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In today’s world having a smart phone is just not enough application used are valued more. Application like whatsapp, instagram have a status and it lets other know how well are you connected to the outside world. One of the most widespread application is whatsapp. You can’t imagine your life without whatsapp and this article will show various methods to download on your Samsung Galaxy S5 or for that matter of fact any smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Dual Sim

Method 1:

Download whatsapp or any other application from a third party app store like Mobogeine, Mobango Amazon app store, etc.

Step1: Visit above mentioned app store via internet.

Step 2: search for the application you want in this case “whatsapp”.

Step 3: Download button will appear on the screen with direct download option to your phone or PC.

Step 4: for direct download you need to register or in case of mobogeine just connect your phone to its PC based GUI and done you good to go you will notice whatsapp on your application list.

Step 5: if you download it on PC, you have to transfer the application to your mobile via cable & then just click on the application that you have transferred on your mobile.

Step 6: enjoy chatting with your buddies.

Method 2:

Download whatsapp from its application site.

Step 1: visit the site

Step 2: click on the download whatsapp button to download it on the PC.

Step 3: check for the compatible device list to verify your device.

Step 4: once download is complete on PC transfer it to your phone via cable.

Step 5: click on the application you have transferred on your mobile & once the installation is done

Step 6: enjoy chatting with your buddies.

Method 3:

You can transfer this application from your friend’s device.

Step 1: select a device having whatsapp installed and running.

Step 2: install application like Es File explorer, Astro file manager.

Step 3: click on app manager in menu option.

Step 4: Select the application you want on your device “whatsapp”.

Step 5: share it via Wi-Fi direct, Bluetooth.

Step 6: click on application on your device & enjoy.


Thus by various methods you can download an application on your device and enjoy. All these methods are safe and can cause no harm to your device. Method 2 is one of the quickest and best method to download whatsapp with all compatibility list but to download various apps use first method on the list.

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First of all congratulations to all of the Samsung galaxy s5 owners finally the fully working rooting procedure has arrived. Now you will be able to access the entire administrator settings of your s5 and manage everything the way you want to. Here we will guide you through every single step in rooting your Galaxy s5. Before getting started its necessary for every one of you out there to know the software architecture of your Smartphone. Your Samsung Galaxy s5 runs on Android 4.4.2 kitkat os which is so far the most upgraded version of Android.

The real mess about rooting your Galaxy s5 is created because of its different variants. You will surely end up in failure if you rooted it the way prescribed for some different variant. For overcoming with this problem we will take you comprehensively through all the software’s you need to download for rooting your variant of Samsung Galaxy s5. Now before starting root process you should be aware of the following points:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Dual Sim

Warning: Phone Lane is not responsible for any damage to your phones software due to rooting. This rooting has been 100% tested and any misconduct during rooting process will be on your own conscientiousness. Furthermore after rooting your device you can no longer claim for the warranty of your Smartphone as rooting voids any warranty.

Obligatory downloads:

We have provided the list of software packages needed for specific variant of Galaxy s5 below. Detect your variant and download the compatible F Auto root package.

S5 (SM-G900F)

S5 (SM-G900H)

S5 (SM-G900I)

S5 (SM-G900L)

S5 (SM-G900M)

S5 (SM-G900RT)

S5 (SM-G900T)

S5 (SM-G900FP)

S5 (SM-G900T1)

S5 (SM-G900W8)

In addition download Odin v3.09 which will be required latter on.

After you have surely checked your variant and downloaded the CF-Auto root package we can start rooting your galaxy s5 now. Please ensure that your battery is charged above 80%.This rooting process is going to wipe out all the data of your Smartphone its essential to back up all your data. Plug in and install all the USB drivers properly and enable USB debugging.

1. As you have already downloaded the CF-Auto root compatible package and Odin, now extract both of them on your PC.

2. To make your Samsung Galaxy s5 boot into Download mode press volume down, home and power button together and hold for few seconds till the screen prompts a warning message. Now press the volume Up button and you will enter into download mode.

3. Now run the already extracted Odin as administrator on your PC and connect your Smartphone with the PC if you haven’t done it yet. After connecting your Odin will display a success message “Added”.

4. Look around for the AP button in Odin and click on it and choose the download package which we already extracted above.

5. You will notice few check boxes in Odin which are “Auto Reboot”, F Reset Time and “Repartition”. Check the first two options and keep the repartition option unchecked.

6. Almost everything is done now. You are just one click away from rooting your Galaxy s5.So, click on the START button in Odin and your rooting process will start.

7. Once the process is over your Galaxy s5 will reboot and a success message will appear on your home screen.