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Samsung Galaxy S7 series is one of the latest Samsung Company and the most expensive phones in the market at the moment. Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge enables it to bypass any restrictions accrued to it. The Procedure required in the rooting of the two phones is the same. Rooting of the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is a little bit cumbersome due to the Snapdragon processor that is equipped with a locked bootloader. Up to the moment, there is no a breakthrough in rooting the Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge that is powered by the Snapdragon. In case you are having a Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge that is powered by Exynos then that can be rooted. Here is a basic guideline on how to Root the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge using Odin

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Root Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 egde

STEP 1: Prerequisites.
You need to determine the perquisites before rooting your Samsung Galaxy S7 and edge. This includes: ensure that you have backed the important data in your phone. Also, you need to make sure that your phone is 100% charged. You will also download and install the USB drivers for Galaxy S7 edge on your PC. Take note of your phone model number which is located in the about phone under the setting option. Download and install the following files: Odin and Chainfire root tool

STEP 2: Enable the Debugging Option.
You will go to the Setting Menu then to the Developer Option to in the application to enable the USB debugging option.

STEP 3:Unzip and Install the downloaded rooting files in your PC
Unzip the Odin and install it on your PC. You will also install the Chainfire file in your PC.

STEP 4. Put Your Phone in Download Mode.
This can be attained by switching off your phone and putting it on by the press and hold the Volume Down + Home buttons as you press the Power key. This will lead you to the Android reboot sign.

STEP 5: Launch and Run The ODIN App on your PC.
While your Smartphone still on download mode, connect the phone to your PC as you run the ODNI app on your PC. A message pop will come up saying Added.

STEP 6: Click The AP/ PDA Button.
You will then click the AP/PDA button on the ODIN so as to extract the CF-Auto-Root file.

STEP 7: Initiate the Root Process.
You will then initiate the rooting process by clicking on the Start Button in the ODIN. This should be done after ensuring that the Auto Reboot and F.Reset Time are selected. Wait for the whole process to be done and when completed a green button and Pass Message will Pop-Out.

Step 8: Disconnect Your Device.
After the whole process, your phone will automatically reboot and go directly to the recovery mode. You will have the disconnect your device from the PC. Your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge has successfully rooted.

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At this period in time, more and more mobile handset models are being released into the market every now and them. These models might be new models or upgraded versions of the previous models that had been released for quite a while ago. New handset models released later might be better than the previous ones but there are others that are even inferior in some aspects. Here, let’s talk about waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be available in the market or just buy the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that is released in the first quarter of this year. What would be better? Let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Comparison between Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or buy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was released last March 2016 and been in the market for months now while the newer model, the Note 7 was just announced this August and is expected to be released the following month.


S7 Edge with the dimensions 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm while the yet to be released Note 7 is relatively bigger with 153.5 x 73.9 x 7.9 mm dimensions. The bigger build meant bigger larger display making Note 7 a .2-inch larger display than S7 Edge. Moreover, like the previous Note models, Note 7 comes with the improved S Pen which the S-series doesn’t have. The shape of both models have curved edges for better grip but with the difference being the sides of the Note 7 had a flat middle, each model might be better depending on the hand of the customer.


The physical structure of the cameras of both model might be the same, both having 12MP Dual Pixel Sensor with brighter F1.7 lens 1.4µm pixels. What varies is the options that comes within the phone. While the S7 Edge boasts its Hyperlapse, Motion Panorama and Selfie Options, the Note 7 focuses on professional photos, focus settings and slow motion.


Most mobile phones boast their capacity in terms of high definition gaming and that is the same for both S7 Edge and Note 7 having Vulcan API giving the best performance and quality gaming. But here, the S7 Edge had advantage with its own game launcher and tools that can be used for better gaming experience.


