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With the vastness of Android OS all across the globe because of readily availability within flexible price limits, the applications for different shopping items are being developed tremendously. Currently due the advancement in Smartphone technology, shopping has been totally digitalised. A lot of exciting shopping spots are present online where everything is available of desired brand and price. The huge bumper offers and discounts are being placed in world’s largest shopping applications to give users, the reliable service. The home delivery being the most reliable trend is being made as fast as possible to reach to every user before deadline. This makes a user believe on the application’s genuine nature as well as good stability is must. Here we have collected the best shopping applications present all over where you can find everything like electronic accessories, clothing and books.

Top 5 shopping apps for Android phones and tablets in the month of November 2014 for India

Shopping girls
1. Amazon: It is the largest US online store for buying a diverse range of products which include books, mobiles and tablets, electronic accessories, apparels, furniture, toys, food, CD’s and DVD’s. Their specialty lies in their manufacture of own Kindle electronic gadgets with highly advanced comfort reading and cloud services. Amazon has got a very vast service providing network reaching out for a very high count of countries worldwide, major ones being India, Japan, China, Mexico, Sri-Lanka, along with shipping. They are soon looking forward for further diversification of network. This application from Amazon is highly stable and further bug fixes are in progress.
Amazon android app
2. ebay: It is also a US originated e commerce application available in large Smartphone Operating systems like Android and iOS. It provides consumer to consumer and business to consumer global network. In this application you can buy as well as sell products at desired price to buyers worldwide. It’s currently expanding its classified trading as well as online payment services.
Ebay android app
3. Groupon: This application is a highly useful one making you save a large share on different daily usable items including food. A large number of discounts on pizzas in the restaurants around you can be navigated through it. You can attend the favourite shows and events right after booking via Groupon application and that too at heavy discounts. With this application launched, you can buy tickets right with few taps on your screen, redeem vouchers, track your vouchers, enjoy the hangouts at different exotic places, forward all the Groupon offered hottest deals to the people you care for.
Groupon android app
4. Flipkart: This is the Indian famous e commerce application available on all major platforms. It sells all the electronic items, daily use accessories including washing, bathing including kitchen stuff. You can navigate easily for your desired product via powerful search bar and buy it either via debit card or COD service. Moreover it offers 60 days replacement warranty on products. The hottest deals are shown up on the front of application to make it easily visible for you. Overall it is a very stable and easy to use application.
Myntra android app
5. Myntra: This application is especially designed for the fashion and life style products sold by You can find all the premium wears for boys and girls according to the trend on this website. The discounted products from different branded manufacturers are also available via different seasonal and festival sales. Currently from onwards, Myntra is under the supervision of giant e-commerce website Flipkart.
Flipkart android app

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In this second week of August, we have come across with some great news for windows phone users. Many legendary and popular applications of different mobile platforms have been successfully developed for windows Smartphone users. Many more updates are expected these days as windows is highly updating their store with new applications and extending their reach tremendously. If the pace of modification from Windows mobile developer team remained as such, Windows store is surely to get unexpectedly vast within no time. Besides applications Smartphone software widgets like battery saver, camera application, metro tube and many others are getting updated from Microsoft so always keep track of recent updates.

Windows Phone 8

Uber: Uber is finally backed in windows store. This is a highly useful and productive application which was once available in windows store but was too poor to perform anything rightly. Now it has been highly modified for windows mode and this is really a giant step from Microsoft. With Uber in hand, you can demand for a cab via uber and a cab will be present for you within moments of time. The rates for different drives are optimised and credit card paying option is available. It has moved the life of daily travel to the next level. You will enjoy this service.

Yo: This stupid application has gone viral all over the internet for almost no reason. It has grown highly popular in iOs and android and has now been released for windows too. The main function of this application is to say a loud Yo! That’s it. You can only send Yo! with this application to your friends and it’s devoid of any text or voice calling. It’s popularity is an unknown magical instinct.

