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0 3993, the globalized online store introduces Sony Xperia Z1 (Black) in the market with high specification in a special offer price of Rs. 16999/- only. This device is power packed with 2.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8974 quad core processor for high performance while using, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM, 3G technology, 5-inch full HD TFT multi-touch Capacitive touch screen with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution and 16.77M colour support, 20.7MP primary camera with pulsed LED flash, auto focus, 8x digital zoom, HD video recording, geo tagging, image stabiliser, red-eye reduction, smile shutter, touch focus being a unique feature only for this device.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact

As well as having Accelerometer sensor, Magnetometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, E-Compass, Ambient light sensor, Proximity sensor too. There is no specific ending date of this offer though it will be effective till the stocks last hence it will be a great miss if you do not go for this opportunity. So make it yours soon through completing check out process by logging into Click here to buy

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Unfortunately, the Z range of Sony Xperia devices especially Sony Xperia Z1 is facing very tough time in providing better battery backup, when it comes to usage of Google Play services. Many users of this otherwise great Smartphone have quoted the problem in Sony official blog most specifically stating that Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat OS running Sony Xperia Z1 is suffering severe battery drainage. This problem has come into notice of Sony and Sony has investigated the whole problem. According to them the whole issue with Google Play services is due to the latest update of Google Play services4.4.52. Sony told the users that this problem is likely to get solved after Google will release next update of their services, the problem will get fixed. So far for the devices that have already got affected due to this new version are said to stay patient and perform these work around given below to get over the issue effectively.

Sony Xperia Z1 Black

All the Xperia Z1 users who have updated their Google Play services are being suggested by Sony to perform these drills on their Smartphone to minimise the battery drainage effect of this sever issue and stay updated to Sony official blogs for the news related to problem resolving.

1. Users are directed to uninstall the latest update of Google Play services. Doing this is expected to stop usage of few applications like YouTube which are linked Google services.

2. Stop ads from Google by going through following settings.

Settings > Google account > Ads > and click the tick box showing Opt out of internet based ads.

3. As your Google account keeps your data backed up always, stop that feature.

Settings > Backup and reset > and uncheck the backup my data option.

4. For some of the Sony Xperia devices, installation option of Google Play services might be restricted, for that disable Android device Manager via following path.

Settings > Security > Device Administrators > and click on Disable Android Device Manager.

5. If your Google Play store is set to automatic updates, turn that off as well because Google Play services can get updated automatically via Google Play store.

These precautionary steps will hopefully reduce your battery drainage problem but according to reports, battery drainage isn’t the only problem evolved in these Smartphone’s there are few other problem also. So the unaffected users should keep their Smartphone’s away from updates till the issues are resolved to stay at the safer side. The other worse problems are that some Xperia Smartphone’s are facing issues with their performance, getting automatically rebooted, getting heated up without any known reason. So, it’s better to be outdated rather than getting updated never again.

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An epic high end Smartphone Sony Xperia Z1 was released last year in September and February 2014 Sony released its higher version Sony Xperia Z2. But on taking a deep look into Xperia Z2 there seems nothing special to be upgraded by Sony. They have just updated few features of Z1 and give it a brand new appearance but the skeleton remains the same. Sony Xperia Z1 was a very impressive and innovative Smartphone and still it is. Sony has just debugged Sony Xperia Z1 and replicated a Sony Xperia Z2 out of it. The gaming performance of a Smartphone depends upon its processor, RAM and few more things. Let’s see who can handle games and multi tasking more smoothly and efficiently.

Sony Xperia Z2 vs Z1 gaming

Sony Xperia Z1: It comes preinstalled with Android v4.2 jelly bean and can be upgraded to Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat. It runs on Quad core Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at a speed of 2.2GHz. IT is supported alongside by Adreno 330 for graphics enhancement. A 2GB of RAM is also present which is very finicky for a high end Smartphone. At that time Snapdragon 800 was the best processor a Smartphone can have which Xperia Z1 had. It will never lose its charm and impact.

Sony Xperia Z2: This Smartphone comes launched with Android 4.4.2 Kit Kat out of box. It is only because it was release after the release of Kit Kat operating System in market. It operates on Quad core Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at a speed of 2.3GHz. It has also go the same Adreno 330 for graphics. The RAM has been upgraded by 1GB which gives it a credit of being superior to the previous variant. Otherwise processing speed of both the Smartphone differ only by 0.1GHz.

