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LeEco, the Chinese giant has officially released a notice of an event on 21st September. The tech company had already revealed this post through China’s social networking site named ‘Weibo’. It stated that, it will come up with a theme which will make the Smartphone more stunners and will change the entire perception. The Smartphone will be out with its trendy features and specification by September.

LeEco Le Pro 3

LeEco Le Pro 3 debuts September 21st 2016

Le Pro 3, the first Chinese Smartphone to sport Qualcomm 821 Snapdragon chipset and greater memory capacity, 6GB of RAM and 64GB of expandable memory. The battery of 5,000mAh is enclosed in thin body with 7mm of thickness. While, its camera features too are no less with 16MP of rear camera and 8MP of front camera. When the ‘LeEco Le Pro 3’ appeared on AnTuTu Benchmark, it scored around 163K from users. The score’s makes the Smartphone more powerful and desirable.

CEO of LeEco, reached to Weibo to criticize Apple for launching iPhone 7 with lack of innovation and the high price tag. This might be just a publicity stunt! But Le Eco fans are eager to know about the next product. A favorable time shall reveal about the ‘Le 2S Pro’. Let’s wait and hope for the best for the launch date September 21st 2016. LeEco Le Pro 3 prices for India are unknown at this time.

Update – LeEco Le Pro 3 is rumored to have 8 gb of RAM, 8GB version will have 256GB of storage, a dual 13 megapixel cameras, and 16 megapixel camera in front.Given the specifications it looks an overkill, with recent announcement of iPhone 7 pro dual cameras, looks like we are going to see it part of all Flagship phones in coming months.

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This is one of the amazing months for you where you can save a lot. If you have ever dreamt of acquiring any technological gadget then this is actually the time. Make your dream come true by grabbing this wonderful opportunity this month of September. Volumebest promotion campaign has got gift packs worth $ 1000 to give away and you are the right person eligible to grab this chance. All you need is just to sign up and enjoy this amazing gift hamper. This promotion runs from September 4th to 18th of September there is still more time and opportunity for you to grab this chance.

volume best

Promotional Details
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This is one of the easiest promotion to participate all you need to do is just to visit our site and open up a new volume best account by signing up. You will be required to fill in some business information and upload your photo. After giving out all of this details you will be automatically entered into the lucky draw.This lucky draw is like a game and for every game there are always rules. Therefore ensure you provide the correct information to make it easier to be contacted. Filling wrong information may results to not being contacted at all.

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Games are being developed day in day out. If you are a hardcore gamer it may be quite difficult for you to determine the best game in this second week. This second week has got fabulous and eye catching games that you won’t miss to play if you are a hardcore gamer. The top ten list contains the latest games and engaging games with top ratings and reviews you can ever imagine. It’s now easier than ever to determine the best game for yourself for this week. Here is our Top 5 games for second week September 2015

android games

Top 5 Android Games in 2nd week September 2015

1. Angry Birds 2
The angry bad game developer is back again with a loud bang in the game industry. The launching of the most addictive android game in the universe has come with new and even more improved features in the game industry. This time you can chose the bird you want to fling when making a slingshot. The game has got multi-stage levels for you to conquer and achieve making it more addictive .You can also challenge other players in the world map and actually become the best in the world. Having an average rating of 4.5 and over 800000 reviews it’s absolutely the best game for you to play this month.

2. Brian Dots
This is also one of the latest and engaging games that can’t be left out in our list for this second week of September. This is one of the best games for kids in order to train their minds as they grow up. It basically involves bumping up two balls of various colors: blue green, red etc. Having ratings of 4.0 and over 200000 reviews it’s absolutely the best game to download in the google play store this 2nd week of September.

3. Race the traffic Moto.
If you are a hardcore racing gamer then this is the best game for you this 2nd week of September. This game has got amazing and clear 3D graphics. It has got amazing bike models which are filled with nitro boost for you to play and enjoy. Its amazing new features such as3 game modes and excellent game-play makes it one of the engaging games to play.

4. Chhotta Bheem jungle run
This is absolutely one of the addictive adventurous games for this week. This game basically involves an Indian superhero Chhotta Bheem .Who is in the jungle and has to save himself against wild animals, witchcraft, mummies and other weird creatures in the jungle. All you have to do is to guide your superhero against overcoming this creatures .You have also to gather the fruits since it’s the main source of energy required for your superhero to fight against his enemies. This game has got easy game controls making it absolutely one of the best games and very addictive. Having an average rating of 4.0 and over 200000 reviews makes it absolutely the best game for you this week.

5. Train Driver 15
This is one the best simulation games for this week. It’s a train simulator game that has got realistic towns and most improved game graphics. In addition to this it has got also other realistic features like door opening and closing. It’s absolutely an interesting game for you to play. Having an average rating of 4.0 and over 80000 reviews makes it among the top 5 games for you to play this week.

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The windows phone is one of the powerful phones that supports a lot of app. Its operating system enables you to launch apps very faster. Having a rapid rise in the technological levels you can’t be able to determine the best app. Apps are being developed day in day out and it might be tiresome to determine the best app by yourself. If you are owning the windows phone here are the best top rated and new apps you can download during this September in the 1st week. The apps are very powerful and some of them very essential to own.

Windows Phone 10 one platformTop 5 Windows Phone Apps for  1st week of September 2015

1. The Messengers for windows
This is an app that allows you to connect and send messages in Facebook in the easiest way. This is a social app has got top ratings of 4.0 in average. Having this app enables you to chat and communicate effectively in Facebook. It provides notifications from your Facebook account. This makes it more interesting and the best app for you this September.

