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Google is all set to create a trend for apps. Google is all set and have uploaded a new application to Google Play store today. Google has become an icon by its Excellency in term of their products or applications. Today Google has uploaded a new application Text-to-Speech engine (TTS engine). They have launched this as an independent application; it not only helps on searching but also gives huge flexibility.

Several Smartphone’s do have do have their own TTS engines. But however, huge crowd do believe and trust Google for its product. They keep on providing great updates on regularity than manufacturers upgrade.

Text-to-Speech can be used for several purposes. The Google TTS apps supremacy application read text on user screen. An often person uses TTS for reading E-books out loud. Through this application one can also enable Google translate to speak translation. This translation allows user to hear how a word is pronounced clearly.

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This application also has Talk-Back feature for feedback to operate.

This application supports few languages like English in UK and US version, Italian, Spanish, German, French and Korean. The size of Text-to-Speech app is about 9.9 MB in size and runs on higher version of Android 4.0.3. Android user can easily start with this application on downloading through setting menu.