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Google recently unveiled its latest Android update, the Android 4.4 KitKat. This new release does not have much new in terms of looks and graphics and looks almost similar to the previous 4.3 JellyBean version. But what Google has introduced new here is the new software tweaks to the OS making it more refined and awesome by adding more features to it. This not only saves a lot of memory, but also the hassles to download individual apps for those features. So here we have compiled a list of 20 features which are new to the Android 4.4 KitKat.

Android 4.4 Kit Kat

1. Phone App:
This is the default app used for making calls and has been present in all the version of Android. But this time it is better than before because now it has a much better phonebook interconnection which means it sorts contacts out based on which ones we contact and the most and hence keeps them on top so that you don’t have to spend more time fiddling with the contacts to get to the person you want to contact. Also it can tell you where the person is if keep your GPS on.

2. Email App:
Android always had email apps and specific apps like Gmail as well. So if you have only a Gmail account or multiple Gmail accounts, then this app will be perfect for you, but if you have multiple accounts, then in that case this app is perfect for you as you can interlink all your accounts in one app and hence don’t have to jump from app to app for multiple accounts. Just switch into in app folders of different accounts and you are done.

3. Hangouts Message Center:
Google had told that it was going to integrate SMS app into its hangout app and it has done exactly that. Now earlier you needed to go into your message app to check out your SMS and again go into hangouts to manage your Google contacts. But now Google has integrated it all and made it into an all in one app where even your SMS will now show in your Hangouts. So that’s cool.

4. Phone App Caller ID:
We all use Truecaller which is a popular called ID app and tells us who is calling and also the location so that we can filter out the unwanted calls and block them up. This app actually comes inbuilt in the Lumia devices but now it has been introduced in Android as well which means no more going through the trouble of getting a separate app for this. You will know exactly who is calling and you and also from where. So no more going through the troubles of the spam calls.

5. Pre-installed Quick office:
Editing documents and Excel sheets and presentations can be a huge tussle, but now it is no more. Now with the pre-installed Quick Office that comes with the new Android version, you can easily work on your office documents on the go with the full-fledged version just like on your computer.

6. Music Art on Lock Screen:
Now this is one cool feature where earlier your locked screen would be all boring with nothing but simple wallpapers, but now with the latest Android, you can even control your music directly from the lockscreen. And best of all your lockscreen wallpaper will be the Music Art. Now isn’t that cool?

7. Device Manager:
This is an amazing new app and is the same with used to run on previous versions where it showed the apps and battery and phone performance and battery consumption, etc. but now this is even better. In this version the new Device manager helps you manage your apps and kill the unwanted ones and also best of all can also do a remote wipe in case you lose your phone; so no more the fear of your data falling into wrong hands.

8. Control device by saying OK Google:
Google’s voice command, the Google Now is always on in the new version of Android. In this all you have to do is say “OK GOOGLE” and it will be up and live and you can ask it to do whatever you want and it will do it to the best of its ability. Also now with improved services the experience is much better than before.

9. Pedometer:
This earlier was an exclusive app introduced by Samsung in its flagship models, but now Google has integrated it into Android 4.4 so that there is no requirement for a new special app for this. Now you can easily track how much you have travelled, walked, ran and calories burned. For all those health conscious people out there, you got your perfect companion now.

10. Web Components Support:
Some websites which are new are not quite managed properly and hence they are all jumbled up when you see then on mobiles. But with this new feature it manages the website well for a cleaner web experience. Its absence in previous versions could easily be felt with the loading time in previous phones.

11. OTG Print:
This is a great option if you want a quick print and don’t want to go to the hassles of connecting via a cable and then printing your documents. So now in this you connect to your printers wirelessly and send the print commands and get your printouts. The problem is that it is only supported in some HP printers for now, but further compatibility for all printers will be coming very soon.

12. IR Blaster:
This has not become quite dated and is largely dependent on the hardware of it supports it, but nevertheless you still get a remote control on your phone. You should not be complaining about it at all. So now no need carrying different remotes for different devices.

13. Improved Download Manager:
It is very frustrating when you lose a link and suddenly your 98% download has to start from the very beginning. For this now Google has improved the download manager in the Android 4.4 KitKat so that there are no more download crashes or incomplete downloads and you can always download your files by pausing them later on if you do not have internet access or lose it.

14. Chromecast:
This is like a projector where you can project whatever you have on your phone on another display like a TV. Also you can play audio and video content on your HDTV or any other display present there from your phone. It is really simple to use and you don’t even need a third party app for this.

15. HDR+ photography:
This is only present in the current Nexus 5 and no other phone as of yet but they will have it once they get the new Android 4.4 KitKat update. In this the device captures many pictures in a burst and then you can select whichever picture you liked the most. Also you can get some amazing clicks even in low light with this.

16. Emoji:
If you thought only Whatsapp had Emoji then think again. Now Google has introduced more Emoji in their messaging app which is Hangouts. And now since the SMS are also integrated into one, you get the Emoji support even in SMSs. Now that’s cool. One issue though that to send and receive these Emoji, the person on the other side also needs to have support for all these Emoji.

18. App Switch:
This is an amazing feature from Google. Not only does it save a lot of time but is also very simple now. What this app does is that you earlier needed to go into settings and search for the entire menu, but not anymore, now changing the default apps is very simple and you can do that from the Homescreen itself. Just go on the app switch app, and then select which app you want to select as the default app to run for specific conditions.

19. Location Mode:
Google has made some changes in the GPS settings of the new Android where earlier when the GPS used to constantly keep checking for location and used to use up a lot of the battery, now it smartly check between Wi-Fi, Mobile networks and GPS so that it gets better location accuracy and also saves lots of battery.

20. NFC:
This was something that was long missing from Android and Windows Phone made good use of it. Now it has come to Android finally and with the Android 4.4, NFC will be supported in Android devices as well. Now we can use the Google Wallet app and many more finally for making payments and connecting devices and transferring data.

We checked out the 20 great, amazing and cool features introduced by Google in the Android 4.4 KitKat update and we are excited about it completely. So comment down below what you feel about it and if you are waiting and highly anticipating for the 4.4 update to come soon to your Android device.