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Blackberry Z3 is one the most richly featured as well as mostly awaited Smartphone’s developed by Blackberry and went on extensive sales all across the world. It was unveiled by Blackberry in February 2014 and latter on started rolling in market in the month of May 2014. The overall configuration and software performance is with exciting load ups being 5.0inches display with resolution of 540*960 pixels, 1.2GHz dual core Snapdragon 400 processor along with 1.5GB RAM, latest Blackberry 10.2.1 OS and 2500mAh battery. However the rest of the features are also good but these make a difference. The display of Blackberry Z3 is very splendid in quality but with scratch threat and the body build of this Smartphone is just fine but drop and shock protection is essential. So, we have summed up the list of top 5 essential accessories which you can mount and use with your Blackberry Z3 to make it look life lasting and increase its durability.

Blackberry Z3

1. Nilkin flip cover for Blackberry Z3: This polymerised leathery flip cover makes your Smartphone glow. Its window sensitive PET material allows you to answer phone calls, check time and other stuff without removing the flip cover. It is highly durable to shocks and drops, with its basal portion being handmade make it extra beautiful and durable.

2. Nilkin Case for Blackberry Z3: when it comes to high protection against accidental drops, cases do the best job. This Nilkin case provides all round benefits to your Smartphone. It’s highly durable build material provides solid protection and besides this it is available in beautifully designed black, gold and red colour variety. It’s protruded surrounding lips around your Smartphone protects your Smartphone display from scratches along with lips around buttons and ports add up to its protecting power.

3. nCase PSP-BB-Z3 screen protector: It’s a good quality and cheap screen protector to prevent the display from scratches and abrasion. It opacity is nice and is easily washable. It easily easy to mount and bubble free removal makes its good one to use. This can be used as an additional display protection along with a good quality Smartphone case.

4. Fusion tempered glass screen protector: This high quality glass tempered screen protector is composed of 4 layers providing protection against strong accidental drops as well as scratches. It possesses hardness of 9H and gives 99% transparency. It doesn’t interfere with the touch sensitivity of the Smartphone.

5. Generic Brand White 2600mAh battery: This 2600mAh emergency charging battery is a lipstick sized rectangular piece with universal USB charging port. It can give two times or three times battery backup per device. It high quality ions increases its usability to 500 above charging cycles. It finds daily use in travel and hangouts.

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The latest flagship of Apple iPhone 6 got rolled out on 9 September 2014 and along with its bigger sibling iPhone 6 Plus flooded the market with record breaking sales of 10 million units being sold within 3 days. This Smartphone comes incorporated with a brilliant class 4.7inches LED back lit display with high clarity. It supreme processing experience arises from latest iOS8 and dual core Apple A8 chipset. A lot of features have been improved which includes camera quality, battery backup and totally new look has been provided to its edges. The Apple payment option has been reviewed and improved along with fingerprint scanner improvement.  Thus iPhone 6 is overall a new revolution to the Smartphone world as expressed by Tim Cook.

Apple iPhone 6

No matter iPhone 6 display comes with anti finger print and shatter proof glass, to keep your iPhone 6 shinning and glittering all across your journey with this Smartphone, we have collected the best 5 screen protectors for your iPhone 6 which provide all round protection to display.

Tech Armor  glass screen protector iPhone 6

Tech Armor Screen protector: This high clarity screen protector is processed through laser cutting and is designed of tempered glass. It provides drop as well as scratch protection to your iPhone 6. It is layered with anti fingerprint oleo phobic coating which gives maximum clarity and touch accuracy.iPhone 6 Spigen tempered glass screen protector iPhone 6 screen protector by Spigen: its 0.4mm thickness and 8~9H hardness provided by tampered glass gives you a real iPhone 6 glass experience and better protection. Oleo phobic coating layered over this glass keeps your display protected from ugly unwanted marks. It’s exceptional anti shatter feature makes it safer to use.

Zagg invisible shield glass screen protector iphone 6

ZAGG invisible SHIELD glass screen protector: Just like the others, it also claims to maintain accurate touch sensitivity and better protection with its tampered glass providing protection against accidental drops and maintains image quality. In this protector, the focus has been laid on maintaining transparency as much as possible.

