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Samsung Galaxy Note 4

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest inclusion in the market and is an upgraded variety of the galaxy note 3. This phablet packs many amazing features and is the dream of any avid phablet user. However, it faces the problem of battery drainage just like any other high end smart phones because of its variety of functioning. Some ideas that will help you to contain the battery drainage in case of crucial usage are as given as follows.
Keep the phone in 2G mode only
As Samsung Galaxy packs in it 3G and 4g mode, this is alone what drains the battery in order to support this dual networking. So when you are not using 3g or 4G, it is better to turn it off by going to your settings and from there to your network modes. Turn the network mode to ‘GSM only’ in order to save your battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Increase Battery Life Of Galaxy Note 4

Disable connectivity facilities

Connectivity facilities like Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth as well as NFC take a huge toll on your battery life and if kept on all the time will quickly sap your battery’s power. In order to maximize your battery’s longevity, turn these features off when not in use.

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Turn off live wallpapers

Live wallpapers, though pretty, take a lot of battery power to run continuously. It is advisable not to use them if you need maximum output from your battery. However, in times of low battery it is also recommended to set the screen brightness of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the lowest possible setting. Reduce the screen timeout duration to 15 seconds too, if possible.

Disable all the third part apps

The third part apps are the ones which take away much of your battery life as they are always functioning in the background. Minimize the usage of such third party apps. The ones you do not require can also be disabled by going to the downloaded section from the applications manager. If you do not require the app at all, then it is better to completely uninstall the app.

Update your software

Software updates for your Samsung Galaxy note 4 are available from time to time. Update the software when available, because the newest versions include features that help to maximize your battery life. From settings go to software update and update your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 when the new updates are available.
Improve your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 battery life and enjoy your phone tablet hybrid to the utmost level.
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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the most premium and latest addition to the epic Note series of Smartphone’s from Samsung. Every feature is upgraded whether its performance or design.Galaxy Note 4 is the priciest as well as premium Smartphone ever by Samsung thus featuring some great features which are milestones in mobile phone technology. The main features of this Smartphone being:
1.5.7inch gigantic super AMOLED display with resolution of 1440*2560
2.Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.7GHz and coupled with 3GB RAM
3.16MP rare camera with 3.7MP front shooter
4.32GB internal storage with SD card compatibility up to 128GB
5.3220mAh Li-ion battery providing 20h talk time on 3G
Overall the best premium Smartphone worldwide. Since the Lollipop update is yet to arrive, you will have to use the Kit Kat experience on this monster Smartphone. However you can enjoy the unique features on this Smartphone from the best launcher in the market. Currently being flooded by launchers we have navigated these highly productive and functional launchers which will best suit your Samsung galaxy Note 4. All of these launchers are chosen ones and are worth to be tried.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Top Launcher for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

1. Nova Launcher Prime: Basically Nova launcher is the smooth and customizable launcher for high end Android Smartphone’s i.e. Samsung Galaxy Note 4, etc. This launcher features every basic customisation but the Prime ingredient of this launcher is the 2nd stage of this launcher which brings incredible features in your Smartphone. After getting access to Nova Launcher Prime, you can enjoy multiple gestures like pinch, double tap, swipe, etc. The unread count plug-in keeps you always on track about every notification in a spotless way. With the use of its custom Drawer Groups feature, you can create new folders and tabs in the app drawer. Moreover it lets you hide applications, you can set particular action to a particular icon it must perform on swiping, and many other effects are present. Thus being the most comprehensive launcher.

2. Google Now Launcher: This is the easiest and most reliable way to bring Google Now and the taste of Lollipop closer to your Smartphone. With this launcher you will definitely enjoy a blink of material design which will still take time to reach in your hands. You will get the Google Now features in much more smooth and faster way. It provides you easy access to all the Google derivatives like Gmail, You tube, etc. Besides these features, you will experience a translucent flavor in your navigation bar with wallpaper visible in back ground. Few customisations are also made available before setting up wallpaper on your device.

3. Yahoo Aviate Launcher: It is a beautiful vow launcher from Yahoo which lets you use the application depending upon your use, it’s automatic process keeps your home screen and its icons in cluster free manner, keep your favorite persons on easy navigation instead of searching in the contacts bundle, it lets you check your sleeping time, weather and other updates in morning time, once you pull in your headset, it will automatically open up the music player for you. It provides beautiful look to your Smartphone by hundreds of wallpapers on the go.

