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Last few months we heard about not so good rise of Samsung. But this time, Samsung is all set to expand its Smartphone line-up. In last few months, Samsung started to work on its brand new line-up A-series, J-series and E-series. Two member Samsung Galaxy A3 and Samsung Galaxy A5 were first two product to start the A-series.
The E-series of Smartphone will also make public appearance soon. Samsung Galaxy E5 and Samsung Galaxy E7 are two-mid range Smartphone soon to release. Still a precise release date and price is not available. The J-line Smartphone named Samsung Galaxy J1 is also set to make public appearance this very year. Seems like this year, Samsung have planned hard to release brilliant products.

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An interesting piece of news arrived on our doors recently, Samsung have patented A-series, J-Series and E-series. Wonder, what has been planned by Samsung’s team?
Samsung Galaxy E3 will be a high-end Smartphone with brilliant features, While Samsung Galaxy E5 will be a low-range Smartphone, a smaller sibling of Samsung Galaxy E3. The J-series too will spread its wings with more and more Smartphones like Galaxy J5, J3 and J7.These all Smartphone will be stuffed with brilliant design, features and technical specifications. Its price, release date with detailed specifications is yet not released. But it’s all confirmed that Samsung have got copyright with its upcoming series. What do you think, what innovative idea Samsung will come up with this time?


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Smartphone giant Samsung has set a standard of its own in the mobile phone market. The series of Smartphones being launched by Samsung for all consumer class is the driving force for its popularity. Samsung has delivered a wide range of Smartphone with the best operating system available today Android. Android version launched in 2008 has blown away the OS platform. But have you noticed that these versions released are in alphabetical order which are named after desserts. Cupcake, Donut, Éclair, Froyo , Ginger Bread , Honeycomb, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and now most awaited Kit-Kat . Give me a break, Google. Cut me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar.

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Last month, a leaked document went wild on the internet revealing that the Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 will be the ones in the range of Samsung’s Smartphone devices to receive the much awaited and anticipated Android 4.4 Kit-Kat update. However, now it looks like the Samsung Mobile is considering bringing the latest Kit-Kat version which is open-source operating system also to its entry-level smartphones. Kit-Kat update can give users the requirement of minimum RAM for handsets to just 512MB. But not so good is that it doesn’t include Samsung’s custom Touch-wiz user interface that comes inbuilt on all of its Android based Smartphones — which makes updating devices a not so easy task for the OEM.

The list of entry-level Samsung devices being processed by Samsung to see if they are capable of handling KitKat without any problem can be seen below:

  • Galaxy Fame — GT-S6810
  • Galaxy Fresh — GT-S7390
  • Galaxy Core — GT-I8262
  • Galaxy Ace 2 — GT-I8160
  • Galaxy S3 Mini — GT-I8190
  • Galaxy S4 Mini — GT-I9190
  • Galaxy S Advance — GT-I9070
  • Galaxy Ace 3 — GT-S7270

As only for now Samsung Mobile is investing the compatibility of Kit-Kat on these ranges it cannot guarantee that it will have a good conclusion. So hoping for best result is the only thing anticipated buyers can do!!Kit-Kat users are vibrant young consumers of chocolate and candy bars, and that’s a good match with Android!!!

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We are presumably in regards to four months far from the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S5, which would not joke about this is the ideal time for the talk plant to begin producing some all the more intriguing breaks on the mechanism. Today, we’re seeing an exceptionally fascinating release hailing from France that asserts to be the metal casing for Samsung’s next flagship smartphone.This could be a casing for the metal-clad Galaxy F line, which isn’t official yet.

We have been listening to a reasonable touch of bits of gossip of the Galaxy S5 briefly now, with the latest one inferring that the handset might hold its 5″ presentation yet sport a 2,560×1,440 resolution, giving it a pretty high pixel thickness of 560ppi. There were bits of hear say recommending a metal figure too, despite the fact that these rumours were rapidly countered with an alternate talk proposing that it might at present keep its plastic form, yet might don an artificial calfskin back, like that of the Galaxy Note 3. Other reputed specs might be a 16mp Polaroid with ISOCELL innovation and an eye sensor.

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Chances are that the cell phone will be fuelled by a 64-bit processor, as ARM and Samsung are said to have as of recently nailed just about all items of such a chip. The Galaxy S4 didn’t have USB 3.0 so we don’t generally know whether we might as well need it or not.

For correlation, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was only 69.8 x 136.6 mm. A touch of maths will let you know that the Galaxy S4 had a corner to corner length of something like 153.4 mm, less the bezels gets you a presentation of 5-inches. Recently dependent upon the measure of the casing of the Galaxy S5 in spite of the fact that the packaging will include estimate too, the unit might have a corner ways length of around the range of 161 mm. Accepting the bezels are about the same measure, that could mean the Galaxy S5 is wanted to have a 5.3-inch show. It absolutely looks a touch greater than its antecedent, the Galaxy S4, though we’re not certain by what amount. So Until additional news on this are accessible.

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Samsung has tough competition with Apple in high end smart-phone segment & hence both the companies are trying to launch innovative devices having some unique features of its own. Samsung has launched first smart-phone having curved display & body with introduction to its Galaxy Round smart-phone. The curved display allows a wider view for a curved as compared to flat screen of same size. The curved screen improves visual perception due to increased area of peripheral vision. The company also mentions about more comfortable hand grip due to the curved body. At present, Samsung & LG are only two companies that have ability to produce curved Super Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode (AMOLED) display in any volume.

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The company does not seem satisfied to stop its experiments only at the introduction of curved display. Samsung is planning to launch a handset having a three sided wrap -around display that wraps around the edges in the second half of 2014. Samsung plans to have each side of the display operate independently. According to a report, the primary benefit of this three sided display design is that it allows user to read what is on the screen even when a device is viewed at extreme angles. It is currently not known if Samsung will put the wrap-around display in the existing products or it will come up with a new product. The display will be based on Youm panels which are used in Galaxy Round.

Due to a unique curved design, the user can take advantage of various effects like ‘Roll effect’ that enables users to check information such as date; time, missed call, battery level even when home screen is off
Its called ‘Gravity effect’ for creating visual interaction with the screen just by tilting the device.

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The Electronic giant is on fire. According to recent reports, Samsung is about to launch 64-bit chip plans. The reports are out of Asia claiming that 64-bit High-end Smartphone’s are outstanding from the company next year. The Electronic giant is all set to launch Smartphone’s with 64-bit CPU (Central processing units) by 2014. The Smartphone’s will sport WQHD – 2560 X 1440 resolution display. This Smartphone will offer 16-Megapixel camera limit that none of other Smartphone manufactures offer.

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Digitimes have claimed that “both Samsung Display and Japan display will –begin its volume production of WQHD soon”. Till then have to wait, as Stephen Woo, President of System LSI at Samsung Electronics said “Samsung will be following Apple’s footsteps but with its own flavor of 64-bit chip for mobile devices”.

They have stated this as “2-step approach”, working on 64-bit processor designed from ARM, then developing its own “optimized” 64-bit design.