The above information suggest that both the Smartphone’s will behave almost same to the maximum number of games present out there. There will be no lag in any of the two Smartphone’s while running majority of games. But when it comes to the heaviest games of the world, then Sony Xperia Z2 will give better performance in both gaming and multi tasking because of its 1GB extra RAM than the previous Xperia Z1. However 0.1GHz extra speed will remain unnoticed to the world when it comes to majority of games and multi tasking. If you have a fixed budget you can go for Xperia Z1 blindly because it’s one of the best performers but if you want the features which are much better than that and you have got pretty enough budget then you can switch to Xperia Z2 also. This is because Xperia has got much higher price than Xperia Z1. Thus, you can experience the features of Xperia Z1 maximised in Xperia Z2 which are both best of Sony.

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Sony Xperia Z1 which was launched on 2013, September is a great phone and now it’s coming with an update of android 4.4. KitKat. This phone offers the largest screen on a smartphone i.e. 6.4 inches with many additional features like glove touch, Google Now, improved battery life etc. But in spite of all this big screen, well-equipped fully featured phone recently their have been lots of complain from buyers about some faults they are facing. Complaints are regarding the Xperia Z1 wont boot. It’s even unable to start. Sometimes dead or shows black screen. All this is unacceptable.

Sony Xperia Z1 Black

Users all around the world have made many complain like phone hangs up. Screen appears to be dead or black screen. But in real the phone is actually on and it’s functioning behind the black screen but we can’t see a thing so we can’t do a thing. In order to check this you can try calling from other cell phone. Some users have complained that when they try to start the camera on their Xperia Z1 the camera is on and suddenly the screen goes black. From what we can gather is that the Xperia z1 works fine for many days but than suddenly all these problems of Xperia Z1 won’t boot, unable to start, dead or black screen arrives and this is not good. One of the most talked problem is the Xperia Z1 is at times unable to awaken by pressing the power button it needs few repeat press of power button to successfully do it. There are many solutions given by various users claiming that follow this steps so these problem may be would get solved but now of this is legit and they themselves claim that they give no guarantee to any damage caused during following their steps.SO I suggest to avoid trying all this techniques and if you try its own your own risk.

It seems that there doesn’t appear to be any particular pattern that could prove why all this problems are happening in Sony Xperia Z1. Some of them says that it causes may be because of low battery status but we have come to conclusion to that even there are users that have complained they facing their problems when the phone is with plenty of charge.

Sony Company says that say it is related to low battery status, but it has even happened to users who have plenty of charge left. Recently Xperia Z1 owners have been taking on Sony’s official forum for last couple of weeks to complain about these problems they are facing, Sony Mobile Company have declared “We are sorry that a small number of our customers are experiencing power issues with their Xperia Z1. “We would like to reassure all of our customers,” the statement continues, “that this is affecting a very small number of devices. If you have experienced any issues, please contact your local customer support centre who will be able to advise you on some easy steps you may take to resolve the issue.” So they have stated that they too have received all this complain and they are now aware of and that a “fix for this will be implemented in next software update”.


IF you are owner of Sony Xepria Z1 and if you facing these problems go to your nearest Sony’s service centre and get the solution from them and even company has promised fix to all of this in its next software update.

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Sony is coming up with strategy to conquer the market segment, after the release of phablet version phones now Sony is targeting to mid-range segment. Sony Xperia Z1 compact is new flagship which can also be said as mini version of Xperia Z1. Phone is said to be priced at £440(SIM-free in the UK). With respect to the price determined for this phone, Sony has given this new compact with good features like 4.3-inch display with a super-fast four core processor, 2GB RAM and a 2300mAh battery. If the phone is Sony then camera is most important section to discover and this new flagship will have same 20.7MP camera. Let’s go through each feature of the phone to know that whether Sony has successfully induced its new flagship.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Ad


Design part of both Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z1 Compact looks similar. You will find replica of Xperia Z1 but in smaller version. Xperia Z1 Compact has 137gms weight and 127 x 64.9 x 9.5 mm of dimensions. Xperia Z1 Compact is available in different colors like lime hue, white, black and pink colors. Xperia Z1 Compact has 4.3-inch display which will be really handy as compared to Xperia Z1. Phone has premium design like of Z1 and metal edges enhance the body color offering with stunning look to the phone. Body of this phone is built of aluminum and glass which gives it a finest look and feels good in hands unlike the plastic feel on most of the other smartphones.

