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Top Chinese phone involve phones with a number of great features which are currently in high demand. To achieve a top feature position, the phones have a combination of great numbers of brilliant features. China is an innovative country and different phones are always being designed. The following phones achieved the top ranking due to their overall design and performance aspects.

Top 5 Chinese high performance affordable phone in July 2015

Top 5 Chinese high performance affordable phone in July 2015


This phone has been fitted with an octa-core MT6753 processor and a 3 GB ram. These will grantee your phone works in faster manner. With these you can enjoy a faster and fluent multi-program running smoothly. It has been fitted with a 16 GB RAM to cater for all your storage purposes. But you can also extend the external memory to 16 GB. The screen is a combination of IPS and OGS technology. It is five inch in size with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 which is full FHD. The phone has been pre-installed with the latest android version of 5.1 and can support dual sim cards.


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4. Blackview Alife P1 Pro

With a quad core 1 GHZ processor and a 2 GB RAM you will definitely enjoy the functionality of this phone. It has a 16 GB storage capacity to cater for all your storage necessities. It has a brilliant screen which is 5.5 inch with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. It has been designed with dual cameras, the back has a 13.0 MP while the front has a 5.0 MP .This phone has been pre-installed with android 5.1 and can use different languages when in operation.

Blackview Alife P1 Pro

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3. DooGEE Nova Y100X

This phone has been fitted with a MTK658 Quad core 1.3 GHZ processor. It also has a 1 GB RAM to support overall performance of the phone. With the 8 GB installed memory you will find sufficient space to save most of your data and files. This phone has two cameras, front and back with a 5.0 MO and 8.0 MP respectively. It has been pre- installed with the latest android-5.0 and supports dual sim cards. The screen type is a combination of IPS + OSG and has a high resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels which is full HD.

DooGEE Nova Y100X

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2. TCL 3S M3G

This phone has been fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 CPU .The processor is an octa core with a 1.5 GHZ. It has a 2 GB Ram which supports the overall performance of the phone. The external memory can be extended to 32 GB. It has a powerful battery which has a capacity of 3050 MAh. It has been pre-installed with dual cameras of 13.0 MP and 8.0 MP. This phone has an eye print identification feature which is very convenient for proper protection.


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1. Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro

Fitted with a Quad core processor of 1.2 GHZ and a 2 GB RAM. This phones functionality is on another level. It has been fitted with 16 GB memory which is extendable to 32 GB. The screen size of the phone is 4.7 inches and has a high resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Has been fitted with dual cameras with 8.0 MP and 2.0 MP. This phone can support a variety of languages and is a dual sim card phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 2 pro

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TCL 3S MG3 is a new Chinese made smartphone. Chinese have overtime become very popular with designing phones which have a variety of relevant features at very low prices. Their phones have same specification to phones from different regions of the world but they are cheaper. TCL 3S M3G is a phone designed by the Chinese with various specification which are suited for the present generation. This smart phone has been designed using latest technology and has the ability to support future software release. A peek into specifications of the phone will prove how this phone is high quality yet affordable.



TCL 3S M3G has been fitted with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 64-bit Octa Core Cortex-A53 processor and uses Lewa OS 6.0 which has been designed based on Android Lollipop 5.0. and 2 GB of RAM is geared towards faster performance of the phone. Ample ram is best for people who love fast responsive reaction of your device and the ability to easily multi-task when using your phone.

TCL 3S M3G 8


TCL 3S M3G is equipped with 16 GB of internal storage and it also has expandable storage Micro Sd up to 32 GB which is standard in most flagship phones.


Display factor is another very important to determinant which people carefully consider while purchasing a phone. Currently people are in the habits of purchasing phones with larger screen size and also high resolution. TCL 3S M3G has been fitted with a 5.0 inch FHD screen which has a high resolution of 1920*1080.It also has a 95% NTSC high color saturation and 443 ppi. For those people who are influenced by the perfect screen for your Android, this is a phone worthy much consideration. The screen will gurantee you a real HD view thanks to the technology from SHARP company technology.

TCL 3S M3G 2


Selfie lovers will particularly love this phone. It has dual cameras-back and front with high megapixels which are 13.0 and 8.0 respectively. The rear camera has been fitted with a Sony Exmor lens which has an auto focus ability and a LED flash. Just as initially stated this is quite appropriate for people who love taking pictures with their phones. The camera also supports a 1080p video recording.

TCL 3S M3G 6


TCL 3S M3G uses a polymer battery type which has a capacity of 3050mAh.This basically means that the phone on standby can stay for 2-3 days without necessitating the need for charging. When buying the phone a charger, USB cables are attached and this can be used for charging purposes.


The Security concept of this phone is a notch higher than most of other android phones. It uses an eye identification features. This was only present in technical machines and the ability to have this feature on your phone creates a new experience. Your phone will definitely be safe by use of this feature. This is far better than use of finger prints to unlock the phone.

TCL 3S M3G 3


For networking purposes, this phone has been equipped with current technologies which will meet the current needs. This phone uses dual sim cards and has a variety of network strength application. This ranges from 2G to 4G.With consideration to the available network strength you will be in a position to use your phone and browse effectively.

TCL 3S M3G 5


This phone also favors music lovers with the ability to play a variety of file formats. This includes :AVI ,MP5 ,FLV ,MPEG ,RMVB ,ASF ,MOV and the following audio formats:MP3 ,WAV AAC among other. It also has a radio FM.


Other interesting features of this phone includes: Google services, hotknot wireless transmission, Google play among others.

TCL 3S M3G 7

Price and availability

You can avail TCL 3S M3G in just $139.98 from with free shipping all over the world.