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It is pretty obvious that Samsung made huge profits this year not because of their premium Smartphone line up but because of Samsung Galaxy J Series Smartphones most notably Galaxy J7 which led Samsung to drop another nuke in the Smartphone arena by the name of Galaxy J7 (2016) which was just a superficial upgrade to Galaxy j7. Samsung has gone beyond the hood this time and dropped a fire dripping bomb shell in the midrange arena as an upgrade to J series i.e. Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime.

Samsung Galaxy J7Galaxy J7 2016 vs Galaxy j7 Prime 2016

Galaxy J7 prime flaunts all the assets pretty enough to make you crave for it. Starting with the frontal section, you will be getting a full HD display with resolution of 1080*1920 and pixel density of 401ppi. Its not as good as Galaxy A5 but its tremendously achieved upgrade of Galaxy J7 Smartphone which has 720p display. Galaxy J7 prime has been tested for its display and the performance is awesome so far. Addition of Gorilla Glass 4 protection to Galaxy J7 Prime is also worth admiration.
Although both the Smartphones are packed with 13MP rear camera and front flash but Galaxy J7 Prime has upper hand when it comes to front camera because it houses an 8MP front sensor as compared to 5MP’s of Galaxy J7.

Samsung Galaxy J7 is a giant when it comes to storage and processing capabilities since it comes with onboard storage of 32GB along with 3GB RAM. It is powered by an octa core Exynos 7580 processor. While as Galaxy J7 regular variant has just 16GB of internal storage with 1.5GB RAM. It clearly suggests that Galaxy J7 Prime is a slayer of regular Galaxy J7.
An eyeball catching feature that is seen in Galaxy J7 prime is the presence of Fingerprint sensor on its home button and Galaxy J7 lacks this feature which is a big turn off for tech giants. Likewise when we talk about the battery endurance, Galaxy J7 packs 3000mAh battery while as Galaxy J7 has shown improvement with its 3300mAh battery.
What makes us take the side of Galaxy J7 Prime is the pricing factor which Samsung has set for it. All the features present in this Smartphone are from premium shelf but nicely introduced in this midrange tearing Smartphone. Galaxy J7 Prime is undoubtedly the best buy Smartphone for the year 2016 however Galaxy J7 regular version is also the best you get the price tag that Samsung is offering. Overall it can be concluded that Samsung has given a hard blow to Midrange Smartphone sector by introducing a premium featured

Smartphone at the midrange price. Infact it was a much needed move for Samsung in order to get their spark back in the midrange Smartphone market which is the main concern of Chinese Smartphone market domination strategy.

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Android smartphones tend to have performance issue especially when they started to get used up. Android Operating Systems and other mobile systems are made to be light but fast and efficient gives access for our everyday needs. It is the same for Samsung Galaxy J7 2016. While some might have issues from the start many might find good points in order to increase the slowing performance of their phones.

Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

Maybe your phone is slowing down since it had been used up for a while now or maybe you already loaded it up with all kinds of applications you can find from the Google Play Store. Then let’s start to do some cleaning and get your Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 back up with some tips.

Avoid Resource Hungry Applications

There are lots of kinds of applications you can download from the Google Play Store and many of they might be well suited for your Samsung Galaxy J7 but sure enough, not all of them. These hungry resource applications may or may not run on your phone and when it run, it doesn’t mean that it is well suited. While running, these apps will try to every resource available on your phone lowering its performance and sometimes, permanently damaging your hardware due to overheating and other matters.

Freeing Space

When free storage space gets less and less, the more the unit slows down. It only for Samsung Galaxy J7, all kinds of smartphones have this problem.

First is to remove unnecessary applications installed on your phone. These applications are those that you use the least and are just left on standby.

Next is to clean your cache. These are temporary files created by the applications you installed and uses. Most of the time, these cache are removed after use but there are also times when they are left there until you removed them manually.

There are also residual files that maybe left after you uninstall an application. Most of them are left inside your memory cards in the android data folder. For easier removal and to avoid removing necessary resources accidentally, you can use some file managers to delete them.

Kill Background Applications

Resource is needed for your Samsung Galaxy J7 to run smoothly. But what if the resource needed is already occupied by a background application? Then the performance will slow down. Opening the application menu settings, you can manually kill those processes that you don’t need. You can also download task killers available in the Google Play Store to sort it much easier.

You can also disable unnecessary system apps that may keep running even after forcibly killing their processes.

Widgets and Live Wallpapers

Widgets and Live wallpapers eat up memory and always run in the background and can lead to your phone not meeting the required resource needed. If possible avoid live wallpapers and keep widgets to a minimum.


Always check for updates and update your OS and applications when necessary. This may indeed help a lot in increasing the performance of your phone.

