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Sony Xperia XZ Premium

After reading Samsung haters will love Sony Xperia XZ Premium

If you really hate Samsung Galaxy devices for any reason, then this should be for you. There are too many genuine and silly reasons...
Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 release date leaked

There are number of rumours are coming for Samsung Galaxy S8, today we got about it's release date. People from the inside of the...
CES 2017 logo

Here’s What To Expect at Ces 2017 : Updated

New year marks the beginning of loads of improvement and innovation spreading across the world. CES 2017 is an ideal way to showcase products....

Comparison Google Daydream View vs Samsung Gear VR

Google gave us a good deal of glimpse into virtual world by Google cardboard but it was Samsung and Oculus which came out with...
Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Official brief from UK

Recently launched Samsung Galaxy Note 7, is full in swing! The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is gaining good praise from several sites. The Galaxy...
Best Android Phone under 10000 in India June 2016

Best Android phone under 10000 in India June 2016

The mobile industry is forever changing and new phone models are being released to the market almost every month. With too many companies making...
Virtual Reality Headsets to Buy In 2016

Virtual Reality Headsets to Buy In 2016

We are currently in the age where technology progresses faster and the gaming industry is one of the many divisions that benefit most in...
Samsung Kies

Samsung Galaxy PC Suite or Kies download for all devices 2016

Over the years with glorious products, Samsung has earned quality of name for Galaxy Flagship. The latest flagship of the Galaxy has earned good...
samsung flexible display

Samsung Foldable Smartphone Soon to make debut

Samsung Foldable Smartphone are creating lots of buzz with tech enthusiast. Samsung were the first to come up with flexible display, and this time...
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

10 Reasons Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge makes a Style statement unlike any-other. Galaxy S7 Edge introduction brought a new line of smartphone under the ever expanding Galaxy...