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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

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Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is the mid range LTE compatible smart-phone which was introduced in Grand series in the final Quarter of 2014. Although the basic features like display size, processor, etc are the originals from Grand series but this smart-phone is seen with a bunch of cool upgrades over the rest which include 5MP front shooter for selfie’s, Android v4.4.4 Kit Kat OS, 2600mAh Li-ion battery providing much better backup.
These features definitely make this smart-phone as one of the best of smart-phone’s Grand series ever saw. Well! This is 2015 and the season of Lollipop, Kit Kat is now the old school talk and everyone wants their smart-phone to be operating on Lollipop version of Android OS. However the program for distribution of Lollipop worldwide officially hasn’t seen daylight yet. And we definitely know how curious users are to know whether their smart-phone can make it to Lollipop or when it’s going to be released.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Android Lollipop on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Galaxy Grand Prime users don’t need to worry now about the availability of Lollipop from official source because here we have got the Lollipop update for you. You can put in on your smart-phone easily with our comprehensive step by step tutorial. So, let’s get started.

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Downloads required:
1. Android v5.0 Lollipop custom ROM files (on PC)
2. ROM Manager (on smart-phone)
3. CWM recovery (on smart-phone)
1. After downloading all the mentioned files, install ROM manager and CWM Recovery on your Samsung galaxy Grand Prime.
2. Now connect your smart-phone with PC via USB cable and transfer the file into the root folder of your SD card.
3. Turn of your Samsung galaxy Grand Prime and boot it into Recovery mode using ROM manager, then you see the recovery window prompted on your display.
4. Now navigate to the ROM manager and tap on backup / restore option which will allow you to keep all your precious data backed up.
5. Navigate to the delete / erase dalvik cache option in the recovery mode and perform this action.
6. After this come back to the main menu of Recovery mode and click on flash Rom from SD option and reach out for the file you have earlier placed in the SD card. Now after navigating it, install it.
7. After a due course of time, the installation will complete and reboot your smart-phone into Android v5.0 lollipop OS.
This is it, now your Samsung galaxy Grand Prime is running on Lollipop and you will be experiencing material design, faster performance, long lasting battery mode, new tricks and tweaks, new trendy way of receiving notifications and much more .These brand new feature’s are definitely going to turn your Samsung galaxy Grand Prime into the fresh breeze of experience for you.

Android 5.0 Lollipop ROM for Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Download link:

The ROM File size is big, so I split the file into 3 parts :
To join all 3 parts of files : put all the files into the same folder, then double click on ROM-Part1.rar, all the other parts will unpack and combine automatically.

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Is your Samsung Galaxy Prime screen is dead due to fall off, Excessive charging etc? Here are the solutions for it, to turn it on again.
REPLACE BATTERY– Sometimes the phone is not charging or is not turning on due to faulty battery. Replace your battery and turn it on again.
FAULTY CHARGING PORT– The reason of not charging up can also be the reason of not turning on. Check the charging port of your phone by charging your phone with other working charger. If your charger is not charging then your battery port is at fault.
FREEZING OF PHONE– The freezing of the phone is the main problem which occurs with a lot of people. In such a condition you have to cut the power of your phone and then reinstate it by removing the battery from the phone let it out for 3 min and then put it back and power on the phone. This will clear the energy block and start on your phone again.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime screen issues Solved

BOOT PROBLEM– This problem also occur due to freezing. In it, the phone powers on, shows a black screen and turns off again. In this case the problem lies in software. To get over this problem you have to manually boot your phone, doing this will erase all the data of you phone. To boot it manually go through these steps

  • Hold power key for 15 sec.
  • Then press volume up key, power key and home key at a same time.
  • Press it until recovery mode is displayed.
  • Press the power button and your phone will reboot into recovery mode.
  • Navigate to factory setting by volume up and down key.
  • Press power to factory setting.

And the phone will be reset and restart as normal.

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THE INTERNAL ISSUE– In this case your phone is not starting up due to internal issue which lies in hardware like corrupt circuits, loose wiring in the phone. This problem can be only handled by the mobile repair centers

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LOW ON BATTERY– This is the most common reason of not turning on of your Galaxy prime. Try to connect it with charger and then turn it on. If it is low on charging, it will start charging and will turn on.

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FAULTY CHARGER– Due to Charger malfunctioning, your device may be dead. Try to plug your phone with computer or laptop via USB. It will charge up your phone and start it.