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Pebble Technology is one of the technological companies that is trending. This is accrued to the fact that the company is revealing one of the best technological smart wear innovations. The three wearable devices are rated among the best wearable that one can own in this year. The Pebble 2, Time Pebble 2 and Pebble Core are devices that were designed and unveiled during this year. All of the wearable devices have got a classic design and are very powerful when it comes to functioning. Here are the top things that you need to know about Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and Pebble Core.

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Pebble unveiled 3 smart-watches

Pebble Core

This is the most sophisticated pebble device that is commonly referred to as the Ultra Pebble Core. The Pebble Core wearable device was specifically designed for the hackers and runners. That is why it does exist in two forms i.e. for the runners and the hackers. The Pebble core wearable device operates on an Android OS system. The two devices have got different specs and features. For instance, the Pebble Core for runners has got a light weight. It has got a Wi-Fi enabled the clip to allow you to stream music from Spotify and sync the music to other fitness apps. It measures the distance covered during running by tracking the steps that you make. It’s also GPS-enabled. It has got a wireless charging system though its battery is week. On the other hand, the Pebble Core for hackers can’t be used for fitness purposes. It has got perfect connectivity of GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 3G and Microphone Connections. It has got programme buttons and operates on an Android 5 Lollipop versions it has got a storage capacity of 4 GB and a wireless charging option. The two devices might be launched on 2017.

The Pebble 2

This is a smart watch device that enables you to track your activities. The Pebble 2 smart watch device monitors your heartbeat rate when you are running or taking other physical exercises. It has got a high contrast of black and white. It’s water resistant up to 30 metres below the water level thus making it suitable to track your heartbeat rate when swimming. It has got a long battery life of up to 7 days per a single charge. It is also equipped with the microphone connectivity. The Pebble 2 device has got a price tag of $ 99.

The Pebble Time 2

This is a time tracking smart watch that has got a 53 % contrast on a larger colour display. It’s equipped with a Built-in activity and sleep tracking. The Pebble time 2 device is water resistant up to 30 metres. It was designed and equipped with a long battery life of 10 days per a single charge. This device also allows you receive notifications from your smartphone. This enables you to operate without your phone when carrying out your tasks. This device has got a price tag of $ 169.

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Spotify as well as know is a great commercial music streaming app that is available across many platforms and Android is one such platform. The best part about Spotify is that it is one of the most downloaded music streaming apps in the world. But there are many people who are also opting for some alternatives to this app. When we talk about some alternatives to this app there are many choices that are available. Let us try to find some of the alternatives against Spotify that can be considered.



The best part about Pandora app is that it is completely free and it was founded many years back in 2000. Since then it has risen to a great popularity level and can act as perfect alternative to Spotify. It can be efficiently used for live streaming music and searching of songs as per requirement.
Download Pandora Android only available for USA
Download Pandora for IOS
Download Pandora for Windows

Sound Cloud
Sound Cloud is another such perfect alternative to Spotify and it free. The best part about Sound Cloud is that is available across different platforms such as Android, Mac and iOS. One can also record different labels as per his or her choice and is being used by many music professionals all over the world. One can have unlimited music streaming with Sound Cloud.

Download Sound Cloud for Android
Download Sound Cloud for IOS
Download Sound for Windows Phone

Google Play Music
Google Play Music is also perfect alternative for Spotify. With Google Music you can live stream your Music and even search for your favorite songs. The best part about Google Play Music is that it has got a large database of music and the collection is so huge and vast that you can easily find your favorite songs within seconds.
Download Google Play Music for Android

Download Google Play for IOS
Download Google Play for Windows Phone

Pure Connect
Pure Connect is another such wonderful alternative to Spotify and offers hundreds of online radio stations. All you need is a data connection and you can easily access all these radio stations and listen to your favorite music. Another amazing part about Pure Connect is that it is free and offers smooth access to various online music stations.

Download Pure connect for Android
Download Pure Connect for IOS


Simfy as the name suggest is one the simplest music streaming apps that can be used. The user interface is quite simple and user friendly. This app is also free and is available across large number of platforms. You can also edit songs as per your choice with this app with some simple steps.

Download Simfy for Android
Download Simfy for IOS

Though there are many more music streaming apps that can be downloaded and used but the above mentioned are most widely used. Moreover these are smooth apps and offers unique and amazing experience.
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