Front of the phone houses a 2MP camera, sensors and earpiece and top of the phone is packed with 3.5mm audio jack, micro SD and the micro USB slot. Bottom of the phone has Micro SIM slot. Back of the phone has 20.7MP camera with LED Flash and below has speaker. Phone has non-removable back so battery is also non-removable in Xperia Z1 Compact.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact


Xperia Z1 Compact will have smaller display of 4.3-inch compare to other smartphones in the market is housing with large display. Xperia Z1 Compact’s 4.3-incher phone has resolution of 1280×720 pixels which is not much impressive as world is moving on Full HD and Sony has taken step backward. Screen size should have at least 4.7-inches to match the current competition in mid-range segment. Sony will make use of Triluminos LCD display with X-reality engine which will enhance the display of the phone. With X-Reality engine you would have superior color reproduction and contrast on your phone. Sony’s display is said to have natural color reproduction and this can be seen in Xperia Z1 Compact.

Viewing angle of the phone is just perfect and colors and text can be easily read, even if the phone is tilt to different angle. Compare to Z and Z1 new flagship has wider viewing angle and displays sharper and lively picture. Sunlight readability is fine and screen has excellent brightness even when set to half of the brightness level. With 6inch displays in market, 4.3inch looks like a little phone, however given the Sony technology, the output is splendid and gives spectacular viewing experience as well as gaming experience. Full HD videos run very effortlessly and appear great and so does the HD games.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact 1


Xperia Z1 Compact has a reducded display but hardware  is crammed with powerful CPU, RAM and GPU which results in perfect computing device. Xperia Z1 Compact is packed with 2.2 GHz Quad-core processor and 2GB RAM on Snapdragon chipset. Snapdragon 800 is finest chipset in mobile world and performance of this chipset is outstanding so all the mobile companies are opting with Snapdragon chipset and processors. Along with powerful CPU and RAM, Xperia Z1 Compact also has Adreno GPU which will handle all graphic related instruction given by user.

With this type of powerful hardware you will definitely use your phone for multitasking and heavy computing. All your computing needs will be processed effortlessly by the provided hardware in Xperia Z1 Compact. If you are browsing multiple pages on internet or playing HD games you will not find any lags or stutter while operating Xperia Z1 Compact. Phone also has ample of space in phone memory as it is given with 16GB memory onboard and further increased with the help of microSD card.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Front


The Sony Z compact has an astounding 20.7 MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. The rear camera has 1/2.3-inch sensor with Exmor RS and BIONZ mobile image processing which is commonly found in all Sony phone. 20.7MP camera is highest resolution camera in market which captures stunning images but cannot compete with Nokia’s 1020 PureView camera. Still with 20.7MP camera you get sharper and crisp images. Video can be shot at full HD resolution ie. 1080p. Camera has many features like HDR, Panorama, Geo-tagging and smile-detection and many more. There is not much to say about the front facing camera but it’s good enough for video chatting and supports video recording at 1080p.

Phone is given with dedicated camera key which will help you to directly access the camera function of the phone and take super click anytime quickly.

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact Back


Battery performance of this device is consistent as it gives a good output. The 2,300mAh battery supports the phone for all day long for average users and little less for heavy users. If you are heavy gamer or more prone to watch movies and by keeping all connectivity options the phone is expected to stay up to 12hrs. So, looks like it’s an upright performance which is commonly found in almost all smartphones. To get more performance out of provided battery, Sony has added two power saving modes. Like most of the battery saving app available in Play store this feature will help you in managing the backlight, connectivity options, notification etc. You won’t really need those as the battery has a good performance on the standard mode.

Software & User interface:

Xperia Z1 Compact runs on android 4.3 Jelly Bean with the Sony’s Timescape UI. The UI is very similar to the Xperia handset, though if you are less familiar with Sony devices then you would discover some disparity compared to other android smartphones. Android Jelly Bean 4.3 and UI runs smooth as phone has powerful hardware installed. UI is simple and powerful; you can integrate your messages and social networking site with this UI and get instant and direct access to your social media account and messages or notifications. UI also has swipe mode on keyboard which will help you to type by moving hands on keyboard. This is really helpful when you are forced to use your phone by one hand. Timescape UI is really very smooth and sensitive which allows you to have multi-tasking with ease. Gloves mode will help you to access phone even with gloves on your hand, which will be essential while you are in cold climate region. The compact is probable to get the android 4.4 KitKat in a few weeks. While most of the new devices are shipping the android 4.4 already, Sony should ensure the update at the earliest to avoid discontent among the users.


