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New year marks the beginning of loads of improvement and innovation spreading across the world. CES 2017 is an ideal way to showcase products. In many ways it’s a benchmark and its ideally placed just after new years to look forward to innovative products in more than 100+ categories. We at PhoneLane are always excited about Consumer Technology Association or CES as it fondly called. Here are some of the categories that peak our interest and we look forward to your comments about it.

CES 2017: Here is what we Expect

SmartPhones at CES 2017:
CES is not really known for smartphones release that hasn’t stopped from Mobile Companies to release some of their known brands. Come CES 2017 we are expecting few launches

  • LG announced its line up of K-smartphone Series which consist of K10, K8, K4, K3 and Stylus 3. Android Nougat will show up in some of the phones.We are yet not clear on which phones will support them.
  • Sony is expected to announce a 4k versions of their Xperia phone series with more than 3 GB of Ram, it will exciting to see if they have made any changes to Xperia design language which Sony usually refrains from.
  • Big news is Samsung will unveil some Foldable screen phones, rumour mills have been picking on this for quite some time. Samsung hasnt revealed anything as yet on official channels. It’s the next big thing in smartphone world as frankly we feel the current display technologies are run their course of time and fail to excite us anymore. Samsung revealed trailers showcasing a line up of Galaxy A3 (2017), Galaxy A5 (2017) and Galaxy A7 (2017) with water-resistant to add extra bit of variation to the successful line of phones.
  • CEO John Legere of T-mobile has already put up an ad, to engage people in asking WHATS NEXT?. Hopefully we do get some really good plans as part of the announcement.
  • Asus Zenfone VR is expected to show up at CES 2017. It support Google Project Tango augmented Reality Platform.It will be interesting to see evolution of Zenfone as brand which caters to almost all smartphone categories now. augmented reality will add another feature to Zenfone series making it comparable to Samsung Galaxy Series. It something that Samsung has done very effectively adding variants to its existing smartphone series.
  • TCL is bring Blackberry smartphones back. TCL will design, manufacture and provide customer support to these new range of phone. We are not sure if customer support will be provided to buyer of Indonesia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Users looking forward from this regions are advised to read up to ensure they have proper support function before purchasing
  • Nokia freshly been rid of the contractually obligation from Microsoft is ready to make a foray back into smartphone business with already many popular sites quoting about the various models to be shown during ces 2017. Nokia also promises some Virtual reality device to be shown. We are excited about Nokia’s return cause frankly no one builds better quality phones like Nokia ( remember 3310 :P).
  • Huaweii last year released Mate 8 which met some relative success in smartphone market. We expect another iteration of Mate series to be launched.
  • Xiaomi the wonder kid of mobile world has stated it too will make an appearance. No product details have been specified.We expect a some path breaking innovation from their end to be showcased.
  •  ZTE is expected to Launch smartphones, one that we are keen to know is Hawkeye which is kickstarter funded, cost as low as 199$
  • As predicted we have seen launch of Smartphones from Asus smartphone ZenFone AR Tango is launched with some amazing specifications. We have complete breakdown of Specification of Zenfone AR as well Zenfone Zoom 3. Click here
  • ZTe launched two smartphones. Blade V8 pro which houses dual 13-megapixel cameras first for ZTE phones. Second one is a Kickstarter crowdfunded smartphone with eye tracking technology named HawkEye, this phone surely gonna have our attention during the coming weeks. For Complete specification of Blade V8 pro and Hawkeye  Click Here


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Here comes one of the greatest and amazing offers for you this month on the 5 big powerful smartphones from china. If you have ever dreamt of owning a perfect smartphone then your dream can come true with this perfect offer. The 5 big and powerful china phones on offer this month are: OnePlus 2, Xiaomi RedMi note, xiaomi mi4 and Doogee Y100 pro. This are among the powerful smartphones you can ever encounter and they are also trending in the technological market. This phone have got amazing quality and specs. Currently they are going at the cheapest price ever.