Both run with Android OS, v6.0 (Marshmallow) but Note 7 is planned to be upgraded to v7.0 (Nougat). Even though there in a Quad Core Model of S7 Edge, the other model and Note 7 both has Exynos 8890 Octa chipset and Quad-core 2.3 GHz Mongoose + quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 CPU. The GPU is also the same both having Mali-T880 MP12.


Both Models, S7 Edge and Note 7 can support up to 256GB microSD along with 64GB Internal Storage capacity. But with Note 7 having an external sim tray that can be used for both sim and MicroSD which can be replaced anytime without turning off the handset.


Both handset models are high in performance but what is better. That can only be answered depending to the needs of the customer. If the need is for faster and higher performance, going to Note 7 might be a good idea as it is still bound to changes before and during the time it will be released to the market. For gaming and more compact and personal preferences, the older and slimmer S7 Edge might come handier as it having tools for games and personal camera options. Still, as it is unreleased, Note 7 might overcome these features too so it must be noted. But even though, we won’t know it Note 7 would get any slimmer than this.

The choice is still in the consumer’s hands though so we are just here to help decide.

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In terms of quality and many aspects, photos captured using Samsung Galaxy S7’s 12 MP camera is already amazing on its own way. Not only the camera itself but the options that tweak and improve you photo shooting experience to a higher level. But what if we add the best camera apps for these already quality enhanced photographs, just think how they would look like.

Top 5 Camera Apps for Samsung Galaxy S7

Now here are the top 5 camera apps for Samsung Galaxy S7.

1. Camera ZOOM FX

Camera ZOOM FX

This award winning camera application released by “androidslide” is one of the fastest in its kind being able to capture 10 shots per second. Have multiple shooting modes, adjustable timer and create different kinds of things to your photo using its powerful set of post-production tools made especially for this purpose. Had already been used by millions of people, this camera application is a must have for smartphone photographers.


2. AZ Camera – Manual Pro Cam

AZ Camera - Manual Pro Cam

This is a free professional camera app for android released by “Hecorat Camera”. Get full manual control with its well-designed camera UI like a professional DSLR camera. Its support multiple ratios with different layouts that allow you to shoot photos and videos at the maximum resolutions available on your devices. Toggle grid on and off, adjust countdown timer, pinch to zoom and out, select output formats and many fore available for you to use free of charge.


3. Proshot


This camera app by “Rise Up Games” offer a wide variety of options to enhance your photo experience. Get full control over DSLR like modes such as Auto, Program and Manual modes as well as two fully configurable modes that you can customize yourself.  Have manual, semi-manual and automatic control over exposure, flash, focus, ISO, shutter speed, torch and white balance. Shoot in full resolution or customize it with Custom Ratio mode and shoot in any aspect that you want.

Also features camera roll integrated into a viewfinder and view EXIF support for video playback, media sharing and deletion. Zoom with one finger and shoot in one go. Even though it came with a price, the wide range of options is given for your convenience.


4. Z Camera

Z Camera

Z Camera is one of the best apps out there proven by being the best app of 2015 on Google Play in 75 Countries. This reputation really gives much to expect into this application. This simple but amazing app made by Zero Team could live up to its reputation. It features large range of filters that available to be view real time or to be used to pump up your already amazingly captured photo. Having a simple interface but have quality photos done in is really worth it.


5. Camera FV – 5

Camera FV – 5
FV – 5 by FGAE is a professional camera app for mobile devices that put DSLR like manual controls over to your hands. Capture photos and post process them and get amazing results. All photographic parameters are adjustable along with various modes like ISO, light metering mode, focus mode, white balance and program mode. Have a DSLR like viewfinder display and tweak on them real time.

As for an application tailored by enthusiasts and professional photographers, this mobile application offers a very wide variety of options for you to enjoy.


These are just five of the best they may not be the best for all people but it can be guaranteed that they suit different taste and compliment the already stunning camera quality of Samsung Galaxy S7. Would they be up to your expectations? It is up to you to judge.