This might be aimed at Samsung Galaxy J7 2016 users or maybe to the general android community, either way, this tips is to help you increase the speed and performance of your smartphone.


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Launched in 2015, the Samsung Galaxy J7 is a mid-range phone developed specifically for the Asian markets. The phone features 1.5 GB RAM and Snapdragon 615 processor, with Android Lollipop v5.1. Since Samsung uses its own TouchWiz UI and comes with a lot of bloatware; it consumes a lot of space and RAM, making your phone slow and frustrating to use. One of the coolest things you can do is root your phone. Rooting your phone lets you get the most out of your phone. You can remove bloatware, install custom kernels, overclock the CPU, install a custom ROM like CyanogenMod; and customize your phone to your own taste.

Samsung Galaxy J7

Step – by – step guide to root and un-root your Samsung Galaxy  J7
Rooting the Phone

WARNING: Rooting your phone violates the terms and conditions of manufacturer warranty and can render the handset unusable.

Disclaimer: Rooting your phone will delete all user data in the internal memory. You should back up all your personal data, including files, contacts, messages, music and so forth. In addition, please save the EFS, IMEI numbers, NVRAM etc.

  1. A computer or a notebook running Windows with administrator access
  2. Odin3 Custom Flashing Tool
  3. TWRP
  4. Samsung Kies
  5. Super SU
Enable Developer Options

1. Go to Settings > About Phone 

android information

2. Tap the Build Number until you get the message “You’re now a developer”

3. Go back to Settings and choose Developer Options

4. In Developer Options, enable USB Debbuging and OEM Unlocking

Install Samsung Kies
  1. Install Samsung Kies on your PC
  2. Reboot the PC
  3. Connect your Samsung Galaxy J7 with the USB cable to the computer to configure the driver
Transfer Super SU
  1. Connect your phone to the PC via the USB cable
  2. Copy the downloaded Super SU zip file to the phone’s internal or external memory
Install TWRP

1. Install and run Odin on the PC with Administrator rights


2. Click on AP and browse to the downloaded TWRP compressed image file

3. Turn on the phone

4. Press POWER + VOLUME DOWN + HOME button until the “Custom OS Warning Screen” shows on the screen

5. Press VOLUME UP button to Continue

6. It will show the “Downloading” Screen


7. In Odin, the ID:COM section will show the ID and COM Port connection to ensure that the device is properly connected.

8. Click the Start button on Odin

9. After a few minutes, Odin will show the “Pass” message


10. Exit Odin on the PC and disconnect the phone, the switch it on

Flash Super SU

1. Switch off the phone

2. Press the POWER + VOLUME UP + HOME button together, until it boots up to TeamWin screen

3. Do Swipe to Allow Modification

4. Tap on Install and browse to the SuperSU zip archive you transferred on the phone previously.

5. Swipe to Confirm Flash


6. Once the flashing process is done, you will get a message stating that the operation is successful

7. Tap on Reboot

To check whether your phone is rooted or not, go to the Google Play Store, install Root Checker and run it.

Un-Rooting the Phone

In case you do not like the root modifications, you can always go back to the stock ROM option that came with your Samsung Galaxy J7. To un-root the phone, simply follow the following steps:


As with the rooting process, you need the following things with you

  1. A computer or a notebook running Windows with Administrator access
  2. Stock ROM for Samsung Galaxy J7
  3. Odin3 Custom Flashing Tool
  4. Samsung Kies
  1. Launch Odin3
  2. Click on AP and select the Stock ROM file
  3. Power down your Samsung Galaxy J7
  4. Restart the phone while holding POWER + VOLUME DOWN + HOME button simultaneously to get the “Custom OS Warning Screen”
  5. Go to “Download” screen by pressing VOLUME UP
  6. Connect the phone to a PC using the USB cable
  7. Click Start in Odin
  8. Once the process is finished, Odin shows the “Pass” message
  9. Reboot the phone to get the stock ROM.

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Samsung is a leading brand in case of Smartphone and that’s why you can buy this new Samsung Galaxy J7, a recently launched phone in the cheapest price but after buying before the use just rebooting the phone provides you the best performance and smart access. Rooting the phone makes it smooth and it work fast as compared to other phones. If you are not aware of the process of rooting, let me explain you in detail.

Samsung Galaxy J7How to Root Samsung Galaxy J7

To reboot the phone
• First Download Odin TWRP Recovery & Super SU file on your Laptop/PC device and turn off the device and on it again after 2 seconds. Then go to download mode by pressing over Volume down+ Home+ Power buttons at the same time means you have to press these three buttons at a time for about 6-8 seconds and continue again by pressing volume up button.

• Now if download is done open ODIN v3.10.7.exe file on your Laptop/PC by double clicking on it which will show you in new window. Then the phones you want to reboot connect to your device with the help of USB. ODIN will find your phone and add it in the log.