OnePlus 2 Back Side

The best and most popular smartphones in China at discount rates

The Xiaomi RedMi Note 2
Xiaomi Redmi Note 2

This is an amazing phone going at the cheapest price ever this month .It has got two color variety for you to choose i.e. Black and white. It has amazing features and specs. It’s equipped with an advanced MTK Helio X10 64BIT Octa core processor which runs at 2.2 GHz. This ensures that the apps are launched and closed in the fastest way possible. Its OS is an Android of version 5.0 allowing you to download and install any latest app and game in the market. It’s also fitted with a 5.5 inch FHD Screen giving a strong sense of touch when operating it. It has got amazing storage capacities of 2GB RAM and 32 GB ROM .If you are a selfie lover then this is the phone to own since it has a 5.0 MP front camera and a 13 MP rear camera. This cameras give a sharp and clear image. You can also capture high quality videos. Heres the best part. Xiaomi Redmi Note 2 is available at amazing rates by using the coupons mentioned below

  1. Coupon Code:  NOTE232GB  price: $192.89. Click here to buy
  2. Coupon Code:  NOTE2WHITE  price: $192.89 (only white). Click here to buy

The Xiaomi MI4 Overseas

Xiaomi Mi4
This is also another powerful phone currently on offer for this week. It also gas amazing specs and features .It has got snapdragon 801 quad core 2.5 GHz processor for launching and closing of various apps. Its storage capacities of 3GB RAM and 16 GB ROM are awesome.Xiaomi MI4 Overseas is available on lower price than normal by using the following coupon

  1. Coupon Code: GBMI4, Price: $227.89. Click here to buy.

The Oneplus 2 Phablet.
OnePlus 2
This is one of the powerful phones having an android OS of 5.1 with a snapdragon 810 QUALCOMM processor. Its storage capacities of 4GB RAM and 64 GB ROM are awesome. It’s also fitted with a corning 3 Gorilla glass. If you are a selfie lover then this is the phone to own since it’s fitted with a 5.0 MP front camera and 13.0MP rear camera.Use these coupons to get amazing prices on Oneplus 2 Tablet

  1. coupon: PLUSTWO64GB price:$434.89. Click here to buy
  2. coupon:PLUSTWO16GB price:$389.40. Click here to buy

The Doogee Y100 PRO
This is also another amazing phone going for an offer this month. This is a powerful phone equipped with a MTK6735 64BIT Quad Core Processor. It has an android OS of 5.1.It has a large screen display of 5.0 inch giving you a wonderful sense of touch. Its storage capacity of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM.This phone is currently available at a discount price by using the following

  1. Coupon Code: Y100PRO price is $106.89. Click here to buy

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There are a variety of devices which you can use to make your overall TV usage more interesting and convenient. Some of these devices include Cenovo Mini PC TV Box and UKB-500-RF Mini Wireless Keyboard. This article discusses how these devices can make your TV watching interesting and some of the individual aspects of these devices. These devices make it easy to operate your smart-phone or your Television.These devices are Available at great price on for our viewers.

cenovo mini pc 06

1. Cenovo Mini PC TV Box
This is a mini TV/PC box that will connect directly to your HDTV. You will be in a position to watch online movies, sports, games productivity app among others. This Cenovo Mini PC is perfect for media playback, multimedia, video streaming and web surfing. This TV box is characterized by a number of amazing features, some of these include:

cenovo mini pc 03
It has been fitted with a 1.83 GHZ, Quad core processor which is supported by a 2G RAM. With this you will easily connect to your favorite platform e.g. YouTube. You will enjoy a viewership which is not affected by any unnecessary loading. Only smooth clear pictures and quality sound is what you will experience.

Storage capacity
cenovo mini pc 04
Cenovo Mini PC TV Box has been fitted with a 32GB storage capacity. This will store some of your favourite programs or music. You can extend this capacity to 64 GB.

Supported media
cenovo mini pc 01
This TV box supports a variety of video, audio and photo formats. Some of the video formats include:MPEG2 ,MVC ,WMV ,AVS ,MJPEG ,RMVB ,MPEG ,H.264 and H.263.Some of the audio formats supported includes: AC-3 ,WAV ,APE ,OGG ,WMA ,ACC. Some of the photo format supported include: JPEG, JPG and BMP.