4. Buzz Launcher: It’s an award winning highly personalized launcher with unique features. Its shared home screen applying feature is remarkable. Unlike most of the launchers, it is ad free provides 650000 above themes to choose from. You can apply different transition effects based on their speed which can be categorised into multiple, smooth fast and easy. You can easily share your home screen on social networks, pop out unique widgets, even create your own widget and do much more. It’s clearly a revolution in the world of launchers.

5. Everything Me Launcher: It is all about speed and timing. If you want a launcher which can perform most productive activity within few taps, then this is your type. This launcher lets you search for your contacts, apps and everything else just by typing first few letters. It features many innovative features like smart folders for organising content in folders neatly, advanced search option letting you search in a lightning fast speed, thus proving to be the most productive launcher in day to day life.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the most powerful and premium huge sized display Smartphone presently available in the market. Its 5.7inches super AMOLED display with resolution of 1440*2560 pixels provides a great user experience. It’s heart throbbing super fast processing speed originating from its Snapdragon 805 processor makes it the all time processing beast along with 3GB RAM adding to its competence. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is definitely an enormous power packed upgrade to this epic Note series ever successful for Samsung. You can shoot good quality photos and videos from its revolutionized 16MP camera. Besides these wonderful upgrades you can enjoy a full on health tracking system on this Smartphone, being provided barometer, gesture, UV, heart rate and SpO2 sensors. So, your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is ready to go as your professional as well has health mate.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Unlock Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to all Networks

Sometimes our provided carriers turn non beneficial to us or their network providing service is faulty due to some reason, it often become difficult for a person to compromise on bad network and most importantly when your Smartphone is Galaxy Note 4 or its kind. What good can this Smartphone do to us without proper network? So, if you want freedom from using any single type of network provider all the time, we have got a solution for you. You just need to follow these simple steps and your galaxy Note 4 will get excess to all networks so that you can enjoy any network of your type.

1. First of all navigate to your devices IMEI number.

I. For that drop down your Notification bar and tap on the settings icon present in the top right corner.

II. Now scroll down to the About Phone option and tap n it. It will take you to the info about your Smartphone.

III. Now tap on status and your IMEI number will appear. Note down your IMEI number carefully which will be used in getting unlock code.

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2. Purchasing/ Getting an Unlock Code:

I. You can purchase an unlock code officially from any website provided by Google search.

II. You can try visiting different blogs which provide free unlock codes where you might get lucky too.

3. Unlocking:

I. Within few days you will receive your unlock code officially and now you are ready to go.

II. Pull out the current SIM card from your Smartphone and insert any other unauthorized one.

III. You will find an onscreen prompt for entering your unlock code. Now enter the unlock codes one by one till you get your Smartphone unlocked by the right one. You will see the new carrier’s name on the top of your display.

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4. Setting up network:

I. As you are using different network provider now, you will need to set up new internet and MMS settings of that provider. For that navigate to following path:

Settings > More > Mobile networks > Access point names.

II. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner and click on new APN.

III. Fill in the settings provided by your carrier in the empty columns rightly and save it by again taping on three dots.

IV. You are almost done. Turn on the airplane mode on your Smartphone for a moment and then turn off again.

Congratulations! Now you can easily use any network provider of your choice for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
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The brand new metallic trendy makeover of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 definitely looks catchier than the previous variants of Note series. A big impressive improvement is seen in its display being 5.7inches super AMOLED type with 2650*1440 pixel resolution. This Smartphone comes stocked with Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat being the latest so far running on Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor variedly clocked though 2.7GHz being the peak frequency. The magical smooth application running experiences comes from this super fast processor coupled with 3GB RAM. The 16MP primary camera is housed at the back with special feature of optical image stabilization. The fast charging feature is the tricky one seen in this Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

It’s for sure that Samsung Galaxy Note 4 proves to be a good companion with its premium grade features and performance. The companionship can last forever unless the misfortune strikes your Note 4, water dropping being the saddest one. You can lose every essential data present in your Smartphone within a moment along with this costly Smartphone. So, it’s recommended to use waterproof case more often with your Smartphone. If your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has already submerged in water and you are freaking out to do some savior moves with it, then you should definitely try to do these things given below.