• Click on start button after clicking on ODIN and AP to recover the file. The flashing process will start and ODIN will indicate automatically PASS when flashing gets succeed and it will boot into recovery then press Reboot button after swipe.

• For further security we need to copy and paste downloaded SuperSU file on external SD card of your phone so that if any problem comes we can reboot it again. After completing all this turn off your phone then on it and reboot to recovery by pressing same button again at a time.

• Select Install zip file and change the storage area of your phone from internal to SD card. Once again select Super SU which you had downloaded before. Swipe it to confirm Flash the process will get started.

• Once all steps and processes done go back and reboot you phone and you are then ready to enjoy your rooted Smartphone on the go.

Before rooting the phone you need to know one thing that Custom recovery and root access are two types of rooting device and we have to first download and install the Odin flash able .zip file on your Desktop device. So first open your device and install a Custom recovery and Root Install SuperSu for your J7 device to make phone more accessible. Take care of your phone while rooting as we give only instructions but if any damage occurs we are not responsible. Enable USB Debugging to download and send data over USB cable connection. You need to first ON USB Debugging by going to setting then go down and find term build number and then press it 7 times after which it will enable automatically by leaving a message. You are safe to use the phone one rooting is complete.

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Unrooting is actually the process of returning your Samsung galaxy J7 to its original state by reinstalling it original stock firmware and removing the root. The main disadvantage about unrooting your phone is that it will never grant you the warrant of your phone that is why it’s very risky when you root your Samsung Galaxy J7.Unrooting of your Samsung Galaxy J7 is mainly done because of the following reasons. You can’t update the OS on of your rooted device hence you must unroot it in order to update. Here are the basic steps and procedures on how to unroot Samsung Galaxy J7.Unrooting your device also unbricks it if it was earlier on bricked.

samsung galaxy J7

Unroot Samsung Galaxy J7

1. You have to ensure that your device is fully charged .After this back up all of your documents since the procedures on unrooting your device will erase all of your important files in the device. Backing up of your document can be done using the TWRP software which you must download if you don’t have it.
2. Then you will have to install and download the USB drivers in your PC so as to enable it to recognize your Samsung device. The drivers supposed to be installed are the fast boot Drivers and a setup of ADB.
3. You will then enable the USB debugging mode in your phone by going to the setting and tap the build number 7 times which located in the about phone section. This will take you to the Go to developer section where you will enable the debugging mode.
4. You will have to download the ODIN flash tool which is required to flash you device. You will then install this tool in your PC and reboot your PC to ensure that the tool components are fully installed.
5. You will the turn off your Samsung J7 device and boot it in download mode by holding the volume down key +power button +home button.
6. Using the USB cable you will have to connect your Samsung device to the PC and Execute the ODIN.exe file in your PC.
7. In the ODIN screen you will have to select the AP option then the firmware file which you had extracted .After this you will start the flashing process by hitting on the Start screen button.
8. Your phone will then reboot automatically and you will therefore disconnect it to your PC. After this you device will be automatically unrooted.
Your phone is now completely unrooted and its now running on a stock ROM. If the above procedure fails then you can redo the procedure by restarting your phone in recovery mode first. The above procedure will not earn your phone warrant back. The above tutorial is highly recommend for your unrooting procedure. It can also apply when you want to unbrick your phone. Rooting of your phone is equally a dangerous process that can damage your phone to the extent that unrooting procedures can’t restore it.
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Recently, the giant Company has released Samsung Galaxy J5. The Samsung Galaxy J5 was released with Samsung Galaxy J7. Both the Smartphones were launched on the same day. To talk about Galaxy J7 features, it comes straight out of box with latest Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating system. It sports 5.5-inch of HD display screen with IPS. To specify the CPU of the Smartphone, Galaxy J7 comes with an Octa-Core coupled with 1.4GHz clock speed. It is powered by 615 Snapdragon processor.

Samsung Galaxy J7

Moving into depth of its Specifications, the Galaxy J7 comes with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory which can be further expanded up to 128GB with MicroSD card. It sports 13-Megapixel of rear camera and 5-Megapixel of a front facing camera. The 3000mAh battery power supports for long talk time. The Smartphone is available in three colours White, Black and Gold with a price tag of US $290 which makes 18,468 INR approx.

A Smartphone with such cool features and specification needs PC Suite and USB driver. PC Suite is more like a bridge, which helps to transfer the data or content between PC and device. One can sync or take a backup of all contacts, email, videos or messages with PC Suite. Hence, better late than never, download & install PC Suite and USB driver to get several benefits.

Samsung Galaxy J7 PC Suite or Kies Download
Samsung Galaxy J7 USB Drivers Download