Other features

cenovo mini pc 02
This TV box has been designed in an ultra-thin and mini design; this makes it possible to take this anywhere. The package comes with a mini pc, one power charger, English user manual and a HDMI cable. is offering TV Box at a discount rate using a coupon-code :GBCENOVO  price:$85.89. Click here to buy

2. UKB-500-RF 2.4GHZ Mini Wireless Keyboardmice wireless keyboard 01
This is a powerful wireless keyboard which has a touch-pad mouse .This wireless device is compatible with your XBOX, TV Box and other devices. With this device, you are in a position to play and work at the comfort of your couch. The keyboard has full QWERTY, gaming control and multimedia control. It also has a sensitive screen which is used for navigation. The wireless keyboard is characterized by a number of interesting features these include the following:


mice wireless keyboard 05
This wireless device is operates at an operating voltage of 3.3V and while it is asleep it operates at less than 1mA.This wireless device is efficient regarding its power consumption it has been fitted with a Li-ion battery. This wireless device has a transmitting range of up to 10 meters. The keyboard can support different operating systems. This includes Window 7, Mac OS, Linux, Android and windows 8.


mice wireless keyboard 02
This UKB-500 has been made using rubber and plastic. This makes to more comfortable to hold while using it. It has been colored black and it is very light in terms of weight. Its’ weight is 0.109 kg while its size is quite convenient for any portability requirements. The package has the wireless keyboard, a Nano receiver, one USB cable, a battery and an English manual. is offering this Mini Wireless Keyboard at price 10.80$. Click here to buy

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Google recently during Google I/O presented the new Cardboard app which completely lets you mimic the functioning of VR headset. Google distributed some loads of cardboard built VR Toolkit to its participants along with some other gifts.The main features of this virtual reality headset mimic is that it exactly gives the feeling of reality, YouTube gives you the feel of watching videos on a massive screen, Street Vue makes you wander in streets in a VR way, Photo Sphere gives you the feel of watching your photos in new angle which you have taken in panorama mode, Earth Flyover makes you fly over a city in an extra ordinary clarity, you can start and stop flying just on a single click, Windy Day is an animation built by Google which is very adorable, there you see some animals and falling leaves, Exhibit has got few monuments which you can see in 3D using this application, and Tour Guide can make you know about the survival of Palace of Versailles during WWI by its detailed exploration.

Cardboard App

Now you know the every feature of this application, all you have to do is get the VR Toolkit and build the VR headset out of cardboard. Here is the outlook of the VR building procedure. You need things which are easily available in neighborhood which include a cardboard sheet, a rubber band a circular magnet and a Velcro flap.
Two holes are made on one side of cardboard box where two lenses are fitted for Smartphone screen distortion. Whereas the magnet is placed on the front of cardboard, this is very easy part. When you latter start the application the magnet acts like a button and you have to glide the magnet every time you want to select something on screen.

The magnet automatically regains its position because of the opposition of another magnet placed inside. This whole set up gives about 7inch experience. We couldn’t been lucky enough t go for Google I/O so it is little hard to build it throw distorted Tool-kits. But choose the best toolkit option and you can set it up within hours. However if you aren’t willing to make one for yourself or didn’t got time to build it, you can buy it at a cost of few dollars from your neighborhood or a third party gadget lovers. This was the most extra ordinary experience of Google I/O where Google came up with a cardboard box with their technology fitted in it.

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World already knows about legal battle between Nokia and HTC that continues in Germany. Nokia has won a German patent injunction against all Android smartphones made by Taiwanese manufacturer that includes all editions of HTC One smartphone. After investigating, Germany found that HTC is infringing on Nokia’s patent EP 1578613 B1. After that court has banned import and sales of all the infringing HTC devices in Germany. This is a big win for Nokia.

Nokia Logo

HTC will also have to compensate for losses due to previous infringements. Nokia has not determined any amount for it but it will be determined soon. Ruling was for the way and apparatus used to enable a mobile station to adapt its revision level based on network protocol level. In other words, we can say that the way new device communicate with old networks. Now, it will be interesting to see that what will HTC’s next step after this defeat by nokia.

