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Everyone likes to do shopping with their friends and family, but it is not possible with online shopping. Considering this requirement of users, Google is coming up with ‘Shoppable Hangout’. With the help of ‘Shoppable Hangout’, you will be able to interact with others while shopping at the same time. This will be unveiled on January 20. Google, in partnership with and Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan bringing this new feature in India.


This will allow maximum 10 people to interact with each other while they are shopping online. They can interact with multi person video chat and at the same time chat and comment. This new feature is also beneficial for retailers. Retailers can publicly broadcast a multi-person video chat regarding the products and viewers can have access to their exclusive catalogue. This is going to be the new and the best experience of online shopping.

According to Google India Industry Director Nitin Bawankule, other than the products from, this will also allow users to access the Hrithik’s clothing line, HRX. Hrithik’s fans can chat and shop online with Hrithik. Hrithik Roshan also said that they will get good source to interact with their fans and also shoppers to showcase his clothing line.

Myntra CMO Vikas Ahuja said, “Marrying the power of technology, social media, and e-commerce, we will provide our customers a novel, more personal and interactive way to shop online at,”

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Shopping ! Bang on dude, Who don’t like shopping? Men or Women both are Shopaholic, women in dresses , shoes and so , while men for the Play-station, gadgets and so. While some men denying on this note are liars. But it’s difficult to stay away from shopping at this note, when Google is all set on fire to launch ‘Google’s Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF). The festival will start by December 11,2013. There are numerous sites which have already lined up to put their brand online promotion with huge amount of offers and discount. All good things have an expiry date, so has this. This Shopping festival will last for three days.
Isn’t this cool? You will find a list of online retailers showering you products with discounted rates and unbelievable offers. Beside these, there are also sites which offer the coupon option to get benefits. Some coupon sites are offering cash back inducements in addition to GOSF discount prices. You can find several beneficial deals, tempting you at each step.

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The Google’s great online Shopping Festival (GOSF) is becoming gaining popularity minutes-by-minutes. The offers and discounts, will surely make a person to buy or invest their money on valuable product. an online retailer, is all set to create a blaze with its offer. have listed heavy discounts on various products. This concept will surely help people to try their hands on different offers , under a single roof (i.e. GOSF). another online retailer is also offering coupons with bonanza offers and heavy discount.They have sorted discounts rates as 80% on apparel, 80% on accessories like bags, shoes and so, 70% on electronic gadgets, 60% on books. Cool Man! This is one to visit on my list. How can Homeshop18 will stay out of these, they are offering cashback scheme on any product bought from their site by using Airtel Money Wallet.

You need to stay tuned, to get exciting news on this This is on my list, What about you?