1. After taking out your Smartphone from underwater, check whether it is still turned on, if so then switch it off quickly and if it’s off then keep it likewise.

2. Take out every attached part from this Smartphone which comprises of back panel, SIM, battery, SD card, etc.

3. Put on a cloth over your Smartphone and press it without sliding over. Let the cloth do the work of soaking on it’s own. It will be a protective move to prevent water from entering slots.

4. Keep the main skeleton as well as parts of your Smartphone still for 24 hours so that it will dry up completely. Some people keeping it dumped in uncooked rice bag for about 24 hours.

5. After ensuring that your Smartphone is totally dried, put in the battery and turn on, if it turned on, then your Smartphone is back. Otherwise try charging the battery and try the new battery if it doesn’t get up. Your Smartphone should wake up now.

Beyond this point, the further moves include in-depth dismantling of your Smartphone which is recommended to be done by safe hands. So, it’s better to give your Smartphone to official service centre located nearest to you.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is currently the most premium Smartphone from Samsung possessing high configuration hardware and gleaming metallic looks. The key features of this Smartphone being 5.7inches display with a great clarity, Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz along with 3GB RAM making the processing experience smoother than ever. Its 16MP primary camera with optical image stabilization is worth admiring. All these features though very productive are bought a very high price and every buyer of this Smartphone is aware of this fact and wouldn’t like it to become victim of black screen of death.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Galaxy Note 4 dead wont turn on showing black screen

So, if unfortunately your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is surprisingly gone in black screen mode and isn’t responding through any possible way, then you can be in great trouble if it doesn’t recover through the solutions provided by us below. There can be a lot of varied reasons for a Smartphone to run in this faulty situation. Most commonly this black screen condition occurs when battery is totally drained and inst letting the Smartphone to wake up at fullest again, or there can be a software issue or any kind of glitch in hardware performance. Well, there are still some essential ways you can try out to get your Smartphone back at normal.


1. If your Galaxy Note 4 is refusing to come out of this critical condition even after trying to turn on, then you should remove th battery of your Smartphone for a while and in the meantime keep the power on/off button tapped. Then re enter the battery in the Smartphone and try to turn on. If it does, then the problem is solved otherwise there’s some other thing wrong with this Smartphone and not a minor glitch.

2. This problem might be caused because of battery drainage or faulty battery output. For that try charging the battery for some time and turn on Smartphone. If it doesn’t work you can try the same with a fresh battery. If the diagnosis is right, your Smartphone should work now.

3. At last you can suspect any faulty application doing this with your Smartphone which you can only get rid of by installing the new Android software on your Smartphone at some professional electronic mart. This will wipe out the data and will ensure whether this was a software problem or not. If so, your Smartphone should be doing fine by now.

4. After all these solutions, if this Smartphone is still under same traumatic condition, you should know that it is an internal hardware problem which needs to be resolved by replacing the bugged component. For that purpose you should directly contact the official Samsung care whether in warranty or not. Being in warranty will save you the time and money though.

These are all the possible measures which could be applied on Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for recovering it from black screen issue and turning it on back to normal. Wish you the best of luck in bringing back your Smartphone back from the dark world. It’s recommended to keep cleaning the cache of your Smartphone in time to stay out of software bugs and maintain your Smartphone in proper software condition.

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Phones are now part of our daily life’s without which we can’t imagine getting by our daily life. With daily releases in application people have used the devices for so many different ways and reasons that no one can imagine. When it comes to flagships phones there are a few out there in the market, best in the business commonly referred to. We bring you a set of 5 ultra-high end phones that stand head and shoulders above all for various reasons. Here is our pick.

Top 5 ultra high end Android smartphones in the month of November 2014

5. Sony Xperia Z3:

Sony Xperia Z3 is created by Sony one of the best mobile developers in this world. Sony has always stumped the world with some of their very best .Sonys Xperia series has certain specification which runs along the whole series like common wide screen, better rear camera and high end graphic and all this qualities are in Xperia Z3. With 5.2″screen 424 PPI Adreno 330 GPU your image games and video viewing capability enhances.
Sony Xperia Z3
To support all this high graphics and the device output a 2.5GHz quad core processor with 3Gb RAM is been added. The device supports 2G, 3G and the latest 4G technology thus you can get uninterrupted network from all possible connection. Company didn’t stop here they added a 20.7MP camera at back with dual led which gives some of the awesome images. The company could have included a very good camera but in front like most others but instead choose 2.2MP.the device comes with two option 16 GB and 32 GB internal memory and company has provided a provision to increase the memory using SD card. The most important is 3100mah non removable lithium ion battery to support this giant. Overall phone has got pretty good features and the user review is also quite awesome.