2. Free movies Unlimited
This also one of the top rated new app in September for you. This app enables you to have access to thousands of movies. The movies in this app are arranged well depending on the category of the genres, country and even time of release. It has got top rating of over 4.5 and over 400 reviews making it being ranked among the top in our list. This app also provides you with the chance to even watch the trailers of the movies before downloading the movies. This app is acquired for free in the windows store.

3. Music download unlimited
This is one the best music down-loaders in the month of September the first week. It has got an average rating of 3.9 with many reviews. Having this app you can download music and even stream the music videos in the fastest way ever. This app is acquired for free in the windows store. Just log on in the windows store and download yourself an amazing and fastest music down-loader.

4. Anime Tube plus
If you are an animation movie lover then this is one of the apps to own in this September. This app allows you to download and even watch your favorite animations and even the latest ones. You can also watch your favourite cartoons in here. Having an averaging rating of 4.8 and over 100 reviews makes it appear among the top app for you this September. This app is downloaded at no cost in the windows store making it even easier to download.

5. Free anime unlimited
This also one of the apps that allows you to watch and download high quality animations and cartoons this September. This app has got amazing features such as browsing the categorized animations using keywords and even saving the animations. Having an average rating of 4.6 and over 500 reviews makes it be the top app for you this month. It has got similar features to that of anime tube plus but its unique in terms of its display. This app is downloaded only for free in the windows store.

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Apple are constantly producing new and efficient up to serve the market better. With the Ios 9 version better apps have been updated on the apple store. During the WWDC a lot of new and update apps were announced. Update concerning apple watch was also stated. A Lot of new and better apps have been released into the market from the time of the WWDC conference. The following apps include some of the top iPhone apps 1st week of September 2015.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Top 5 Apps For iOS | iPhone 6 for 1st Week September 2015

1.  Layout from Instagram
This is an app which allows you to do more with your photos rather than just updating them. Using this app you are in a position to remix up to nine photos into a very cool layout. You are also in a position to add effects on these photos and upload these combined snaps to your Instagram feed. Using this app you are in a position to give a stylish control over your photos and also give them a better layout. This app is totally free on the apple store.

2. Pennies
For those who dream about apps which can keep track of their budget rather than having to carry a paper and pen, well this is the app for you. This app turns traditional financing to a modern manner of financing by using charts and tags. This app usually focuses on one thing; this can be how much you have sent or how much you are left with to send. It gives you a financial budget and quickly calculates your spending. This app is perfect for those individual who want to know how their money flow is; money in and money out. These apps can be purchased on the apple store for about $2.29.

3.  Pacifica
This is an excellent app for those individuals dealing with depression or anxiety. This app is relatively new in the market and has been recently updated using cognitive behavioural therapy, relaxation, mindfulness and other health techniques. With this app you are in a position to track your mood and other habits. This app offers you exercises which will help you reduce stress and anxiety when things feel out of control. This app can be downloaded on a free basis from the apple market.

4. Spendlytics
This is an amazing app which was released on the day when apple rolled out apple pay in the UK. Using this app Santander customers are in a position an over of their spending habits. The app will break down transaction into types and it will later sort them by week or month. Using this app you are in a better position to track your spending. You will however have to be a Santander customer for you to enjoy it. This app is in the process of being upgraded to cater for spending in all categories and not only in the Santander ones.

5. Dark sky
This is a cool app which definitely ought to be in iPhone apps 1st week of September. This app uses GPS location to give accurate forecast for the next hour. You are in a position to tell when it will begin to rain or snow. This app also offers weekly forecast, beautiful animation and a notification center widget. This app is available on apples store for $2.99.

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The world of technology has really changed and advanced in terms of innovation, inventiveness and technological levels. Therefore you are not supposed to be left out but embrace it by downloading the latest android apps for September during the 1st week. There are several apps being developed every moment therefore it might be hectic to determine which one is the best but with our amazing list you will really enjoy having this top apps for this week. The top 5 android apps are the one having the top rating and best reviews. Here is our best list of Android Apps for September 2015 during the 1st week.

android 4

Top 5 Android Apps, 1st week of September 2015

1. Gold and Black Keyboard Theme
This is one of the amazing Android apps with a rating of 4.5 with over 5000 reviews. One can’t just wait to download it in his /her smartphone. It has got wonderful color themes of over 10000 with emoticons and smiley faces that even makes it lovelier. You do not need to set up the keyboard background color and wallpaper because of it magnificent view. It uses the Go Keyboard. The keyboard is acquired for free in the Google play store.

2. True Messenger
This is one of the best apps to keep your inbox safe from spams and messages from strangers. This is an upgrade from the earlier version of the true caller. This apps blocks the spam messages and even tells you the identity of the sender of the message and even the calls. It also protects your inbox by cleaning the spams and even separating the spam messages. It’s one of the best apps with a rating of over 4.3 and 20000 reviews. Keep your mind calm from unnecessary curiosity of strange calls and messages with this app.

3. AppLock Theme Deep Forest
This is one of the best android protection tools in the market. This app will help you to keep you phone away from snoopers who might want to see you private photos and even messages by password protecting of your apps. These app also manages your other apps. This app has got an amazing new design that propels it to having a higher rating of over 4.2 and over 3200 ratings.

4. Fingerprint Locker
You want to keep you phone off from snoopers this month then this is the best android app to acquire. Having a rating of over 4.1 and reviews of over 5000 it’s absolutely the best to stop snoopers. This app is customized and simulated to scan your fingers in order to unlock the phone for around 2 seconds. This is to provide maximum protection to your phone because without your finger you cannot unlock your phone. This app is just acquired for free in the Google app play store

5. Straight Outta Meme Maker
This is a meme generator that allows you to generate memes in any place of the world not only Atlanta London or Compton. This is also one of the best apps with a rating of over 4.0 and over 1000 reviews. This makes it one of the best apps for you this month.

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