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Samsung the branded company has recently launched the J series smart phones, in this series a J3 phone was released on January, 2016. This smart phone gets popular among all people because it stunning look and features made this device attractive. This smart phone has got super AMOLED 5-inch HD display and expendable storage capacity up to 128 GB which is quiet large to store data like big games. It has also 1.5 GB RAM and 8 GB ROM  and the processor is 1.2 GHz all the games and apps will run smoothly without hanging the phone or without getting phone slow. You can easily play all types of games and it has got new feature biker mode. As we know that everyone has own choice of selecting games not everyone has similar type of thinking, some like racing games, some like puzzle games, some fighting games, some hunting games and some word games. Don’t worry you will get all types of games available for this device. You want to become good gamer and you will get that using top best games available present time. Here are 5 best games for Samsung galaxy J3 in today’s world.

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016

5. Clash of Clans: It is a popular strategy game available for Android and I phone created by SUPERCELL. It is the best game for your device, in this game all you have to build your own village and ready defend your village from attackers. This game supports single as well as multiplayer. All you have to upgrade walls and defend village, upgrading defenses to repel your enemies. This game is available free on Google play store. If you have been looking for this type of game then probably it will fit you in best manner. There are millions of people playing this game and I am sure you also love this game. Once you play you will never stop playing this game.

4. Angry Birds 2: This has got all the new bigger features, BIGGER BADDER, $BIRDIER. It is the biggest and interested game ever. It is a single shot game play with more destructive and cleaning up levels to unlock the next multi-stage levels, all you have to do is destruction. You can also connect it with your facebook account and challenge your friends across the world. You have to also find and destroy big boss pigs, cast wacky spells and much more. This game best suit for those who are interested in this type of games.

3. Cut the Rope 2: If you like candy collecting, then I am sure you will also like this game. It is a simple and easy mind game, for those who love mind games. It is one of the popular games. It has a cute character “Om Nom” has to collect new candies with different conditions. This is simple you have to collect candies crossing unanticipated obstacles. It is an upgraded version with much more fun and tricky missions that makes quite delightful.

2. Plants vs Zombies 2: This game is very much interesting you will never get bored off. This game is favorites for all whom play it has cuteness, all you have to do is you have to kill zombies, in this game you heroes and soldiers are plants. It has got different modes like missions, battle strategy and much more fun. I am sure you will surely love this game and recommend every person to play this game.

1. Call of Duty: HEROES: It is a 3D compact game. All you have to do is defend your base against endless count of enemies. You have to give orders to an army of legendary heroes, elite soldiers and devasting drones from the Call of Duty. The game is awesome 3D strategy combat game you have ever played. It gives you the look of real thing happening before you, as its graphics is quiet effective to you. All you have to need to set up your base then go for defeat enemies.

I hope you will like these types of games. There are so many games available to this device. Best games are discussed above. Try these games and I fully hope you will like these games.

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Samsung is the branded company and give the new best phones every year. They have recently readying up the newest phone series that is J series which has lot of functions and specifications. In these type of phones there is Samsung galaxy J3 which has some impressive features like quad core 1.2GHz processor and 5-inch 720p super AMOLED HD display. It has also 1.5 GB RAM and 8GB ROM. Battery is 2600 mAh. Now a smart phone with some wonderful features and good looking phone have of course to be protected for accidents because it can occur at any time. Accidents don’t come up with warnings it happens, so to protect your device especially screen or display there are many screen protector with which you can protector your device. You can protect your devices body also and put extra design for your device by putting cover. Here we are taking about screen protectors. Here we have a collected list of top 5 best screen guards ever in 2016 for Samsung galaxy J3:

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016


This screen protector is made up of Nanotechnology and has better quality than any other tempered glass. This is very smooth and super hard and has unmudgeable surface. These screen protectors is bubble free as well as scratch less. If you purchase this screen guard you will get the life time warranty that is pretty cool deal. If you find any problem with this screen guard you can have easy replacement. It is good screen guards so it has warranty think over it why something has lifetime warranty.


This screen protector protects completely your device against accidents and scratches; it has perfect touch screen technology. It is made from premium quality, its anti-static and anti- friction. It has also UV protection technology and against abrasion, also has non-corrosive adhesive. It comes perfectly on your devices display and leaves no residue when you want to remove. Its surface hardness is 8~9H. it is coated on the back with a strong silicon adhesive that makes touch easy to use and didn’t affect touch screen sensitivity. It has got high transparency and the color never changes but it can break while not handling properly. This product is also environment friendly and pollution free and is ultra thin.