Ventev Screen Protector iphone 6

Ventev Screen Protector: It has been designed with speciality of providing protection against finger prints and scratches. It’s designed from a tough self adhesive polymer which is easy to apply and can be removed without leaving sticky marks behind. It comes with a pack of 2 screen protectors, a cleaning cloth and applicator card.

iPhone 6 crystal screen protector Spigen

iPhone 6 crystal screen protector by Spigen: Unlike others provided here, it is composed of Japanese PET film providing scratch and finger print protection with great transparency. It provides hardness of ~3H and comes in pack of 3 screen protectors. It is easy to apply and easy to remove.

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Xiaomi Mi 3 being the most famous Smartphone of Chinese origin in its class at present is the favourite one of majority of the high end Smartphone lovers especially flooding in Indian market. This Smartphone holds a record of highest sales within 2 seconds in India. It houses a 5.0inches full HD display with resolution of 1920*1080pixels and pixel density of 441ppi. This amazing display comes sheltered with corning gorilla glass 3 protection. The display of this standard is counted among world’s finest display and it necessarily needs an extra bit of care and protection as compared to other rough and tough low end displays. This display is better loved in its finest contour and even a little scratch feels awkward at moments. So your display needs to be guarded by the best screen protectors currently available for your Xiaomi Mi 3 Smartphone. To keep your Smartphone’s display as sparkling as its features, here we have recommended a list of best screen protectors for your Smartphone. These are going to keep your Smartphone’s display, safer, gleaming and glittering.

Xiaomi MI3

1. Screenward Screen Protector:  This is a high quality laser cutted screen protector designed to fit your Xiaomi Mi 3 perfectly.  It protects your display from dust, scratch, and abrasion. It is very easy to apply on your display. Besides this, it provides protection to your every by filtering 90% of UV radiations tending to fall directly on your eyes.

2. Brain Freezer Tempered Glass Protector: This hammer tampered screen protector has got very high anti scratch property because of its origin of manufacturing. Even after its high density, it gives complete neat and invisible look. It is incorporated with an oleophobic coating which makes it resistant to fingerprints.

3. Mi Screen Protector: This brand new screen guard from Mi is highly durable and provides total protection from scratches. With its pack, you will get a practice film also. Besides this, it is free of messy air bubbles and glue resides. You can remove it easily without leaving any filth on screen with its clean material used.

4.  Karpine Diamond ProGuard: It besides providing protection gives your Smartphone an attractive designing look after you switch off your Xiaomi Mi3. It is anti-scratch, anti UV and anti-finger print. It’s 3H rating of hardness clearly signifies that it can provide an exceptional protection from scratches to your Smartphone. A special chemical present in this protector makes it resistant against damaging radiations from sun.

5. Nillkin Amazing H+: This is an all-rounder screen protector designed for Xiaomi Mi3 providing protection against dust, oil, scratches, glare, etc. It has been composed from Harves nanotechnology and tampered maintaining its hardness up to 9H. It is also introduced with an anti UV chemical. Its nanotechnology manufacturing makes it only 0.3mm thick. It is also easy to use and recyclable.


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The most awaited and expensive Smartphone from Asus, Zenfone 5 was released in April 2014 with stunning looks, features as well as affordability. Its 5.0 inches IPS display comes protected with corning Gorilla Glass 3. This high resolution display of Zenfone 5 surely needs a good quality coating over its screen with most wide range of qualities including anti scratch, anti glare, anti solar, anti finger print, bubble free coating which can provide all rounder performance. Keeping your need in view we have prepared a list of top quality screen covers to protect your Smartphone’s screen. If you are still willing to buy this Smartphone and looking for the reason to buy it, then you should go for it because of following key reasons.

Asus Zenfone 5

  1. A good resolution and good sized display (5.0 inch).
  2. Two variants available for storage (8 / 16 GB) as well as RAM (1/2 GB) respectively.
  3. A 2 GHz Intel atom dual core processor.
  4. 8MP primary camera capturing pics of 3264*2448 pixels along with autofocus and LED flash.
  5. Non removable Li-Po 2110 mAh battery providing talk time of 18 hours 30 minutes.

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Gadgestsheildz 1332SPFB Screen Guard: Gadget shieldz screen protector provides an all over protection to your Smartphone which includes the entire body surface as well as display. It is just 0.2mm thick and stays almost invisible to naked eye. It has been designed to cover every minute area of your Smartphone without leaving even a little part protection free.

