision . You can earn credit and upgrade skills. This game is too addictive and fun to play.

4. Grim Legends: This is a famous Pc game arrived on your windows Smartphone platform. This casual game is developed by famous developers Artifex Mundi and has got everything embedded with perfection which includes scenes, sound track and graphics quality. All you have to do is complete very excited tasks provided to you in the game. With its real impressive story you would love to get mingled with it.

5. Bad land: It’s a famous game present almost in every Smartphone platform. It is an addictive runner cum platform game where you have to make a bird flay as much as possible towards right side and also save him from traps. You might find this game easy for first but the reality comes to you in the deep where a swarm of birds needs to be saved.

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Lava Xolo Play 8x-1200is a new generation smart phone which runs on the latest Android operating system and give users a new gaming experience. The phone has 5.0 inch 1080X1920 display and 2GB RAM which allow users to play games without any interruption on a large screen. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular games for Lava Xolo Play 8x-1200.

 Games for Xolo Play 8x 1200

List of Games for Lava Xolo Play 8x

The Room: A physical puzzler

The Room

The Room is a puzzle game which runs pretty well on this smart phone. This game has gained immense popularity and every user can download the game on their phone as it has astonishing graphics. You can install this game on your phone from Google Play store.

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Modern Combat 4: Zero hour

Modern Combat 4 Zero Hour

Modern Combat 4 is a mission game launched by Game loft. This game runs in selected smart phones only as it requires some hardware requirements. Lava Xolo Play 8x- 1200 fulfils all the hardware requirements, thus this game runs smoothly on the smart phone without any difficulties.

Clash of clans: build your empire

Clash of Clans

Clash of clans is mostly installed on this phone because this game runs smoothly because of its specifications. Clash of clans is about building your empire and protecting it from the attacks of other players. You can also attack the other player’s empire and loot gold. This game requires fast internet connectivity.

Hay Day: the best farming game

Hay Day

Hay day is the best farming game and is among the top games in 37 countries. In this game you have to customize your farm, grow crops and deal with the visitors. You have to complete orders to upgrade your farm. You can download this game from Google play store and that too at free of cost.

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Star Wars commander: a strategy game

Star Wars Commander

Stars wars commander requires 512 MB RAM and Android version 2.3.3 or more for running on smart phone. This phone fulfils all the requirements, thus creating no problems in running this game. This game is about creating a base and training your troops and leads them to victory. This is the latest trending game, so hurry up and install this game on your phone quickly. This game will not let you down because of its adventurous levels.

These are the most popular games for Lava Xolo Play 8x-1200. You can download several games on the phone because of its huge memory storage.

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Games have become an ideal way to get away from boredom. Be it on a console or a phone.Apple believes that quality games are as a part of the users need as quality apps.The buzzing iphone games developers have came out with some new gaming stuff which you would love to play. They have freshly released a huge count of games in this week of July 2014 and we have collected the 5 best games to make it easy for you to judge the best game. All the games provided below have turned highly rated within no time so you will need to give them a try if you are a true gamer.

iphone 5S

1. Cargasm: It’s a classic racing game with HD graphic quality. Blow your vehicle on the streets of London, Paris, San Francisco and Egypt. With each winning race and increasing racing potential you win a brand new car and a collection of cargasm girls. You will also be able to share your milestones on Face book and twitter.

2. Fight back: This evil fighting game is developed by Ninja Theory which is little popularly known game developer for ios but this time gone popular. It’s a true fighting game where you will have to beat the enemies with your hulky and bulky body and muscles. You have to play as Jack who has got a military back ground. Your sister has been kidnapped by a game whose leader is Drago. He has got an axe to tear you off. Your old friend and commander namely Captain Dan is going out to help you get back your sister. You will have to fight across many floors of a building to find your sister.

3. Night Whisper Lane: This extremely scary game is developed by EPX games especially for ios. Its graphic quality is mesmerising and the sounds are real scary. Some fans are calling it as “Point and Click” game. It comes with turn based battle system to help you get out of this haunting place. Many different kinds of traps are laid down in these 3D rooms so use your power and wits to come out of this labyrinth.

4. Glorious Maximus: This combat game is built upon a great story of ancient Rome. You will have to battle against great warriors to get honoured with the title “Glorious Maximus”. Brawl against the enemies with your fighting warriors from the surroundings of Rome. Recruit the highly talented champions and get them new weapons from the gold you earned. Play all 30 levels, kill the enemies and get richer and ultimately more powerful.

5. Shadow Fight 2: Fight! Fight! Fight! This is a highly addictive game with countless dangerous weapons to be unloaded on demons, armours and martial art tactics to defeat your enemies. Kill the demons of six different worlds with the power packed weapons available to you. Show no mercy on these demons and keep killing.