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One of the latest smart phones launched by Sony Company is called as Sony Xperia Z2 and the best part about this unique smart phone is that it has got exceptional features. But at time there is a strong need to transfer data from the smart phone to PC and PC suite type software is required. One of the main benefits of PC suite is that it helps to sync your smart phone with computer. Let us try to find more about Sony Xperia Z2 PC suite.

Sony Xperia Z2

Sony Xperia Z2 pc suite: Makes it easy

How to download Sony Xperia Z2 PC Suite

  • The first and the foremost step is to download the PC suite from the official site of Sony or else there are many online tutorials that can help you complete this job. Here you need to be pretty sure about one thing and that is to make sure that latest version of PC suite is downloaded.

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Installation procedure

  • Once every file is downloaded, then the next step is to ensure proper installation. For that you need to make sure that step by step procedure is followed so that everything is done is a smooth and easy manner.
  • Once you start installation, you will be asked to enter the country details. Choose the country and start the installation procedure. Once the installation gets complete the next step is to make sure that proper synchronization is done between the PC suite and Sony Xperia phone.
  • This synchronization can be done in three ways and those are through USB, Wifi and Bluetooth. One of the fast and easiest ways to connect is through USB cable. Simply take out the USB cable out of the box and connect the smart phone with the PC. The PC suite software will automatically detect the smart phone and gets connected.
  • If you want to connect your smart phone through Wifi then you need to go to the settings and then wireless and network connections. Activate the Wifi hotspot and then open the PC suite. You will get a how to connect prompt and you need to select the Wifi option.

From all of these above mentioned points you can very well imagine that it is very easy to download and install the PC suite and connection procedure is also very simple. One of the main benefits of installing PC suite on your PC is that transfer of files becomes very easy and smooth and you can easily transfer pictures and songs from both sides.

PC Suite Download for Windows
Media Go for Windows
PC Suite for Mac OS

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An epic high end Smartphone Sony Xperia Z1 was released last year in September and February 2014 Sony released its higher version Sony Xperia Z2. But on taking a deep look into Xperia Z2 there seems nothing special to be upgraded by Sony. They have just updated few features of Z1 and give it a brand new appearance but the skeleton remains the same. Sony Xperia Z1 was a very impressive and innovative Smartphone and still it is. Sony has just debugged Sony Xperia Z1 and replicated a Sony Xperia Z2 out of it. The gaming performance of a Smartphone depends upon its processor, RAM and few more things. Let’s see who can handle games and multi tasking more smoothly and efficiently.

Sony Xperia Z2 vs Z1 gaming

Sony Xperia Z1: It comes preinstalled with Android v4.2 jelly bean and can be upgraded to Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat. It runs on Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at a speed of 2.2GHz. IT is supported alongside by Adreno 330 for graphics enhancement. A 2GB of RAM is also present which is very finicky for a high end Smartphone. At that time Snapdragon 800 was the best processor a Smartphone can have which Xperia Z1 had. It will never lose its charm and impact.

Sony Xperia Z2: This Smartphone comes launched with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat out of box. It is only because it was release after the release of Kit Kat operating System in market. It operates on Quad core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at a speed of 2.3GHz. It has also go the same Adreno 330 for graphics. The RAM has been upgraded by 1GB which gives it a credit of being superior to the previous variant. Otherwise processing speed of both the Smartphone differ only by 0.1GHz.

The above information suggest that both the Smartphone’s will behave almost same to the maximum number of games present out there. There will be no lag in any of the two Smartphone’s while running majority of games. But when it comes to the heaviest games of the world, then Sony Xperia Z2 will give better performance in both gaming and multi tasking because of its 1GB extra RAM than the previous Xperia Z1. However 0.1GHz extra speed will remain unnoticed to the world when it comes to majority of games and multi tasking. If you have a fixed budget you can go for Xperia Z1 blindly because it’s one of the best performers but if you want the features which are much better than that and you have got pretty enough budget then you can switch to Xperia Z2 also. This is because Xperia has got much higher price than Xperia Z1. Thus, you can experience the features of Xperia Z1 maximised in Xperia Z2 which are both best of Sony.

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Sony Company has recently launched its latest smart phone by the name of Sony Xperia Z2. The best part is that the company is aggressively marketing this smart phone and there is a strong reason to believe this and some of those reasons are latest and advanced features and unique water proofing features.

But apart from all these good things there are few Sony Xperia Z2 customers who are facing some sort of technical issues with this smart phone and one such issue is that Sony Xperia Z2 unable to start. Here is the complete and detailed description about this issue and what all steps that can be followed in order to overcome this issue.

Sony Xperia Z2

What exactly is the problem?

There are many Sony Xperia Z2 users who are facing this problem. Sometimes the phone gets completely struck or is unable to start. There are many times the phone goes completely blank when you in the middle of making some sort of urgent call.

What is the possible solution?

The first and the foremost basic step that can be performed are to take the battery out of the smart phone and then try to restart it again. Chances are that the problem will be solved. This is one of the basic steps that can be performed.