Xperia Z1 Compact will be your first choice if you are looking around for good stuff in the market. Phone has complete features which one smartphone should posses like good screen display, hardware, camera and battery backup. 20.7 MP camera is just incredible of mini version phone. If we compare to other mini-version phone in the market, you will find Sony’s new phone is bit costly. Screen of the phone should have been slight bigger and battery should have been more advanced as 230 mAh is really low for this kind of stuffed phone.

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There’s some guaranteeing news, assuming that you’ve been holding up for the leader Sony Xperia Z1 to land on T-Mobile USA, as leaked picture claims to show a T-Mobile US form. This infers that a discharge on the bearer may not be too far away. The Sony Xperia Z1 is a great Android cell phone, and only a couple of days back it got accessible on provincial bearer Cincinnati Bell, soon after any of the real US bearers.

The new leaked pictures absolutely indicate T-Mobile offers the Xperia Z1 within a brief period of time, in spite of the fact that there are a few parts of them that are a small amount of bewildering. The front and back of the Xperia Z1 marked with the T-Mobile logo is demonstrated, with a 4G symbol seen on the front plus the Android 4.2 Sony-modified client interface. On the other hand, there are a few varieties from the Xperia Z1 that we recently know.

Sony Xperia Z1 Black

Firstly the front-confronting Camera is on an alternate side of the Sony logo to the ordinary variant and besides the sound jack has changed position. And also MIC opening seems, by all accounts, to be demonstrated on the back. This may lead some to think this could be the quite supposed Xperia Z1s rather, however the Camera and jack positions don’t tie in with the released pictures of phone that have become visible as such. While this could well be the Xperia Z1 for T-Mobile US, we’ll hold over on our judgement at the minute and hold up to see what further confirm develops. You could make certain that we’ll give you more data as we hear it. Have you trusted that the Sony Xperia Z1 will come to T-Mobile US? Expecting the news is correct, we’re for the most part left pondering when the Z1 may achieve T-Mobile, and the extent to which it’ll cost. Gave us a chance to have your remarks on.

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How to root Sony Xperia z1

Rooting your Android devices gives you lots of options extra to enjoy your Android device and not stay bound to only what the manufacturer provides to you. So for that rooting the device is maybe the best bet for you all to get the real feel of Android on your phone. So let’s limit the blabber and get straight to rooting the device

Sony xperia z1

First of all make sure to get the entire backup of your device like the contacts, logs, messages, apps, etc. after that also make sure to take the backup of your current Android which is also known as NanDroid backup just in case something goes wrong and you want to revert back to the factory settings. Also download rooting software known as vroot that you will need for this from right here. (

This rooting technique works only for the Sony Xperia Z1 and not for any other device, so please do not try this on any other device please. Also do note that when you root the device the warranty of the device is voided, so bid goodbye to the free repairs and updates. But you can still avail the warranty of you have any method by which you can unroot the device. Also this rooting procedure can take place only on windows supported systems. Now we can get to the task.


Steps 1. Download the software known as vroot and install it on your desktop.
Steps 2. Then run the software which will open and then connect your phone via USB cable.
Steps 3. Then simply hit the root button on the screen on the software.
Steps 4. This is automatically start the rooting process and will be done in sometime.
Steps 5. After the rooting is completed a confirmation process will be flashed.
Steps 6. After the confirmation message is flashed, then you are all done.

Now that you have successfully rooted your phone, you can very easily enjoy all the functions of the phone on the root version and also you are free to install all the custom ROMs that you want to on the phone. So enjoy your new Sony Xperia Z1, just make sure you don’t damage any part of the phone, else since the warranty is voided, you might have to pay a hefty sum of money for fixing it.

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Android 4.3 JellyBean is up and running now on the Nexus devices but the problem with it is that cell companies don’t quite provide it immediately to its all models as soon as they have to work on a new overlay which they provide on their phones above the original Android. But in this case we need to thank the Cyanogen team for their hard work which has provided us with a working version of Android 4.3 optimized for the Sony Xperia Z1. This is not the officially released version, so please make a note of that. So if you wish to install this version on the Xperia Z1, then follow all the steps mentioned below and it will be done very easily.