It is not the only injunction that Nokia has won against HTC in Germany. This is 3rd injunction that Nokia got against HTC and it is within two months. Their first injunction was for using USB to connect a phone to a computer. Second one was for connecting two phones over Bluetooth that we know as NFC. Currently all is going in Nokia’s favor. We will keep our eye on this news and if there is any update then we will update news with the same.

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Have you bought a phone or have an old phone and wondering to manage its data….Mobogenie helps you manage your Android smartphone phone. Mobogenie is a software package created by a Beijing based company, which helps you, control and perform various mobile related applications. Mobogenie an android-based manager used to manage android devices. Unlike old times, we used to get bundled software with a brand new phone called as “PC SUITE” as we all recall it.

PC SUITE supports controlling and managing all your information/data that our phone carries. Mobogenie acts as a PC SUITE whose purpose is to manage your contacts, SMS/MMS, SD card INFORMATION, etc. Mobogenie provides a user friendly GUI (Graphic user interface) for all users. The application helps you connect your device to your pc or laptop and helps you transfer your songs, photos, videos, phonebook, etc.


Mobogenie Pc suite for Android phones

What Mobogenie provides?
We all want to upgrade our phone on regular basis with new and pre-installed software’s for better and smooth performance of your device. The software helps you do that with the help of updated market, which provide all the application for your mobile to use with instruction to patch any errors. The genie created by them helps you transfer all your device music, videos, application, etc. on pc and you can share with friends or transfer it to another phone. Your device can directly be updated with application, which you want, and you select on your phone “by just a click”.


  • Mobogenie is freely available on internet on their official website ( ).
  • Just download it on your pc and install.
  • Mobogenie is compatible with all possible windows version.
  • After installation just launch the application and make sure, you have connected your device via USB CABLE.
  • You also have to turn on USB DEBUGGING of your phone for smooth working of this application.
  • For USB DEBUGGING go to settings-application-development-tick usb debugging.
  • Now the device is connected to your pc and is ready to use and now you just have to click and all the app games ringtones media phonebook sms etc. will be transferred. Authors have worked hard & have given support and all tutorials are provided for any issue on the internet on their official website.

HOW TO USE Mobogenie:

  • After the installation is done of the particular software on your pc just double tap the icon and Mobogenie application is available.
  • The start-up page of the application consists of the user related information (about device, battery status, etc.)
  • The application control panel provided on top allows you to choose and download the application as your requirement free.
  • You just have to switch the required preference and categories and you are one click away from the required application available on your device in no time.
  • The software helps you by upgrading the device application available on the update notification
  • Unlike Mozilla or any internet browsers, the device is provided with download queue and status.
  • You can find, select, & download ringtones wallpapers YouTube videos in all possible formats from the top control panel by a click.
  • The software is used for backup and to restore data for which you just have to come back to the start-up page and click backup button and the select the required field and all possible information will be stored as a backup.
  • To restore the same data you have to click on restore button guide the path and all possible data are retrieved back.
  • From start-up page of the application, you can perform task like add a contact, edit the contact, and send sms etc. by just clicking to their respective icons.

For further support, the official website provides you with tutorials and all possible links.
Download Mobogenie for Android Phones

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Recently, Kantar has published their statistics for smartphone Operating system market share. Kantar report was for quarter ending in December. According to report, Android and Windows Phone lost their momentum but at the same time they managed to maintain steady growth in year 2013. On the other side, BlackBerry and iOS lose users in every aspect of market. Nokia failed to have breakthrough sales as what they were expecting but then also it was a good year for Windows phone. Report shows that, Microsoft operating system have expanded their market share in every market. In UK, they reached to 11.3% from 5.9%. In France, it reached to 11.4% from 5%. In Italy, it touches 17.1% from 12.7% and in Spain it goes to 5.6% from 6.9%.

Windows Phone 8

As we all know that Kantar releases their report after every three months and if we compare latest report from report released in November then Windows phone momentum is slowing down. Windows Phone OS has lost some shares in some countries. Let’s take a look at figure. In France, it went down to 11.4% from 12.9. In USA, it went down to 4.3% from 4.7. In China, it goes to 1.1% from 2.7% and in Australia it goes down to 5.2% from 6.9%.

