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Samsung Galaxy J5

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One of the best things you can do with your Android smartphone, is simply play games to pass the time. The Google Play Store is awash with games of all types, genres and sensibilities. Let us delve in to some of the most playable games on a mid-range phone, the Samsung Galaxy J5. The Galaxy J5 features a Snapdragon 410 quad-core processor with 1.5 GB RAM, and an Adreno 306 GPU. The specs will not let all the games fly at the best speed or FPS (frames per second), but are decent for some casual and light 3D gaming.

Samsung Galaxy J5

In this article we look at some the most playable games from different genres.

1.     Drag Racing

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Strap on your seat belts with this ultimate speed fest, featuring some the most popular and exotic cars from around the globe. You compete in Drag Races with cars, where every victory earns points and cash, allowing you to buy better cars, as well as engine and transmission upgrades. Unlike most racing games, Drag Racing has a side-scrolling perspective, with focus on proper gear shifts and acceleration timing. The game features a unique social aspect where you race with other players in order to increase points. It also has a career mode which is necessary to get XP points to upgrade to better cars. All in all, the game is a nice twist to racing on your Samsung Galaxy J5

2.     Hitman: Sniper

Cost: Free

Take on the role of the famous Agent 47 and get him straight to your Samsung Galaxy J5 with this rendition of the famous game franchise by Square Enix. The game features moderate 3D graphics, with focus on accurate and fast sniping. The game, while featuring on sniping, also focuses on setting traps for the enemies, luring them in to their grisly deaths.

3.     Angry Birds 2

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

Rovio comes up with the much anticipated sequel to Angry Birds. Featuring better graphics and gameplay, Angry Birds 2 is a worthy candidate to be installed on your Samsung Galaxy J5. The game features procedural stage generation, where every stage is randomly generated, letting you play it on for hours. In addition, the in-game app purchases let you upgrade your birds while you fling them to the dastardly pigs for hours of cartoonish fun.

4.     Shadow Fight 2

Cost: Free with in-app purchases

One of the best fighting games on the system, Shadow Fight 2 is far from the eponymous button smashers that characterized fighting games. Rich detailed artwork, dark shadow-like sprites and a stylish Chinese-inspired soundtrack are some of the key points of the game. It features accurately detailed fighting moves, with perfect sound effects, letting you feel the action when metal meets metal and flesh meets the bone. A compelling Campaign mode lets you play for hours, while simultaneously letting you play with friends and strangers online to enhance your fighting skills. A mix of RPG elements and straight up action, this one is an apt pick for all action lovers.

5.     Doodle Jump

Cost: Free

While a game about jumping might not sound interesting, this one is one of the top-most played games on the Google Play Store. The game has no controls. You control your character by tilting your phone as you jump higher, avoid enemies and traps and move higher. A simple arcade-style game, this one is completely old-school – with the sole objective being to score higher points. For fun, the developers release holiday and seasonal themes to spice up the gameplay. A leaderboard tracks your score and lets you compare where you stand with all other gamers. This one is perfect for those who love to game on the go on their Samsung Galaxy J5.

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Samsung Galaxy J5 is a cool Smartphone, which was released in China with another sisterhood Samsung Galaxy J7. The Smartphone comes straight out-of-the box with the Android 5.1-Lollipop OS. It sports 5.5-inch of HD IPS display. To speak about CPU features, it is powered with Octa-Core 615 Snapdragon processor and Adreno 405 graphics.

Samsung Galaxy J5

Samsung Galaxy J5 PC Suite

The Samsung Galaxy J7 is loaded with great specifications and features. As per as memory section is concerned, it offers 1.5GB of RAM and coupled with 16GB of internal memory, which can be further expanded to 128GB through the MIcroSD card. It is packed with 3000mAH battery power. Turning toward camera sections, it comes with 13MP of rear camera and 5MP of front camera. The Smartphone is available in three colours Gold, White and Black with a price tag of US$290 which makes approx. 18,468 INR.

PC Suite is an application which acts as a bridge to fill up the gap between Smartphone and PC and vice versa. With PC Suite you can transfer the content, backup, restore and update firmware on easy click. Moreover, with PC Suite you can share internet between different devices, making your mobile as a modem. Downloading and installing PC Suite is a need!

Samsung Galaxy J5 Suite and USB Drivers download

Samsung Galaxy J5 PC Suite Download for Windows
Samsung Galaxy J5 Suite Download for Mac
Samsung Galaxy J5 USB Drivers for Windows

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Flipkart is launching Intex Cloud 4G Star as an ‘Flipkart Exclusive’ handset only for Rs. 11999/- having great specifications such as 1.5Gb RAM & 8GB ROM for multitasking, 3G high speed internet surfing technology for superfast internet browsing, 13Mp rear and 5Mp front cameras for capturing all memorable moments in high quality as well as having a larger display of 5 inch.

Samsung Galaxy J5

Anyone can avail this smartphone having all these features only for Rs. 11999/- for a limited period of time till the stocks last. This smartphone also comes with 3 separate offers such as

i) Wynk free subscription for 6 months valid from 16th July, 2015 to 31st December, 2015
ii) Airtel Double data Offer for 6 months valid from 16th July, 2015 to 31st December, 2015
iii) Gameloft In-App credits of up to Rs.3,200 valid from 16th July, 2015 to 31st December
iv) Extra 10% off on using of SBI cards for payment valid only on 7th and 8th August, 2015. So it’s the exact time to grab your opportunity. Click here to buy

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Recently, Samsung launched two Smartphone called ‘Galaxy J7 and Galaxy J5’. Samsung Galaxy J5 is a definitely great Smartphone, if you are planning to get a classy phone with all trendy features. You can also get PC Suite and USB driver for the newly launched Smartphone. Samsung Galaxy J5 comes with 5-inch of HD display screen. To speak about the main CPU, it offers 64-bit of quad-core with 410 Snapdragon process coupled with 1.2GHz of clock speed and Adreno 306 GPU. The Camera specification of the Samsung Galaxy J5 is not dull, it offers 13-Megapixel of sharp rear camera with 5-megapixel of a front facing camera.

Samsung Galaxy J5

The Samsung Galaxy J5 come with dual SIM functionality which is common in every Smartphone these days. It supports 4G LTE and other essential connectivity like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi-, NFC, 3G and so. Turning toward memory option, it comes with 1.5GB of RAM and 16GB of internal memory. It is packed with 2600mAh battery. It is available in three colours White, Gold and black. The phone comes at a price tag of 14,360INR approx. The Samsung Galaxy J5 is only available in China.

To get the best use of this Smartphone, having USB driver and PC Suite is quite essential. Just few click helps you to transfer all your content from Smartphone to PC or vice versa with the PC Suite application. While, with USB driver one can also root or install custom-ROM on respective device. You can not only sync your device with cloud service like Google, Yahoo or Outlook, but can also restore, transfer and can share internet with other device. If you are sick of manually updating each file, then getting PC Suite & USB driver is essential.   

Samsung Galaxy J5 PC Suite or Kies Download
Samsung Galaxy J5 USB Drivers Download