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Samsung S6

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Samsung Gear VR

Samsung is back with a bang! Yes, this time Samsung is in the news with its Samsung Galaxy S6 Gear VR. Samsung Gear VR is designed with its Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in consideration. After the release of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and Galaxy S6, the Gears VR have finally landed in the market. The Gears have already set to receive with few pre-order. The release of these Gear will start by April 24th. The latest Samsung model is loaded with several brilliant features.

samsung s6 gear

Samsung Galaxy S6 VR on pre-order

This new Samsung Gear VR is built by considering this new model in mind. This revised model is 15% lighter than previous, it also has 96-degree of field vision, also with few more improvements.
A confirmed news is yet to be received from about its price and other features involved. After noting the price tag for Note 4’s model which is around $199, we can expect the price might be approximate around that range. Let’s hope the price will stay around the expected limit!
What do you think, whether to buy Gear VR or not to go with Samsung Gear VR? A Samsung Gear VR offers several benefits, picking this Gear VR will land you with many features.

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Samsung last year astonished everyone by launching Samsung Galaxy S5. It is worth to note that, the Samsung S5 was launched with great excitement. The Samsung S5 introduced water-resistant technology, dust tight technology, which then created a buzz and many other manufacturer pulled this technology on their respective Smartphone. They introduced us the word ‘IP67 certification’ which means dust tight. IP certification allows device to submerge deep in 3.2-feet of water for complete 30-minutes. Last year, Samsung highlighted this point for promotion to gain more and more audience. The water-resistant trend then created a buzz among all Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S6

According to the recent report of Samsung, the Korean giant are trying to increase profit margin. The upcoming product of Samsung Galaxy S6 will not have IP certification. Is this true? Yes, this time Samsung will be not setting IP certification on non-Active models. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which is known to be a sibling of Samsung S6 will also be non-water resistant.
This decision of eliminating water-resistance technology did disappointed few users. But this alleged move was not that surprising! According to the sales report Samsung Galaxy S5 gave grave fall and fall short with expectations. With this product, Samsung noted low profit. The loss was more as compared to their sales figure of past two years!


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Snapdragon processor have created a huge name. The standard set by Snapdragon is definitely appreciable. Many Smartphone have powered with Snapdragon processor. But recently, a different twist was noted of Snapdragon through blogs and reports. Overheating issues were registered in Samsung Galaxy S6 with 810 SoC Snapdragon.
The rumours machine is on as usual, through blogs dozen of gossip and rumours keeps revolving and rotating around on and on. This time, the reports says that, the Korean Giant company has ditched Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset. The Giant Company has switched from Snapdragon to its very own Exynos series. But few source refuse to stay with this piece of news, they say the Company has not fully ditched the chipset.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 faces overheating issues due to Snapdragon 810

The Digitimes report claims a different thing. According to their report, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in two different version. One with 810 Snapdragon and other with Exynos. Maximum of Samsung Galaxy S6 will come with Exynos, while few will come with Qualcomm processor.

Once the overheating problem is fixed Samsung Galaxy S6 will switch to its previous Snapdragon processor. There are number of device still running with Snapdragon processor, but none other have reported this complaint. Samsung team will surely work on this matter and will get back with its previous Qualcomm processor.

Some say, Samsung Galaxy S6 will be launched in two version in MWC 2015. The Mobile World Congress which will be held in Barcelona, will have a glance of both version of Samsung Galaxy S6.


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Some believe in taking the reproach seriously, while some just rub off from their shoulders. Samsung seems to be studiously listening to its criticism. The team of Samsung have been working hard to overcome these critics. But now, Samsung have not only entered with recent Lollipop version, but also with TouchWiz UI. It seems like the production of Samsung Galaxy S6 is in full swing. The Samsung Galaxy S6 will not only be stuffed with wonderful features, but will also have TouchWiz UI. TouchWiz User interface is one of the amazing interface with cool functions.

Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy S6 in the works

Working on TouchWiz will make you delight, since the interface offers many functionality. The only point to be consider while getting this interface is, it requires good amount of resource to run. It offers good amount of Optimization.

The Korean Giant are aiming on the essential factors which are in trend today, they are focusing more on features and also to eliminate the drawbacks of past not so good features. The Korean Giant is very much focused to get what they want.

According to the sources, the Smartphone might hit the market very soon in month of February itself. The TouchWiz UI is scheduled to be displayed for MWC 2015. The Trail run is already in process, yes according to the Samsung team they have already started mass production of these handset.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 will have similar body style of Samsung Galaxy S5. Waiting to get a glance of Samsung Galaxy S6 in MWC 2015.