UPS Mobile: This application is a package tracking application in which you can also pin your packages in the form of live tiles and track them easily. This application is very different from their website with highly developed user interface. You can easily track UPS stores present in your vicinity and also calculate shipping and packaging charges.

ooVoo: This fantastic free video chatting and messaging application has been released for windows recently, it has got more than100million users all over the globe. The most interesting feature of this application is that it supports group video chat among 12 people simultaneously. Voice calling option is also available along with noise cancellation to allow fluent and clear talks. The user interface of this application is simple, easy to use and without any hectic problems of lagging.

Files: Finally Microsoft has launched an official file manager for windows phone 8.1 namely Files. This is just a basic file manager for windows but is said to be very fast and robust application. You can manage both SD card as well as phone storage, install application and search files. Just like other file managers it provides options for marking multiple items and moving to other folder and much more.

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Mobile device devices have slowly with moving time have evolved into something really new and unique that maybe we might not have had even imagined. Today our “Smartphone” has become everything that a phone is and plus much more, like a gaming zone, communication hub, internet browser, payment and purchasing bandwagon and also a news hub. Gone are the days when you had to rely on only your television and newspapers for the latest news updates. Now you can even get them on your computers, tablets and also mobiles.

We are bringing you a list of the 5 best news reader apps for iOS.

Download News Reader Apps for iPhone February 2014

1) Flipboard:


Flipboard is unarguably the most popular news reader app of them all. The popularity of the app is clearly evident where HTC has even incorporated this app as a separate Homescreen in its Sense UI to bring the user the best and the everything of the lot and now on iOS. What Flipboard does is that it brings everything print and paper to you in a digital way. It is minimalist and simple to use and you can always subscribe to your favourites which you want. The best part is that you can select each article you want and you can make a magazine about it by adding your favourites so that you can get an exclusive of them directly ready for you and you won’t have to keep searching for them among the many subscriptions on your Apple devices.

Download Flipboard for iPhone

2) LinkedIn Pulse:

LinkedIn Pulse

If you have used Flipboard before, then you will find pulse to be somewhat similar. The interface and the layout though, is a bit different. It is not difficult per se, but has immense amount of information from myriad sources, and most importantly, it is uses sorting feature where the articles are featured and sorted according to publishers and topics. The best part of this is you can always keep subscribing to your favourite topics ranging from technology, health, daily news, general updates, etc.

Download LinkedIn Pulse for iPhone

3) Zinio:

Zinio is one of the best ever available cross platform news apps available. The reason being Zinio first of all gives a wide range of categories to choose our news from, and secondly it is a cross platform app it is available for all Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 desktop, everything. And the best part is even though it is a pay per subscription app, the synchronisation is uniform and automatic. You have to pay once and you will be able to enjoy the news across all platforms at the same time.

Download Zinio for iPhone

4) Pocket:

Pocket is actually more of a “read it later” app. This is because this app works in the background all the time, and if you stumble across anything interesting or news that you want to check out without leaving your current task at hand, then you just have to save this to Pocket and pocket then will get the news article of whatever it is on your local phone storage by downloading it. And then when you finally get the free time for it like while saying travelling or just relaxing at home on the couch, then you can open up the app and check all the stuff out that you had saved for checking out later. Since because you choose the content you want to see, that’s why there are no subscriptions on offer for this app. Also the UI is simplistic without many photos to save data, but if you want the original feel, there is always a link to the original page, where you can check it out.

Download Pocket for iPhone

5) Circa:

The inclusion of this app is actually a bit of a surprise package because Circa is relatively new one and also because it does not quite follow the usual way other news reading apps follow. This being because the basic fundamental which this app does not incorporate is that it does not just source the news directly from other sources and publishes it. Instead Circa has its own back end team of editors and reporters who take the news and publish it on their own. The news is in the form of snippets and small paragraphs with all the basic important details. This makes the news much more efficient and completely revolutionizes the way news on mobile is presented and read.

Download Circa for iPhone

This is our list of the top 5 news reading apps among the lot. There are many more available, but they need a lot more updates and development to reach the standard of the above mentioned. Let us know what you feel about the top 5 by commenting below and also if you feel any other news reading apps should be mentioned in the list.