There are many operating system in competition but Android is on top in the list. It wins in all markets and its popularity is increasing day by day. Android got 83.5% market share in Latin America for year 2013 which was 62.6% in year 2012. Android has also raised their market in Germany from 69% to 75.4%. In Italy, from 54.2% to 66.2% and the EU, from 62.9% to 68.6%. There are a few markets in UK, Italy, Spain and EU where Android OS lost by a small numbers but that is not going to effect Android overall gain in mobile phone market.

Android kitkat Logo

This time, Apple’s iOS has to face loss in shares in all markets for year 2013. It went down to 12.8% from 23.1% and it is the biggest lost for iOS. In USA, they went down to 43.9% from 49.7%. In December’s holiday session, sales for Apple iDevices increased and that leads iOS to manage their market shares. Blackberry also lost their market shares. Other than china, Blackberry lost its users everywhere. In china, they increased their shares by 0.1%.

After reviewing the report, we can say that Android is leading mobile operating system in market. There are many fans of Windows phone but if they really want to beat Android OS then Microsoft have to come with some unique and useful ideas.

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LG is targeting many markets including Mobile phones, Recently they have released their financial report for fourth quarter and full year of 2014. According to the report presented by Lg, they have made $53.1 billion as their net revenue. For full year of 2013, they gained net profit of $ 203.65 million. If we compare this report with financial report presented for 2012 then LG has improved to some extend. LG’s operating profit was $1.8 billion in 2012 and now it is $ 1.17 billion in year 2013.

LG G Pad tablet

Now, lets check the report for only fourth quarter of 2013. According to the report by LG, they have earned $14.03 billion as their net revenue and $223.89 million as operating profit. There are also some higher non operating expenses and because of that, they faced $60.21 million loss. Report mentioned till now is for overall LG product and not just mobile business.

Moving to LG’s mobile section, LG has reported that they have gained 29 % raise in annual revenue that is $11.85 billion year on year. And 18 % increase in fourth quarter revenue that is $ 3.38 billion quarter to quarter. Such result for LG is due to release of many high end devices but release of G2 and Nexus 5 made a big impact on result. There are total 13.2 million smartphones shipped in 4th quarter of last quarter. If we compare it with last year then figure is increased about 54 percent.

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There are many online file storage services available these days like Dropboxes, SkyDrives and iClouds and Google drive is one of such services. Google drive is already very famous but android users might not be much familiar with it. Drive is used by developers to make better applications. Google have recently introduced their new Drive Android API and this new API makes developers job even simpler. There are many features added into app but highlight feature is its transparent offline syncing. With transparent offline syncing, we will be able to use the cloud storage in the same way as we use Local storage.

Google Drive

It gives user better app experience. The best thing is that, it will low down the memory use on your phone as you can store massive data on the GDrive storage. Most of the times we dont have good connection but Google have also found a way to resolve this. Google Drive API shifts to storing the data locally until it has good enough reception to send it to servers. You dont need to do it manually, it will check the connection strength and data will be stored locally for that time. This new feature makes developers to build more enhanced, powerful application to deliver better user experience.

All these features will work with most of the android devices as Google has said that it will work on 98% of Android. Apart from this, it is also decreasing the application download size by integrating API with Google Play Services tightly. So there are very less updates needed down the road. It’s very good news for developers as they can make much better apps.

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Launch for Tizen OS smartphones is delayed and Japanese carrier said that this is not the right time for them to launch the Tizen operating system smartphone. They are looking for the best market condition for their new OS smartphone to be released and so Tizen is trying to take all possible right moves to release their Tizen OS off in market.

Tizen OS

NIT Docomo had planed to launch Tizen smartphone early this year but they have also cancelled their plan because of citing time problem. A speaker had a talk with Engadget Japanese about the history and according to him, sales for their smartphones are not increasing from last year and this is the reason that it has not got any space for their three mobile operating systems in Japan’s current smartphone climate. But we would like to tell you that this is the first year that this career is selling their iPhones.

There is just one month left for Mobile Word Congress that is to held at Barcelona. So it looks like Docomo is waiting for the new handsets to appear in MWC. We cannot say anything about this until MWC. We will keep our eyes on this news and as any new information will be available, it will be updated.