If the above mentioned step does not work then the next step is to make sure that the phone’s battery is fully charged. There are at time the battery is quite low and as a result the phone goes into sleep mode. Hence make sure that whenever the smart phone’s 10 percent battery is left you just plug a charger to it and get to fully charged.

You also need to check of you are facing this problem only because of auto-sleep mode ON. You need to deactivate this option and check if the problem gets removed.

Finally you can get your smart phone checked from the nearest Sony authorized service center and get your problem rectified. Chances are that the phone’s software will be reloaded for the rectification of the problem.

While performing the last step you need to make sure that all of the important data is backed up because when the firmware is getting reloaded the data gets lost. Hence a backup would help you to retain all of your important contacts, pictures and other data.

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Hello everyone! This is PhoneLane Inc. providing you rooting tutorial for sony Xperia z2.This is the most easy and simple to understand rooting guide present all over the web. Sony Xperia Z2 is the high end android smartphone with specifications touching peaks. It has got ability to record 4k videos and certified as water and dust resistant. It was worked upon you Sony under code name “Syrius” and later introduced into market during Mobile World Congress in Spain. It’s currently the best outcome of sony technologies.  It runs on the most latest Android 4.4.2 kitkat along with the latest snapdragon 801 processor and 3GB of RAM which is the exciting stuff about this Smartphone. Now let’s concentrate on rooting your Xperia z2 to get root access and manage it your own way.

Sony Xperia Z2


1. We are not responsible for any type of software break down during rooting. It’s your own choice.

2. Rooting will void warranty on your Smartphone. So before starting keep this thing clear in your mind that you’re doing it on your own responsibility.


1. Keep your xperia z2 charged above 80% so that you won’t run into trouble while rooting.

2. Keep all your essential data backup because it’s going to wipe out all your data.




1. Plug in your Sony xperia z2 USB into your PC.

2. As you have already downloaded, keep it archived in root folder of your memory card.

3. Now turn off your xperia z2.

4. Press he turn on button and volume up button to turn your phone into Recovery mode. This will get confirmed when green light will be flashed.

5.  With the help of volume keys locate the install zip from sd card and confirm it by power button then wait till the installation is complete.

6. Now you are done! Just reboot your xperia z2 and you will see kudos rooted Xperia z2.


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When it comes to possessing a high quality smart phone there is no match to Sony Xperia Z2. It is considered as one of the best smart phone and is loaded with latest and highly advanced features. Its previous version was a hit with masses and now this latest Z2 version is also latest to rule everybody’s heart in a big way. Here are some top reasons on why to buy Sony Xperia Z2.

Smart phone comes with excellent screen and display

Sony Xperia Z2

The first and foremost good reason to buy this smart phone is that it comes with excellent screen and display. Sony Xperia Z2 has got a 5.2 inches screen that has got a display of 2560 into 1440 resolution. You can see ultra-clear and super-smooth images and movies on this smart phone. This heavy density smart phone is all set to steal everybody’s heart and will definably rule the smart phone market.

Sony Xperia Z2 has got high class camera

Another good reason for buying this smart phone is that it comes with a 20.7 mega pixel rear camera. The advanced optical image stabilization module is perfect for highly sophisticated photography experience. Another best part is that the optics is based on Carl Zeiss optics which is considered as pioneer in photography and camera lens technology. You can click amazingly clear photographs with this smart phone and act like a professional photographer.

Expect powerful battery with complete power saving techniques

One of the best reasons for buying Sony Xperia Z2 is that it comes with a powerful 3700 mAh battery and the special IGZO display helps in reducing the battery consumption of the screen. The quad-core processor is also aimed at utilizing the maximum battery power and reduces the leakages. You can also make full use of the stamina mode which has been upgraded with Android Jelly Bean.

Smart phone is dust proof and water proof

Another major reason why Sony smart phones are being so much liked is that these smart phones are dust proof and water proof. The best part is that all these features are based on advanced technology and the screen is completely protected from scratches as well as dangerous falls. This smart phone can stay into one meter deep water for 30 minutes. The advanced shatter proof technology also helps in saving the smart phone from occasional hazards.

Sony Xperia Z2 has got IGZO display

IGZO is considered as one of the latest technology and it is being used by Apple and Sony in an aggressive manner. This AMOLED display also reduces the overall power consumption by 90 percent which is considered as excellent as you are able to use your smart phone for a longer period of time.

All of these above mentioned reasons are good enough for buying this smart phone. Though there are many more excellent reasons that are available but the above mentioned reasons are considered as best and one must give Sony Xperia Z2 a sincere try.

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When it comes to searching for best cover options for Sony Xperia Z2 there are plenty of amazing options that are available. There are many online stores which offer these cover options and here are some those best covers for Sony Xperia Z2 explained in detail.

Sony Xperia Z2

Roxfit Book Flip covers for Sony Xperia Z2

Roxfit Book Flip covers for Sony Xperia Z2


The best part about Roxfit Book Flip covers for Sony Xperia Z2 is that it comes with Nero Black color option which looks pretty good. This is a very rugged cover and is reliable also. The overall cost of this cover is $33.99 and it is readily available across most of the online mobile stores. Another best part about this cover is that there are some more color options that are available and those are carbon black, polar white, carbon red and dark tan.