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Reasons to buy Galaxy S7 Edge

Galaxy S7 Edge makes a Style statement unlike any-other. Galaxy S7 Edge introduction brought a new line of smartphone under the ever expanding Galaxy series. After its intial introduction Samsung has continued to further strengthen the legacy by introducing Galaxy S7 Edge. Getting quick short notification on it side is unique to Samsung Galaxy S7. With similar specification to its elder sibling Galaxy S7. We have tried to offer  10 reasons why you may wanna buy this product:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

10 Reasons Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

1. It has got fine touch body and sleek glass designed in aluminum. Which makes this device mind-blowing and heart touching. Everyone mind gets distract while using this phone. Its sexy curves and shiny metallic finishes make it a lot better. It you hold this phone into your hands you will feel great and want to have it. You will feel comfortable also while this device is in your jeans pocket.

2. Its camera is rear and perfect like DSLR. It offers a camera that will really satisfy the users even for those who are considering themselves among the photography enthusiasts. Its front camera is also good you can take full HD selfies in groups. You will experience the real camera in that device.

3. This phone is water resistant that is its best quality and we can say big advantage. Most of the phone gets destroy while going in water accidentally. In that case when it occurs this device will not get destroy because it has quality to resist water.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Water resistance

4. Full HD screen and super AMOLED display. It has best smart phone screen ever. Watch Full HD movies on you device and feel the quality and accuracy. Its screen gives this device a different look with respect to other phones.

5. Heavy phone with heavy battery backup with 3000mAh. Its battery lasts long about whole day while continue using. When not too much use batter will be low after few days. No need of battery saver apps and other stuff.

6. It has got physically home button. Its finger print scanner is accurate and fast that you can’t imagine and you will access Google play store in seconds and you can launch camera in second’s fast and furious working.

7. It has a long lasting storage capacity and expandable storage is much larger. You can store large amount of data in your device. Like photos, videos and movies. It supports large storage card (microSD card).

8. With wireless charging feature you can charge this phone any where even in trip or on weekend. This is also a big advantage and smart technology. This technology will experience you in technical world. Day by day ever work will be done through signals.

9. It has got virtually reality feature. You know with this you will experience a new feature world which actually is not real but you will enjoy it. It’s too fascinating. Try this you will really like it. Enjoy and show your friends and family the real feature I am sure they also like it.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Storage

10. You have seen the Samsung pay services in other devices but this device has most advanced pay services. You can use all baking stuff while using this device. Every word is done at home no need to go to bank or any other place to pay your bills and other stuff.

Everyone wants better Android Smart phones, everyone will go for better. Don’t waste times looking here and there go for Galaxy S7 see the real future technology. It’s a better phone ever seen and smooth body design with many new features like water resistant, wireless charging, virtual reality and super AMOLED display.

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Reasons to buy Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7 follows the cyclic launch cycle that Samsung has maintained for its Galaxy Series of smart-phones.As always Samsung has ensured top notch specifications and best hardware made available for it.Smartphone arena has always been competitive with brands trying to outdo each other, but Samsung Galaxy Series are the benchmark against which other phones are compared to.Samsung Galaxy S7 is available in all over the world. There are plethora of reasons to opt for a Samsung Galaxy S7. Here are 10 reasons for you to buy this Samsung Galaxy S7 Device.

Samsung Galaxy S7

10 Reasons Why to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7

1. Its sleek glass and aluminum design gives this device the ultra look. This device has smooth curves and shiny metallic finishes that looks very beauty and shines like a diamond. When you wipe it free from all your fingers it looks fabulous in your hand and feels great. It looks great and comfortable fitting into your front jeans pocket.

2. It has best camera as considered to other smart phones. Today cameras are better on Android smart phones but considering Galaxy S7 no one can beat it. Its focusing is fast and captures excellent photos in various ranges. It can replace a point and shoot camera. It supports multitude of modes.