Karpine Scr-1952 Matte Screen Guard: This screen protector is especially designed for your Zenfone5 Smartphone providing anti fingerprint, anti scratch and anti glare protection. It doesn’t leave messy air bubbles on your Screen which is done by cheap quality covers. Its UV protection film gives you all round protection against sun problems and stains.

Mr Shield anti glare Screen Protector: It is a multi property screen protector engineered for your Zenfone5 providing anti glares protection and designed with a permanent bubble free technology. It is available to you in the form of a kit which includes a scratching card, cleaning cloth, dust collector and removing tapes making it easy for you to apply on your screen.

MFX Screen Protector: This is a chiefly designed product for Asus Zenfone5 Smartphone for providing anti scratch coating over your Smartphone. It is user friendly and comes with application card and a piece of cloth made for cleaning purpose. You won’t even feel blurry screen of your Smartphone by its invisible protection formula.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Screen Protector: This is a unique screen protector manufactured via liquid nanotechnology. This protector protects your Asus Zenfone5 from oil, dust, dirt and other things by forming a resistive layer over your Smartphone Screen. The other advantage of this liquid glass layer is that it is easy to apply and bubble free.
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When I bought a phone recently, like we always do I went hunting for accessories. I did not have much problem with the other like body covers and all, but what confused me the most was which screen protector to put on the phone. Actually it was not that big a deal since I asked for a screen protector and simply one gets it. But I was asked in a very mind boggling way, “Which screen guard do you want?” and I was like “How many are there?”

So I got back home and started on a mission I knew will lead me somewhere, everything does eventually but I waited for that perfect screen protector for my device. I searched the shit out of the internet and asked numerous sellers as to which screen protector is the best. I got many horrid remarks and expressions as if I was out of this world or else asked about aliens. Then I came to know that almost everyone kept only 1 or two types of screen protectors and they did not care which one the customer asked for. But that’s not the way we roll, so I have compiled here for your information about all the available screen protectors in the market. So below is a list of the available types of screen protectors.

Screen protector

Note: many manufacturers make custom screen protectors with almost super human qualities like self-healing and stuff. So those are not included. You can still get those but on if you might be interested or are attracted to them or just want to give them a try.

1. Clear: This is completely transparent and a bit thick. It is susceptible to oil and fingerprints but can be easily cleaned off without any issues. They are quite cheap and they do get scratches on them, but the scratches stay on the film they are a bit thick and so the screen gets protected, and being clear the screen is 100% visible in its trueness without any hindrance.

2. Matte: This does not have the clear glossy finish on top but comes with a matte finish which is smooth yet a bit rough. The best part is that it makes the touch of the screen a bit more sensitive with the roughness making it sensitive to us so that we don’t use excess pressure on the screen. The downside of this is that it gives the screen colours a bit distorted and washed out, but it does not catch any oil, or fingerprints that are visible.

3. Anti-glare: This is the same as matte but with a glossy finish like clear but still distorts the screen display a bit over it. It is a bit susceptible to oil and fingerprints but not much. And when reading exactly against light, the light does not get reflected back, so that is an advantage of this and does not disturb your eyes.

4. Oleo-phobic: These screen guards are made especially for resisting oils and fingerprints. So if you are working in a place which has lots of oily products around and you are worried if your cell getting stained with it, then this is the protector for you.

5. Privacy Guard: These screen protectors are for you specially for you if you are into having sensitive stuff on your phones or just want to protect yourself from someone else around you reading your personal chat, then this is the one for you. This makes sure that anyone around you watching into your phone at an angle of more than 30 degrees.

6. Mirror: For all the girls out there who are always on the lookout for a mirror which is portable for them to carry, this is the perfect companion for you. In this you can apply the mirror screen protector and then the screen gets locked, the protector turns into a mirror in which you can check yourself out. Amazing right?

7. Ultra Clear: This is actually the same as Clear but it is much thinner and on applying this it easily mixes with the phone and seems as if it is a part of the phone itself. So you won’t even feel like it is on there.

These are the 7 main types of screen protectors for your cell phones which are available at your nearest store. If by some reason one of them is not available, you can always order it there or else find them online on or other similar shopping products. So choose wisely which screen guard you want and will suit your phone the best and keep your screen safe and scratch free all the time.