It is 0.33mm thick protective Oleo phobic screen protector. It has got high transparency. It is especially designed for this device, smooth and polished screen protector. It ensures perfect match with your screen with zero impact on visual display. It is also scratch proof even when your device is in pocket with your keys. If accidently broken it saves display of device as it is broken in small pieces but stay in one piece. It is delicate with strong silicon adhesive that makes installation easy for users and is attached to display firmly.


It is very thin 0.33mm and 9H hardness. It also features Anti-scratch. Dust can be easily removed and anti fingerprint, also bubble free when installed in display of you device. When you want to remove this you can easily remove without any difficulty and with causing any problem to devices display. It is designed especially for Samsung galaxy J3 (2 Pack). It is 3 times stronger than regular PET film. If placed in hard objects the scratches won’t come. It is easy to use.


Nacodex shields your devices for scratches and is most crucial element. It is the retina HD display; it is the window of its visual soul. It keeps your display clean and free from dust. It has 99.99% HD clarity coated with clear hydrophobic and oleo phobic that protects device from sweat and oil residue from fingerprints. Each layes has a specific function that allows the ultra clear line of screen guard and it has also has got 60 days warranty.

If you buy Samsung galaxy J3 immediately buy also its screen protectors to make it safe and guard against accidents.

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Best covers and cases for Samsung Galaxy J3

Samsung Galaxy J3 is an amazing phone and we are covering best covers and cases that will protect this phone. All new Samsung Galaxy J3 is a budget phone that comes with a 5.0 inch Super AMOLED touch display screen. The Galaxy J3 has a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front camera. Samsung Galaxy J3 also supports 4G LTE connectivity.

Samsung Galaxy J3 2016Top 5 covers and cases for Samsung Galaxy J3 2016.

1. LK Samsung Galaxy J3 Armor Defender Case

The LK Samsung Galaxy J3 Armor Defender Case provides the best protection for your smartphone with its shock absorbing feature and anti-slip utility. This wonderful case comes in 6 colours. The LK Samsung Galaxy J3 Armor Defender is super easy to install and it also comes at a reasonable price. This case can truly provide optimum protection to your Samsung Galaxy J3 as well as give it an elegant look.

2.  Evocel Samsung Galaxy J3 Hybrid Case

The Evocel Samsung Galaxy J3 Hybrid Case comes in a combination of flexible TPU inner layer and hard polycarbonate outer shell layer that gives finest protection to the Samsung Galaxy J3 from scratches and bumps. The Evocel Samsung Galaxy J3 Hybrid Case features of a high end sleek design.This case gives a sleek look to your Samsung Galaxy J3. The Hybrid Case is totally under your budget. The Evocel Samsung Galaxy J3 Hybrid Case is offered in 6 colours.

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3. NageBee Samsung Galaxy J3 Wallet Pouch Case

The NageBee Samsung Galaxy J3 Wallet Pouch features of an inner pocket for storage of money and 2 in-built card slots. It has a magnetic closure facility which secures the device in time. The Nagbee Galaxy J3 Wallet Pouch Case is available in a variety of designs. This would give a designer touch to your Samsung Galaxy J3. The NaneBee Galaxy J3 Hybrid Case is totally worth the price.

4. CoverOn Samsung Galaxy J3 Kickstand Case

The Coveron Samsung Galaxy J3 Kickstand case comes in a dual layer in order to provide optimum protection to the Samsung Galaxy J3 from bumps and accidental drops. This case is something of your budget. The CoverOn Samsung Galaxy J3 Kickstand Case comes in 5 colours and is also capable of hands free media viewing. This case is worth spending your penny.

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5. iWire Samsung Galaxy J3 Belt Clip Swivel Holster Case

The iWire Samsung Galaxy J3 Belt Clip Wivel Holster Case is capable of 360 degree rotation with the help of kick stand and belt clip. The iWire Samsung Galaxy Belt Clip Swivel Holster Case is a user friendly and budget case. It comes in 3 different colours.  This remarkable case will give your Samsung Galaxy J3 a smooth look.

When you choose the best cases and covers for your Samsung Galaxy J3 make sure you place your hands on those ones which you love to use. It’s time you upgrade to one of these top 5 covers and cases for Samsung Galaxy J3 soon. Enjoy Shopping!

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