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When it comes to rooting and unrooting your device, most of us feel that it is a complicated procedure. But the real fact is that it is very easy and there are few basic steps that are required to be followed. The best part is that Spice Dream UNO is a very nice smart phone and comes with latest features such as latest Android One, 1GB RAM, 4GB internal storage and 5 mega pixel rear cameras. Let us try to learn about the root and unroot procedure of Spice Dream UNO smart phone.

Spice Dream UNO Android One

Basic Requirements

  • One of the most basic requirements is to make sure that the smart phone has got a minimum 60% battery power and you should keep this important thing into your mind that your smart phone’s warranty will void after this procedure.
  • You should also make sure that all the important data such as files, images and videos are backed up at a secure location. Though data lost rarely happens, but you need to make sure that backup is there in the case of any emergency situation.

Root the device by following these simple steps

  • The first and the foremost step is to download and install the APK file. You can easily do that as there are numerous online resources that are available. As soon as the APK file is downloaded on your smart phone, you need to install this file. Click on OK when you see a prompt that “ Google does not recommend you to do this”.
  • As soon as the file is installed, you will see a user interface popping in front of your screen. You need to tap on this option “Make it rain”. This will lead to the start of rooting process and all you need to do is to wait till the process gets completed.

Unroot the device through the same user interface with easy way

  • You can easily unroot the device through the same user interface. All you need to do is to tap on the unroot option and the unrooting process will start. You need to make sure that this API is also uninstalled and the device must be restarted so that the process gets completed. Though there is no need to unroot the device as you will see your smart phone working in a smooth way after the root procedure but still of you want to proceed ahead you can unroot your smart phone as per your requirement.

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Spice has launched its new smart phone Spice dream UNO, which has become popular because of its unique design and the price. All advanced features are installed in this phone like a 4.5 inch 480 X 580 screen display, 1.3 GHz processor, 1 GB RAM, 4 GB internal storage, etc. The memory and camera quality of this phone is also good as it has 4 GB internal storage and 5 mega pixel rear cameras.

Spice Dream UNO Android One

Spice UNO Android One pc suite

Users enjoy many features on this phone as it runs on Android 4.4.4 operating system. Spice has also launched the PC suite for this phone, which makes the phone more powerful as mind boggling features like sync, backup and restore function, etc. are unlocked.

To get the most out of the phone, it’s necessary that the user install PC suite on his phone. Installing PC suite on Spice dream UNO is a very simple task as it involves no major steps. The user does not have to take the help of the mobile experts to make a PC suite installed on his phone; he can simply visit the spice official website from where he can download the PC suite file and further installs it.
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The benefits of installing Spice Dream UNO PC suite

  • User can manage his entire personal data by installing PC suite on his phone, and he can avail major benefits as it helps to synchronize the data. One of the main benefits of PC suite is that users can update his Spice smart phone with latest operating system, i.e. whenever a new android version of the phone will be released, it will be automatically installed on the phone.
  • Several major benefits like synchronizing data, creating backups, importing data, events and much more are enjoyed by the customer when a PC suite is installed on the phone.
  • It also helps to use your phone as a modem, so that you can access internet on PC or laptops. These all benefits help the user to get the best out of the phone.

The performance of the phone is also improved by installing Spice PC suite on dream UNO smart phone, as it keeps all the applications updated. All the bugs in the phone are also fixed by the PC suite, which makes the functionality of the phone more efficient.

To avail all these benefits and enjoy some new powerful features, go to the Spice smart phone official website and download Spice dream UNO PC suite.

Android One PC Suite 1
Android One PC Suite 2
Android One PC Suite 3

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All the three Smartphone’s present here are originated from low budget Indian Smartphone market. These Smartphone’s have been replicated under Android One project from Google which aims at providing high quality features at cheaper price for developing nations. After joint venture between Google and Indian Smartphone brands which include Karbonn, Micromax and Spice, these three Smartphone’s are the outcome yet. It’s just the beginning of the mission to make high quality Smartphone’s affordable for every citizen of India.

Karbonn Sparkle V vs Micromax Canvas A1 vs Spice Dream UNO

Here we are to fetch that which manufacturer has produced the best quality Smartphone out of the given three Smartphone’s under Android one frame work. It’s expected that all these brands have worked energetically to make it best and cheapest but we still need to discover the big brain among the three which makes difference. Let’s get started.

1. Display Configuration:

Karbonn Sparkle V: 4.5 inches capacitive display with resolution of 480X854 pixels.

Micromax Canvas A1: 4.5 inches capacitive display with resolution of 480X854 pixels.

Spice Dream UNO: 4.5 inches capacitive display with resolution of 480X854 pixels.

The fact arrived before us clearly defines homozygosis. Under the common initiative, all the three brands have been governed to keep the same display configuration for these Smartphone’s. This may be because of the fact that even a little higher display quality couldn’t be affordable at this price label. The concern has to be laid on processing too.

2. Performance:

Karbonn Sparkle V: 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM

Micromax Canvas A1: 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM

Spice Dream UNO: 1.3GHz dual core MediaTek processor with 1GB of RAM.

The same fact comes out here also, not even a single bit of distraction is seen among these Smartphone’s. They are identical in the most essential features so far. The optimistic thing we can observe is that besides a good processing speed a good amount of RAM has been coupled. This means that Google is greatly concerned about the performance of these Smartphone’s.

3. Storage:

All the three Smartphone’s possess 4GB internal storage and is expandable up to 32GB via SD Card. As Google clearly understands that internal storage is not the issue here when we talk about performance. It can be expanded further so they didn’t consider any reason for making good internal storage which will increase its cost unnecessarily. The owner’s wishing to have more internal storage can use SD cards on their own.

4. Camera:

A 5MP primary camera + LED flash and 2MP front shooter. This camera configuration has been maintained in all the three variants of Android One project Smartphone’s. 5MP primary camera being an average feature for low budget Smartphone is natural but 2MP front shooter is outstanding in this class. The possibility of providing this is very difficult task easily managed by these brands in collaboration with Google.

5. Network and Connectivity:

This section flows constantly always between the Smartphone’s of same standards so does here. The 2G and 3G network compatibility is present in all the three Smartphone’s and connectivity modes are basic Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi.

6. Battery Backup:

A 1700 mAh battery is present in all the three cases. There is no diversity seen in this feature too at all. We are expecting this 1700mAh battery to run these Smartphone’s pretty nicely. This is a good battery for a budget Smartphone.


One of the most favorable factors of these phones are their price point. Cheap affordable and durable that what all of these phones are aiming at. The price of the phones are as follows

Karbonn Sparkle V 6399‏/- Rupees

Micromax Canvas A1 6499‏/- Rupees

‎Spice Dream UNO 6299/- Rupees‏

Out of all this, we come to the conclusion that all the three Smartphone’s are actually one Smartphone i.e. Android one precisely which has been replicated under three Indian well known Smartphone brands. We appreciate the collaboration and efforts laid by Google to provide us with such highly configured Smartphone’s at an ordinary price label.