Case-Mate Tough Naked case for Sony Xperia Z2

Case-Mate Tough Naked case for Sony Xperia Z2


If you love to see your Sony Xperia Z2 in transparent mode then considers buying this cover. The overall cost of this cover is only $41.99. It is readily available across most of the online mobile phone accessory stores and the best part is that these covers are impact resistant as well as protective shock absorbing bumper. These can be easily placed inside and outside from the pocket and are very easy to maintain. You can show off your Sony Xperia Z2 in a smooth and easy manner.

Roxfit Gel Shell cover for Sony Xperia Z2

Roxfit Gel Shell cover for Sony Xperia Z2

This is also another master product from Roxfit and it is basically an ultra slim Nero black cover which is made like a gel shell. The outer bumper is made from rubber which protects your smart phone and the overall cost of this cover is only $26.99. Overall design is slim and sleek and you can easily access all the features and functions of Sony Xperia Z2. One of the best parts about this cover option is that it is water proof.

Muvit Ultra slim Folio cover for Sony Xperia Z2

Muvit Ultra slim Folio cover for Sony Xperia Z2

The best part about Muvit Ultra slim Folio cover for Sony Xperia Z2 is that it is available in beautiful Grey color option which gels pretty well with the Sony Xperia Z2 smart phone and is also reasonably priced at $33.99. This is one of those best covers which have been licensed.

Official Sony Style covers stand cover for Sony Xperia Z2

official Sony Style covers stand cover for Sony Xperia Z2


This is the best accessory from Sony Company as it is available in pure white color which looks elegant. The overall cost of this cover is $41.99 and it helps in protecting all the features of the smart phone and its various ports. There is a built in white stand which allows you to view your smart phone while in standing position in a easy and comfortable manner.

Though there are many more cover options that can be explored but all of the above mentioned are the best and the most reliable phone cover options for Sony Xperia Z2 smart phone. Another best part about these covers is that they are reasonably priced and are if high quality.

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Samsung and Sony are two of the biggest brands in today’s world of Smartphones, soon to release their best Smartphones yet the Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung Galaxy S5. Everyone is eager about these Smartphones, but we all have a common question  which of these should I buy? Continue reading this article and at the end you will definitely be clear with your confusion. I suggest you go with Samsung Galaxy 5, don’t judge me so fast I would explain you all in details why you should go for Samsung galaxy 5. Almost all the features of both the these Smartphones are same, but there are some features that made me choose the Samsung S5 over the Sony Z2.

In the screen department both these phones come with full high-definition display. Although the display specifications of Samsung galaxy S5 are 1920*1080 with 432ppi and the screen size of 5.1 inches while on the other hand Sony Xperia Z2 is 1920*1080 with 424ppi and the screen size is 5.2 inches. Thus, Sony Xperia Z2 is point one inch (0.1) bigger the Samsung Galaxy 5, this means it has a lower picture density up to 8ppi compared with Samsung Galaxy 5. If you are a movie fan then you would definitely prefer the Samsung Galaxy S5. Sony Xperia Z2 is taller and heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S5.  If you consider weight wise, one of the major drawbacks is that   Sony Xperia Z2 weighs around 163g, while Samsung galaxy S5 weighs nearly 20g leser (145g) than its rival which is actually lot in case of Smartphones world.

Galaxy S5 Vs Xperia Z2

Another factor to consider is storage; the Sony Xperia Z2 comes only in one single storage capacity, which is the standard storage capacity of 16GB. While on the other hand, Samsung   Galaxy S5 is available in standard storage of 16 GB and will also be available in a 32GB size.  The next question that pops in our mind is what about the extra expandable memory? Well, in that department Samsung Galaxy S5 is better. Both Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 Smartphones offer expandable memory storage via the use of micro-SD card slot, but the Galaxy Samsung galaxy S5 can accept up to 128GB cards which are almost double of the Sony Xperia Z2 can accept.

Both Sony Xperia Z2 and Samsung  Galaxy S5 are available with the latest wireless technology features like 802.11 ac dual-band, and Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth version 4.0, NFC and Cat 4 LTE 4G. But there are some difference need to be point out like the Galaxy S5 has micro USB 3.0 thus making it faster charging and even faster data transfer speed. Another feature is S5 has new flagship which has an infrared transmitter which would be helpful for controlling devices like your TV and even download booster which combines your 4G connection and Wi-Fi connection providing you faster speeds.

There are two key very interesting items of hardware which might very well tempt you to go for Samsung galaxy S5 instead for Sony Xperia Z2. Samsung Galaxy S5 provides you with an amazing feature of fingerprint scanner (similar to the iPhone 5s as you all would know it) and other very useful feature are a heart rate monitor.

In all both phones look like they are ready to carry the burden of their previous models and exceed in the world of flagship mobile phones, but subtle changes made by Samsung make Samsung S5 a clear winner in my book, given the previous success of the Galaxy model series, we are awaiting more variants to be available from the Samsung stable in the coming few months. With more variants than other phone available on the market Samsung Galaxy S5 is ready to lead the battle of the phones once again.