3. It is water resistant. A great advantage to make you buy this device. It is also very useful because you can swim with it and can play in rain showers. You will not worry enjoying rain or scaring of water. When dirt comes into it you can clean it with water.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Water resistance

4. It has got brilliant super AMOLED Display Screen. After testing this device they have revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S7 has the best display ever. If you love bright colorful displays then you will like to have this device. It supports something like apple night shift which will be in future when its upgrade come you will know.

5. Long lasting battery backup. The Galaxy S7 has 3000mAh battery it’s quite large. You can easily spent whole day with heavy usage on Internet, listening songs, watching videos and calling. It’s a great you don’t to focus on battery status on your device.

6. It has physical home button. Its fingerprint scanner is quiet fast, sensible and accurate. In this device you will launch the camera app quickly in seconds and you will get access to Google now quickly and easily to access.

7. Last year Samsung took a hiatus from microSD cards but being thankful to Samsung that this support returned on this device. You cannot use it as adoptable storage. With this device you will be able to store photos, Music, Videos and Movies in large amount of memory. It gives you large quantity of storage to store your data.

8. New feature wireless fast charging. You have no need of charger bringing with you while travel. it has got quick charge 2.0 technology. This one is advanced feature of this device.

9. Have you read the concept of virtual reality we will know while using this device. It has got this feature. you will be familiar with the virtual world while watching the reality which is not real.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Storage

10. It supports Samsung pay which means you can easily access to banks in your homes and pay bills and other stuff like transaction or any other activity related to bank and Samsung services. It has got a magnetic security technology you can use it in any place.

According to everyone’s opinion we all have different need when you are ready to buy some android phones. Which is common to us but if you want really a great phone go with Galaxy S7 totally bomb and smooth surface.

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Rooting is actually another word for jailbreaking, a simple procedure that enables your phone get access to other services that were never before .On the other side unrooting your phone is actually setting your phone to the previous manufactures conditions and this has got some restrictions on the usage .You actually don’t need to be a computer freak for you to unroot and root the Samsung galaxy J7.This procedures of unrooting and unrooting of Samsung galaxy J7 devices has been made simple. Rooting Samsung Galaxy J7 is very simple and recommended when you want to increase the version of your phone .Rooting sometimes can be dangerous to your phone so you must be carefully on the methods and software files that you use when rooting your phone .Here are the simple steps on How to root Samsung Galaxy J7.

samsung galaxy J7

Root Samsung Galaxy J7

1. The first step to consider is to download and install the TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy J7 phone and backup all your important files since phone rooting clears all of the stored data in your phone. The other file required to be downloaded so as to perform this task is Samsung-kies
2. Then download the root exploit to your computer. This file might be destroyed by your antivirus since the antivirus detects it as a malware. Therefore you need to turn off your computer antivirus .This is also one of the major cautions you will have to undertake.
3. Also in your computer download the UPDATE-SuperSU –v2.46 zip file. Do not unzip this file because it’s not going to be used in your computer.
4. Using the USB cable connect your computer to the phone, transfer the UPDATE-superSU-v2.46 file to your phone.
5. Switch your phone off using the power button then go to the recovery mode.
6. This will direct you to the TWRP recovery mode where you will tap on install. This automatically commands the SuperSU zip file to flash your phone.
7. After this you will have to reboot your phone by going back to the TWRP recovery interface. This is our second last procedure. The TWRP recovery interface provides a platform to reboot your device by just tapping on reboot.
8. Your phone is already rooted now you can access a wide variety of services with a more improved performance and stable ROM. You also have less restriction on what app and latest software to update.
The above procedure will wipe your cache partitions and data factory reset. This is how simple the steps and procedures are and you do not need to be a computer geek to perform the above steps.One of the major precautions you have to undertake is to ensure that your phone is fully charged before you begin the task. However, despite the fact that the procedures and steps are easy it has also its limitations.Rooting of your phone is somehow risky since you can’t gain access to free technical services offered by the Samsung manufacturing company.
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