4. Motorola Droid Turbo

Recent release in this high end market is the Motorola’s droid turbo released on October 2014 with few of the best features and at a cheaper rate. The device has 2.7GHz quad core Snapdragon processor with Adreno 420 GPU for enhanced graphics with a 3GB RAM to support the entire system and keep it running at very high speed this hardware combination allows you to perform multiple operations. Device comes with a 5.2” screen with a pixel density of 565 PPI few of the highest pixel density provide by the company for better viewing.

Motorola DROID Turbo 800

Droid turbo consist of internal memory with a selection option between 32 GB and 64 GB accept this there are no memory slots for expanding. The 21 MP rear camera with dual led is an added benefit. The device is water resistant one of the key features of this phone.

3. Motorola Nexus 6

Google’s official device manufacturer Motorola produced its last device for before handing it to Lenovo Nexus 6 or some may call it nexus X. The device has been awaited for long by its fans and like other Nexus phones the device is said to be market turnover. The device is backed with a 2.7 GHz quad core snapdragon processor with a 3 GB RAM and an Adreno 420 GPU for better display.
Motorola Nexus 6
The device comes with a “6” screen just like a mini tab with a 493 PPI pixel density and 1440×2560 pixels this numbers basically proves that you will receive sharper images and video. The device has a 13mp rear camera with flash and clicking images on Motorola is fun as it has many options to play with. The secondary camera provided 2MP which is nothing but we can work with it. All these great features are useless if we don’t have enough battery and memory and for that Motorola has provided phones with an internal memory of 32GB AND 64GB which is quite enough accept this no extra SD card support is provided. With nano-sim and 3220mAH battery backup the device is one of its kinds.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Samsung’s Note series has always been in hearts of all the youngsters with best in class hardware, it always one of the most anticipated by masses of all classes. It works on a 2.7GHz quad core processor with a 3GB RAM for quick and multi-thread processing. The device is supported by a 32 GB internal memory with an option to expand to 128 GB using micro SD card. The 176 g device has many new features including S-pen stylus, fingerprint scanner, OTG.
Samsung Galaxy Note 4

As this is a high end device the performance should be the best and for that company is providing up to 4G capability with a battery support of 3220 mAH which helps this ~6″ device work for long hour. The device has 5.7″ screen with 515 pixel density which provides sharper images. Samsung also provides a 16MP camera at the back with led and unlimited option while catching some of the fantastic moments the front camera remains disappointed as they have added 3.7Mp front camera but its more than what others have offered in this category.

1. Apple iPhone 6 plus:

We all are found of the tech company Apple and all its products are widely loved and used irrespective of prize. IPhone 6 plus launched on September, 2014 with loads of features and very distinctive prize. The device is compatible for 2G, 3G AND 4G technology which is quite awesome iPhone 6 plus is 172g heavy and has finger print scanner and 5.5” screen with 401 PPI. Now let’s check what makes Apple devices outstanding.
Apple iPhone 6 Plus
The device is equipped with 1.4 GHz dual core Arm processor with PowerVr GPU with this comes a 1GB RAM for processing all the data quickly. We all know Apple is famous for its screen and camera and indeed iPhone 6 plus has very vivid and colourful screen but the center of the attraction its 8MP rear camera with dual flash catches all your moments in a very high quality and the Display it on a 5.5” screen with 1080 x 1920 pixels. Company is providing this phone in 3 variants base on memory 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. Apple has decided scrap 8Gb iterations of iPhone 6.


All the above mentioned phones consist of all the basic amenities possessed by their inferior but we have mentioned only the once that are new in them. This list will also distinctively tell you advantages of the phone if you are looking for power iPhone 6 or Motorola droid turbo will work but it’s about style note 4 and iPhone 6 will have an upper hand.