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Virus and Malware attacks are growing more and more. Now-a-days, security comes first and prime thing to be noted. A new app has entered the app zone, you must have not heard of this but, yes! It is discovered by experts of security at Zimperium, which can attack your Smartphone and steal your all personal data though just a text. A bit scary malware has made an entry, this bad guy has created a short video which is sent on all social messaging apps. The video has malware inside which texts it your number, as you receive the video. The main culprit is Hangout. Hangout is a messaging app an alternative to Google SMS, it automatically processes the video and store in your Gallery. The malicious code enters your phone and without even clicking on text, you receive malicious text and your Smartphone started turning against your command.

Android Virus Antivirus

According to the Zimperium, Google has fixed these issues and are working on more security. But with time Android is turning into a curse than a blessing. The whole scenario makes the situation more anxious. The malware sounds like a time bomb which will explode anytime on receiving the video. We can take the precautions of not accepting videos or media files from unknown numbers. But the good news is that, there are 950-million Android Phone which will receive the patch to work on this serious issue.

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The wait is over now; Google has rolled out upgraded version of ‘Hangout’. The upgraded version of Hangout will have several new features. Now Hangout app will support SMS and MMS, which means you can send and receive text messages from Hangout application. On loading Hangout application for the first time, you will get a full screen message asking “Whether you want to enable SMS support- tap Yes”, then your message are imported into app and then you will receive future SMS notification through Hangout. On tapping “May be later” option things will remain as they are.

This updated version also supports location sharing feature which on single tap tells your contacts where you are. User can also send animated GIF which includes cute kitten and all. A unique feature is added which shares what device you are on, whether you’re on call or your current mood, seriously sounds interesting!

Google Hangouts

Google has also released an update on Google keyboard for Android. Emoji Keyboard has been added to the Google Keyboard. But sounds disappointing as Jelly bean user won’t be able to try their hands on this, as it only supports Android Kitkat version for now.

The news does not end over here, Google has bumped Hangout version for iOS version 1.3.1. Seriously, the update has brought good improvement bug fixes.