Some Warnings to be noted:

First of all you need to remember that when you do this, you will be voiding the warranty of the phone. So you won’t be viable for any free service from Sony. Secondly you need to make sure that you have a rooted device with unlocked bootloader and CWM Recovery or TWRP recovery installed on it. To avoid data clashes, backups are needed to be taken before continuing with the procedure.

cyanogenmod 10.2


First perform a NanDroid backup of your current ROM/Firmware. This can be done by selecting the backup/restore option on your recovery. This is highly recommended as you can restore your current ROM or firmware if anything goes wrong. Apart from this you also need to back up your messages, call logs, contacts and your apps. After all this do make sure that you note down your APN settings somewhere. These will come in handy later.


Make sure that USB debugging option on your phone has been turned on. If not then you can do this by following this path; Settings > About Phone > Developer options > USB Debugging. Make sure that all the drivers of the Z1 are installed on your computer and if not, then do install them before beginning. And finally always use original or good quality USB cables as you do not want them to falter in between. Also make sure your phone has a minimum of 90% charge so that it does not shut down in between the process.

Now before you start your process you will need to install the required files, so you get them from here.

Click on this link to download Fastboot and install on your computer. (

Download the Xperia Z1 Cyanogen Mod 10.2 version zip file from here. ( Finally the Google Apps package, you can get it from here. (

NOTE: Do not unzip the Cyanogen MOD and Google Apps package.


1. After downloading the above zip files, open the ROM zip file and extract the boot.img file to your desktop. Now connect your Xperia Z1 to the computer and move both the zip files from your computer to the device’s SD card storage. Make sure that the files are kept in the open and not in any folder.

2. Now disconnect your device and boot it into Fastboot mode by first turning your phone off and then on again by pressing “Volume Up”. While pressing volume up, connect your device to the computer via the USB cable.

3. Now launch Fastboot on your computer and select the Fastboot flash boot option and choose the boot.img file that you extracted earlier to the desktop.

4. After flashing the boot.img file, disconnect your Xperia Z1 and boot into your custom recovery mode by pressing Volume up + Home button + Power button. Now select clear cache, then dalvik cache under the advanced option. Go back to the recovery menu and select the data wipe-out option.

5. After the data wipe-out is complete, choose the Install option and select the Jelly Bean 4.3 CM 10.2 ROM file that you moved to your SD card storage earlier. After that’s done, do the same for the Google Apps package by going to install option again.

6. Now go back to the recovery menu and hit the reboot option and you are done.

7. After you have selected to reboot, you’re just a few minutes of reboot away from tasting the CyanogenMod ROM based on Jelly Bean 4.3 on your Sony Xperia Z1.

Do have some patience because the first boot usually takes quite some time. So do not panic if your phone does not start up for quite some time, but that should not be more than 15 minutes. If it is greater, means something has gone wrong and you might have to repeat the process to rectify it. Also this is an optimized version for the Sony Xperia Z1 and hence please do not use this on any other device as this will end up hampering the device. So enjoy the new Android 4.3 JellyBean experience and do let us know what you feel about it in the comments below.

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Currently Sony is having a bit hard time in the world of smartphone market as compared to the other competitors. But now they are trying to come up from this low rating with some really high end devices. Sony Xperia z1 was in news from last month and finally this is released with the nickname honami. If you see the look and design of this phone then it is very similar to the Sony Xperia Z. It has got the same shape but this time there is a metallic frame around the phone which gives this smartphone a premium look. They have built this phone such that it can resist water, dust and shock. This is something unique with this phone because most of the Android smartphone is very delicate and don’t possess such protection.

Sony xperia z1

It has got a good specification but the highlight feature of this smartphone is its camera. There is 1/2.3-inch 20.7MP Exmor RS CMOS image sensor with 27mm wide angle and bright F2.0 aperture. The internal memory of this phone is 16 GB and if you want then you can increase the storage space up to 64 GB with the help of MicroSD card slot. If you are using a smartphone like this and have a computer at your place then it is very important that you install PC suite for your phone in your PC. With the help of PC suite software you will be able to manage the stuffs in your phone and keep your phone updated. The best part is that you can take the backup of all the data from your phone so that if in any case, you lost the data or contact then you can simply restore that. Below is the download link for the compatible PC suite for your phone. Just download it and go through the normal installation process with the help of simple on-screen instructions.


