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OnePlus is back in the news. This time the Smartphone is in news with good reason. OnePlus 2 is about to launch in a week. The first look is revealed to the public. OnePlus 2 Smartphone has passed through Tenaa Certification. The design of the Smartphone is clean and matches somewhat with its first original OnePlus One.

OnePlus One

The good thing to note is, home button comes with fingerprint scanner which was rumoured to land for a long time from now. Also the camera placement has changed a bit as compared to its previous model. No dual Camera will be offered, instead the device will offer laser focusing to capture great quality image.

The device will be powered by Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor. To speak about the RAM it offers 4GB of space. The Smartphone is one of the handset which offers world’s first USB C-Port feature. The company is planning to reveal the rest of its specification and features by 27th July through virtual live-streaming.

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Qualcom Snapdragon

How can we forget the past news of Snapdragon 810 heating up issue, which made Samsung Galaxy S6 to switch from Snapdragon processor to Exynos processor? With the news topping blogging sites, everyone came to know about the heating issue of Snapdragon in Galaxy S6. Many manufacturer prefer to go with Snapdragon processor. While the claim points at processor Qualcomm gets heated abnormally which makes you worry about other hardware features in it.Regardless of heating issues revolving around, HTC seems to be continuing and sticking with Snapdragon 810 processor. After too much confusion of Snapdragon 810 processor, need to guess how its successor will give output? Will it run cooler than its predecessor or?

Snap Dragon 800

Snapdragon 815 will run cooler than 810

To note the difference between its different processor, test were conducted to compare its temperature. Test were conducted on Snapdragon 815 latest, 801 and 810. The Snapdragon 801, 810 and 815 are past, present and future Qualcomm processor respectively. The test conducted on these with latest and powerful device with 3GB of RAM, display screen of 5-inch with 1080-pixel resolution. It was tested by running ‘Asphalt 8 Airbone’ to note its output. With this, Snapdragon 815 showed lowest maximum temperature, compared to rest two which cooled at around 38°. By comparing with rest, need to say the Snapdragon 815 will offer good output!
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After many speculations and rumors, finally the news has come! A source from the industry have been heard stating that world’s leader in the smartphone chipset market- ‘Qualcomm’ is working rigorously towards improving their latest flagship chipset- the ‘Snapdragon 810’!, more importantly, the modifications are being made for the Korean cellphone giant- Samsung.
Of late, the rumored overheating problem associated with the earlier versions of the Snapdragon 810 has posed serious threats to the Qualcomm’s dominant position in the chipset market. Even though the company refused it, it was also said that the problem associated with the older version of Snapdragon 810 is the key reason why some of the already announced top-tier smartphone models, including the LG Flex2 and the Xiomi Mi Note Pro, have failed to hit the market till date.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Snapdragon 810 heating issues addressed

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Moreover, the confirmed news from the industry regarding the remodeling of the Snapdragon 810 by the Qualcomm has scrapped yet another buzz stating that Samsung would use their own Exynos silicon chipset in order to dodge the possible delay in the production of the Galaxy S6!
However, it is still not confirmed whether the updated version will be made available exclusively to Samsung only or other companies too, will get benefited out of it. Although most of the fog around the inclusion of the Qualcomm chip-set into Galaxy S6 has been cleared, thanks to the insider story, it will be interesting to see whether or not, the Qualcomm can actually make the Snapdragon 810 available for Galaxy S6 just in time! Only time will tell that!


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Snapdragon processor have created a huge name. The standard set by Snapdragon is definitely appreciable. Many Smartphone have powered with Snapdragon processor. But recently, a different twist was noted of Snapdragon through blogs and reports. Overheating issues were registered in Samsung Galaxy S6 with 810 SoC Snapdragon.
The rumours machine is on as usual, through blogs dozen of gossip and rumours keeps revolving and rotating around on and on. This time, the reports says that, the Korean Giant company has ditched Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. The Giant Company has switched from Snapdragon to its very own Exynos series. But few source refuse to stay with this piece of news, they say the Company has not fully ditched the chipset.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 faces overheating issues due to Snapdragon 810

The Digitimes report claims a different thing. According to their report, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in two different version. One with 810 Snapdragon and other with Exynos. Maximum of Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with Exynos, while few will come with Qualcomm processor.

Once the overheating problem is fixed Samsung Galaxy S6 will switch to its previous Snapdragon processor. There are number of device still running with Snapdragon processor, but none other have reported this complaint. Samsung team will surely work on this matter and will get back with its previous Qualcomm processor.

Some say, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in two version in MWC 2015. The Mobile World Congress which will be held in Barcelona, will have a glance of both version of Samsung Galaxy S6.