  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
  • 5 inch TFT triluminous display
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • 2.2 GHz quad-core Qualcomm MSM8974 Snapdragon 800 processor
  • 16 GB internal storag (64 GB expandable)
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 1/2.3-inch 20.7MP Exmor RS CMOS image sensor with 27mm wide angle and bright F2.0 aperture
  • 3000 mAh battery
  • 144 x 74 x 8.5mm dimension and weights 170 grams

Download For Windows
Download For Mac

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Sony Xperia Z1 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3 are the most awaited phone of this year and finally they have marked their presence in the market and collecting huge and positive market response, as the review of the phone is also very good so market response is holding tight each day. Both the Android phones exhibit the exceptional performance and specifications so let’s have a brief discussion about these phones.

Quality and Design:

Samsung and Sony are the market leaders and they know the basics of marketing and so they have put lots of innovative factors in terms of looks and design of the phones. Both the phones have huge display, Samsung Note 3 looks very bulky but still they managed to keep this phone slim which makes this phone portable and most innovative part is back body of this phone which is leather material making this phone different from another Galaxy model.

Sony Z1 appears to be very stunning in looks and much advanced body structure than of Sony Z but comprises of glassy look at the front and rear same look of Sony Z and side rim is made of aluminum making this phone look better and much advanced than of rubber plastic.Both the phones are provided with advanced UI and multitasking features has been developed much more making this phone a masterpiece.

Note 3 vs Xperia Z1

Display and Processor:

As the screen is much bigger, according to the size both the masterpiece is provided with a good display and super powerful processor. When we talk about Sony Xperia Z1, screen size of this phone is 5 inch with Triluminous display with X-Reality engine making this phone to output real and sharper image so that every minute detail of the picture is very clear. 5 inch display with Full HD resolution and packed with 441 ppi is display feature which makes this phone to portray powerful display.

Samsung Note 3 is 5.7 inches phablet phone powered by super AMOLED display technology with Full HD resolution and pixel density marked as 386 ppi which makes this phone to portray the good image quality but not so sharp if we compare it with Sony Z1. Display of both the phones is big enough and allows you to work, entertain and play comfortably and see the details clearly.

When we talk about processors, Samsung Note 3 is packed with Exynos 5 chipset but this is network dependent as this chipset works well where an LTE network is not active so for Indian market Exynos 5 is the best fit and this chipset contains two quad-core processors making this phone lightning fast. Clocked speed of this phone is 1.9 GHz and 1.6 GHz which is the same processor present in Samsung S4.

Sony Z1 is packed with powerful Snapdragon 800 chipset having processor of 2.26 Quad-core making this phone as most powerful mobile processor in the world. So now you can imagine the performance of these phones. Apart phone powerful processors Sony Z1 is packed with 2GB RAM and Adreno 330 GPU which enhance graphics on this phone, while on other hand Samsung Note 3 is provided with 3GB RAM and powerful GPU making this phone much faster than of Sony Z1. With the help of this powerful hardware naturally the performance of the phone will rise and multitasking will improve.

Camera and Memory:

Camera and Memory is the main part to discuss and both the phones are powered with incredible camera functions. Samsung Note 3 is featured with 13 MP shooter, which is same like of Samsung S4. 13 MP camera allows you to click sharper images and Full HD videos and for video chat you can make use of 2MP front camera. The Sony Xperia Z1 is mastered with 20.7 MP camera with CMOS image sensors and lens of Z1 is featured with a G lens which is the best of Sony and no Smartphone is launched with such powerful camera sensor.

To save all the memories and your data you are provided with good memory in both the phones. Samsung Note 3 will come in two variants of 32 GB and 64 GB and while Sony Z1 will be 16 GB and both the phone can expand their memories with the help of MicroSD card.

Battery and Features:

With so much power we need powerful battery backup to back the phone properly and to fulfill this both the phones are provided with powerful battery, Samsung Note 3 is provided with 3200 mAh which will provide 20 hours of talktime. Sony Z1 is provided with 3000 mAh which will provide you with 22 hours of talk time which is really impressive.

Both the phones are so powerful so naturally will grab the mind of the users and maybe this is the reason for so much of popularity and market gain. All the features and specs have been detailed so now you can make a decision regarding each phone. Price of both the phone is different as Samsung is around 49000 rupees and whereas Z1 is around 43000 rupees which is the huge difference and can hamper the market of Samsung when we talk about price.